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By Matt James

Six-time Formula 1 world champion

Lewis Hamilton said his latest
triumph comes after his most
difficult campaign to date.
The Mercedes driver wrapped up
his third successive crown by finishing
second at the Circuit of the Americas
on Sunday to move to within one title of
record holder Michael Schumacher.
Hamilton said: “It’s been the toughest
second half of the season that I think
we’ve had as a team, fighting against
Ferrari and Red Bull, which is great,
we welcome that. Every year you go
through a different rollercoaster ride of
emotions to get to where you’re going.”
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Tribute to rallying

legend Russell Brookes

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Photos: LAT

F1’s vision for the future


Riding high: Hamilton has
closed in on Schumacher

By Matt James and winner Valtteri Bottas. Brits and people with the UK flags
The Briton is now the second supporting me this weekend.”
Reigning world champion most successful F1 driver of all
Lewis Hamilton says he time, and is just one crown short of Hamilton’s tribute
is eager to rack up more title equaling Michael Schumacher’s The new world champion said that
successes in Formula 1 after record of seven titles. his sixth crown – and his third
second place in the United “As an athlete I feel [as] fresh as in a row – was made difficult for a
States Grand Prix on Sunday can be right now, so I’m ready for number of reasons, including the

P20 helped him to a sixth crown.

The Mercedes man fought
these next races, we won’t let
up, we’ll keep pushing,” said
loss of Niki Lauda.
Lauda was a non-executive
back from a troubled qualifying Hamilton. “I’ve got to say a big, chairman of the Mercedes team
session to power from fifth on the big thank you to all Team LH but passed away shortly before

SIMPSON SECURES NEIL HOWARD STAGES HAT-TRICK grid to second place using a less
favourable one-stop strategy,
which was enough for the title.
[Hamilton fans] around the world,
everyone that has come out here
this weekend to really make this
the Monaco Grand Prix in May.
Hamilton said: “It’s been the
hardest year for us as a team.
He finished behind team-mate event what it is, and also to all the We lost Niki this year. [He was]
a crucial member and a real
pivotal member of our team and
the emotional rollercoaster that
we’ve been on with losing him,
and a race where I didn’t have
Bono [Hamilton’s regular
engineer Pete Bonnington] here
[Bonnington missed the race in
Mexico with health issues].”

Hamilton staved off the threat
from a resurgent Ferrari in
the middle of the season as the
United States Grand Prix report 4 Motorsport Games report 28 Scuderia took a trio of wins,
Racing news 6 Sporting Scene 29 with two for Charles Leclerc
Historic race and rally news 13 Letters/Comment/What’s On 30 and one for Sebastian Vettel at
Rally news 14 Classifieds 32 the start of September.
Walter Hayes Trophy report 20 “That is the toughest [title], and
MN Circuit report:Neil Howard Stages 22 only really other athletes who are
Rally reports 23 at the top of their game can really,
Racing reports 25 Hamilton (right) reflected on the loss of Lauda (left) this year probably relate to it, probably
Diary of a rally organiser 26

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Brition says he is on the way to painting a “masterpiece” in success

Lewis Hamilton secured the title in the USA for a second time

Wolff says that hard work Second place was enough

will help 2020 successes for Hamilton to take title

because it’s just: arrive, week-in, yet reached the level of a complete now, to this point at least, to be F1 DRIVERS’ TITLES
week-out, [don’t] drop the ball. racing driver. able to deal with those.”
And this car has not been easy, The 34-year-old, who won Hamilton also added that he
not been easy for us. 10 grands prix this season and wanted to sign off the season with
“We started the season, honestly, has claimed 83 wins in his career back-to-back victories in the final
going off to Melbourne thinking compared to Schumacher’s 91, two races of the year in Brazil
that we were going to be behind. says he continued to grow (November 17) and Abu Dhabi
[By the] mid-point of the season throughout 2019. (December 1).
we were behind, and it’s been a “I think this year has also been
real challenge, this second half of continuous growth but I tried to Wolff praise
the season. It’s been the toughest make sure that I’ve started the Mercedes clinched the
second half of the season that I season as I finished last year,” constructors’s title at the previous
think we’ve had as a team, fighting explained Hamilton. “And I think round in Mexico, and team boss
against Ferrari and Red Bull, that’s just stayed through the Toto Wollf says that the team will
which is great, we welcome that. season. If you looked, I’ve been keep pushing hard to give Hamilton
“Every year you go through a very consistent in qualifying. I’ve the tools he needs to do the job to
different rollercoaster ride of not had particularly spectacular eclipse Schumacher’s record.
emotions to get to where you’re pole positions that perhaps I did Wolff said: “There’s a reason
going. I wrote something in my last year – but it’s been first or why the Schumacher record Ayrton Senna took the first of his three championships for McLaren in 1988
[social media] post this morning, second row the majority of the stands, because it’s very difficult. I
that each and every single one of us time, except for this weekend. And think if we are able to provide the
is struggling with something in life. apart from Hockenheim – but I’ll drivers with a good car next year,
Whatever it may be: small, big. give myself a pass for that weekend that is competitive, we’ll continue P DRIVER TOTAL
I tried to show people that, from because I wasn’t really 100%. to work on the gaps that we have, 1 Michael Schumacher 7
the outside, things always look Otherwise it’s been the best try minimising mistakes, and if 2 Lewis Hamilton 6
great but it’s not always the case. performing year. I’m working on [Lewis] has a good season, there is 3 Juan Manuel Fangio 5
And I am also struggling with lots a masterpiece and I haven’t quite no reason why he couldn’t go for a 3 Sebastian Vettel 4
of different things and battling finished it yet, so I’m trying to seventh title. [Lewis] will always 3 Alain Prost 4
certain demons and trying to understand. It takes a long time to say there is room for improvement, 6 Jack Brabham 3
make sure that I’m constantly master a craft and whilst I feel like and this is the mentality you need . 6 Jackie Stewart 3
growing as a person.” I am mastering it, there’s still more “I think for me he is on a high 6 Niki Lauda 3
to master. There’s still more to add level. But you never want to give 6 Nelson Piquet 3
Painting a picture to it. There’s still more pieces to the yourself or anybody 10 out of 10, 6 Ayrton Senna 3
Hamilton said that he still thinks puzzle to add. There’s going to be because you might just be a nine Stewart was the UK’s first triple title holder
there is a lot more to achieve in his more ups and downs along the way and you want to have the room
career and that he felt he had not but I feel like I’ve got the best tools for being a 10 in the future.”

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HAMILTON’S 1.Bottas stops Hamilton

getting all the glory
Lewis Hamilton only needed an eighth

place to seal the 2019 Formula 1 world
championship in the United States Grand
Prix – but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going
to try everything he could to win it.
Valtteri Bottas knew his once-bright title
hopes were realistically over months ago –
but that didn’t mean he was going to let his
team-mate have all the fun at Austin.
While an out-of-sorts Hamilton only

Six titles for Lewis but it’s Bottas who takes the victory spoils in Texas
qualified fifth, Bottas pipped Sebastian
Vettel by just 0.012 seconds to give
Mercedes its first pole since the German
GP in July. The subdued Hamilton said it
“just wasn’t a good lap” and insisted he
didn’t “look at this race as particularly
important” despite the potential to
become only the second six-time
world champion in F1 history.
His combative start to the race belied
that – as he swiftly passed both the
Ferraris on lap one and then hounded Max
Verstappen’s Red Bull-Honda for second
through the opening stint.
Bottas established a lead of just over two
seconds early on in a race that Pirelli had
suggested would be doable as a one-stop
if tyres were managed carefully. But
Verstappen coming in on only lap 13 of 56
skewed things for Bottas, forcing him to pit
too to avoid being vaulted by the Red Bull if
he responded too slowly and meaning both
were committed to a two-stop race.
Hamilton stuck to the one-stop plan and
found himself 15s clear of Bottas in the
race lead. But such was Bottas’s pace on
his fresh hards compared to Hamilton’s
worn mediums, it took just eight laps for
the second Mercedes to demolish the #1
car’s lead and fly past back into first place.
Having previously refused an invitation
to pit, Hamilton came in straight after
losing the lead. He switched to hards and
now had to complete a 32-lap stint on them
– a run he began by rapidly closing back in
on Bottas, who made his second stop 11
laps later.
That set up the showdown: Hamilton
on worn hards leading Bottas on new
mediums by nine seconds with 21 laps to
go, and Verstappen lurking close behind
Bottas on the same strategy too.
Bottas’s initial pace was staggering – a
full 3.2s faster than Hamilton on his first
flying lap. A rapid return to the lead
seemed a foregone conclusion. Then the
balance began to shift. Hamilton was
getting through traffic better than his
team-mate, and – despite the concerns he
was expressing over the radio at times –
his hards weren’t exactly wilting yet. Had
Bottas gone too hard too soon and wasted
his advantage?
He hadn’t. Though there were no more
massive pace swings, Bottas kept chipping
away at Hamilton a few tenths at a time
and was right on him with six laps to go as
the tiredness of the championship leader’s
Pirellis really began to have an impact.
Briton celebrates
An initial bid for the lead on the back
a sixth title victory straight was firmly rebuffed. “There was
some traffic ahead, Lewis had a bit of a
mistake into Turn 11 so I could get this first
opportunity,” said Bottas. “He covered the
inside, I had to take the outside line, I was
ahead but he braked very late. I had to run
off the track to avoid the collision but it’s
fine, because if I was in his position I would
have done the same.”
Next time around “it was a bit more
straightforward” and Bottas was able
to fly past on the straight and leave
Hamilton to successfully fend off
Verstappen to the flag for a second place
that made him the 2019 champion. But
Bottas’s charge to victory meant he
could hold his head high too. “I did my
part,” the race winner declared, “which
Bottas took the win but it wasn’t enough to deny Hamilton Verstappen completed the American podium Vettel’s race was brief,lasting just seven laps feels good.”
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POINTS FROM TEXAS RACE FACTS Results © 2019 Formula One Administration Ltd


Circuit: Circuit of the Americas Laps: 56 CHOICE
2. Ferrari’s the opening laps then went out early Race distance: 191.643 miles Lap: 3.422 miles Prime
controversial slump with broken suspension. Lap record: 1m36.169s (Charles Leclerc, 2019) SOFT

Ferrari had its least competitive race Leclerc furiously hit back at 2018 winner:Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari)
since its Hungarian GP drubbing at Verstappen, saying “he has no clue” Drag reduction
the start of August, and Verstappen and calling his comments “a joke”, Date: system activation
had no doubt about why. “That’s what while Ferrari team principal Mattia Option
happens when you stop cheating, of Binotto called the remarks “very DRS Timing line SUPERSOFT
course,” he said on Dutch television. disappointing” and made clear
He was referring to the publication Ferrari had not changed anything
DRS Timing line
of an FIA technical directive on its engine settings for Austin.
regarding fuel flow rules, issued in Max said Ferrari‘stopped cheating’ Both drivers and Binotto declared
response to Red Bull querying three Ferrari’s poor form a mystery, but Option
possible scenarios that would allow recent straightline superiority, one unrelated to engine performance.
increased fuel flow rates between the Verstappen wasn’t the only one “Certainly the speed on the
official measurements. All those making a connection between the FIA straight was not our issue whereas Drag reduction
scenarios were declared illegal. clarification and Ferrari’s plummet we had clear problems with the grip system activation
There was no mention of Ferrari down the order. The team that had of the car in the first stint with both
in Red Bull’s question or the FIA been quick enough to win every race drivers,” said Binotto, who also
response, and no action taken since the summer break finished only pointed out that Leclerc was running RESULTS
against Ferrari but, in the context fourth with Charles Leclerc, 52s from a downgraded engine spec after an FIA Formula 1 World Championship, round 19/21
of Maranello’s rivals vigorously victory, while Sebastian Vettel oil leak in final practice forced a POS DRIVERS NAT CAR-ENGINE TIME
probing how it might be achieving its slumped from second to seventh in change ahead of qualifying. 1 Valtteri Bottas FIN Mercedes 1h33m55.653s
2 Lewis Hamilton GBR Mercedes +4.148s
3 Max Verstappen NLD Red Bull-Honda +5.002s
4 Charles Leclerc MCO Ferrari +52.239s
3. Job almost done for 5 Alexander Albon THA Red Bull-Honda +1m18.038s
McLaren to seal fourth 6 Daniel Ricciardo AUS Renault +1m30.366s
McLaren is on the cusp of clinching 7 Lando Norris GBR McLaren-Renault +1m30.764s
fourth place in the constructors’ 8 Carlos Sainz Jr ESP McLaren-Renault -1 lap
championship – its highest finish 9 Nico Hulkenberg DEU Renault -1 lap
since its 2012 third place – having 10 Sergio Perez MEX Racing Point-Mercedes -1 lap
maintained its 38-point cushion over 11 Kimi Raikkonen FIN Alfa Romeo-Ferrari -1 lap
main rival Renault despite being beaten Another double top-10 finish takes McLaren a step closer to fourth 12 Daniil Kvyat RUS Toro Rosso-Honda -1 lap*
to ‘best of the rest’ honours in the race. 13 Lance Stroll CAN Racing Point-Mercedes -1 lap
Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo the lap time out of the car a bit easier,” Ricciardo and Norris had swapped 14 Antonio Giovinazzi ITA Alfa Romeo-Ferrari -1 lap
ultimately won a race-long battle mused Ricciardo. “That window places twice on the opening lap, 15 Romain Grosjean FRA Haas-Ferrari -1 lap
with McLaren’s Lando Norris for seems slightly wider for them, and initially at the downhill Turn 2 where 16 Pierre Gasly FRA Toro Rosso-Honda L54/accident damage
sixth by just 0.4s, but with Norris’s I think that’s why in quali we’re not Norris admitted he “almost didn’t 17 George Russell GBR Williams-Mercedes -2 laps
team-mate Carlos Sainz Jr recovering always able to extract the most out of see it and almost had a huge shunt – 18 Kevin Magnussen DNK Haas-Ferrari L52/brakes
from a first-corner brush with Alex it because it’s probably easier for us to he must have been in my blind spot”. R Robert Kubica POL Williams-Mercedes L31/hydraulics
Albon’s Red Bull to take eighth and make a mistake. But then in the race, While Ricciardo was then able to R Sebastian Vettel DEU Ferrari L7/suspension
Ricciardo’s team-mate Nico once you’re not on the limit of the make a one-stop strategy work, Winner’s average speed 122.413mph Lap leaders: Bottas 1-14; Hamilton 15-23; Bottas 24-35; Hamilton 36-51; Bottas 52-56
Hulkenberg back in ninth the two tyre, our window expands naturally Norris pitted twice and was able to *=five-secondpenaltyforcausingacollision
teams both scored 10 points. for the pace and I think that’s why charge back towards his rival at the
“If I watch the onboards, I do feel we’re able to maybe come back a finish. “One more lap and the two- FASTEST LAP CHARLES LECLERC 1m36.169s ON LAP 44 (AVERAGE SPEED:128.235MPH)
like McLaren seem to be able to get little bit towards them.” stop would’ve had us,” Ricciardo said.
4. Kvyat’s deja vu minutes after the finish. heed yellow flags for Kevin 1 Bottas 1m32.029s 11 Hulkenberg 1m33.815s
For the second time in a week, Daniil When told of the penalty during TV Magnussen’s stranded Haas and 2 Vettel 1m32.041s 12 Magnussen 1m33.979s
Kvyat found himself demoted out interviews, Kvyat responded: “That’s Racing Point team principal Otmar 3 Verstappen 1m32.096s 13 Kvyat 1m33.989s
of the points by a penalty for a late bullsh*t. That’s unbelievable. I don’t Szafnauer had no doubt where 4 Leclerc 1m32.137s 14 Stroll 1m34.100s
collision. After his brush with know, I have no words. It’s so stupid. fault lay either. 5 Hamilton 1m32.321s 15 Grosjean 1m34.158s
Hulkenberg in Mexico, this time it I just went around the inside and he “He deserved it,” Szafnauer said 6 Albon 1m32.548s 16 Giovinazzi 1m34.226s
was a tangle with Sergio Perez that closed the door.” of Kvyat’s penalty. “You can’t make 7 Sainz 1m32.847s 17 Raikkonen 1m34.369s
got him in hot water and led to him But Perez accused Kvyat of only up all the time under double waved 8 Norris 1m33.175s 18 Russell 1m35.372s
being demoted from 10th to 12th closing in because he had failed to yellows and not slow down, and then 9 Ricciardo 1m33.488s 19 Kubica 1m35.889s
bounce off the kerbs into someone. 10 Gasly 1m33.601s 20 Perez* 1m35.808s
Kvyat was furious I think justice prevailed.” * Driver required to start from the pitlane after ignoring a weighbridge call during practice
at his late penalty Perez, who finished 10th having
started from the pitlane as a
punishment for missing a
weighbridge call in practice, had
been involved in a separate incident
with Pierre Gasly a few laps earlier,
which led to the Toro Rosso retiring
with suspension damage.

5.Tyre rows for 2020 step forward,” said the Ferrari driver. done any set-up work to suit the
begin already “But it’s pretty much done, the tyres 2020 tyres meant it was inevitable
Pirelli’s planned 2020 F1 tyres were are built for next year so that will be it.” they would feel difficult to drive.
given their first major outing in Pirelli insisted that it was too soon to But that hasn’t stopped teams Haas had another race to forget as it again failed to score any points
Friday practice at Austin as an initial criticise the product, arguing that the already beginning early moves to
exploratory run for the teams ahead dirty track conditions of Friday push for the 2019 tyres to be kept CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS
of the major post-race test in Abu practice and the fact the teams hadn’t into next year after all. DRIVERS CONSTRUCTORS
immediately provoked complaints. New Pirelli rubber 1 Lewis Hamilton 381 1 Mercedes 695
Sainz said the tyres “felt very weird 2 Valtteri Bottas 314 2 Ferrari 479
proved unpopular
and very bad”, Hamilton declined to 3 Charles Leclerc 249 3 Red Bull-Honda 366
comment at all – simply smiling and 4 Max Verstappen 235 4 McLaren-Renault 121
saying: “I’ve got to hold back and not 5 Sebastian Vettel 230 5 Renault 83
say too much at the moment”. 6 Alexander Albon 84 6 Racing Point-Mercedes 65
Vettel was unimpressed and 7 Carlos Sainz Jr 80 7 Toro Rosso-Honda 64
resigned to that feeling continuing 8 Pierre Gasly 77 8 Alfa Romeo-Ferrari 35
into 2020. “I think it was a 9 Daniel Ricciardo 46 9 Haas-Ferrari 28
disappointment because there was no 10 Sergio Perez 44 10 Williams-Mercedes 1


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Photos: F1, LAT

Austin works
The Austin F1 circuit will
be closed this winter for
major work to eradicate
the bumps that led to
vociferous driver
complaints last weekend.
Lewis Hamilton claimed
the undulations had left
him feeling ill after Friday
practice, while Sergio
Perez claimed they would
cause crashes in the race
and “someone can get
hurt”. Some grinding work
New car is designed
was done during the
to allow close racing Thenew2021machinescouldraceatupto25eventsascapislifted


weekend to try to improve
the situation but this winter
extensive excavations will
take place to remove pipes
that run under the circuit.

2020 line-ups
The 2020 F1 line-up is
on the cusp of being fully
settled, with Antonio

Major new rules package is approved and first images of future of F1 are revealed
Giovinazzi confirmed as
remaining at Alfa Romeo
for a second year
alongside Kimi Raikkonen.
“Antonio has emerged By Scott Mitchell director Ross Brawn and FIA head extensively by the FIA and F1 in F1 has also upped the limit technical side, including more
as a very quick driver, of single-seater technical matters a bid to create cars that are easier of the number of races to 25 tightly-regulated CFD and
even alongside as tough Formula 1’s bold new look, Nikolas Tombazis at a special to follow. According to the FIA for 2021 and has cut Thursdays windtunnel running. The
a benchmark as Kimi, key format changes and press conference, where Carey and F1, when one car length from the current schedule to dyno testing allowance for
and we expect him to potentially championship- called the WMSC’s unanimous behind another competitor, the ease the burden. This means power units will also be reduced
develop even further as his changing financial regulations approval “a watershed moment”. following car will have around scrutineering is moved to a to minimise costs.
experience grows,” said were unveiled last week as Todt described the regulations 86% of its usual downforce, Friday morning, and teams are Financial regulations mark a
team boss Fred Vasseur. the category’s 2021 overhaul as “a major change in how the compared to 55% at present. only allowed to race what is sent new addition to the official FIA
Formula 2 frontrunner was finally signed off. pinnacle of motorsports will be As well as looking different to scrutineering on Friday. rulebook, to implement an F1-
Nicholas Latifi is The major new rules package, run”, adding: “For the first time, to the current generation of car, They can still run experimental first cost cap that will limit team
considered near-certain to which has been debated for we have addressed the technical, the intention is to encourage parts in practice, but they cannot spending to $175million. That cap
take Robert Kubica’s place months, was approved sporting and financial aspects teams to create designs that are then decide to race those parts will exclude “driver costs” and
at Williams provided he unanimously by the FIA’s World all at once. The 2021 regulations differentiated from each other, that weekend. Parc ferme has “three highest-paid person costs”
gets the required F2 result Motor Sport Council on Thursday have been a truly collaborative too. The FIA showed a selection also been moved to the start among other areas of expenditure.
to obtain a superlicence, last week, and the new rules and effort, and I believe this to be of different adaptations it of final practice, instead of Any breaches of the cost cap
while Red Bull has made F1’s vision were unveiled at the a great achievement.” considered legal under the qualifying, which means set-up will be subject to a serious
clear that it will pick from United States Grand Prix. The biggest changes for 2021 are 2021 rules, and cited seven major decisions will be locked in before penalty, ranging from fines and
its current four drivers to fill FIA president Jean Todt, via in the technical regulations, where areas where there is scope for the final 60-minute session. reprimands in minor cases, to
its two teams even though video link, joined F1 CEO Chase the cars will look very different. different shapes and ideas There are also changes to the suspension and exclusion from
it has yet to decide who Carey, F1 motorsport managing They have been researched without a performance deficit. sporting regs that involve the the championship.
goes where. All that is set
to leave Nico Hulkenberg


outside F1, and he has
been strongly linked to a
DTM move for next season. McLaren dismisses Rich Energy rumours
Bike swap Pat Fry, formerly a leading McLaren has dismissed a media response from Rich
Lewis Hamilton and technical figure at McLaren cryptic tweet from former Energy, which tweeted “we
Valentino Rossi’s long- and Ferrari, has agreed to join Haas title sponsor Rich ask Zak Brown of McLaren
rumoured car/bike swap Renault for 2020 once free of his Energy teasing a possible F1 to clarify and apologise for
will take place at Valencia ongoing contractual obligations deal as a publicity stunt. his false statement on Rich
on December 9. The with McLaren. McLaren CEO Zak Brown Energy” and insisting that
two legends had long Fry began his career with the said he was taken aback when “multiple” meetings had
expressed an interest Enstone team in the early days he was sent the tweet, and taken place and a Rich Energy
in trying each other’s of its Benetton era, rising to the moved quickly to insist there McLaren livery had been
machinery, and the event role of race engineer by 1992. had been no talks – and would mocked up. A subsequent
has been made possible He then moved to McLaren, not be – with Rich Energy’s tweet showed Storey stood
by Monster Energy – becoming chief engineer, before chief William Storey over among 1980s McLarens at the
which sponsors both the heading to Ferrari as chassis any sponsorship. team’s Technology Centre.
Mercedes F1 and Yamaha technical director in 2010. He “Not at all,” Brown said. Rich’s deal with Haas –
MotoGP teams. Hamilton, subsequently became engineering “I was sent that, and the guy already in the spotlight for
a keen biker, has already director before leaving the team obviously likes to draw a copyright row over Rich’s
tested World Superbike for a short spell at Manor. attention to himself. I haven’t logo – collapsed mid-season
machinery but never a More recently he returned to spoken with them. I won’t speak when the firm tweeted that it
MotoGP bike, whereas McLaren for a second stint on with them. I think that is an was cancelling the deal due
Rossi tested extensively a consultancy basis, and was attempt to get some publicity.” to “poor performance” only
for the Ferrari F1 team regarded as a key contributor News of Brown’s comments for its shareholders to try to
in the mid-2000s while to the team’s resurgence. provoked a further social salvage the relationship.
mulling a career change. It is not yet clear what job title
Fry has been working as a consultant for McLaren


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‘Dempsey comes out on top AUTOSPORT TECHNICAL EDITOR

Walter Hayes Trophy report, p20
HINCHCLIFFE LOSES “There’s a lot to like
2020 INDYCAR SEAT with the 2021 vision
Arrow McLaren SP signs up O’Ward and Askew for next year’s campaign

Photos: LAT iven the amount of
By Matt Beer Racing at the end of the 2018 hype surrounding
season and then with Carlin in Formula 1’s much-
McLaren has shocked the the early part of this year before vaunted 2021
IndyCar paddock by dropping being whisked off by Red Bull –
experienced race-winner which viewed him as a potential
James Hinchcliffe from its F1 prospect and took him to race followed by
new team for 2020 and in Super Formula in Japan. suggestions that the teams were
recruiting young guns Oliver Askew finished second in the looking to meddle as much as
Askew and Patricio O’Ward. 2016 Walter Hayes Trophy when possible in a bid to get their way,
Hinchcliffe had an existing he raced with Cliff Dempsey one could have been forgiven for
contract with the Arrow Schmidt Racing as part of the Team USA
expecting the new ’21 ruleset
Peterson Motorsports team that Scholarship programme, and
McLaren has partnered with to went on to win that year’s Mazda to become a muddy, watered-
create Arrow McLaren SP for Road to Indy scholarship and the down mess.
its full-time IndyCar return. 2017 USF2000 title before this But F1 has pulled off a win, and to its
After an initial suggestion that year’s Lights success. credit has managed to secure a unanimous
Hinchcliffe’s long-standing McLaren will continue to pay vote for its 2021 rules to get the go-ahead
Honda ties would rule him out Hinchcliffe’s salary in 2020 even
at last week’s FIA World Motorsport
of a seat at what was becoming if he successfully finds a drive
a Chevrolet-powered team, with another team. Hinchcliffe Council. That’s great news for those bored
McLaren indicated that said he was “shocked” to learn he of the status quo, but will they actually
Hinchcliffe would stay on only was being dropped by the team, be the silver bullet that F1’s notoriously
to then announce he was being having raced for SPM for the hard-to-please fanbase is looking for?
released as it signed 2018 and ’19 past five years – during which Thankfully, the data suggests so. F1 and
Indy Lights champions O’Ward he won three races and took pole
the FIA have both been incredibly hard
and Askew as its line-up. for the 2016 Indianapolis 500.
McLaren CEO Zak Brown Team co-owner Sam at work making these rules have some
said the young guns’ “superstar Schmidt admitted it was a quantifiable advantage over the current
potential” made it a gamble worth “gut-wrenching” decision to cars. In other words, this should not be a
taking. O’Ward had starred in an part with Hinchcliffe but insisted repeat of 2017, where F1 was lured by
Hinchcliffe has been with the team for the last five seasons IndyCar one-off with Harding “everything’s amicable”. the siren’s song of faster cars and broken
lap records. Instead, aerodynamic
simulations suggest a huge uptick in
the downforce available when following
another car – giving a chasing driver
much more weaponry to play with.
Jenson Button brought Cassidy and Ryo Hirakawa Championship this season… by its parent company… Part of that is down to the renaissance of
his two-year Super GT stint of TOM’S… Sophia Florsch will A subsidiary of the Penske Honda has hinted that it could
ground-effect aerodynamics. By making
to a close with sixth place return to the Macau Grand Prix, Corporation has purchased be interested in entering NASCAR
alongside Honda team-mate the scene of her enormous crash the IndyCar Series and the – but its IndyCar and IMSA the floor do most of the work, the aero
Naoki Yamamoto in the last year, with event debutant Indianapolis Motor Speedway SportsCar programmes would on top of the car can be trimmed off,
season finale at Motegi. The HWA in 2019. Florsch’s Van among other assets from the be in jeopardy if it did. “We can do banishing the unpredictable turbulent
pair had been champions Amersfoort Racing-prepared car previous owner, Hulman IndyCar and IMSA and those types flow that coalesces to form the dreaded
in 2018 but were eliminated was launched airborne and into a and Company. The purchase of things, or we can do NASCAR,” “dirty air” problem. The turbulence won’t
from the title fight early this photographer’s bunker in the 2018 has been made by a Penske said its US motorsport chief Art St
be gone forever, since it’s physically
time. LeMans Lexus crew event. She had to have a seven- division named Penske Cyr – who described NASCAR as
Kenta Yamashita and Kazuya hour operation after suffering a Entertainment Corp, which “something that interests us” and impossible to do so unless F1 cars start
Oshima won the 2019 title spinal fracture, but made a full means Penske’s four-car added “given the opportunity, we’d racing in a vacuum, but the reshaping of
by finishing second behind recovery and finished seventh in IndyCar team will compete in jump at the chance to do that as the rear wing structure should help.
championship rivals Nick the Formula Regional European a championship that is owned soon as it makes sense for us”. By taking away conventional endplates,
the vortices produced at the corners
should be much smaller and weaker,
meaning a chasing car isn’t hit with a
Toyota slowed by 2.74s a lap in Shanghai barrage of circulating air that doesn’t
mesh with its front wing. Reducing
Both of Toyota’s LMP1 reducing the available ERS those front wing elements to four should
cars will be slowed by power per lap, decreasing reduce its sensitivity, and the shape of
2.74 seconds per lap in fuel flow, and reducing the
the endplates there all but quell the
this weekend’s Shanghai size of the fuel restrictor
World Endurance have been taken. Gen2 cars don’t require a pitstop as they go full race distance “outwash” airflow that also adds
Championship round. The Rebellion R-13 and #5 to the turbulent wake.
The two TS050 Hybrids get
identical success handicaps,
Ginetta also carry weight
penalties for China, but the
PITSTOPS MAY RETURN TO FORMULA E One gripe that many will have is the
amount of prescribed parts teams have
as they are both on 44 points, second Ginetta remains the New Formula E boss Jamie over the nature of the Gen3 car – to include, for example, like the new
amid a small increase in the ‘reference car’ as it is last Reigle says the electric with all-wheel drive, revised
deflectors over the front wheels. But that’s
coefficient used to calculate in the standings so has championship could battery shapes, torque vectoring
the penalties, eintroduce pitstops when and higher overall power levels a necessary evil to maintain the effect
at 0.012s per p introduces its Gen3 car. among suggested ideas. that F1 has carefully crafted over the past
the last-place Pitstops have not been “For Gen3, as we think about couple of years, and sometimes one must
in the standin mandatory in FE since the why might a consumer not adopt sacrifice pure technological freedom for
(up to a maxim rrival of the Gen2 car – which an electric vehicle, there’s a better racing. Aero development should
of 40) per was designed to ease fears over perception perhaps around
also be a lot more restricted, ending the
kilometre of lectric vehicles’ range – for the charging availability and
track length 018-19 season. That car will be ‘how quickly I can get my car sunk costs of a tiny winglet to help bring
for the last sed for four campaigns, while charged?’” said Reigle. “Where the field together.
race in Fuji. lso undergoing a facelift at that gets interesting is when it There’s a lot to like with the 2021 vision,
While the he end of the upcoming potentially feeds back into the but we won’t know how it’ll really play
weight of the 019-20 championship racing product, which is to say out until then. And if that year’s round at
Toyotas will r o a ‘Gen2.5’ bodykit. ‘OK, well if you can change the
Paul Ricard manages to throw up some
capped at 932k The teams and manufacturers, speed with which you charge
measures suc s well as the FIA and FE, are the cars, perhaps you can exciting racing, then it’ll be a success
A handicap is now used in WEC already involved in discussions reintroduce a pitstop’.” by all counts.

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Wood picks up win WHORTON-EALES
Having just missed out on last year’s
Pickup Racing crown, former British
Touring Car racer Lea Wood made his
first Pickups appearance of the year in
the season finale at Brands Hatch last
weekend. “As I hadn’t raced this year,

The 2018 champion will return to the category next season as it joins the BTCC bill
I had to start at the back as a novice,”
he explained. His Dave Longhurst-
owned truck hasn’t been out this year
Photos: Mark Campbell, Jakob Ebrey
either but, despite starting at the back,
Wood charged through to take fourth By Stephen Lickorish a return particularly appealing,
in the opening race, before winning because it is no secret that
the second. There was no third time Mini Challenge champion touring cars is where I want to
lucky for the Herefordshire driver, as he Ant Whorton-Eales will be again in the future. This is the
retired from the final race after six laps. return to the series next ideal way for both the team and I
season when it joins to show what we are capable of.
Orton’s debut roll the British Touring “The only goal is to reclaim
Junior Saloons debutant Will Orton Car Championship’s the championship that we won
will certainly remember his car racing support bill. together in 2018 and, whilst
debut at Brands Hatch last weekend, The 25-year-old won the Mini I’m happy for someone else to
after rolling out of his first ever race title last year in impressive have it on loan for a year, I’m
through Paddock Hill Bend. Orton, style, only finishing two races determined to take it back!”
a finalist in the recent Ginetta Junior outside of the podium. He has Whorton-Eales graduated to
Scholarship, had qualified 17th out since contested a part-season in the BTCC for a single season in
of the 21 cars. His avoiding action EuroNASCAR this year but is an AmD-run Audi S3 in 2017,
at the first corner left him uninjured, now looking to add a second taking a best result of sixth at
apart from a few bruises, but his car Mini crown. He will again drive Silverstone. The Jamsport
was substantially damaged and out for the Jamsport squad that squad is eyeing a move into the
for the weekend. powered him to the 2018 title, series in the future and team
along with the 2016 Renault boss Jamie Going believes
Charity karting UK Clio Cup championship. Whorton-Eales would be the
Sportscar team United Autosports is “Continuing to work with perfect driver to help realise
organising a charity karting event to Jamsport as a driver mentor that ambition with.
help LMP3 driver Christian England and being part of the “We want to be racing in the
pay for his medical bills after a first-lap engineering team this year BTCC in the future and are
crash in the European Le Mans Series was great, but I’m a racer and actively working towards
race at the Algarve Circuit last month. the opportunity to get back making the step up to touring
The 38-year-old was unable to avoid behind the wheel full-time in cars with Ant,” he said. “We
Jack Manchester’s spun Dallara LMP2 2020 is something I wasn’t going bring the best out of each other
and sustained injuries to his lower right to turn down,” said Whorton- and I’m confident that we can
leg and ankle, requiring surgery on Eales. “The fact that the Mini enjoy a strong 2020 season
Jamsport will again
Saturday. Bone was taken from his heel Challenge is now part of the together to take us a step
to repair part of his foot and he has also BTCC support package makes closer to our goal.” run Whorton-Eales
had a plate and screws inserted. Over
£15,000 has been raised so far. You
can donate by visiting
term=axyPGKWWg Orders open for new Clio Cup car as entry fees are slashed for 2020
Orders are now open for the in the UK in 2020 with support lower next season. These
Bell and Balfe to bid new fifth-generation Renault from Renault Sport Racing. should cost around £8000 + VAT
for British GT3 title Clio that will be used in the
heavily-revised Clio Cup UK
The cars for the revamped
series – which will feature on
for the year, down from the
£16,650 it was in 2019.
The Balfe-run McLaren 720S series next season. the British GT package next year Each of the seven rounds of
GT3 will contest a second season Renault UK withdrew its as well as having two overseas Clio Cup will feature 90 minutes
in British GT next year with an backing of the popular British events – have now gone on sale. of track time – two 20-minute
unchanged line-up of factory Touring Car Championship They cost €37,900 + VAT (£32,700). qualifying sessions and two
driver Rob Bell and Shaun Balfe. support series at the end of this The series has also revealed 25-minute races will take place
After electrical problems forced Teams and drivers can now buy fifth-generation Clio year but a Clio Cup will continue that entry fees will be much at each meeting.
Balfe to withdraw from the
opening round at Oulton Park,
the new-for-2019 McLaren scored
more points than any other car British GT4 champions Hand and Canning look to continue partnership
and fell just five points short of
the title after scoring a maiden British GT4 champions regardless of the outcome, then I would like to race with
win at the Donington Park finale. Tom Canning and Ash but are unlikely to return Ash again,” Canning said.
“We continue to learn about Hand are hoping to continue to British GT4. “The [GT3] car felt incredible
the 720S GT3 and the team is their driver partnership They are exploring options and there’s a lot to take away
working hard to maximise all next season, following a in GT3 in the British from it. It does set your sights
areas of performance and become successful first test of championship and Europe, a bit more firmly on moving
a stronger unit,” said Bell. “This TF Sport’s GT3 championship- with a move into the into that.”
season we showed significant winning Aston Martin Vantage. GT4 European Series Hand added: “It’s similar
strides forward at each round.” Canning, 17, and Hand, 25, another alternative. to the GT4, just with more
In addition to Graham Johnson/ who won the 2019 title with TF Both drivers completed power and more downforce,
Michael O’Brien’s full-season in a Vantage GT4, are among 25 laps each in the GT3 at and even the characteristics
entry, Balfe ran an extra McLaren the 23 members of the revived Silverstone, impressing TF of the car were similar. We
570S GT4 at select rounds this year AMR Driver Academy, which boss Tom Ferrier. matched each other for pace
and the team expects to expand to carries a prize of a factory “It might be limited to what which shows we’re a great
three cars full-time next season, contract for the winner. opportunities we get and pairing. If we could stay
with driver announcements to Both drivers plan to continue whether we can go to the same together, that would be
follow in the coming weeks. with the marque next year, thing, but if there’s a chance a great thing for us both.” Canning (l) and Hand have tested a GT3 Aston at Silverstone

The ultimate review

of a superb season
Pre-order now: or call +44 (0)1 624 640 011
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Photos: Eric Sawyer, Marcus Pye, Jakob Ebrey, Dan Bathie

Bilinski swaps Ginetta

Junior for British F4
Ginetta Junior racer Roman
Bilinski will switch to British
Formula 4 next season.
Bilinski had an eventful
seven rounds in Ginettas this
year, taking a win in the second
round at Donington Park
before being excluded on a
technical infringement and
then changing teams. He also
picked up an unprecedented 14
points on his licence but didn’t
contest the final three events
after a hefty Thruxton crash.
He will now drive for Arden
Burns took second place
in F4 and becomes the team’s

Teenager Burns (l) raced Drake’s McLaren M1B in Portugal after two practice sessions second signing for 2020.
Another F4 signing for next
season is Peruvian karting
graduate Matias Zagazeta.
He has competed extensively

in karting series both in
South America and Europe
but will now switch to single-
seaters with Carlin, the team
that powered Zane Maloney
to this year’s title.

Clio Cup winner takes second in Algarve Historic Sports Car race and set for full 2020 campaign Combe Saloon rivals
By Marcus Pye in the 2016 Ford Fiesta Junior not driven it or the technical tyres, the first when I knocked apprentice mechanic]. He’s a plot new challenges
championship, and fifth in last Portuguese circuit prior to two the fuel pump off changing super talented lad and we are Castle Combe Saloon Car
Renault UK Clio Cup race year’s Renault UK Clio Cup sessions last Thursday. He down, and [without power] very lucky to have him. championship rivals Simon
winner Bradley Burns’ career series, with two wins. He finished second in the pre-’75 couldn’t get it back.” “This was an opportunity for Thornton-Norris and Matt
is set to change direction graduated to the TCR Germany Sports Cars race, behind Historic Lights Cars Action team him to get a feel for the car and Parr are both looking to race
following an impressive series with Team Pyro’s Honda F1 racers Max Smith-Hilliard/ owner Drake, who re-finished with three M1Bs in the race his in other series next year.
second place on his debut Civic this season, but cut the Nick Padmore’s Chevron B19. the 1966 McLaren in original ability showed. The plan is for Thornton-Norris clinched
in mentor Chris Drake’s programme short when they “The McLaren is the best thing American privateer owner Brad and I to share the car in the his third overall Combe Saloon
McLaren-Chevrolet M1B felt penalties were being meted I’ve driven by miles,” Burns said. Dave Causey’s period livery this eight-round FIA Masters Historic title driving a Mitsubishi
at the Algarve Classic out unfairly. “It’s so fast, and the sensation of year, added: “We’ve been helping Sportscar Championship next Colt Ralliart earlier this
Festival last weekend. Burns took to the early Can-Am being out in the open is amazing. Brad for three or four years and season. He’s a natural so I’m year, and when there were not
Burns, 18, was runner-up car like a duck to water, having I had two spins on the treaded he’s now working with us [as an going to have to up my game.” date clashes he also competed
in the UK Time Attack
Championship in a Mitsubishi
Evo. Next year he plans to
prioritise Time Attack.
Race winner Taylor heads the Ginetta Junior Winter Series entry list with Elite for this weekend’s Brands Hatch event “Primary would be Evo [and]
Time Attack, and secondarily
here [Combe Saloons],” he
Ginetta Junior race winner final four events of the main Saloon Car Championship said, “but if they don’t clash
James Taylor heads the entry Junior season and took five frontrunner having at all then I’ll do both.”
list for this weekend’s Winter podiums in that time. contested the main season And Parr, who in a Peugeot
Series at Brands Hatch. “I’m looking forward to as a privateer entry. Elite’s 106 GTi dominated his class
Taylor, a former Ginetta bringing him back for the four-car line-up will be as well as being a close overall
Scholar, took four wins en Winter Series and I’m only completed by rookie William championship runner-up
route to fifth in this season’s bringing him back for one Aspin and newly-selected to Thornton-Norris, is open
standings and is the highest- reason,” said Elite team boss 2020 Scholar Tom Lebbon. to national opportunities.
placed driver to compete in Eddie Ives. “I’m expecting Other likely frontrunners “I’d love to move on and do
the Winter Series contest. James to be right at the front in the Winter Series are likely something nationally, like
He switched to Elite and our other drivers can to be R Racing drivers Josh Mini Challenge on the TOCA
Motorsport – the team that learn a lot from him.” Rattican and Joel Pearson. [programme],” Parr said.
powered James Hedley to this Ben Kasperczak will join Fourteen drivers had entered “A dream is touring cars
year’s crown and last year’s the team for the Winter this year’s contest when MN obviously, but I don’t have
Taylor finished fifth in the main category’s standings Winter Series title – for the Series, the former Junior closed for press on Monday. the sort of budget to do that
on my own.”

Blake-Baldwin plans more Ginetta GT4 Supercup outings next year after making debut at Brands
Multiple Mazda MX-5 scoring a best finish of fifth in we’ve ticked that box,” said we’re getting there slowly
champion James Blake- race two. That was rewarded Blake-Baldwin. “We haven’t but surely, but at the same
Baldwin made his debut in with a front-row position for got anything more to prove time I’m learning.
the Ginetta GT4 Supercup at the reversed-grid race three so this is something to get our “I’d love to do [a full season]
Brands Hatch last month, with but Blake-Baldwin was forced teeth into. but it’s all a money thing. I think
a view to a 2020 programme. to start from the pitlane after “AK have done an amazing some of the boys that are racing
In wet conditions, Blake- suffering an intermittent cut- job to set the car up. We’re just here this weekend are the best
Baldwin qualified his AK out on the way to the grid. working on trying to give as in the country, extremely
Motorsport-run car fifth of “The MX-5s are hugely much feedback as possible on talented, and they’re certainly
the 20-strong entry before competitive but I feel like how the car’s handling and putting me through my paces.” Multiple MX-5 champion Blake-Baldwin took best result of fifth

Porsche Carrera Cup runner-up Webster eyes full title challenge next season
Former Porsche Carrera Cup two races at Brands Hatch. With Meadows and Dan Cammish
GB champion Josh Webster is a win and a third at Donington, in the ranks of two-time
targeting a full title challenge he was hoping to launch a title Carrera Cup GB champions.
next year after returning to bid but has only taken two “I think I’m going to come
the series this season. further victories and finished back next year,” Webster said.
Webster, who won the second in the standings. “I’m really enjoying it, which
2014 title when he was the Now he would like to commit is the most important thing,
Webster beat Gamble to second scholarship driver, joined the to a full season in 2020 and join and the sponsors are really
grid at Donington Park this Damien Faulkner, James enjoying it. Team Parker
in standings by a single point year after missing the opening Sutton, Tim Harvey, Michael Racing are doing a great job.”

The full story of newly-crowned World Rally champion Ott Tänak’s

rise and rollercoaster career is brought to life with incredible behind- “THE PURPOSE OF THE FILM WAS FOR EVERYTHING
the-scenes access in Ott Tänak: The Movie - which is now available to
view globally.
The lm was originally released in cinemas in Tänak’s native AND I WASN’T MORE POLITE BECAUSE OF THE CAMERA.”
Estonia in April, but can now be watched anywhere in the world via Producer Eero Nõgene and his Sterotek Film crew had incredible
Last weekend Tänak halted Sébastiens Loeb and Ogier’s 15-year access to Tänak and his team during the season.
run of WRC titles as he secured his rst world championship with a “The purpose of the lm was for everything to be recorded the way
typically hard-charging performance on the Rally of Spain. life is, there is no acting, and I wasn’t more polite because of the
camera,” said Tänak. “Just like the last season, as we know, I can’t
say my whole career has been a boring one.”
But the story is about far more than 1 . The lm goes back to
Tänak’s roots in rural Estonia and hears from his family and the
school teacher who tried to discourage him from motorsport. His
relationships with his mentor Markko Märtin - a WRC rally winner in
his own right - and long-time team boss Malcolm Wilson of M-Sport
also come to the fore, as both men reveal plenty of never-told-before
tales that reveal how many obstacles Tänak has overcome to reach
the top, and how many times his career appeared to be over.
Ott Tänak: The Movie is a touching story of how a stubborn kid from
a small island in North-Eastern Europe broke into the rallying elite
and coped with both winning and losing - and learnt that he often
needed to look within himself to nd the reason for those defeats.
The lm is mostly in English and Estonian and is translated
into multiple languages. Subtitles are in Spanish, Italian, Finnish,
French, German, Polish, Portuguese, English, Russian, Japanese and
The whole movie is also dubbed into English, Spanish, French,
Italian, Polish and Russian.

Tänak is regarded as one of the more elusive and reclusive athletes

in top-level sport, but the lm gives an astonishing insight into the
character behind the resolute expression and brief comments to the
media that endured through both the lows and highs of his career.
The movie was lmed during the 1 season - Tänak’s rst with
Toyota, and a year that nearly took him to the world title, with only
bad luck halting the charge he mounted with a string of mid-season

The e t a it ve eve een o a

Malcolm Wilson, M-Sport Managing Director

t ho e the ea it e neve et to ee The h an to

Becs Williams, Rally Commentator

The ike Tänak a ee i a o e oa te

David Evans, Autosport
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BRSCC Clubsport Trophy set to feature five or six rounds next year BRSCC Porsche series will now be open to a wider range of cars

Photos: James Roberts, Steve Jones, Michael Chester

Major revamp for Porsche series to boost grids
The British Racing and remaining two will adopt the
Sports Car Club’s Porsche format trialled at Donington
Championship will be Park last month, with qualifying
completely revamped next and a sprint race on the Saturday
year with a new class structure before a 40-minute mini-enduro
aimed at attracting a wider with optional driver changes
range of models. is held on the Sunday.
The series, which has Championship coordinator
struggled to attract grids in John Broadley explained
double figures this season, will that both ideas follow similar
also switch to a predominantly approaches to successful
one-day format. BRSCC series like the BMW
While not yet formalised, Compact Cup, Civic Cup and
the championship will feature Clubsport Trophy which all
around four or five classes attract strong grids.
split by power-to-weight “In effect it’s Clubsport
ratio, with the intention of principles but for Porsches,”
all Porsche production he said. “We’ve done a lot of
sportscars being eligible. analysis of other championships
Of the seven race meetings, and, overwhelmingly, the
five will have qualifying and feedback we’re getting is that
two races on the same day. The people like one-day meetings.”

McErlean takes on new

BRSCC management role
The British Racing and Sports
Car Club has appointed Paul
McErlean into a new role of race
operations and general manager.
McErlean, who has worked as
a consultant for the BRSCC for the
past two years, takes on many of
the duties of outgoing competitions
director Dominic Ostrowski.
Clubsport Trophy has
In his consultancy role,
attracted large grids McErlean led the successful
introduction of the BRSCC’s
By Mark Paulson with a variety of sports and manager Paul McErlean. to bigger faster-class cars.” Clubsport Trophy this year and
saloon cars split by power-to- “The cost-share product The two races held this was involved with the changes to
The British Racing and weight ratios, has attracted has got something extra than year, at Brands Hatch and the club’s Porsche Championship. Chairman Daly and McErlean (r)
Sports Car Club plans to entries from drivers already a single-driver competitor Donington, were won by “Competitions is where I’m
run its Clubsport Trophy competing in another category experience can provide so a Mazda MX-5 Mk3 and most at home,” said McErlean, detailed understanding of what
with an expanded calendar at the meetings as well as we were very keen to bring a Honda Civic. whose new role is effective from our formulas are doing and what
of five or six rounds in additional cars not eligible for it into the portfolio but we “You will often see a Mazda November 21. “My previous history we can do to help develop them –
2020 after raising capacity other BRSCC championships. didn’t want to rush it. getting a class win but rarely and development have been the and also look at new products
grids for both its events “We were over-subscribed “We wanted to make sure will you see it getting an development or reinvigoration of for the portfolio as well.
this year. at both of the meetings this that we got the focus right outright win,” said McErlean. new or existing club formulae. “We will look at what we’ve got
The series’ format of year so we were delighted because Clubsport is very “That was the basis of the “I’ll be working closely with the and what we can do to improve our
45-minute mini-enduros with it,” said the BRSCC’s new much focused around the design, to try and focus from coordinators and commercial customer experience and our
for one or two-driver crews, race operations and general clubman racer as opposed the bottom up.” operators to get a much more member experience.”

LOH Motorsport team of Polley, O’Dwyer and McHale takes Mondello Fiesta endurance victory
The LOH Motorsport 9 team of when the lights turned green, a wheel bearing failure. Anthony Fildes, in the Swipe
Dan Polley, Patrick O’Dwyer but he soon came under This left Kellett’s Swipe Right Right car alongside Kellett,
and Ronan McHale took victory pressure from William Kellett, Racing leading comfortably but Jake Byrne and Max Hart,
by over 50 seconds in the annual who eased by, leaving Holstein at two-thirds distance Mondello scrapping mightily for second.
Mondello Park Fiesta six-hour to fend off a feisty Rob Barrable. legends David Kennedy and As Polley took the flag for
race last weekend. The pair subsequently Tommy Byrne were up to third LOH, Denning was charging
Erik Holstein grabbed pole tangled at Turn 2, with Holstein and looking strong. back from a number of
position for the Naas Court despatched down the escape LOH worked its strategy indiscretions but crossed
Hotel squad and made no road backwards. The Barrable correctly, snatching the lead the line right on Fildes’s
mistakes to lead away a list machine was headed for the once again in the final stages, back bumper to round out
LOH won by 50 seconds as the battle raged behind of who’s who of Irish racers pits shortly afterwards, with with John Denning and the top three.

Ma7da Locost series to benefit from standalone races next year and targets 20 cars
Twenty-car entries are being It was designed to be a step up cars next year and I think we various 750MC categories, giving
targeted for the Ma7da Locost from the popular Locost class, can confidently say we are drivers a clear direction to take.
category next year, when it with drivers able to convert their going to have 16-18,” said series “I would really like to see the
is set to benefit from its own existing machines to run in the representative and frontrunner winner of Locost move to Ma7da
standalone grids. new series. Ma7da Locost Ben Powney. “We did have Locost and the same with Ma7da
The 750 Motor Club series features a 1.8-litre Mazda MX-5 a few teething issues with Locost progressing up to F1000
has been running as part of engine and lap times are five to some of the control parts but [single-seater series] and create
Class B in Sport Specials this 10 seconds per lap quicker than that’s all been sorted now.” a bit of an informal ladder – I
season, regularly attracting the existing Locost category. Powney added that he would think that’s got real potential,”
around eight cars. “My aim is to have about 20 like to see a ladder form between he said. The upgraded Locost machines ran in Sport Specials series this year



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‘Hibberd starred in DRW’

HISTORICS Historic Closed Wheel action, below

Photos: Paul Lawrence

Woodpecker outing


was used to prepare
Keith Schellenberg
Adventurer and Bentley racer Keith

Schellenberg has died at the age of
90. In a remarkable life, he competed
in the Winter Olympic bobsleigh team,
Historic Touring Car champion owned the Scottish island of Eigg,
Age: 59 Lives:Warlingham stood for parliament and raced a
vintage Bentley with success. He
competed on the inaugural London-
Sydney Marathon in 1968 but missed
the boat to Australia after the Bentley
fell off the road in Turkey.

Impney date
The sixth running of the Chateau
Impney hillclimb has been confirmed
for the weekend of July 18-19, 2020.
Around 200 pre-’67 cars will compete
in the annual event at the hotel near
Droitwich, along with more recent
rally cars. The target for the faster
Bullen will swap to a Cortina hillclimb cars will be Malcolm
Thorne’s 2018 hill record of 38.86s.

He started in an Anglia
“I started racing in 1989. I built Slow zones arrive
one Ford Anglia and crashed it, The organisers of the Legend Boucles
so I built another one. Then in Belgium have changed the way


the ICS Historic Touring Car in which they keep average speeds
Championship started and we down on the 2020 rally’s competitive
built our current car for that. I did sections. Instead of mid-stage
that for a few years and nearly passage controls, they are introducing
got the championship but Nick slow zones into the stages where

Forty years after first outing, he will compete again in Opel Ascona
Swift beat me in the last race at crews will be required to travel at
Donington in his Mini. We were 30km/h for a designated distance.
side by side on the last lap.” The event runs on February 1-2.

He’s had a couple of By Paul Lawrence Collins competed extensively rallying on asphalt in Ireland. respectable, not embarrass Jags on show
breaks from racing at British championship level “We did the Woodpecker ourselves and have a bit of fun. Four famous Jaguars will be on display
“I packed up racing from about Rallying veteran Phil through the 1980s, often in Stages in September as a It’s a long rally and it covers a at this weekend’s NEC Classic Motor
1997 until 2005. Then I did Collins will contest the Opel Asconas and Mantas. His warm up, but before that we’d lot of the country. The trailer Show to honour the life of Jaguar test
a few more years and had to stop Roger Albert Clark Rally team also ran David Llewellin’s done very little together,” said section up to Carlisle on Friday driver Norman Dewis. The prototype for
again to rebuild my workshop. as he makes a return to Toyota Celica to the British Collins. “There is a hell of an afternoon suits me very well. the Jaguar D-type, the oldest surviving
I came back in about 2010 and gravel rallying in his Opel Open title in 1989 and 1990. entry list and apart from the “It’s about getting used to open-top E-type, the unique XJ13 and
have been racing in Historic Ascona 400. With both crew members Woodpecker I’ve not really driving on gravel on notes the new Ecurie Ecosse LM69 will be
Touring Cars ever since. I won Forty years on from first now well into their 60s, it is been on gravel since the Roger we haven’t made, so we’ve got shown by the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club
the title this year on a tie-break starting out in the sport, time for another crack at the Albert about six years ago. I’ve a big learning curve ahead of and Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust.
with Roger Stanford.” Collins and fellow veteran longest stage rally in the UK done some rallying in Ireland us. It’s a proper rally and at
Den Golding will tackle the and a switch back to gravel but nothing much on gravel. least the Ascona isn’t Pilot 1950sTrial
He shunted at Cadwell five-day rally later this month. after doing most of his recent “All we want to do is be another Escort!” The Historic Sporting Trials Association
“Last season I nearly won the is to run a pilot trial for trials cars from
HSCC Historic Touring Car title the 1950s, including road legal trials
but lost it on dropped scores to cars like Dellows as well as early
Adrian Oliver in his Hillman Imp. I purpose-built trials cars. Next year,
missed the two races at Anglesey Seager to tackle Roger Albert Clark Rally in his 1967 MG Midget a standalone single-site Heritage
this July after I had an incident Sporting Trial will be organised to
at Cadwell and damaged the Dorset-based Bob Seager is co-driving skills of Geraldine regular co-driver to multiple gauge levels of support. The current
back of the car; it was still in bidding to finish the Roger McBride for his 1967 MG BHRC champion Dessie Nutt. programme of Historic Sporting Trials
the bodyshop. In the first race Albert Clark Rally in his Midget, which will run near “We’re being supported by will continue unchanged.
at the Oulton Park Gold Cup the MG Midget, one of the the head of the field as the service and management
gearbox went and I finished the smallest and oldest cars older and smaller-engined crews that have never been Hibberd stars
race in fourth gear. In the second due to tackle the five-day cars run in the first group. to a rally, so it will be an Historic single-seater ace Andrew
race the battery went flat on the rally later this month. McBride brings extensive achievement just to finish,” Hibberd starred in the HSCC Closed
last lap. So I should have won Midget: one of the oldest cars Seager has enlisted the experience to the project as said Seager. Wheel race at the Walter Hayes Trophy
the title before the last race of at Silverstone when he had a guest run
the season at Silverstone.” in the DRW of Rudolf Ernst. Hibberd
prepares the diminutive 1960s sports-
He has a new project Heatherington seals racer for the German owner and had a
for 2020
“I should be out in a Lotus Cortina title on rally return try out in the car. In the early laps he ran
as high as second before being out-
next year as I’ve bought Peter Peter Heatherington won the gunned by more powerful cars.
Hore’s car and I’m rebuilding the RACRMC Historic Asphalt
engine at the moment. I’ll keep Championship in his Sunbeam Testing rally begins
the Anglia: I’m too sentimental Lotus as he returned to the The annual Rally of the Tests starts in
to get rid of it. I’ve never yet raced sport this season after a long Torquay tomorrow evening (Thursday)
anything other than the Anglia. lay-off from regular rallying. and finishes in Chester on Sunday
The Lotus twin-cam will give Peter was co-driven by his son afternoon. The rally, which recreates
me a bit more power and it is Chris and the Northumberland the RAC Rallies of the 1950s, will
a good car.” crew sealed the title with a British F4 aspirant finished third in pre-’82 class on his debut single-seater weekend feature 80 crews in pre-’86 cars
measured drive on the final tackling 750 miles, 30 special tests
He has good support
“I’ll carry on racing until I die!
round, the Jersey Rally. Back
in 2001, Heatherington won
FITZ-SIMON IMPRESSES ON WALTER HAYES DEBUT and 22 regularity sections including
an indoor test at the NEC Classic Car
Away from racing I run a garage Group N on the Jim Clark Horatio Fitz-Simon made aged two. He later raced karts to get some seat time. He Show from 1245hrs on Saturday.
and I’ve got a workshop with four Rally in a Mitsubishi. his single-seater debut at successfully in America and showed impressive pace on
guys. We do cars and vans and “I’ve been rallying off Silverstone in a Merlyn resolved to return to the UK his way to a Pre-’82 podium.
it’s a busy workshop. Mark and and on for 50 years,” said Mk20 Historic Formula and race as soon as he “This is my first ever car
Harry Phelps, father and son, are Heatherington. “Another Ford last weekend ahead of finished his education. race,” he said on Saturday.
always with me and I don’t think highlight was finishing Rally a planned British Formula 4 He was due to take part “I did a last-minute deal
I could carry on racing without GB in 2000. I built the Sunbeam campaign next season. in the F4 Scholarship with Speedsport and the car
them. When they’ve been on as a retirement project a couple Fitz-Simon, 19, was born in yesterday (Tuesday) and is a joy to drive,” he added
holiday and I’ve had to come on of years ago. I built it with a lot nearby Towcester but moved raced at the Walter Hayes after impressing team boss
my own, it is tough.” of help from Jim Little, who to California with his family Trophy with Speedsport Mike O’Brien.
worked on the cars in period.” Rally of the Tests gets underway

14 NOVEMBER 6 2019 Advertising enquiries: 0203 405 8110


Tanak’s days at

Toyota are numbered

The reasons behind the team-switch shocker for the reigning world champion Ott Tanak
By David Evans enough to meet his family, his parents and
his lovely wife Janika. Trust me, such
How on earth did it come to this? demands are outlandish to the point
How on earth did Toyota lose of being laughable. It’s not him.
Ott Tanak? Give him a car, some cash and some
Be under no illusion, Toyota lost its competition and he’s in.
world champion when Tanak’s two-year I’m not naive enough to think Tanak
Hyundai deal was announced last week. hasn’t watched with interest as his former
Persuasive and charismatic as Hyundai team-mate Sebastien Ogier did the big
Motorsport director Andrea Adamo deals and counted the millions coming
is, he shouldn’t have been allowed in and then fancied a little bit of that.
anywhere near the Estonian. Avaricious he ain’t. I see him and Markko
Something has gone seriously awry Martin – the man who has guided
for Tanak and Martin Jarveoja to be lured him through his entire career – as Makinen held firm on his position Andrea Adamo (left) has lured new world championTanak (right) for 2020
away from the best funded team with the understanding the worth of a
fastest car and with the brightest future world champion. in another box for Tanak. good few years. Why wouldn’t he? Sunday night in Spain. Instead we all just
in the championship. How many other And then driving a hard and, at times, When we looked around it together Sources within Toyota acknowledge went our own way.”
manufacturers has a president clapping uncompromising deal. earlier this year, there was a real sense of TMR management has dragged its feet We’ve got to be careful here. In just
and cheering at the side of the road in The very fact that Tanak has left Toyota pride from Ott at his involvement in that. in sealing this deal and the time element the same way that Mitsubishi’s Group A
the way Akio Toyoda does? is indicative of a breakdown in the That’s gone now. has certainly played its part in the Lancer used to be labelled undriveable by
Naturally, the positioning of this one relationship. I would stress the Japanese So, are we saying the fault sits firmly champ’s departure. all those apart from the man who used it to
depends very much on who you ask. For end of the deal seemed very happy – with Tommi Makinen here? Tanak, it seems, simply got fed up win four world titles, it would be easy to
months, the service park has been awash throughout negotiations – to keep Tanak. No. There’s fault on both sides. with waiting. look into Toyota and criticise Makinen.
with talk of Tanak’s overblown and It’s at the Finnish-Estonian end that Tanak has divided opinion inside the And, undoubtedly, he struggled with Let’s not forget, he’s a man who won
apparently increasingly exorbitant things have apparently turned sour. team. There are those who feel he was Makinen’s approach to running the a world championship for Toyota in just
demands for the next two seasons. We The seeds of such discontent were sown too quick to criticise them and their team he’s built himself. his second year in charge.
were reliably informed he wanted his in the middle of last year, but a greater work. That’s understandable. If you’re looking for precedent, Hyundai has been in the championship
own knife, fork, spoon and plate to eat Japanese influence over the place was But what’s surprised me here is remember Esapekka Lappi, the Finn since 2014 and they’ve still to win any
from. And that came after private planes reckoned enough to steady the ship. the inability of these two sides to find who walked out on a Finnish team run season-long silverware.
were demanded for him and his family… You would have thought, allied to all the common ground and agreement to make by a Finn (Toyota) at the end of last season. Ultimately, it’s the team principal’s job
for all the rallies. Toyota loveliness detailed above, the fact sure Toyota’s first world champion since You’d have thought, just having won the to manage his team and that includes
Some of the shorter longhauls, sure. that Tommi Makinen Racing (Makinen’s Didier Auriol in 1994 stays with them. And drivers’ title, morale would be sky high at man-managing drivers like Tanak.
But not all the rallies. own firm which runs the WRC stays with them for a very long time. TMR. Not so, apparently. Put plainly, he didn’t feel loved. At times,
I’ve known Tanak his entire professional programme) had moved its re-prep My understanding six months ago was As one insider said: “You’d have thought he didn’t even feel liked. From last week,
career and reported on every one of his and build base to the outskirts of that Tanak wanted to tie up an agreement winning the championship a round early that changed. As we’ve seen through this
105 WRC starts. I’ve been fortunate Tallinn would have been another tick with the world’s biggest car maker for a was something worth celebrating on season, Adamo’s all about the love.


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‘Simpson made it a hat-trick GROUP RALLYING EDITOR

Fiesta man’s Oulton glory, page


Welshman in the frame for a drive in the title-winning machine
“There are stil
By David Evans for its number one driver.
“We’ve worked with Elfyn for a very long
plenty of talks
Elfyn Evans flew to Finland last week
to discuss a potential move from
M-Sport to replace Ott Tanak at Toyota.
time,” Millener told Motorsport News. “As
a team, we’ve invested a huge amount in to be had”

him and we’d be very reluctant to see him
Tanak’s two-year deal to drive an i20 leave. We’re ready to fight. I think it’s fairly
Coupe WRC was confirmed by Hyundai common knowledge that we perhaps don’t
last Thursday, leaving Toyota short of a have the same resources as some of the other
hat now then? What now
lead driver. teams, but we’ll do what we can.” for everybody else? We
Neither Evans nor Toyota team principal Millener admitted the financial realities of know what colour Ott
Tommi Makinen were available for M-Sport’s position complicated negotiations Tanak will be wearing
comment on the Welshman’s visit to the with Evans. next year. We know
team’s Puuppola headquarters, but “Much as we would love to keep Elfyn what Sebastien Ogier
sources in the team confirmed he spent and win more rallies with him next year,”
a day looking around the factory and Millener added, “we have to be very aware
and Thierry Neuville will be driving.
talking to senior management. that we’re a private team in a competitive Or do we?
In the immediate aftermath of Hyundai’s commercial environment. We have to sell Evans has options for 2020 campaign Trouble is, Tanak to Hyundai was such a curve
announcement of Tanak’s move, there more [Ford Fiesta] R5 cars – that’s one of ball that nothing’s off limits now. Neuville or Ogier;
was speculation that both the World Rally the real priorities for us. Results like M-Sport since 2013 and all 86 of his WRC Neuville and Ogier off to Toyota? Who knows.
champion’s nearest rivals Sebastien Ogier Stephane Lefebvre winning a really starts have been made in a Fiesta. He won Very recent precedent dictates that anything’s
and Thierry Neuville could be in discussions competitive event packed with well-driven his 2016 British title with M-Sport and
with Makinen. R5 cars in Condroz last weekend (see below) DMACK and his, to date, only WRC round,
possible now.
It’s now emerging, however, that it could are great for us – we need more of those. Wales, two years ago. Regardless, when the music stops, if Ogier or
be Evans in the driving seat. “Like I said, we’ll push as hard as we can to Currently M-Sport has Teemu Suninen Neuville were without a seat, others would be moved
M-Sport team principal Richard Millener keep Elfyn, but we have to be realistic.” under contract for next year, while Toyota’s to make room for them. The big three are safe.
admitted the team was ready to fight Evans has been a professional driver with only 2020 deal is with Kalle Rovanpera. Prior to Tanak’s news, the thinking was that Craig
Breen would slot into Hyundai, replacing Andreas
Frenchman Stephane Mikkelsen. And the news that the Irishman will make
Lefebvre won last weekend’s the trip to the final round of the series in Australia
Condroz Rally on his debut would have backed that thinking up perfectly.
in a Ford Fiesta R5 Mk2 But what about Breen now?
beating, among others, Let’s deal with what we know, let’s deal in the
FIA rally directorYves Matton definites: Citroen has two seats and both are
who finished 13th in a Skoda
Fabia R5. taken by Ogier and Esapekka Lappi. That’s not
to say the six-time champion won’t jump ship,
but that’s a possible, not a definite.
Hyundai has four drivers under contract (Tanak,
Neuville, Dani Sordo and Sebastien Loeb), so that’s
INGRAM FACES PRESSURE TO CHASE ERC TITLE WIN their quota of drivers done. Don’t forget though,
Manchester driver Chris Ingram will look Rally Championship since Vic Elford in 1967.
there’s no limit on the number of drivers retained, so
to rewrite European Rally Championship “This is everything to me,” said Ingram. Breen could still end up in light blue next season and
history and realise a lifetime ambition “Winning the ERC would be a life ambition drive some of the events Sordo and Loeb don’t fancy
as he chases the ERC title at this weekend’s achieved. It would mean an enormous such as Finland and Australia with a bit of Wales
Rally Hungary. amount to me to be able to wake up every day thrown in there for good measure.
Ingram arrives at the all-asphalt event – having achieved a dream and would give me Would that be attractive? With some testing,
a new one for everybody – leading the a huge amount of self-belief and satisfaction.”
championship by 19 points from Polish Ingram is hopeful success this weekend Ingram has the ERC title in his sights some R5 work and potentially some other bits and
driver Lukasz Habaj. Defending champion could finally make the move up to a WRC pieces, quite possibly yes – especially as only Tanak
Alexey Lukyankuk is a further nine down. programme possible, having shown his British rallying could celebrate two ERC has a done deal for Hyundai in 2021.
The Briton’s advantage at the top of the potential with a debut WRC 2 podium at titles in Hungary if Nabila Tejpar can beat M-Sport and Toyota? Only a brace of Finns are
table doesn’t account for dropped scores, Rally Turkey last year. her Bulgarian rival Ekaterina Stratieva locked down: Teemu Suninen in a Fiesta WRC
so he’s not quite the clear-cut favourite the He added: “Having the ERC title to my to the Ladies’ Trophy. and Kalle Rovanpera in a Yaris WRC (not forgetting
numbers suggest. name would be a huge opportunity to use ●Irishman Callum Devine will drive
If Habaj wins on Sunday, Ingram needs the publicity of the accolade to boost my a Hyundai i20 R5 at this weekend’s ERC
Takamoto Katsuta on a limited programme in a
to finish second, but if Lukyanuk wins, the profile massively in the UK and Europe, finale ahead of a possible European title fourth Toyota).
Toksport Skoda driver needs a podium result which would hopefully help me take the tilt in 2020. Rally Hungary starts with a That means there are at least two seats at Toyota
to become the first Brit to win the European next step up in my career in 2020.” qualifying stage on Friday morning. and potentially the same on offer in a factory Fiesta
for next year. Gus Greensmith would be the obvious
Rally ready to prepare choice for one of the M-Sport Fords given his strong
Autosport International to kick off WRC season again Japan for WRC return
Fiesta WRC showings earlier this year. But don’t
forget Breen’s history with M-Sport. He spent
The 2020 World Rally Championship will Birmingham to the French Alps ready Japan will undertake its final preparations years and won two world titles in a Fiesta. Craig
kick-off at Autosport International on for the opening round of the series, for its 2020 World Rally Championship return to lead M-Sport in 2020? Don’t rule it out.
January 11 at Birmingham’s very own the Monte Carlo Rally, which starts with this weekend’s Central Rally Aichi. Kris Meeke and Jari-Matti Latvala are both key
WRC Super Saturday. on January 23.” The all-asphalt event is based in Nagakute, players in Toyota’s future plans and team principal
All four factory teams will attend the WRC Promoter managing director east of Nagoya, and includes 14 stages and
third successive WRC launch at the NEC, Oliver Ciesla echoed those sentiments 80 miles across Saturday and Sunday. This
Tommi Makinen has made positive noises about
with new car liveries unveiled and world and admitted he’s as excited as anybody week’s action will be in the two mountainous keeping both in his squad for next season. Following
champion Ott Tanak seen in Hyundai kit to see the WRC back at ASI. regions – Aichi and Gifu – to be used on the Hyundai’s use of a driver rotation policy for the last
for the first time. Ciesla said: “The first sight of first world championship qualifying Rally two seasons, there are rumours that Toyota could
Motorsport Network president James newly-liveried 2020 World Rally Cars Japan since 2010 next November. consider a similar programme in 2020.
Allen said: “It’s increasingly rare for altogether, along with drivers and The central service park at Morikoro Park In summary, there are still seats about and plenty of
world championship-level motorsport to co-drivers appearing with their new used this week will remain the same for
offer fans such access to cars and stars. We teams for the first time, will set pulses next season.
talking to be done. Can we expect decisions before
are thrilled that the WRC has continued racing among the fans in the build-up Home hero Takamoto Katsuta will be the Rally Australia about who goes where? Unlikely.
the initiative to open its launch to the to the season.” star attraction as he and Dan Barritt top the If – and it’s a very big if – Ogier’s trying to extricate
public and give show visitors an insight Autosport International runs from entry list in a Toyota Yaris WRC. Hiroki himself from a current contract, that’s not the work of
into what makes the WRC so special. January 9-12. Tickets and further Arai (Citroen C3 R5) and Heikki Kovalainen a moment and Evans could find himself torn between
“Just one week after the launch, the information are available from (Toyota GT-86) are also among the highlights. Toyota and the team that’s run him for his whole
very same stars and cars will travel from Kovalainen celebrated his first rally win at
the Highland Masters Rally last month.
career. In a short summary: anything’s possible.

To ensure we successfully and safely run the PokerStars Rally 2019 we need the following:
Stage commanders — Time keepers — Radio operators — Marshals

The 100 plus miles stage rally will take place on its historical dates:


Using many iconic stages that have ust been used on this year s National event
They include eristal Ronague St Marks Druidale Staarvey and everyone s
favourite aldwin s
>>> Entries for the rally open 1st August

Heavily discounted event travel and accommodation package

To register your interest please contact our volunteer liaison officer
lison on or e ail volunteers an autosport org

PAUL SHEARD RACING would like to congratulate all our

award-winning cars out on the Neil Howard Stages last weekend.

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‘Scott managed second place MN SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT

MN Circuit Rally report, p2


Beloved rally will take place for the first time in more than five years
“Duns is being
Photos: Kevin Money, John Fife
By Luke Barry
After a five-and-a-half-year
Ford Fiesta RS WRC (see below).
Alan Kirkaldy has never done
the Jim Clark before but is in
put back on the
absence, the Jim Clark Rally
returns this weekend and
good form after his recent Cheviot
Stages victory. Kirkaldy recently
motorsport map”

is set to present a huge changed the restrictor size on his
challenge for crews. Fiesta R5 from 32mm to 34mm
For the first time since 2001 – “to try and keep up with the WRC
ention Blackadder and to
when foot and mouth disease cars a bit more” and has been a
forced a reschedule – the rally will threat ever since. most people it’s a British
run in November, so the already “The stages look quite narrow sitcom. Langton, what’s
demanding Borders lanes will be and it’ll be quite damp with the that? It probably won’t
damp and littered with leaves. leaves, and obviously bits in the even register. Abbey St
The rally runs as a standalone shade will never dry out so it’ll Bathans? Abbey St who?
event this year – before appearing be challenging, put it that way,”
And Fogo? To non-locals it’s a hamlet which
on three major championship he told MN.
calendars in 2020 – creating a Perennial asphalt threats has a nursery I once attended 17 years ago.
varied entry list. Hugh Hunter, Andy Fenwick and But to you and I, these names are rally stages. More
Three of the top 10 seeds will last week’s Neil Howard Stages specifically, Jim Clark Rally stages. And after more
arrive in brand new cars, headed winner Stephen Simpson can’t be than half a decade of waiting, they’re all back in 2019.
by Irish visitors Josh Moffett discounted either, while Michael Event draws in locals and rally fans from around the globe A huge amount of work has been put into the
and Andy Hayes. Moffett brings Binnie heads the local charge in
Jim Clark’s return by event organisers, Scottish
a Ford Fiesta R5 Mk2 to Duns his Mitsubishi Lancer E9. SEEDED ENTRY Borders Council, Motorsport UK and the Scottish
for its first ever appearance on Garry Pearson has swapped
a UK national round as he his usual Fiesta R5 for an Escort
Jim Clark Rally, Duns, Berwickshire, November 8-9 government, so Josh Moffett’s departure from
assesses his R5 options for 2020. Mk2, while fellow Duns driver NO DRIVER/CO-DRIVER CAR Duns Square at 1500hrs on Friday will mean a lot.
David Bogie is the only previous Dale Robertson could spring a 1 Josh Moffett/Andy Hayes Ford Fiesta R5 Mk2 Moffett’s presence itself feels quite poignant on
winner on the entry list and will surprise thanks to his intimate 2 David Bogie/Kevin Rae Ford Escort Mk2 an event that has been dominated by Irish visitors.
be reunited with former co-driver knowledge of the stages. 3 Robert Swann/Darren Garrod Ford Fiesta RS WRC
Andrew Nesbitt is the record victor – having won
Kevin Rae. The 2011 winner Euan Thorburn was a favourite 4 Alan Kirkaldy/Cameron Fair Ford Fiesta R5
finished third in his Ford Escort for victory but has had to pull his 5 Hugh Hunter/Calvin Cooledge Ford Focus WRC05
it three times – while Eugene Donnelly has also won
Mk2 on last month’s Mull Rally entry due to engine issues with 6 Stephen Simpson/Patrick Walsh Ford Fiesta R5 twice over the years. Moffett has a very real chance
and could challenge for victory his Ford Focus WRC05. MN 7 Andy Fenwick/Harry Marchbank Ford Fiesta R5 of joining the roll of honour, but as a first-time visitor
again if conditions stay dry. understands that he is working 8 Michael Binnie/Claire Mole Mitsubishi Lancer E9 he’ll need to be aware of the specific challenges the
Robert Swann lines up for flat out to still make the event, but 9 Donnie Macdonald/Andrew Falconer Mitsubishi Lancer E9 Jim Clark Rally can throw at you.
his first assault on the Jim Thorburn remained absent from 10 Garry Pearson/Dale Bowen Ford Escort Mk2
“It’s difficult to explain what it’s like until you go and
Clark since 2008 in a borrowed the entry list as we went to press.
have a look at other closed-road events,” explains
deputy clerk of the course, Colin Smith. “The nature
Famous stages to be used,including Abbey St Bathans,Langton and Blackadder of the roads in the Borders are so different with the
high hedges and everything, it’s very difficult to see
The 2019 route features 11 stages that have done the Jim Clark Rally,” Saturday begins with two more are quick in Abbey could be off what’s in front of you. You’re totally reliant on what
and 61 stage miles across two days deputy clerk of the course Colin stabs at Abbey St Bathans and the pace in Blackadder.”
your co-driver is saying all the time.”
for competitors to get their teeth into. Smith told MN. “Everybody is going Langton, this time punctuated by a All four of the stages are within five
Friday begins with the notorious to have to be on the ball straight away service break. The Blackadder and miles of the service in Duns, keeping That challenge has been accepted by 100 crews
Abbey St Bathans test in the because you can lose quite a bit of Fogo stages follow in the afternoon the route incredibly compact. this week and they’re in for a real treat. But what
Lammermuir Hills, just north of Rally time in Abbey. That then takes and run twice before the winners “[The stages were chosen] to try we’ll witness this weekend is basically a high-octane
HQ in Duns before two runs around us down to Langton [and] the return to Duns just before 1700hrs. and make the route really compact dress rehearsal for next year, with just six months
the short spectator stage in Langton, interesting thing with the weather at “Blackadder and Fogo are quite and help with managing it marshal- before the 2020 event.
famous for its watersplash. this time of year, the ford in Langton different compared with Abbey, wise, which is always a struggle for
A provisional route has already been internally
“Abbey [St Bathans] has always is a bit high at the moment so that’s they’re so much faster,” Smith any event to get enough marshals
been a favourite of all the competitors going to be an interesting challenge.” added. “So you’ll find people that to run a stage,” added Smith. drafted and some brand-new stages have been
teased to MN. My mind is now in overdrive to try
and work out which of the backroads I was driven
to school on could be used.
The 2020 hype should not dampen anticipation
Swann to use Fiesta RS WRC on Jim Clark ahead of this weekend, though. In the same year
Perennial Rally Barbados runner- example on the Jim Clark to get the new Jim Clark Motorsport Museum opened its
up Robert Swann will enter a Ford a feel for the car. doors, Duns is being put back onto the motorsport
Fiesta RS WRC in this weekend’s “We will always be trying but map with an event the entire rallying community has
Jim Clark Rally as he assesses we aren’t going to push it past waited far too long for.
his options for 2020. the limit,” Swann told MN. Now more than ever though, I urge you to listen
Swann has finished second in “The car’s going to be new to
and obey everything the marshals tell you out on the
Barbados three times and retired me as well [so] for me a top six
from the lead of the event this finish will be a sensible result. stages. We all know what happened in 2014, and
year when the engine expired in “The main focus [next year] it would be very easy to hark back to the glory days
his Subaru Impreza S12B WRC. will be [on] going back to Barbados and bemoan the increased scrutiny on spectator
A recent regulation change and trying to finally win that rally. locations. But failure to adhere to instructions and
for next year allows for newer I need to go back and get that the Jim Clark Rally could become just a memory
World Rally Cars to compete one done. I don’t think there’s a
once more.
on the island, giving Swann the massive performance gain for
incentive to try out a Fiesta RS
WRC in competition. He will
that event but what it does give
you, taking a younger car, is a
compete in Peter Smith’s bit more reliability.” Peter Smith’s car will be driven by Swann this weekend

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Photos: Chicane Media, Roy Dempster

Route change
for Antrim rally
Organisers of this Saturday’s
Glens of Antrim Rally say that
they have been left with no
choice but to drop one of
the planned special stages
because of ongoing
Forest Service Northern
Ireland operations.
Ballypatrick Forest was
one of three areas that
initially made up the route for
the final round of the Northern
Ireland Rally Championship
but organisers feel running
a rally through it would
“disrupt works”.
In an attempt to claw back
the mileage that has been
Ford Fiesta RS WRC
lost, clerk of the course
won’t be used Raymond Linton has taken

the decision to run the 8.1-
mile Slieveanorra stage
three times instead of the
originally planned two.


The shorter 2.8-mile
Parkmore test will be used
twice, as originally planned.
“Total stage mileage has
fallen from 37 miles to 30

Glens of Antrim Rally will play host to a three-way title battle this weekend
miles,” explained Linton.
“It would not have been
possible to run a viable
stage in Ballypatrick as
By Jason Craig in fourth position or higher. if we had better reliability this anyone’s,” said Wright. “We have is at a disadvantage. An inlet we weren’t able to secure
McGarrity will stick with the year we would not find ourselves been on the back foot for most valve on the original engine in his enough mileage.
Defending Northern Ireland Skoda Fabia R5 that carried him in this position. If I finish ahead of the season in terms of event Mini Countryman John Cooper “This aside, it is always
Rally champion Derek to victory on the penultimate of Stephen I’ll be OK.” experience and the same applies Works WRC failed last time out pleasing from the motor
McGarrity believes he has round last month – the Tyrone At the beginning of the season for the Glens of Antrim Rally. forcing him to switch engines. club’s perspective to promote
a chance to secure a ninth Stages – as a misfire in his Wright brushed aside talk of a “Perhaps I am the underdog “We have had to put in another our events in the local area,
drivers’ crown on this Ford Fiesta RS WRC will not title assault, insisting it was not [in some people’s eyes] but I like motor which is less powerful in the Glens of Antrim forests.
weekend’s Glens of Antrim be remedied in time. his priority. However, as results the challenge. The close racing than the one I had in before,” he There is no doubt that they
Rally finale in a three-way “I have a good knowledge of have gone his way, this has forced is what kept me coming back to explained. “Losing points on the are still considered among
title battle. the stages from years gone a re-think, especially as he can the championship.” Tyrone Stages hasn’t helped me the best in Northern Ireland
McGarrity can seal another by,” McGarrity told MN. become the first driver from the For the first time in a number at all; to win the championship because of the variation in
title if he records a perfect “I rate my title chances as Republic of Ireland to win the of seasons, the title is being played is going to be a tall order. I would surface and challenge of
score or finishes in front of excellent. It is great to be part of a Northern Ireland Championship. out between three drivers but the need the other two to have each stage.”
main rival Stephen Wright, three-way fight, although I do feel “I rate my chances as good as third party, Derek McGeehan, misfortunes for that to happen.”

Five wins from seven

rallies for Hughes
TEG Sport driver Arron and ’17 and has twice SEEDED ENTRY
Newby expects a battle on lifted the Manx Rally title, Pokerstars Rally, Isle of Man, November 8-9
his return to the Manx stages but maintains “it’ll be
for this weekend’s two-day interesting to see where NO DRIVER/CO-DRIVER CAR
Pokerstars Rally. we can place ourselves 1 Jamie Jukes/James Morgan Mitsubishi Mirage
The Carnforth driver has again after being away from 2 Arron Newby/Rob Fagg Subaru Impreza
been heavily involved in the the island for two years”. 3 John Stone/Charlotte Shimmin Ford Fiesta RS WRC
TEG project to build and “Initially we wanted to 4 Stu Bainborough/Paula Swinscoe Mitsubishi Lancer E6
develop a Skoda-based car do both the Jim Clark and 5 Steve Colley/Mark Rodman Mitsubishi Lancer E7 BTRDA award goes to ST Trophy driver Hughes
using Subaru running gear the Pokerstars events, but 6 Gary Leece/John Tarrant Mitsubishi Lancer E6.5
for most of this year, which with them both on the same 7 Kevin Davies/Dylan Jenkins Ford Escort Mk2 ST Trophy champion Zak ceremony on January 11.
has limited on-stage action weekend we opted for the 8 Timmy Collins/Cliona Collins Subaru Impreza Hughes has been announced “This is a massive positive for
but left him eager to return. island,” he added. “This event 9 Kex Walker/Dannii Matthews BMW 325 as the latest recipient of the both me and the team,” Hughes
“I haven’t done a lot this always gets a strong entry.” 10 George Collister/Graham Collister BMW E30 BTRDA Rally Series Looking said. “So many people have put
year and haven’t been in Jamie Jukes, winner in to the Future award. an outstanding effort in this
the car for five months, so 2018, leads the event away in The prize, which is donated year. It’s an amazing award,
basically Friday night will a Spencer Sport Mitsubishi this year, but a solid finish his nearest challenger. by past BTRDA Gold Star which gives us young drivers
be settling back in, trying to Mirage, with other leading for Stu Bainborough Crews will tackle seven champion Adam Kent and run a real boost in which to create
use my head, and then open opposition coming from (Mitsubishi Lancer E6) stages across the south of in collaboration with MRF Tyres, further opportunities.”
it up on Saturday,” he said. John Stone in his Ford would be enough to lift a first the island covering 44.5 hands young drivers a cash sum Hughes dominated the ST
“But I can’t wait to get back Fiesta RS WRC. Manx Championship, with miles on Friday night, with of £2500 to be used on entry fees Trophy class this year, claiming
over there again!” The local drivers have Welsh VW Golf co-driver- a further nine tests over for the following season. five out of seven victories
He won the event in 2013 had few events to contest turned-driver Dale Furniss 61 miles on Saturday. Hughes will receive his throughout the season to
award at the BTRDA prize-giving comfortably secure the title.



The 100 plus miles stage rally will take place over
many of the Isle of Manʼs iconic stages that have
just been used on this yearʼs National event. They
WWW.MANXAUTOSPORT.ORG/ include Keristal, Ronague, St Marks, Druidale,

Staarvey and everyoneʼs favourite Baldwinʼs.
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Russell Brookes
August 16, 1945 – October 30, 2019
Photos: LAT,

Russell Brookes is well Brookes was a mainstay

remembered for Manta days of national rallying

Brookes carrying the famous colours and slogan on theWelsh in 1983 Brookes’last Rally GB in 1994 Brookes at speed in a Ford Sierra Cosworth on Rally GB in 1989


Despite never winning his beloved Rally GB, Russell Brookes was a man who set a benchmark

don’t know much people at Boreham: ‘I really ought seconds. It was incredible.” “That Lancia team was so special,” slightly different programmes,
Welsh. Araf (slow) to drive the car before the start of By that time, of course, Brookes’ said Brookes. “They did things so with one focusing on the British and
is about the extent the rally…’ They told me to drive it cars were resplendent in what differently to Ford, they were so one featuring more in the European
of it. Apart from one from Boreham up to Scotland. So would go on to become one of organised – if a mechanic needed a Rally Championship, but McRae
sentence. One sentence I did. I had a bit of a thrash around rallying’s most recognisable 10-mil spanner to start a gearbox and Brookes both knew they were
in Welsh is known and the lanes just before the start and liveries, the orange, blue and red change, he just reached out his hand fighting to be the best in Britain.
loved by rally fans of a finished the rally second to Roger of Andrews Heat for Hire – which and it was there. Every time. The car The battles were classic.
certain generation. Clark. I was only 20 seconds behind ran as Gwres i Rentu for the Welsh was left-hand drive, but it was easy It’s testament to Brookes’ longevity
Gwres i Rentu. him – and I’d rolled. Rally every season. and really nice to drive. I really in the sport that he battled the
Heat for Hire. “I told Roger: ‘If I hadn’t have Between 1973 and 1991, Brookes wanted to win the RAC, but that’s second generation McRae and only
And that’s thanks to one man: rolled, I’d have beaten you.’ He changed cars regularly and often; what can happen when you hang lost the 1991 title to Colin by 10 points.
Russell Brookes. looked at me and said: ‘F**k off. a Mk1 became a Mk2, followed by a all of your hopes on one event.” That would be the popular
Born in Redditch, Brookes was If you hadn’t have rolled, I’d have Talbot Sunbeam Lotus, Vauxhall He certainly didn’t have a bad Midlander’s last full season in
captivated by the sport of rallying driven faster.’ Chevette HSR, Opel Manta 400, record on the RAC, finishing on the the sport. After that he took to the
at an early age and took to the stages “But that was the start for me. Kadett GSi, Ford Sierra RS Cosworth podium three years in succession historic scene and would go on to
aged 18 in his mother’s Austin I remember sitting down with my and finally the Sierra Cosworth 4x4 – between ’77 and ’79. The last of those become a regular at Rallyday,
Westminster. That was replaced co-driver at the time, John Brown, where he gave Ford’s latest rally results being the most memorable. where he starred last season.
by a Mini which, despite limited and I said to him: ‘John, I can do weapon its maiden victory on “It was a big ambition of mine to Talking to Brookes just over 12
funding, he used to make a name this. I can beat these people.’ That the 1990 Manx. win the RAC,” he said. “And 1979 months ago, his recollection of each
for himself on local events. was the start of my ambition to All those cars, cars spanning three was the closest I came when I and every detail was startling. Still,
In the early 1970s, Ford become a works driver.” decades, ran in in one colour scheme. finished second to Hannu [Mikkola]. he remembered the corners that
established its Mexico Challenge – An ambition he would fulfil at I have, of course, forgotten one car. Hannu was supreme on the loose, caught him out and the tyre
a one-make series for Ford Escort the end of 1976 when Ford signed One car which few believed they but when I looked who was behind choices that helped him win.
Mexicos. Russell set his sights on him for the following season. would ever see in Andrews livery – me, it was Timo Salonen, Ari It’s fair to say he was never the
the 1973 title. He repaid that faith immediately the Lancia Delta HF 4WD. At the end Vatanen, Markku Alen, Walter Rohrl most fashionable of drivers, but
The 1973 series offered a 16-round with a maiden British Open of 1987, determined to realise his and Bjorn Waldegard – five drivers he couldn’t half drive and his ability
calendar which was broken down Championship title in 1977, biggest ambition in the sport and who were world champions [Alen, was well recognised among the
into four quarters with a works having seen off some fierce win his home round of the World admittedly only for 11 days]. I might sport’s household names both
drive offered to the winner of each competition from Scandinavia. Rally Championship, Russell turned not have won it, but that second place here and across Scandinavia.
quarter. Brookes won the first “They were all there,” said to the Italians and did a deal to was pretty good for me.” Part of the British rallying
quarter and was given the keys to Russell, “all the Finns and the drive a fourth factory Delta (joining A second British title came in 1985, establishment for more than 40
an RS1600 for the Jim Clark Rally. Swedes. I had a big battle with Markku Alen, Juha Kankkunen and an era remembered for his intense years, Brookes will be sorely missed.
“I’d never driven anything more Pentti [Airikkala] through that Mikael Ericsson). rivalry with Vauxhall-Opel Dealer MN extends its deepest sympathies
powerful than the Mexico at the year and in five of the rallies, he and That particular dream ended in a Sport Team mate Jimmy McRae. to his family and friends throughout
time,” Russell said. “I said to the I were separated by less than three ditch in Pundershaw. Those two were usually put on the sport and around the world.
20 NOVEMBER 6 2019


Dempsey never looked

like losing the final


Moyers just misses out on remarkable comeback and hat-trick of wins as Irishman triumphs. B

t was all set up for collected by Jamie Stanley. Moyers/Foster clash to win the out,” said Huffaker.
a fairytale win for Moyers lined up sixth for the second heat and set up his good run. As for Browne, he w
Michael Moyers. After restarted final and was now right with By lap four of the now 10-lap final, disappointed not to ge
a clash with fellow the leading contenders. Suddenly Moyers was up to third and, when he podium but had progr
multiple Walter Hayes Moyers’s confidence was well-placed. passed Huffaker’s Ray GR19 down from 11th on the origin
Trophy winner Joey Suddenly the dream result of the inside of Brooklands on the “I had great fun toda
Foster in the second becoming only the second driver – following tour, it looked like he would from 11th to fourth,” h
heat left the pair starting the after Foster – to take a hat-trick run of then go on and chase after Dempsey. I was quicker than the
Sunday morning Progression victories in this hard-fought But Huffaker had other ideas. I was just too far back
race at the very back, Moyers competition was incredibly realistic. The very next lap he dived back First in the Festival an
brilliantly overtook 64 cars But two drivers weren’t reading the past Moyers with a sensational here – I would’ve defin
through that contest, the Last script. And the first was Moyers’s move from a fair way back down the that [beforehand]!”
Chance encounter and the first team-mate Jordan Dempsey. inside of Brooklands. They spent Behind Browne was
semi-final to start the final an The 2018 Chinese Formula 4 the next couple of laps fighting tooth- FF17 racer Jack Wolfe
impressive 10th. champion has often shown good and-nail before Moyers eventually stayed out of trouble t
“I was confident – other people pace in the knockout end-of-season sealed the place at Brooklands with weekend to net an imp
had done it before and that gave Formula Ford events but failed to a couple of laps to go, as this year’s ahead of another KMR
me hope,” said Kevin Mills Racing convert that into big results. Take Festival winner Jonathan Browne form of Michael Eastw
driver Moyers. the previous weekend’s Festival snuck ahead too. He had survived two
History did indeed show it was for example, he didn’t make the “We had a really good battle with with Josh Fisher – wh
possible to bounce back to take a final after a tangle with Foster. MoyersspentearlypartofSundaybattlingFoster(l)aftertheirheatclash him – he’s a hell of a driver,” Moyers he described as “errat
brilliant result. Roger Orgeegained It was different this time. Right admitted. “When he passed me [at being in heat threeou
97 places in 2015 to finish fifth in the from when a timing/transponder behind before the red flag. Spectrum 011C driver eventually Brooklands] I was like ‘Whoa, what which left Eastwell a d
final and just last year Matt Cowley issue was rectified and it was revealed “I knew from the first start I could eased clear to a 5.338s victory. a move’.” eighth, before the pair
progressed from the Last Chance that he had qualified on pole for the pull away but it was annoying to “I’ve been watching this event Despite being gutted to miss at the final’s original s
race to miss out on overall victory opening heat by 1.407s, it was clear have to do it again!” said Dempsey. since I was a kid and it’s special for out on a very memorable victory, “Sadly I was taken o
by 0.978 seconds. he was on it. A fairly comfortable heat “I said to myself ‘just get your head me to win it,” said Dempsey, who Moyers was still happy to finish person I got taken out
Moyers even benefited from a red one victory followed and he snuck down and go’.” Moyers said was a deserving winner. runner-up. Huffaker, meanwhile, the first corner,” he sa
flag after four laps of the final – when ahead at the last corner to win a semi- And that is exactly what he did. The other driver who proved to repassed his Cliff Dempsey Racing know what position w
Stuart Gough tagged Jamie Chadwick final he had led the majority of too. Dempsey got an even better start be a thorn in Moyers’s remarkable team-mate Browne on the final lap to, but it wasn’t good.
(to cap off a tough event for the W A quicker fastest lap than the other this time around and pulled away at victory bid was Team USA Scholar to complete the podium after taking “I made a bit of time
Series champion who struggled with semi-final winner Scott Huffaker, a faster rate. After the first lap, his Huffaker. More used to racing LMP3 ninth in the Festival. before the restart I got
understeer in the damp conditions gave Dempsey pole for the big one lead was half a second. Then it was machinery in the States than single- “I thought about sending one but obviously then go
of the heats and semi-finals) into and he duly made the most of it, 0.885s. By lap four it was 2.094s. And, seaters in the damp and cold of the down the inside of Michael on the 18th, and finished sixt
a spin at Luffield, who was in turn breaking away from the drivers as the pack squabbled behind, the UK, Huffaker capitalised on the last lap but I didn’t want to take him disappointing, don’t g

Jordan Dempsey and Scott Huffaker Dempsey Racing Ray was ruled out, and a brilliant run through Luffield most of the second semi – pa
took tenuous but well-deserved White did at least scrape his Souley was almost enough for the win, only thanks to a third of it runnin
victories in Sunday morning’s semi- Motorsport Medina onto row 16 for to be squeezed onto the grass at the the safety car – Rory Smith c
finals, with the combined winning the final. “It was a racing incident last moment. Jack Wolfenden took extraordinarily close to bea
margin from both races less than but it is frustrating,” White said. third ahead of the evergreen Ivor The first caution period ca
two-tenths of a second. Crucially, “Now I will see how many places I can McCullough (whose Van Diemen after Tom McArthur’s brak
almost all of the main contenders make up in the final!” A storming was later ruled out on the first lap Van Diemen went off at Bec
for outright victory progressed. drive later gave him the answer: of the final) and Moyers. The on the opening lap, but Dem
The main casualty was Team USA 19 positions gained left him 13th. frustrated Cowley was sandwiched aced the restart with Smith
Scholarship runner Josh Green, Huffaker held a slender advantage by his Team Dolan colleague Morgan behind South African Julia
who understeered on the wet line at over Matt Cowley, who tried a last-lap Quinn, and 2011 Irish Formula der Watt’s Mygale. “Julian w
Copse on lap eight of the first race move on the outside line at Becketts Ve e C champion Ian Campbell, who very quick around Luffield,
and collected Ollie White, with but was nudged out wider still, and had taken a shock heat podium in no idea why,” said B-M Raci
whom he was disputing third dropped back to seventh. That only his second FF1600 event. Medina driver Smith, who h
TeamUSAScholarship driverHuffakerwonhisheatandfirstsemi-final position. While Green’s Cliff promoted Luke Cooper to second Although Dempsey controlled earlier won heat three. “I wa NOVEMBER 6 2019 21

Photos: Steve Jones, Jakob Ebrey


Brown (l) and Grant spent

lap after lap side-by-side


It was a third win in a row
While the main Walter Hayes Trophy helping hold the car.” was penalised for exceeding track
for Kevin Mills Racing

final didn’t feature much of a lead That effort was rewarded as Grant limits. Brown also picked up the
battle, the same can’t be said for the won the final – but it was far from Neil Cunningham Trophy for
historic divisions. straightforward, even after Brown being the highest-placed historic
With the number of WHT heats spun at Brooklands when under finisher in the main final in 20th.
reduced from six to four, the available intense pressure from Grant. Ben The Carl Hamer Trophy final for
track time was instead given to Tinkler (Reynard 89FF) picked up pre-1982 cars was also shaping up
the two historic classes, with each where Brown left off and briefly to be an exciting affair with the Van

By Stephen Lickorish and Ian Sowman

getting their own pre-final. And that grabbed the lead before Grant Diemen RF80s of Richard Tarling
proved a masterstroke as the Janet reclaimed it at Brooklands with and Cameron Jackson battling Neil
Cesar Trophy pre-final (for cars a lap to go. Fowler (Winkelmann WDF2).
built between 1982 and 1992) was “I wasn’t losing today!” stated Grant, But double Historic Formula Ford
arguably the pick of the weekend’s who now eyes a bid for the main event champion Jackson retired mid-race

sixth is our best result, but we have
been screwed every year.” WINNERS races. The Van Diemen RF91s of Tom
Brown and Callum Grant went at it
in a modern car next year. “I was the
slowest of the top five but racecraft
with gearbox issues and a puncture,
as Tarling won comfortably from
et another From Eastwell back, the rest of hammer and tongs, Brown eventually came into it. If Tom hadn’t spun, I Fowler. Impressive rookie Horatio
Walter Hayes Trophy
ressed well the top 10 was separated by just Heat 1: Jordan Dempsey (Spectrum winning by just 0.066 seconds. But it don’t think I could’ve held him off.” Fitz-Simon was third after diving
nal final grid. 1.3s at the flag. Chris Middlehurst 011C) was far from certain the duo would Despite the spin, Brown still past Rick Morris at Brooklands on
ay, coming headed that pack but said a lack of Heat 2: Scott Huffaker (Ray GR19) continue their battle in the final. finished third after Jaap Blijleven the final tour.
Heat 3: Rory Smith (Medina JL18)
he said. “I feel straightline speed on his Van Diemen Heat 4: Oliver White (Medina JL17) Grant’s car was left badly damaged
e top guys but LA10 limited his final result, having Progression race: Michael Moyers after a collision at Copse with Michael
realistically. run with Browne early on. (Spectrum 011C) Macpherson and Thomas Capezzone
nd fourth Another two drivers left ruing what Last Chance race: Michael Moyers in the second semi-final of the main
(Spectrum 011C)
nitely taken might have been were eighth and Semi-final 1: Scott Huffaker event. That left Grant, his team and
ninth-placed Matt Cowley and Luke (Ray GR19) even other bystanders desperately
s Firman RFR Cooper. Cowley started the final down Semi-final 2: Jordan Dempsey trying to get the car fixed.
(Spectrum 011C)
enden, who in 14th after losing out in his semi- Final: Jordan Dempsey (Spectrum “I got wiped out in the semi-final
throughout the final late on. He then buzzed his Van 011C) through no fault of my own,” he
pressive fifth Diemen JL15’s engine at the start of said. “We had an hour to repair
R driver in the the final, limiting his progress. Janet Cesar Trophy the car – it should’ve taken three
Pre-final: Tom Brown
well. Cooper, meanwhile, looked to be one (Van Diemen RF91) weeks! Spectators were just Tarling (r) ended up winning the Carl Hamer Trophy comfortably
o collisions of the favourites for the final win after Final: Callum Grant
ose driving just missing out on heat four victory (Van Diemen RF91)
tic” – the first when trying to pass Oliver White on Carl Hamer Trophy
t of Becketts, the final corner. But car woes on his
Pre-final: Cameron Jackson
disgruntled Swift SC16 consigned him to ninth. (Van Diemen RF80)
r again clashed “The clutch went after the restart,” Final: Richard Tarling
(Van Diemen RF80)
start. said a devastated Cooper. “On the exit For many competitors, the Walter his rival. “He didn’t give me much in behind Moyers. He was well placed
ut by the same of every corner, I was always threeor HSCC Allcomers Closed Wheel Hayes Trophy ends with a tale of space and left me on the wet line,” he after the restart too, before his race
by before, at four car lengths back – I was just A race: Phil Barak (Lotus 11) what might have been, but rarely is said. “The car got very sideways and came to an abrupt halt at Brooklands,
B race: Alan Davenport (Centaur
aid. “I don’t about hanging on. I am gutted.” Mk14B) there such a direct comparison with unfortunately I careered into him.” colliding with the back of Rory Smith’s
we fell down While Cooper was among those another competitor as there was for Foster followed winner Moyers over Medina as he tried to pass Jack
left bitterly disappointed, there was Silverstone Allcomers Closed three-time winner Joey Foster. the line in both the Progression and Wolfenden. “I hit the brakes a metre
up and just no such misery for Dempsey. It may Wheel The Cornishman had an almost the Last Chance Races, before the pair later than normal and all of a sudden
Jon-Paul Ivey (Radical)
t up to 15th, not have been a hat-trick of triumphs identical path to that of eventual went their separate ways in the semis. two cars appeared from the left in front
t put back to for Moyers but Dempsey ensured it Silverstone Allcomers Open Wheel runner-up Michael Moyers – starting Foster used “calculated aggression” of me, and that was it,” he explained.
th. Bitterly was a third consecutive Hayes win Martin Daly (Dallara F311) with their heat clash – but ended the to get to eighth in his race, but surely Foster retired on the spot but Smith,
et me wrong – for a Kevin Mills-run Spectrum. weekend with a broken Firman. starting 15th for the final would leave whose car was knocked out of gear
Predictably, Foster’s view on the too much to do? having “never been hit from behind
Copse incident on lap threeof Not a bit of it, as Foster made up eight that hard before”, continued to 10th
Saturday’s qualifier differed from places by the second corner, slotting with a bent wishbone.


artly struggling there compared to him.” the drag to the line by barely a
ng behind A second safety car intervention – hundredth. “There is nothing
came required because Saturday podium I could have done other than
ating him. finisher Thomas Cappezzone’s weaving, which I am not going
ame Swift, Michael Macpherson’s to do,” said a slightly rueful Smith.
keless Spectrum and Callum Grant’s After Michael Eastwell and Josh
ketts older Van Diemen had tangled at Fisher’s heat collision, they both
mpsey Copse on lap seven – played back had plenty to do in the semi. Eastwell
delayed into Smith’s hands. “My tyres were progressed better in his Kevin
n van switched on and I made my way Mills Racing Spectrum, climbing
was through,” he explained. from row eight to fourth, one place
, I have Dempsey was third going onto the ahead of Fisher, who started 11th.
ng final lap, but soon despatched van Jonathan Browne was a largely Foster outbrakes himself and
had der Watt although he had to wait anonymous sixth, ahead of David
careers into the back of Smith
as until the very end to pip Smith on McArthur’s Medina and Foster.
22 NOVEMBER 6 2019 Advertising enquiries: 0203 405 8110

MN CIRCUIT RALLY Photos: SMJ Photography

Victory in Class A was decided
by a twist of fate on the final
stage of the event.
The Vauxhall Corsa of Nicky
Cowperthwaite appeared set
for victory after heading the
class from the opening stage,
extending his cushion to 10s
over the Citroen AX GT of
Ben Wilson thanks to five
fastest stage times.
But the former would
lose 23s on the final stage,
handing Wilson the overall
class victory. A cruel
penultimate-stage retirement
dropped third-placed Mark
Blackmore’s Corsa out of
the rally while on course for
maximum MN points
meanwhile, which instead went
to Ron Walker’s Ford Puma.
The battle for Class B was
dominated by the returning
Chris Ruck and Steve Harris
in their unique left-hand-
drive Corsa.
Winning gap
“We used to compete in the
was 37 seconds

British Rally Championship
back in the early 1990s, but
we’d been out of action for
around 25 years,” said Ruck.
“It’s been tough getting used to

it but it’s quick. This was made
by Opel Poland, and we got it
from Greece – one of only 12.”
Ruck also claimed full MN
points in class, over two
minutes clear of nearest rival

Ford Fiesta crew survive battle of attrition to finish top. By Dan Mason
Paul Gorge, competing in the
Mazda MX-5 formerly driven
by team owner, Paul Sheard.

Connor Tolson (Ford Fiesta
R2) and Ashleigh Morris (Fiesta
R200) recovered from slow t seemed to be a rally Coffey, who lost ground through a RESULTS
starts to challenge Gorge, nobody wanted to win niggling boost issue early in the day on
Neil Howard Stages, Motorsport News Circuit Rally Championship, round
but came up narrowly short until Stephen Simpson his Fiesta S2000 which was rectified.
1/7, November 2
as the trio were covered by took it upon himself to That was not the case for leader Bird
just nine seconds. grab a third Neil Howard on SS5, as the Focus WRC07 dropped into POS DRIVER/CO-DRIVER CAR TIME
Class C was clinched by Stages victory in a limp mode after disagreeing with the 1 Stephen Simpson/Patrick Walsh Ford Fiesta R5 1h02m25s
the Darrian T90 of Joshua and dramatic Motorsport water splash. “It’s gutting for him as 2 Andy Scott/Marc Fowler Ford Fiesta S2000 +37s
Tamsyn Davey despite suffering News Circuit Rally Championship he needs points,” said co-driver Jack 3 Graham Coffey/Sam Colman Ford Fiesta R5 +41s
early front corner damage that opener at Oulton Park. Morton, as the pair were forced to retire 4 James Self/Ian Davis Ford Fiesta R5 +42s
cost them over a minute on “It’s all about getting to the finish” were due to the issue. 5 Joshua Davey/Tamsyn Davey Darrian T90 +1m28s
SS4. Maximum MN points Simpson’s words while in contention Edwards’ luck had changed, but in 6 Barry Morris/Tom Hutchings Darrian T90 GTR +1m43s
went their way, Davey intending for success, and that phrase summed a flash it turned full circle as his Fiesta 7 Steve Tilburn/Jack Tilburn Ford Escort Mk2 +3m24s
to compete in “as many rallies up the narrative in Cheshire as twice stopped at the hairpin exiting Cascades. 8 Richard Wells/Calvin Houldsworth Mitsubishi Lancer E9 +3m30s
as we can get to”. big hitters fell by the wayside while A small engine fire confirmed 9 Paul Smith/Dale Bowen Mitsubishi Mirage R5 +3m30s
British Touring Car leading comfortably. retirement, leaving Simpson’s Fiesta R5 10 Paul Murro/Callum Cross Ford Escort Mk2 +3m57s
Championship race winner Even before the event, Simpson’s suddenly in the hot seat with a 30s lead Event class winners: Ben/Kevin Wilson (Citroen AX GT); Chris Ruck/Steve Harris (Vauxhall Corsa); Davey/Davey; Morris/Hutchings;
Paul O’Neill put his MX-5 “at perennial rival Kevin Procter opted over a recovering Coffey. Simpson/Walsh; Paul O’Neill/Jack Benyon (Mazda MX-5).
MN class winners: Ron Walker/Amy McCubbin (Ford Puma); Ruck/Harris; Davey/Davey; Morris/Hutchings; Coffey/Colman.
all sorts of angles” to finish out of the rally he had won for the last “It could be me next,” Simpson
18th overall with journalist three years due to family reasons. quipped as he pondered the thought of
Jack Benyon as they took “Me and Kev have been at each other matching Procter’s tally of three Neil
MX-5 class honours. for around 20 years,” said Simpson, his Howard Stages wins. “I can’t slow down
Another Darrian T90 GTR+ rival replaced by household rallycross though or the car doesn’t respond.
took overall and MN honours in name Andy Scott and co-driver Marc It’ll be flat chat to the end.”
D1, Barry Morris beating Fowler in the Ford Fiesta R5. Sticking to their words, Simpson and
Stephen Tilburn who finished World Rally and R5 machinery was co-driver Patrick Walsh reeled off a
as top Escort driver following touted to run the show, and that proved brace of stage wins to move realistically
SS6 offs for Will Owen and the case in changing conditions out of reach. A steady finish sealed the
Peter Jackson. across the day. deal, Simpson taking his first win
Class D2 went to overall Quickest out of the blocks was the since 2016 by 37s. “I can now say to
winner Simpson, but top MN returning Frank Bird, the Formula Kev [Procter] that we’re three all,”
points went to Coffey after Renault single-seater driver bagging said the winner. “It’s an excellent rally,
Edwards’ retirement. “It’s fastest stage times on SS1 and SS2 to and we did our own thing which was
gutting to lose like that,” gain bragging rights in his Focus get it to the end.”
said Edwards’ co-driver WRC07 over his chasing Fiesta R5 They left behind a gripping scrap for
Rhys Stoneman. “We were rival, Matt Edwards. second between Coffey, Scott and a flying
sitting pretty until then.” The latter was hindered by a 10-second James Self in another Fiesta R5.
time penalty for missing a chicane on the Scott grew in confidence as night
opening stage, albeit unintentionally. descended and was rewarded with his
“We’ve had brake problems on that first fastest stage time on the penultimate
stage so I had no choice to try and test to take advantage of Coffey’s slower Scott took to the wheel of Procter’s Fiesta S2000 and finished runner-up
avoid the barrels,” he said. run, trimming nine seconds out of his
These problems did not deter the two- rival to move clear in second spot. returning Darrian T90. Davey almost A second Darrian followed with Barry
time British Rally Championship winner “We knew we had to pull something joined the retirements list after suffering Morris behind the wheel, beating Steve
and two stage wins, coupled with a half- special out the bag,” said Scott. “I kept front wheel damage from a jarring Tilburn who upheld the Ford Escort Mk2
spin for Bird on SS4, slashed the deficit improving, and I’ve got to thank Kevin trip through a pothole on the second flag in seventh ahead of Richard Wells
of 15s to just 10 by the afternoon. for giving me the opportunity.” stage of the day, but broke up the Ford (Mitsubishi Lancer E9). A Mitsubishi
With battle lines drawn, mechanical Coffey hung onto the final podium spot stranglehold thanks to a raft of top-five Mirage earned a top-10 finish thanks to
Wilson won in Class A gremlins soon took a stranglehold on the by a solitary second over Self, as Joshua performances throughout the Paul Smith as Paul Murro’s Escort Mk2
lead battle. First to suffer was Graham Davey rounded out the top five in the day’s stages. rounded out the top 10.
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RALLY REPORTS Photos: Kevin Money, John Fife

Six stage wins from

six in N Yorkshire


Dominant display secures 31-second victory on Malton Forest Rally for Proton Iriz R5 crew
Malton Forest Rally Fiesta RS WRC on the following stages opening stage, but Bannister failed gradually edged their way up the top Nick Dobson/Jonathan Turnbull had
By Peter Scherer as the latter rued a wrong tyre choice to restart after the mid-rally service. 10 during the day, with their Fiesta an engine failure on SS4, while George
on the opening stage, which left him Dan Hiorns/Chris Purvis’s Subaru S2000 finally settling in eighth. Tied Hewick/Ashley Young’s similar
Organiser: Malton MC & Clitheroe & DMC When: November 3 Where:
Pickering, N Yorkshire Championships: Northern Historic; ANCC; fourth behind Tom Preston/Carl Impreza had started the day seventh on the same time was Dave Welch/ Escort went off on SS3.
ANECCC Stage Rally; ANEMMC Stage Rally; EMAMC Stage Rally; Williamson’s Fiesta RS WRC and quickest, but lost the spot to Ian Steve McNulty’s Impreza. Following Bannister’s retirement,
SD34; SD32 Stages: 6 Starters: 74 17 seconds off the lead duo. Bainbridge/Jamie Edwards’ Skoda Trevor Gamble/Ron Roughead’s Chris Skill/Simon Jones’ Escort
Petch recovered third through the Fabia R5 until Bainbridge had a moment Fiesta R5 completed the top 10. Mk1 followed Robinson home in the
Ollie Mellors and Ian Windress were second stage in Gale Rigg, and although in Cropton. Despite breaking a In class 2, Barry Lindsay/Caroline Historics, with David Brown/Steve
quickest on all six stages in North Preston was a clear fourth his rally rear driveshaft and suffering a slow Lodge were in the clear from the start as Bielby’s Escort third.
Yorkshire to take their Proton Iriz R5 ended prematurely in Darncombe puncture, Hiorns still made it into their Peugeot 206 finally took the spoils Results
to a 31-second victory over seven- on stage four, smashing the rear diff fifth with a stage to go but Bainbridge’s by a massive 9m07s over David Duff/ 1 Ollie Mellors/Ian Windress (Proton Iriz R5) 39m29s; 2 Charlie
Payne/Patrick Walsh (Ford Fiesta RS WRC) +31s; 3 Stephen
time Malton Forest Rally winners after hitting a huge rock. recovery allowed him grab the place Richard Hill’s Escort Mk2, who secured
Petch/Michael Wilkinson (Fiesta RS WRC); 4 Matthew Robinson/
Charlie Payne/Patrick Walsh. As the top three held station through back on the final stage as Hiorns second after Mick Quinn/Dave Callum Atkinson (Ford Escort Mk2); 5 Ian Bainbridge/Jamie
It was also the end of a run of four the final two stages, Matthew Robinson/ finished a solid sixth. Jackson’s Peugeot 205 GTI retired on Edwards (Skoda Fabia R5); 6 Dan Hiorns/Chris Purvis (Subaru
successive wins on the event for Payne, Callum Atkinson had moved up to fourth As well as dominating class 1, Mat stage three with a broken cambelt. Impreza); 7 Mat Smith/Giles Dykes (Proton Satria); 8 Steve Petch/
whose Ford Fiesta RS WRC had matched and were the leading Historic entry Smith/Giles Dykes’ Proton Satria Stuart Boyes/Nigel Hutchinson’s John Richardson (Fiesta S2000); 9 Dave Welch/Steve McNulty
(Impreza); 10 Trevor Gamble/Ron Roughead (Fiesta R5).
Mellors’ time through the opening in their Ford Escort Mk2. was seventh overall, heading class Escort Mk2 won class 3. They moved
Class winners: Smith/Dykes; Barry Lindsay/Caroline Lodge
stage in Langdale. Both Robinson and the Escort of fellow rivals Alex Kirk-Willey/Sasha into third on stage two ahead of Gary (Peugeot 206); Stuart Boyes/Nigel Hutchinson (Escort Mk2); Nigel
Payne consolidated second over historic crew Steve Bannister/Dave Herriot’s Peugeot 106 by 6m32s. Cooper/Jon Riley’s Toyota GT86, but Cay/Fred Roberts (Vauxhall Chevette); Mellors/Windress; David
Stephen Petch/Michael Wilkinson’s Robson had been in the top six from the Steve Petch/John Richardson were left in the clear when leaders Goose/Will Atkins (Ford Escort Sport); Robinson/Atkinson.

Kirkaldy/Carstairs take victory as Scottish Tarmack title goes to Inglis

Kingdom Stages Rally dramatically closed the 19-second gap Their pace carried them to third and
By John Fife to Kirkaldy on the fourth test. With fourth places overall and as each won
victory now looking a distinct possibly, their respective classes and scored
Organiser: Glenrothes MSC When: November 2 Where: Crail, Fife Alistair Inglis scalded off the line on the maximum points they ended the
Championships: Scottish Tarmack Rally Championship Stages: 6
Starters: 60 fifth test only to hit standing water. day as it started; one point apart in
The Exige executed a series of four Inglis’ favour.
Andrew Kirkaldy and Peter Carstairs perfect 360-degree spins before It may have been little consolation
won a wet and treacherous Kingdom coming to rest astride a ridge of tyres. but it was Kyle Adam’s co-driver, Fiona
Stages Rally at Crail on Saturday, but Kirkaldy was home and dry, Moir, who clinched the co-drivers’ title.
it was third-placed Greg Inglis who figuratively speaking, but there was Ex-14-17-year-old Ecosse Challenge
clinched the 2019 Scottish Tarmack still drama behind. Harry Chalmers graduate Chalmers recovered from his
Rally Championship drivers’ title. had been holding third place until the earlier mishap to finish fifth, while
The dark Tarmac glistened retaining pins broke in his Subaru Greg and Alan Stark were relieved to
menacingly as Kirkaldy eased his Ford Impreza and the bonnet flew up score sixth in their Lancer E9 despite
Escort Mk2 out on to the first stage of obscuring the windscreen before having to top up a leaking clutch master
the day and posted a time seven seconds Alan Wallace lost fourth spot when cylinder at the end of every stage.
quicker than the Lotus Exige of Alistair the centre diff failed on his Mitsubishi Results
Inglis. He was a further 12 seconds Lancer E6. 1 Andrew Kirkaldy/Peter Carstairs (Ford Escort Mk2) 1hr8m19s;
ahead after SS2 before they shared That promoted Joe McKeand to his 2 Joe McKeand/Callum Shanks (Subaru Impreza) +2m13s; 3 Greg
Inglis/Ian Parker (Lotus Exige); 4 Kyle Adam/Fiona Moir (Escort
the same time on SS3. That was only best rally result with second spot in his Mk2); 5 Harry Chalmers/Andrew Logan (Impreza); 6 Greg/Alan
because the first three cars had been Impreza ahead of the battling duo Greg Stark (Mitsubishi Lancer E9); 7 Jamie Stewart/Kevin Mollison
given notional times after Finlay Retson Inglis and Kyle Adam. With one point (Peuegot 205); 8 Frank Pinder/Ian Murray (Lancer E3); 9 Fergus
Gray/Kenny More (BMW 130i); 10 Jonathan MacDonald/Chris
spun and momentarily blocked the separating these two at the head of the Wareham (Peugeot 306 GTi)
stage for the top three. championship points tables prior to the Class winners: Eamonn Kilmurray/Derek Cassells (Citroen C2 GT);
As conditions dried Alistair Inglis rally, neither could afford a slip-up. Adam/Moir; Inglis/Parker; Kirkaldy/Carstairs; McKeand/Shanks. Winning margin for Ford Escort Mk2 crew was more than two minutes
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Photos: Gary Hawkins

SMITH GOES FOURTH British Truck Racing’s current star,

Ryan Smith, secured his fourth
Paul Simmons and John Mickel were
Sunday heat winners. Rudman was


Division 1 championship title in only 12th in heat one but formed part of
successive years on a weekend a five-car blanket finish in heat two,
when drivers and spectators faced taking third. Rudman then sealed his
conditions varying from gales and championship title in fine style, beating
driving rain to bright sunshine. the rest in a slippery final.
Sunday’s respite brought out big One of those in contention for the Pickup
crowds for the track action and Trucks championship, Michael Smith,
MotorSport Vision’s highly-rated headed clear for an untypically easy win
fireworks display. on Saturday. Other contenders, including
David Jenkins kept alive his slender Dale Gent and points leader George
hopes of overhauling Smith by finishing Turiccki, were part of a fraught battle for
third in Saturday’s first encounter, second place downwards until Turiccki
although Smith was a dominant winner and Dean Tompkins clashed and fell back,
as Jamie Anderson separated Smith from promoting Gent to second from Mark
Jenkins. Smith then hounded Jenkins as Willis and series returnee Lea Wood.
they raced to third and fourth in race two Wood triumphed in race two although
as Smith ensured his title. The pair finished he only led for a few yards. Tompkins and
some way behind winner Anderson who Willis were next and Smith, in front for
had Stuart Oliver in pursuit. much of the race, spun at the last corner.
Smith slipped to fifth while struggling Sixth for Turiccki was enough to put the
with a broken differential in race three. championship out of rivals’ reach. Reece
Anderson inherited the win, followed Jones triumphed in race three.
by Oliver, Jenkins and John Newell. Danny Hunn (Mazda RX-8) was a
Anderson lent a replacement for the finale surprise winner of the first Super
to Smith, who had a full 360 degree spin at Silhouettes race. Lewis Smith
the foot of Paddock when the two of them (Vauxhall Tigra) was the pacesetter
got a bit too close. Despite this, Anderson but retired with overheating after a
stormed past early leader Richard Collett to grassy moment blocked his radiator.
A win in the opening race
complete a hat-trick, and Smith was third. Ray Harris caught the leader but a last-
helped Smith to the crown Luke Garrett already had the Division 2 corner excursion left the Mercedes
title wrapped up, and star driver of the SLK driver to recover still in second
WINNERS first day was Steven Powell. He revelled place. More members of the Hunn
in the wet and fully exploited home track family, Jason and Ricky, sandwiched
British Trucks Simmons advantage by winning both races. Garrett Ian Hales in third, fourth and fifth.
Division 1 Heat 4:
and John Bowler followed him in race Danny Hunn was among those
Race 1: Ryan John Mickel
Smith (MAN one. Paul Rivett took third in race two, affected by early incidents on Sunday
TGA) Pickup Trucks a five-lap rerun after Simon Cole beached but Smith was back on form, catching
Races 2, 3 & 4: Race 1: at Paddock. and passing Ian Hales for the lead
Jamie Anderson Michael Smith Powell looked beaten into second by before half-distance. Mike Thurley’s
(MAN TGX) Race 2:
Rivett on Sunday morning, but Rivett’s Ginetta G40 clone was third, securing
Lea Wood
Division 2 Race 3: power steering – an issue at past meetings – third in the points behind absent
Races 1, 2 & 3: Reece Jones locked on the last lap and sent him through champion Malcolm Blackman and
Steven Powell the gravel. He was lucky to escape and runner-up Chris Brockhurst.
(MAN TGX) Super finish second, with Garrett next. Starting A red flag and a caution period spoiled
Race 4: John Silhouettes
eighth in race four proved a challenge the penultimate race for this year’s
Bowler (DAF CF) Race 1: Danny
Hunn (Mazda too far for Powell, who was delayed on his Junior Saloons season, but it didn’t
Legends RX-8) way up the order. Bowler had meanwhile prevent Alfreton teenager Scott McIntyre
Heat 1: Race 2: Lewis moved too far ahead to be threatened. claiming the title when he finished
Jack Parker Smith (Vauxhall Saturday’s round of Legends races second to defending champion Lewis
Heat 2: Tigra)
featured heat wins for Jack Parker and Saunders. Will Orton caused the stoppage
Connor Mills
Final 1 & 2: Junior Saloons Connor Mills. Second and fifth places when he performed a multiple roll at
Miles Rudman Races 1 & 2: were good for points leader Miles Rudman, Paddock. A vibration put McIntyre out of
Heat 3: Paul Lewis Saunders outscoring his title rivals, and he crowned race two, which started dry and ended in
Former BTCC driverWood was victorious on his first Pickup Truck outing of 2019 a successful day by winning the final. a shower, and gave Saunders another win.

Sonny Howard of SHP Promotions looked

back on a year of consolidation and
we need to have everything in place. It’s no
good coming out with 10 cars. They’re small
improvement when he reviewed the Super so we need 20. I’m not saying it will be cheap
Silhouette and Pickup Trucks championships, racing, but cost-effective, and people are out
which ended their season at Brands Hatch. there to do it.”
Howard took the former Intermarque General issues to be addressed will be
championship under his wing at the end familiar to all race organisers. “It’s not
of 2018. “Upgrading in-car safety has been just a case of taking race entries,” Howard
a priority this year, along with presenting explained. “For our existing races we have
to the drivers their potential as a national to book 130-135 minutes of track time at
championship [the old series was focused possibly £120 per minute, paid in advance.”
on the south east],” he said. “We’re working Meanwhile, back in the paddock, the
to a three-year plan.” Silhouettes welcomed back last year’s
The category’s professional credentials champion Lewis Smith in his Vauxhall Tigra
were demonstrated, he added, when the lookalike after a disappointing switch to the
Silhouettes raced in near-darkness under VW Cup. Smith’s plans for 2020 are under
close and continuous scrutiny from race discussion with father Richard, a former
officials on Saturday. “We were working in Intermarque regular himself. Another son,
radio contact all the time, enabling the race to Daniel, was also an Intermarque competitor
run to its full duration in safety,” Howard said. but switched to the Ginetta G40 Cup this year.
Like the Silhouettes, the Pickups trace their Another Tigra was out for the first time in
racing DNA back to short oval competition, its latest specification in the hands of Ben
which is where many of both series’ drivers Taylor. The car boasted the familiar grey
cut their teeth. Pickups’ reputation for close, and pink Honda touring car colours of BTC
hard but fair competition is well established, Racing, run by Ben Taylor’s dad Bert.
but Howard acknowledges that with the “We love touring cars, but this is our
championship so tightly contested in 2019 hobby,” said Bert, seated on the cold
the paddock atmosphere hasn’t always been Tarmac of the Brands Hatch paddock
as friendly as he would wish. while he worked in the wheel arch of the car.
And what about the third element of SHP’s And another member of the Essex Smith
“Power of Three” promotional package? clan, Lewis’ uncle Simon, was having perhaps
“Two of the Sprint cars we revealed at the his last outing in his BMW Z4, which is now
beginning of the year are built and we have for sale. Next year’s plans focus on a new
the parts for another six or seven, but until chassis under a Ford Fiesta shell similar
we can do it 100% we won’t go ahead,” he said. to one that has been showing good form
“This represents a £100,000 investment and on the ovals in the hands of Terry Hunn. Howard assumed control of the old Intermarque series and making it a national category was a priority
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Iain Campbell experienced a frantic two weeks on Rally GB and in Mull. He describes his whirlwind fortnight

wo rallies at two in the service park. I can sympathise, of season awards evening – not always
very different ends but at this point in time, there’s nothing easy to remember the things not directly
of the country in to be done – there are no Citroen-sized involved with the event you’re on.
two weeks. In a holes in Llandudno right now. As the day before shakedown goes,
matter of days, Talking of the service park, the place this one’s been fairly quiet. That’s good.
Iain Campbell is alive with concerns about the high- We had to deal with some land owner
went from running tide due tomorrow. No time to worry issues in Aberhirnant, some of the
Britain’s round of the World Rally about that, we’ve got Rally Control to competitors haven’t followed the road
Championship to being assistant set up, a Junior WRC presentation to book and they’ve ended up where they
clerk of the course on the returning attend to and there are the never-ending shouldn’t be. Apart from that and one
Mull Rally. messages asking if we’ve got any spare locked gate on the return route from
On top of everything else he had to passes. The answer’s always a no at shakedown recce, we’re all good.
do, Campbell kept a diary over what this stage. At 1600hrs, it is the team managers’
was at times a fairly frantic fortnight. Again, it’s back to Mull after dinner. meeting with the FIA stewards, FIA
Here’s what happened… Enjoy a small single malt – Welsh category manager and WRC Promoter.
this time – to celebrate the Mull Rally This is probably the biggest meeting of
Sunday September 29 programme being sent off to the week, where we go over the minute
Off we go then. Inverness airport the printers. detail of the route and get scrutinised Friday October 4 in. Fortunately it’s a hoax and it’s all
and LoganAir flight LM591 south to on every aspect by the WRC teams. It is The alarm’s ringing at 0330hrs and dealt with quickly and without any fuss.
Manchester. Just about time to get Tuesday October 1 always a meeting that you hope goes there’s immediately some messages In the middle of all of this, we’ve had a
the complimentary Tunnock’s Teacake So… those tides really were quite high! well and doesn’t throw up any surprises about some radio problems in the first contingent of Safari Rally organisers
and coffee done before we’re well The weather properly came in today requiring a bulletin and further action.  stage. That’s when you realise, a lot of with us in Rally Control – I think we’ve
south of the border and an M56 with a whole heap of rain. This wasn’t Head to a drivers’ briefing at 2000hrs, these folk just haven’t been to bed. given them a good flavour of what they’ve
away from Llandudno. massively helpful as we tried to sort fairly surreal to be briefing novices While I was sleeping, they’ve been got coming their way next season.
The journey to the service park out a few issues at the Colwyn Bay stage like Petter Solberg, Hayden Paddon, trying to fix these issues at their end.
involves the A55, which includes some just down the coast. Understandably, John Kennard and Phil Mills! Inevitably, once the rally gets up Saturday October 5
fairly significant road works. The A55 nobody wanted to be outside for too Turning the phone back on after and running there’s a big element of Slightly longer lie-in this morning,
is the rally route to and from Liverpool long this morning! that briefing opens it up to a blizzard fire-fighting and we’re pretty much alarm at 0440hrs and the first job of
and Oulton Park on Thursday. Route Today is, of course, the first day of the of messages about the shakedown straight into that. We’ve had complaints the day is to help the flying finish crew
co-ordinator Andrew Kellitt is on recce for the crews, the engineers’ recce car park being full for the following from the public about traffic levels – extricate themselves from the field
this one and will monitor through is finished this afternoon. Back in Rally morning. Looks like this rally’s going tricky one that: good and bad. Good to they’ve got themselves locked in after
the week. Otherwise, the afternoon’s Control there’s an early discussion with to be a popular one. be bringing people into the area, but getting lost on the way to the end of
about a meeting with the Oulton Park the event stewards and an FIA technical the locals aren’t quite so chuffed when the stage.
stage commander to finalise plans briefing for the scrutineers. Thursday October 3 it means they can’t go about their After losing a stage due to spectator
and risk assessments. In the middle of those, there’s more What rain? Thursday dawns bright. business just as quickly as usual. numbers yesterday, we take the decision
After dinner there’s a moment to go weather-related news, with one of the Shakedown gets going and runs well The first on-stage issue comes with to deploy additional marshal cars after
through the Mull social media plan, road sections into Dyfi being closed without any issues. Good. Straight into stage five, when we have a problem with the FIA safety delegate has been
which is all scheduled and ready to due to flooding. And don’t even get an FIA software developers’ meeting – spectators moving and then returning through. We drop the marshals off in
roll from tomorrow. me started on the height of the ford in really interesting and a fascinating to a dangerous position. We have no the really popular areas, the places we
the middle of Dyfnant... insight into an exciting future. And option but to cancel the stage. One know will be the busiest. It works well
Monday September 30 then we’re good to go. stage later and we’re dealing with car and the spectators all have a great day.
Day starts with a contract meeting with Wednesday October 2 The crews start to leave Llandudno 95 being on fire. The day’s only on-stage drama which
Natural Resources Wales Commercial – The early starts are starting... In at around midday and that’s when the One stage later and [Jari-Matti] involves Rally Control and potential
the providers of our lovely forest stages. 0700hrs, but I know that’s a lie-in adrenalin starts to really flow. Latvala crashes. Unfortunately a police involvement comes when
By mid-morning, it’s clear we have an compared to most of the stage teams Into Rally Control ahead of stage spectator has been hit on the head some of the locals start fighting on
issue with one of the car parks in the out there working on preparing the one and we’re ready for Rally GB by a stone, we stop the stage and the railway embankment above the
Slate Mountain stage. We’re not going to roads for the WRC’s arrival. The nerves to get going. No problems at all in send the medics in. The spectator’s Colwyn Bay stage.
be able to use it, so it’s another meeting are starting to really kick in now. Oulton Park and the cars are all back injury is not serious, just a bit of a cut.
to formulate a plan to deal with that. Fortunately, I remember to order the into service with no bother. But the stage is neutralised. Sunday October 6
Meeting done. Plans made. Junior British Rally Championship Finished by midnight, which is Things take another turn when we First text of the morning relates to an
Citroen is unhappy with its positioning trophies which we’ll need for the end a bonus. hear about a bomb threat being radioed incident in the car park at 0100hrs, which
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Photos: Iain Campbell

The weekend finished with a resounding six-nil victory at Hampden Park

The new WRC service park at Latvala’s rally came to an

Llandudno was a logistical puzzle abrupt end on Friday morning

Campbell in the heart of the action in the Wales Rally GB control room

Crowds flock to the

Mull Rally awards The atrocious weather threatened to derail the activities in Colwyn Bay

left three folk injured and one arrested. roads following heavy rain over the report on Rally GB before heading out Saturday October 12 Craignure. It must be tired. Or wet. Know
The day can only get better, even though last weekend. to the Rally Forum, where Colin’s on Alarm for 0915hrs, lots to do before the how it feels…
it’s less than four hours old… Forecast not looking great with lots fine form to get some great stories out restart out of Garmony at 1100hrs. Zero car driver Allan MacKay arrives
Actually, it doesn’t get much better more rain and some very high tides of the drivers. Immediately clear we’re going to have to at the finish and decides to light up the
when a 45-second radio comms failure coming our way… After that, it’s a curry, a pint and move a lot of camper vans and spectator Ledaig car park with some donuts in his
happens just before the start of Alwen. bed (sofa). cars from the side of the stages if we’re superb Ford Anglia WRC (Well Run Car).
The stage is delayed by two minutes. Wednesday October 9 By the way, it’s still raining. going to run the roads. Lots of interaction Unfortunately, it blows its diff and the
Nobody likes to start a stage late. Early start to schedule social media with the spectators via social media and celebrations are cut short. Not for long
Worse still is when we have to cancel posts before heading south from Friday 11 October Rally Control and everything’s done – though as Paul MacKinnon and Paul
a stage completely, like we do with the Inverness to Fishnish via two ferries. Up at 0600hrs and it’s still raining. I brilliant work by the marshals and fans. Beaton pull into Tobermory at 0117hrs
Great Orme. The decision’s taken at It’s raining. A lot. Arrive in Tobermory take the safety delegate to shakedown The heart of this event is the eight on Sunday morning, winners of the 2019
0900hrs, it’s just not possible to get the to find my hotel room’s been cancelled – and stay on the stage until midday – daylight stages, all of which have to run Mull Rally.
divers close enough to the rocks due to fortunately there’s a sofa in somebody’s no problems. in a five-hour window – that’s 131 cars The results are prepared for going
underwater swells. flat for me. Motorsport UK chairman David running at 30-second intervals. It’s fair provisional at 0405hrs and I’m asleep half
After a fairly busy start, the rest of the Meet with Motorsport UK safety Richards arrives at 1730hrs. It is great to say Rally Control is buzzing for those an hour later.
day goes to plan, the results go final on delegate and work on an early bulletin to see him taking an interest and visiting five hours!
time at 1915hrs and there’s even time with Andy [Jardine, clerk of the course]. the event – he’s made very welcome. The first cars finish the afternoon loop Sunday October 13
for a quiet pint at Petter Solberg’s Round up a few volunteers for Colin Like last week, the nerves start to kick at 1620hrs, but the last crew’s not through This morning’s 0715hrs alarm is a little
farewell party. Clark’s rally forum and enjoy the fact in as the start approaches, but the first for at least another hour and by then bit self-inflicted and involves football.
that the Mull Rally fever is really starting four stages run without any incident. we’re starting to think about the restart I’m taking full advantage of the offer of
Monday October 7 to build up now. The social media Stage five is stopped when a spectator from Salen at 2100hrs. Saturday night a lift home from Iain Campbell Sr – he’s
Nice to get a bit more sleep this channels have started to go nuts! falls into the water. We rescue him, but starts with ‘the long one,’ a 22-mile run already taken the car across to Lochaline
morning. Meet with Safari Rally team somebody calls 999 and we stop the stage through Calgary Bay and down the side last night. I feel slightly guilty walking
to discuss plans for their 2020 event then Thursday October 10 to let the emergency vehicles in. of Loch Tuath. The prospect of losing past a mile-long queue of cars waiting to
head to the airport and another Drive the safety delegate around the Social media a huge success with 59,000 this stage is not one anybody wants get on the small ferry at Fishnish, but
LoganAir Teacake. north of the island – he’s happy and so views on our live feeds. to consider. dad’s ready on the other side. I sleep all
am I. After that we have a briefing for The cars are all into Salen Hotel for The atmosphere in Rally Control really the way to Inverness, pick up my son
Tuesday October 8 the safety car drivers and the stage about 0200hrs, but it’s another couple of starts to build again as night falls and the Lewis and head to Glasgow to watch
Morning taken up with follow-up emails commanders. There’s huge excitement hours before the time cards are all back nerves are back when two safety cars get Scotland play San Marino. We win 6-0.
from Rally GB before moving onto Event about, can’t believe it’s three years since to us in Rally Control. It’s 0400hrs punctures and the stage starts eight Not often we can celebrate putting six
Scotland paperwork for Mull. Go over the last one! Meet the SportTraxx before we get cracking on the minutes late. Thanks to a huge effort on the opposition. There’s no partying
plans for Thursday night’s forum in tracking guys and go through all the start list for tomorrow – which is now from everybody, we get that stage done. on Sunday night, just a wee dram and
Tobermory before I start worrying new tracking kit for this year’s event. well and truly today! Finally get to The only other Saturday night issue the chance to reflect.
about the flooding on the island’s Read and reply to the WRC co-drivers’ bed at 0640hrs. is the loss of the big screen in service at And then sleep. Lots of sleep. n
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Photos: SRO

Gavrilov claimed
the tin-tops triumph

Scot Rory Butcher improved and took fourth in race two


David Addison enjoyed the action at the first FIA Motorsport Games at Vallelunga

hink for the best part of 10 laps... The clock carried on ticking RESULTS
dominant Coronel almost scuppered the meaning, as the cars approached
motorsport Russian medal in race two, the the restart, less than 10 minutes Medals
nations and points scored across both races remained. Some teams, like TF 1 Russia 1 Gold 2 Bronze
you may not determining the Touring Car Sport operating Turkey’s Aston 2 Italy 1 Gold 1 Bronze
put Russia result. As Magnus powered away Martin, reckoned slicks wouldn’t 3 Australia 1 Gold 1
at the top to win, Gavrilov settled into second warm up in time and stayed on Bronze
of the list and yet it was place, content to rack up points to wets; Rinaldi Racing operating
Vladimir Putin’s pals who take the Gold Medal. However, a Russia’s Ferrari understood the Races
triumphed in the first FIA late-race safety car bunched up the red flag was to stipulate a change ItalytooktheF4CuphonoursafteranimpressivedisplayfromRosso GT Cup
Motorsport Games. pack and Coronel attacked on the to wets. Both were frustrated Race 1 Germany (Alfred
Comprising GT, Formula 4 one-lap restart, whacking Gavrilov when the cars left the pitlane and into the wall. A post-pit-window Bulantsev who spun out of Renauer/Steffen Gorig)
and touring cars, along with sideways but not barging by. Second the race was extended by nearly safety car reduced Sasahara’s contention, but on a damp and fast- Porsche 911 GT3 R)
drifting, karting slalom and was enough to give Russia the gold 20 minutes... Hardly anyone was advantage over Artur Janosz drying track came an impressive Race 2 Japan (Hiroshi
esports, the Vallelunga event by two points from Belgium. impressed, although Germany’s (Poland Lamborghini Huracan) display from Rosso. As Cohen led Hamaguchi/Ukyo
was a huge success with 51 nations Behind Coronel came Rory Alfred Renauer/Steffen Gorig but Janosz had backmarkers to from pole, Rosso nursed his tyres Sasahara) Lamborghini
represented and a big crowd on Butcher, his MG6 going better in the triumphed (Porsche 911 GT3 R). battle past on the restart and, and pushed late-race. After a safety Huracan
hand to watch the action. second race after new-car gremlins Russia ended up 11th. as he did so, Japan pulled away car period, Cohen was defenceless Main Race Japan
Russia’s success came with three forced retirement in the opener. Worse was to come in race two in again. In the pack, Belgium’s Nico on his well-worn Pirellis and could
medals, with a gold recorded in A feisty Butcher flew from 10th on which torrential rain came a few Verdonck (Audi R8 LMS) hit do nothing but plummet like a Touring Car Cup
the Touring Car Cup. Run for TCR- the grid and snatched fourth with laps in and Bulatov flew off the Germany (Renauer at the wheel), stone, allowing Italy to win from Race 1 Russia (Klim
spec cars, all bedecked in national a bold move around the outside of road at Turn 1, damaging the car the Porsche sliding into the gravel. Germany’s Krutten and Finland’s Gavrilov) Audi S3
colours, it was 19-year-old Klim Homola at the last corner. And in a race won by Japan’s Hiroshi Cue safety car again and, as the William Alatalo. Race 2 Belgium (Gilles
Gavrilov who represented his Engstler? He missed race one as the Hamaguchi and GT rookie Ukyo rain worsened, so the race ran to its More medals came for Russia Magnus) Audi S3
nation with his Audi S3 and made a engine was changed and collected a Sasahara (Lamborghini Huracan). close under controlled conditions. in the Drift Cup, in which
demon start having been promoted stalled Italian Audi on the race two That was another red-flagged event It was a win for Japan from Poland, Ilya Fedorov took third in a F4 Cup
to pole position after Germany’s grid, ripping a wheel from his car. thanks to the rain, and it affected with Verdonck given a penalty competition won by the Ukraine’s Qualifying race Israel
Luca Engstler blew his Hyundai’s In contrast, Russia’s other circuit the medal-awarding final, too, for the contact with Germany Dmitry Ilyuk, and a bronze (Ido Cohen)
engine after bagging the top time. racing hopes failed to deliver. Its although this was more of a race. promoting Australia to third medal was taken in the karting Main race Italy
An engine change put him to the GT pairing of Denis Bulatov and Hamaguchi grabbed an early and the bronze medal. Russia slalom by Olesia Vashchuk and (Andrea Rosso)
back of the grid. Rinat Salikhov (Ferrari 488 GT3) lead on wet tyres on a drying road. ended up seventh. Vladislav Bushu.
Once Gavrilov was ahead he was struggled in the opening race, Many, including Russia, pitted Russia should have done well in Negatives? Odd race direction Drift Cup
unstoppable, building a gap over a scrappy affair marred by a red over the opening laps to change to the F4 Cup, the new KCMG-run decisions and miserable weather Ukraine (Dmitry Ilyuk)
the opposition, with Slovakia’s flag when gentle rain fell before slicks and they were the tyres to cars providing excellent racing. at times, but the atmosphere Nissan 200SX
Mato Homola (Hyundai i20) doing the pit window. Added to that was have for the mid-part of the opening Sadly, though, polesitter Pavel and quality of racing more than
the chasing. Behind, Tom Coronel a safety car period to collect two stint – until the rain came again just Bulantsev was given a grid drop for made up for that. With a good Karting
(Netherlands Honda Civic) found cars in separate incidents, but the minutes before the pit window. It setting his best lap under yellows mix of classes and in pure race Netherlands
himself in a Benelux battle with safety car’s deployment pushed meant Russia’s Salikhov, who had and then he made a duff start terms some unusual driver-car- (Nina Pothof and
Gilles Magnus (Belgium Audi S3) back the opening of the window. made good progress, fell back as he leaving Germany’s Niklas Krutten team combinations, it made for Bastiaan Alexan)
with contact at Turn 14 pitching So, unable to pit and with rain had to complete three slow laps to to lead from Israel’s Ido Cohen and a pretty level playing field. SRO,
Coronel sideways and damaging falling on the bronze-graded get to the opening of the window. Italy’s Andrea Rosso. Eventually the event promoter, is already Digital Cup
his suspension. Crab-like, he drivers, the FIA race director He fared better than Italy’s Rosso wriggled ahead to win, only talking of adding more classes Australia (Cody
battled on....and on and on to red-flagged the race and the field Gianluca Roda, whose Ferrari 488 to be dropped behind Cohen for next year and, with a bit of Latkovski)
finish the race eighth. That headed into the pits which is was flying until he discovered rain a yellow flag infringement. tweaking, there is no reason to
meant coping with the damage where the confusion really began. where he expected grip and slewed Sunday’s race was no better for suggest that it won’t be a success.

Hiroshi Hamaguchi and Ukyo Sasahara claimed victory in the sodden GT race at Vallelunga Top team from Russia celebrate after being crowned winners of the first Motorsport Games
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Photos:, Dave Bastock, Colin Casserley,
Organisers try to get
Irish RX back on track

2020 WORLD RXSCHEDULE The Irish Rallycross Championship is

pushing for the final round of the series
to take place at Mondello Park later this

Britain dropped from the revamped roster for next season’s competition month after the penultimate double-
header at the same circuit was cancelled
Silverstone is not on the calendar recently due to a lack of entries.
By Hal Rigde Championship, has been absent from Having debuted in the series this year, The series will be “releasing more
CALENDAR Britain since 2009 when the European Abu Dhabi remains on the calendar for details on incentives shortly” to get
A new rallycross circuit at the series returned after a 10-year hiatus. a second term, but has been moved from competitors to enter the November 24
World RX 2020 Nurburgring will feature in The World RX event moved from Kent its 2019 season-opening slot to be run finale. The event will also include finals
LOCATION DATE the 2020 World Rallycross circuit Lydden Hill in 2018 to Silverstone. next year just two weeks ahead of the from round one of the championship that
1 Barcelona, Spain April 18-19 Championship but the British The Northamptonshire circuit is also final round in South Africa. Barcelona’s was stopped half-way through the event
2 Montalegre, Portugal May 2-3 round at Silverstone has been absent from the provisional 2020 Formula 1 circuit will hold round one, and the finals postponed due to snowfall.
3 Spa, Belgium May 16-17 dropped from the schedule. British RX calendar. while the series will also return to Rallycross in Ireland could also
4 Hell, Norway June 13-14 The 11-round calendar was announced The Nurburgring previously held Portugal for round two after a year be given a boost next year with the
5 Holjes, Sweden July 4-5 last week and doesn’t include the British Internations Cup rallycross events in away from the Montalegre venue. return of the Motorsport UK British
6 TBC July 18-19 round at Silverstone or the Canadian the early 1990s, and will be the third Spa-Francorchamps will hold round Rallycross Championship.
7 Nurburgring, Germany Aug 1-2 round at Trois-Rivieres. German venue to host World RX when three for the second year in a row, Lydden Hill will run British RX for at
8 Loheac, France Sept 5-6 There are currently two TBC rounds it runs next year, following rounds held on May 16-17. least the next three years after winning
9 TBC Sept 19-20 on the calendar, but neither are expected at the traditional Estering circuit and The TBC events are expected to the Motorsport UK tender process, and
10 Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi Oct 30-31 to be held in the UK. Next year could Hockenheim. Nurburgring’s rallycross be announced following the next has included a double-header at Mondello
11 Cape Town, South Africa Nov 14-15 therefore mark the first time FIA layout will be constructed in the FIA World Motor Sport Council Park in its provisional calendar, set to be
rallycross, either European or World Mullenbachsleife area of the circuit. meeting in December. held in July.

BriSCA F1: Northampton Points champion Frankie Wainman racing, but it was the same for everyone,”
By Neil Randon Jr took the 26-car heat two and said Green. “My rear axle snapped in
Organiser: Incarace Where: Northampton International Raceway European champion Craig Finnikin the heat, and then in the consolation
When: October 27 Starters: 48. won the consolation. I was cruising round, but because the
And by the time the final was stopped tyres are that soft and the track that
Nigel Green won an attritional final for a second time with six laps to go with rough, it pulled the tyre off the rim.
at Northampton’s National Points Woods at the head of the field, a hole in I was fortunate to qualify.
Championship Shootout round at the track that had developed in Turn 3 put “In the final, nobody in front of me got a
the end of October. paid to the chances of world champion puncture and neither did I, so it was quite
On a shale track that cut up badly, and Shootout Points leader Tom Harris, nice to win. It’s a bit of a shame really
a number of the leading Shootout who was forced to pull off with a right that we’re now minus a round [after
contenders suffered right rear punctures offside flat tyre. The same fate befell Mildenhall was cancelled due to the
in the final due to tyres rolling off the rim fellow Shootout contenders Wainman weather] as I’m still a fair way behind in
on the rutted surface, leaving Green to Jr, Finnikin, Bobby Griffin, Mat Newson the Shootout, but it isn’t done and dusted.”
scoop up his fifth final win of the year and Danny Wainman. Newson picked up valuable points in
and his first of the Shootout series. Green, who was lying in third spot on the Grand National heat, winning from
One-time world champion Green was the restart, soon picked off the leader Fairhurst and Wainman Jr. Green started
fortunate to even make it to the main to take the flag, while Lee Fairhurst, the race from the one-lap handicap but
event of the day, having himself suffered immediately behind Green – and within a lap had to pull off. The reason?
a right-rear flat tyre in the consolation looking good to pick up valuable points – Another right offside rear tyre…
event, but managed to scramble over also suffered a right-rear puncture Results
the line in 12th as the final qualifier. with two to go, dropping him down to 1 Nigel Green; 2 Niels Tesselaar; 3 John Dowson; 4 Mark Woodhull;
B-grade driver Richard Woods won seventh at the flag. 5 Richard Woods; 6 Paul Hines; 7 Lee Fairhurst; 8 Karl Hawkins;
9 Sam Makin; 10 Bobby Griffin.
the opening 22-car heat, reigning National “We probably shouldn’t have been Nigel Green captured the top spot in the closing stages of the final


Bad light stops play at Hines puts himself in the record books with Stoke win
Hednesford Hills BriSCA F1: Stoke back, Hines was forcing his way to the
National Hot Rods: Hednesford By Colin Casserley front and a tremendous scrap developed
By Graham Brown Organiser: Startrax Where: Stoke Raceway When: November 2 between Morris and Hines. In the closing
Organiser: Incarace Where: Hednesford Hills Raceway When: Starters: 43. stages, Hines managed to open up a slight
November 3 Starters: 29. advantage which he held until the end.
Paul Hines etched his name in the history Tom Harris fought back from a visit to
Power supply issues which had Grayson took books by winning the last ever final at the fence midway through the race to
afflicted the Hednesford Hills Stoke Speedway. It was announced only claim second on the last lap.
raceway all afternoon finally heat one glory a few weeks ago that the track, which “I wanted that one. I won the last ever
came to a head as darkness fell, has been running since 1973, was recently race at Coventry and I wanted to win the
knocking out the track lights. the attentions of Mark Shelper, while and Chris Haird, the current and former sold for redevelopment and will be last ever final here,” said Hines. “My
Some portable lighting sets raised the behind these two, a massive places scrum world champions seemingly loving the demolished following Saturday car was fast, I knew I had a good car and
oval out of total darkness, the Classic Hot developed with Mikey Godfrey and conditions as they carved their way to the night’s meeting. I moved any car that was in front of me.
Rods electing to race their final with that Bourne at the head of what became a front. York went spinning in the midst of The track has held 95 BriSCA F1 It’s bitter-sweet though: I am pleased to
level of illumination, but with much of 13-car dice as the laps wound down. the in-fighting, an incident which delayed meetings and Dick Sworder, grandfather have won, it’s just as shame it is the last
the track still in deep shadow the National Some three-wide racing certainly had McDonald and allowed Haird to go of current F1 driver Charlie Sworder, ever meeting here.”
Hot Rod drivers voted not to risk it. Prior the potential to end in tears but they all charging after the leaders. He was up to won the first meting at the Staffordshire Harris’ second place moved him
to the abandonment of their part of the survived intact, with Godfrey and Bourne second with two laps to go but just ran out track. Frankie Wainman Jr won the further ahead in the Shootout points
meeting, Ivan Grayson and Scott Bourne still at the head of the battling horde of time to try and prevent Bourne’s victory. most finals at Stoke with 16 triumphs. after Wainman Jr and Lee Fairhurst
had each collected a heat win. despite a lot of chopping and changing The wavering power supply, which had Darren Clarke took the lead from the both failed to finish the final.
Alastair Lowe turned pole position into behind them. been causing problems throughout the drop of the green flag but the Stoke track Nigel Green won the Grand National.
an immediate lead in the opening race but Rain before heat two rendered the meeting, eventually led to the complete lived up to its reputation for providing It moved him into fourth place in the
the fast-starting Grayson was right with track very wet. As in the first heat it was failure of the track lights, causing the action early in the race when a multi-car Shootout and, with double points available
him before they’d even rounded the first Lowe and Grayson who squared up to curtailment of any further NHR activity. pile-up caused a track blockage, resulting at the last round this Sunday at Belle Vue
turn and seeking a way through. After a one another from the off but, this time, it “It was the right decision”, said Ginetta in a yellow flag. in Manchester, he is still within distance
lap sizing the leader up, Grayson swept turned into a much more even contest, the racer Stuart McLaird. “We all took a vote On the ensuing restart, James Morris of Harris. “It’s good to get some more
around the outside and away, never to pair trading places on almost every bend and a two-thirds majority said they didn’t barged his way into the lead. Further points in the bag with that win, and nice to
be seen again by the rest. for a few laps. Grayson eventually got the want to chance it. I’m happy with the car get the last ever win at Stoke,” said Green.
Dick Hillard suffered a hairy spin upper hand again but some other fast and very happy to take it home in one piece.” Sunday’s meeting at Belle Vue could
along the back stretch and somehow movers had arrived on his tail by then, Results be the last one there too as the site has
avoided getting rammed or causing a headed by Bourne, who went to the front Heat one: 1 Ivan Grayson (Vauxhall Tigra); 2 Alastair Lowe (Vauxhall been under threat of redevelopment
Tigra); 3 Mark Shelper (Peugeot 206CC); 4 Mikey Godfrey (Vauxhall
yellow flag, the driver eventually as they rounded the West bend. Tigra); 5 Scott Bourne (Vauxhall Tigra); 6 Gavin Murray (Vauxhall Tigra); throughout 2019 and the chances of
reversing the crippled car to a safer spot. Bourne had Colin Hitch tracking him 7 Perry Cooke (Vauxhall Tigra); 8 Jack Blood (Vauxhall Tigra). Heat racing there in 2020 are slim.
Although the destination of the win and he too relegated Grayson, but the two: 1 Bourne; 2 Chris Haird (Vauxhall Tigra); 3 Rob McDonald Result
seemed assured very early on, the same main interest here centred on the cars a (Vauxhall Tigra); 4 Grayson; 5 Jason Kew (Ginetta G40R); 6 Murray; 1 Paul Hines; 2 Tom Harris; 3 James Morris; 4 Charlie Sworder;
7 Colin Hitch (Peugeot 206); 8 Andy Lane (Ginetta G40R). Final: 5 Bobby Griffin; 6 Danny Wainman; 7 Mark Woodhull; 8 John
was far from true of the other major bit further back, where Dave York and Cancelled. Points (after 7/14 rounds): 1 Aaron Dew 209; 2 Kew 198; Dowson Jr; 9 Tristan Jackson; 10 Nigel Green.
positions. Lowe clung onto second despite Lowe were scrapping with Rob McDonald 3 Haird 192; 4 Carl Waller-Barrett 189; 5 Blood 188; 6 Shane Bland 176. Hines won the last Stoke meeting
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Setting a new benchmark in Formula
Brit Hamilton seems set to smash all the previous grands prix records that exis
It certainly wasn’t one of Lewis Hamilton’s most complete weekends in terms of his on-track performance at the Circuit of the Americas.
only started from the third row and a strategy gamble was unrewarded in the race when he was unable to resist team-mate Valtteri Botta
was only a slight speedbump on his way to world championship glory.
Hamilton has edged closer to Michael Schumacher’s all-time record of seven world titles, and that was a level that seemed to put the record books out of
reach when the German landed his last title in 2004. Of course, Schumacher had the best equipment for the majority of his career at Ferrari, and that has be
mirrored by Hamilton and his alliance with Mercedes. That does not diminish the achievements of either driver, because it is the ability of the men themselve
gather a brains trust around them to consistently perform at the highest level that also counts. Hamilton shows no signs of slowing down, and nor does
Mercedes. The record books seem destined to be rewritten.
Matt James, Editor (Twitter: @MattJMNews)


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Locost pushing the limits at Snetterton,photo from Sam Nudd James Lomax’s picture of stage action fromWales Rally GB BirminghamWheels by sunset,photo sent in by Peter Atkins

Spectacular drifting at Anglesey,picture sent in by Brian Gower Chris Collier’s photograph of a flying Mini Challenge racer Classic Formula 3 action at Silverstone,sent in by David Harbey


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Lewis Hamilton passed SebastianVettel in the closing laps to win the 2011 Chinese Grand Prix  
Editor Matt James
Relive the 2011 Chinese Grand the best moments from the Six closed in on back-to-back titles.
Prix with F1 Classic Races Hours of Fuji as Toyota once And finally, ahead of the final
Deputy Editor Stephen Lickorish
(Wednesday, 2100-2315hrs, Sky again took a 1-2 on home soil round of this season’s World
Sports F1), as McLaren’s Lewis (Thursday, 2200-2300hrs, Rallycross Championship,
Hamilton passed that season’s Eurosport 2). watch the best moments from Reporter Stefan Mackley
dominant pairing of Sebastian You can watch all the thrills and the penultimate round in Latvia
Vettel-Red Bull in the closing laps spills from Down Under as the as the Hansen brothers, Kevin
Group Rallying Editor David Evans
to take victory. Australian Supercars visited and Timmy, vie for the title
Ahead of this weekend’s Surfers Paradise for the Gold against Andreas Bakkerud
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Introducing the new Race Transporter 6 by Brian James Trailers. An even more
stylish and capable enclosed trailer specifically suited to car transportation.

New features include a standard automatic tilt-operation, invaluable for all

professional motorsport or transport operations. An extra side access hatch
door provides the ability to easily reach in for securing the standard
equipment ‘over wheel’ strap system.

In addition, many new optional features are now available, all designed to
offer the latest technology and improved convenience to all operators.

Race Transporter trailers are available from £ 7,699 + vat

Race Transporters are available ex-stock at many UK dealers.

Please visit our website or call us for further details.

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For more information and details on the Brian James Trailers range, please contact our head office
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Heat treated alloy wheels now back in production.
Including CXR, ML and MO
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