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MINISTERUL EDUCATIEI, CERCETARII SUTINERETULUI INSPECTORATUL §COLAR TELEORMAN Alonandeia, tr, Carpatine. 18, C.P.140059 Tet, 0247.942712, Fax G247.317002; Mall: Webolte: re 7 OLIMPIADA DE LIMBA ENGLEZA ETAPA JUDETEANA 2008 CLASA A VIIA L. A Read the dialogue below and fill in the missing information. On your answer sheet write only the missing wordy next to the number indicating each blank space. : How____(1)____spend your week-end? ; I went to Bucharest to see my brother who is a student there. : Did you ? How (2) 2 : By train. Really jataai (3) etc. : Three hours. : (4)? : It wasn’t too bad. eG) p : On Sunday evening. (10 points) wp DrrrPurap LB Fill in the blanks using the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.On your answer sheet write only the number and the correscponding verb in the right form. When the old library in Alexandria 1 (disappear) about 1 600 years ago, it 2 (stand) in the city for almost 700 years. Now they 3 ( build) a new library to replace the original. The ancient Egyptians 4 ( write) on their monuments using hieroglyphs but we 5 (understand) these inscriptions for less than 200 years, only since 1822. When Enropeans arrived in Mexico in 1519, they found that the Maya people, too, 6 (use) hieroglyphic writing before. Today, we 7 (find) many different uscs for paper, a material which the Chinese 8 (make) for centuries when the Europeans first 9 ( borrow) it in the 7 th century. Now, so many uses of the computers and the Internet 10 (appear) that it is hard to imagine how people may write messages to each other 50 years from now. (20 points) LC Decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits the space For a long time we've been talking (1)....having our kitchen modernized, and this year we finally (2) have the work done. The builders said there were two possibilities, (3)....__ they could start in March, or in July, and they said the work would take two weeks. We discussed it, and March (4) be the better choice (5)....we were going away in July. iG Aon __| B.with C. about | D. in 2. | A. fancied B. pretended C. enjoyed _D. decided 3 A. or B. either C.also D. both 4. A.imagined | B. began C. seemed 1). expected 3. A. because B_ although C._yet D. while (10 points) Il. Write a narrative composition beginning like this: »» The other. day I met Paul, a friend I hadn’t seen for many years. He was driving a Ferrari, a car which usually means wealth. I asked him how he had come to drive such a car. He laughed and .... ” (150 words) Give it a title and explain why you have chosen it. (50 words) (50 points) NOTA : Toate subiectele sunt obligatorii Timp de lucru — 2 ore. 10 puncte se acorda din oficiu.