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Performance Review

Name (first): Ritche

Name (last): Galon

Start Date in this position (month/year)

March 2009

List your primary responsibilities

1. Promote webinars and contents for

Trainmagnetwork and SMMConnect

2. Attach images to tweets and other


3. Repeat posts on immediate upcoming


4. List daily accomplishments in Basecamp

5. Create short urls using and other

link shortening tools

6. Report monthly activities

7. Do postings in LinkedIn

What is the goal of your work?

-Help the company grow and sustainably attain its goals and objectives, develop its client base
and reputation

-A sustainable employment that will help me grow in my intellectual capacity and skills, and help
me earn sustainably and help raise a family

How do you measure your success or effectiveness on a daily or weekly basis? How do you
know how you’re doing?
Performance Review

-Being able to run the company’s social media channels on a daily basis.

-Improving on effectiveness of delivery, and reaching out to more clients

-Able to lead other people in a team and for them to perform effectively

How would you grade your efforts overall?

-On a scale of 1-10, I would grade myself an 8

What do you think you do best?

-Being able to do my tasks on a daily basis despite not having the best equipment or having
disruptions such as inclement weather, brownouts, etc., or being saddled with tasks in other

Where do you have room for improvement?

-Time management

-Efficiency in performance of tasks

-More time and effort on researching, and being abreast with the latest knowledge, tools and
technologies in the field

-LinkedIn postings could be improved and further explored to maximize its potential as a social
media geared towards professionals, being backed by Microsoft

-Exploring and developing other social media channels that the company has not yet ventured

How can we measure it?

-Being able to allocate more time on the tasks and improvement on the delivery of the
company’s social media efforts

-Increased efficiency and reach of social media efforts as shown in various metrics
Performance Review

What would be an acceptable level of improvement?

-Improvement on delivery of social media efforts

-Being able to reach out to more clients

-Less errors in performance of tasks

What do you need to accomplish it?

-More time on company tasks by freeing up some responsibilities on other organizations

-Better equipment and gadgets, faster and redundant internet connection

-Quality control of the tasks that I perform such as testing of links, checking if images are
attached, etc.

Your Area of Responsibility

What suggestions, recommendations or improvements have you made to improve the social
media operation or its effectiveness? Provide examples.

-I am doing a lot of things, and doing them at the same time. I do graphics, posting them on
social media, and doing research as well. A lot of times the number of tasks performed at the
same time get overwhelming.

Tasks seem to be simple, but when internet speed slows down and considering the number of
simultaneous tasks being done at the same time, things become complicated. It is hard to do
things when internet speed is creeping as a result of congestion or distance from the internet
Performance Review

Maybe there is a need for assistance in as far as graphics and control of postings in as far as
links and graphics are concerned.

-Quality control of the tasks that I perform such as testing of links, checking if images are
attached, or if the attached images are the right ones

What do you need to be more effective or successful in your work?

-More time to work with social media efforts

-Better equipment such as laptop or tablet with better specs

-More training on social media management, maybe in video production

-Higher speed internet with backups

What obstacles prevent you?

-Doing tasks for other organizations which consumes a lot of time

What recommendations would you like to make that you haven’t yet?

-Increasing monthly compensation will allow me to free up some time spent on tasks for other
organizations and will allow me to allocate more time for our social media efforts, and improve
campaigns and other tasks

-Having better equipment and gadgets, as well as better internet connectivity will allow faster
and on-time delivery of social media efforts
Performance Review

If you were to create incentive program for your position, what would it look like?

·​ ​Goals?

To become better in the task that I am doing through

-Better delivery of social media efforts through faster and on-time postings, better graphics and
possibly videos

-Continually improve in technology and being abreast with the latest trends in the field

Have a sustainable source of income by

-Helping the company grow

-Being more efficient in delivery of services

-Somebody to assist me in quality control and graphics (searching, making)

·​ ​Tasks?

-Less time spent in doing the same tasks through efficiency and better equipment and gadgets,
and faster internet

·​ ​Timelines?

-January 2020 onwards

·​ ​Rewards?

-Higher compensation to be freed from doing tasks with other organizations

-Better equipment and gadgets

-Participation in trainings and webinars

-Meetings with other contractors

Performance Review

-Probably less time in doing some tasks through increase efficiency, better management and
working with others in a team