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(Deemed to be University u/s 3 of UGA Act, 1956)
Accredited by NAAC with ’A+’ Grade
Rushikonda, Visakhapatnam - 530045, A.P., India Phone:/+91-891 2840230, EPBAX: 2790202, Fax: 2795312

Assistant Professor Ph.No.:+919866856191
Department of Computer Science and Engineering


Letter of Recommendation

lt is an immense pleasure to recommend Ms. Yoga Bali Tripura Changalasetty for her admission to
your Master’s Program in Computer Science. I have been associated with her as faculty for data
communications and computer networks in second year of her B.Tech program. She is well known
to me for the past two years and I felt that she is a deserving candidate for the graduate program in
your esteemed Institute.

Ms. Tripura has been a hard-working and dedicated student, who was very regular in submission of
her assignments. Academically she has a strong grasp on the fundamentals of Computer Science as
seen in her grades. During my tenure, I found her amongst the most observant students of the class
and even noticed her involvement in different projects she worked on. She had currently
completed her mini-project “Drowsiness detection”using machine learning which shows her
cognitive ability in working with the team.

Her interest is the field of computer science,I feel makes her an ideal student for higher education
in this field.she is a good student with excellent grasping ability which helps her understand even
complex details very quickly.Her ability to handle pressure is extremely good. Her obedience and
punctuality are the other two exceptional qualities whick make her an ideal student.She is also a
industrious person.

For the past years,Tripura has been a strong and reliable link between the teachers and his peers.
She won the trust of her peers and recognition from her teachers.She is immensely self-motivated
and confident of what she is does.she has shown a good performance on every opportunity she
got.she is flexible in approach,retaining her positive outlook under all circumstances.she is actively
involved in organizing events during her college fest.she is a member in one workshop which was
based on“ Augmented Reality” and the other based on “cyber-security”.
Her strong points also include excellent communication skils.I stand as a gurantee for her expertise
and comprehension in the subjects mentioned above.Her academic reports prove her efficiency in
the mentioned subjects.Before I conclude,I would like to say that Tripura is an excellent choice for a
research assistant and will always work towards the success of her project.Thus,I stongly
recommend her for M.S,in your university and request you to make available to her required
financial aid.


(Dr.P.Sankara Rao)