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From the Paramount Picture “THE LEMON DROP KID" SILVER BELLS srriiniteasty Voice-Brightly ab Moderato FE Christ - mas makes you cm2 Fe cn ee thoughts de - vo - tion om co Bh Edin Py Elim Cnn Pr 8 iS a ae hap-pena or what may Hore is what Christ-mas time means to Refrain-Moderato and Tenderly us City sidewalks, bus-y sido- walks dressed in street lights, ev - en tT ow eo ‘Silver Bella -2-1 ‘Copyright © 1950 by PARAMOUNT MUSIC CORPORATION Copyright Renewed 1997 by PARAMOUNT MUSIC CORPORATION Incernaional Copyright Secured ‘Made ln USA. ‘AU Ries Reseeved 49 zr 2 Bb Be Be Spe . itt Tool - ing of Ghia - ma¥=—=—~ Children laugh - Img, poo-ple home with their treas = ures, ——— Hear the snow erunch, see the on bbe Be ES Bh cma can F: af iy ‘passing, meeting smile aft-er smile, Andon ov-Yry street cor-ner you hear: kids bunch,this is San - tas big scene, And a-bove all this bustle You hea = Bs Eb F cro ee Bb Ei ae Ey Sil-ver bella, Guo Bb mt Bb a Fl 79 Fy cy rr i eae & a hear them Soon it will be Christ-mas a a ei en Strings of day. = mp Saver Bela-2-2