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By Sadhguru gag

etiolation has a way lo

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using energy to inanutucture

something shuttler than the physical hotly

Now the of shifting the the forces into tr. ditlerent eel
process to

inanulractttre, where instead to, manufacturing physical hotly cells, _

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elicit{lCS OI` (UGS, l*{IlU\\Il LES

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llllll IITC \`allelic
tolerance between one human hl tlitfrerence between Hunan beings
being and another,
IS Sllnply IUCCHLISC laic OJZISlIC CRITICS \\'lIlT llllll I`IlCLllI ©IIOI`
IS S(lI\LCT`|C \\'l`I()
has set up in intlusiiy to` nudges. 'lire are so many things you can rio to dtssrprite and
(lisle'(I\ ll. gI`U\\'IlT lo, to ICIIICII tall\'lIy`LllItl CYCLIC types Olli
(UAS Yule*\lIlI`l\‘tlS
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Iftllell Sl!ITXLll.lIllS
pllySlCLll activity, CXCUSSIVC ll.(lIllgCI`ICC lll I(>(ll., lo

and being in contaminated atmospheres can also do that. Spirituality means, entering

i.1;1.i.1ii:Erie,els lo then Lt.

stitch that it takes tat person to it eoinpletely tlttlerent experience, joy within hunselt anti a
blisstrulness which is not only his, which will be ex*erybody”saround whinier
Nl€tllI£I.IlOIl1S IIOI Ollie Z1li<>LlIy’Otl, la.\\'€lIIy' lT\'C pC()}7lC Ill It PJYIILLIIHI PIZILC IWCCOITIC

truly nieditatixre, the whole town, without knowing xx why, w ill heroine peacelxil. 'hl deeper
one goes into it. the more lo` Riotieyiee he heroines or ex ery‘hotly"swell being. lt. 1s not why
Sl`IOLll1Ilg gall lllIIlg5 lllill IIVUC ptfdife i\ill l\<]ll IWUIIIQ LOINS, IIlSlt`tILl WITCH people [BUY
the right kind lo` energy around then, when their oyes is such that it huntlretl people can
sit under their shadow, and experience it, only then will well being sprawl
Or ITICLIIILIUOII l}C ldlllil lil t.l. I\\'t.l. ttf IIIYUC \\`CCl§S, IIliEy`lW€
SIITTPIC l€Cl“liilllC CLU]

Irttlll'. [ill} train lC€l[ll(`I`Sto QO Olli llllpdfllllg Ill€tlllillIOll. lSllytI.S Lilt \\`l1iIlC\CI`, lilac

things tlmt are necessary for one`s physical well being and mental well being. Out oat
thousand people a dozen people are capable of higher possibilities Only it one makes
l`IIlIlSUll`d\'.Ill$lC to longhair and higher possibilities, its only then that grace can descend
and do something tlmt you yourself could never do Only then can this heroine a eery

lolling process tour an indix‘idu;il

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