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23 Annual


Hwy 10

• We invite you, your family & friends to Palm Springs



VEHICLE AREA.which is located in EAST SAN DIEGO CO.

• WIN C ASH AND PRIZES, in an off-road :::

adventure ride. Bring motorcycles, quads, buggies
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CAMP Blu Inn
• LOOK for red and black "B" signs ON HIGHWAY
78 South Side between Split Mountain Rd and the
Blu Inn. Follow green course markers. January 17 - 20, 2020
• The family ride will be on Saturday the 18th. (MLK Holiday weekend)
Raffle starts at 3:00 PM sharp. The ride should MIKE REITMAYER FS 38-A: CELL 760-822-1641
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Fee for the ride will be $20.00 PER PERSON.

All proceeds benefit the

On the cover: Aerial View of LAFD Fire Station 49 By Blake Fair

Photo Inset: Structure Fire - East Hollywood By Harry Garvin

2 • January 2020

Editor’s Desk
Trash In—Trash Out • .....................................................................07

Power and Influence Part II

Power and Influence • .................................................................... 09

LAFRA Holiday Dinner

2019 Ends in Holiday Cheer • ........................................................ 10

In Memoriam: Captain James V. Como • ...................... 13

Fire Station 39
The Legacy Continues • ................................................................... 14

New Tech Helping Firefighters • ..................................................... 16

President’s Message • ..............................................................................5
Battalion News • ......................................................................................19
Retired Guys
A Brief History of EMS • ....................................................................35
Department in Action • ...........................................................................36
Dave Moorman’s “It’s All Good” Over-The-Line Tournament • ................38
One Day—LAFD Fallen Memorial • .......................................................39
LAFD Merit Scholar Award Ceremony • ...............................................40
Station Fridge • .......................................................................................42
Housewives of the LAFD
A Clean Slate • ...................................................................................43
Retirement Dinners • ……………………………………………………….44
UFLAC’s—Hopes for a Healthier and Happier New Year • …………….45
LAFD Handball
Handball Update • ...............................................................................47
Memorials • ...........................................................................................48
Alder Charity Golf Tournament • ............................................................49
Mailbox • ...............................................................................................50
LAFD History
The Northridge Earthquake • .............................................................52
Minutes of the Board of Trustees • .....................................................55
Classifieds • ...........................................................................................58
Fire Station 85 • .................................................................................61

Notice: Production of The Firemen’s Grapevine magazine is very expensive, and while your dues
serve to underwrite a portion of the magazine’s costs, the bulk of funding comes from advertisers.
Many businesses advertise in the Grapevine. This does not mean that LAFRA endorses these
advertisers. Use of a Grapevine advertiser is at the risk of the member. If you are interested in any
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Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association.
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January 2020 • 3
owned and published by the
Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association
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Dave Wagner • Managing
John Hicks • Associate
Eric Santiago • Creative
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Nicholas Prange, Margaret Stewart, Brian Humphrey

Art Sorrentino, Alicia Iwakiri, Frank Borden, Jim Stiglich, Steve Ruda

Gary Apodaca, David Blaire, Brandon Buckley, 564 Fire, Greg Doyle,
Harry Garvin, Steve Gentry, Yvonne Griffin, Kevin Johnson, Justin Johnson,
Gavin Kaufman, Rick McClure, Mike Meadows, Kyle Rausch, Jacob Salzman,
Peter Sanders, Erik Scott, Jeff Zimmerman, Adam VanGerpen


Jeff Cawdrey..........................................................President
Chris Stine .....................................................Vice-President
Jim Dolan & Steve Ruda ...............................Community Affairs Liaisons

Chris Bustamante JD Fox Mike Sailhamer
Craig White Jeff Halloran Rick Godinez
Danny Wu Jim Duffy Steve Berkery
Frank Aguirre Joe Vigil Steve Tufts
Gayle Sonoda John Jacobsen Tim Freeman Jr.
Gene Bednarchik Juan Albarran Tim Larson
Henry Gasbarri Kenny Breskin Tyler Tomich

To contact a chaplain, please call Senior Chaplain Rick Godinez at
(213) 797-2404 or the MFC Floor Captain at (213) 576-8920
Kevin Smith..........................Chaplain Hershy Z. Ten.......................Chaplain
Danny Leon..........................Chaplain Roger Fowble.....................Chaplain
George A. Negrete...............Chaplain Mark R. Woolf.....................Chaplain
Aquil F. Basheer..................Chaplain Jesus Pasos.........................Chaplain
Daniel Lee............................Chaplain Tim Werle............................Chaplain

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Todd Layfer • Executive Director..............................(323) 259-5243
Victoria Conwell • Human Resources Director..........(323) 259-5247
Liberty Unciano • Controller/Treasurer..................(323) 259-5225
Bob Dillon • Operations Manager.............................(323) 259-5233
Marlene Casillas • Development & Marketing Director(323) 259-5217
Ana Salazar • Member Services Coordinator............(323) 259-5223

Claims & Benefit Information...................................(866) 99-LAFRA
THE FIREMEN’S GRAPEVINE (USPS 191-060) is published monthly by the Los Angeles Firemen’s
Relief Association, 7470 N Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, Cal­i­for­nia 90041. Annual $48 Subscription
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views of the Los An­ge­les City Fire De­part­ment or the Los An­ge­les Firemen’s Relief Association.

4 • January 2020
write this first message after having the honor of being elected as retired members attended the event. Please come join us next year
the new President of LAFRA for the calendar year 2020. I want to on November 7, 2020.
thank the Board of Trustees for their vote of confidence and to let On December 7, 2019, LAFRA and its members celebrated
you all know that I will work hard to continue the amazing work of my 113 years of the Relief’s existence at the Holiday Dinner Dance
predecessors. Additionally, I want to thank Chris Stine for stepping up
held in downtown Los Angeles. There was plenty of camarade-
and taking the role of Vice President. I look forward to working with you
rie, food, spirits, and dancing well into the night with live mu-
in the New Year. Your knowledge of LAFRA and our Medical Plan will
be relied upon by all involved as we continue into the future. sic provided by DW3. I want to thank Juliet Brandolino and our
If our paths haven’t crossed in the last 33 years, I would volunteers for all the hard work and dedication in making these
like to formally introduce myself. For the past 26 years, I have events possible for all of us. Please keep an eye out for all future
been married to my beautiful wife, Gina. Together, we share two events. We hope to see you there!
amazing children; Kyle, who is 25 and assigned to Fire Station 15, As you know, EFFECTIVE January 1, 2020, Healthcomp
and Cindy, 21, a recent graduate of Cosmetology School. We are will be LAFRA’s new Third Party Administrator adjudicating
very proud of them both. My Department experience includes 25 your medical claims. You should have received your welcome kit
years working as an engineer at Fire Stations 9 and 10. The last with new medical cards from Healthcomp, as they were mailed
5 years, I have been assigned to Fire Station 49, spending 3 1/2 out in late December. Every member of your family will have a
years on Boat 4. Although I will not miss our 9-minute line-ups new medical card with their individual name on it. ACTIONS
on the C-shift, I want to say a big thank you to everyone at 49’s. YOU NEED TO TAKE:
Beginning in 2016, it has been a pleasure to serve as Vice 1. Register online at if you
President under our outgoing president, Bob Steinbacher. Bob, would like online access to claims, plan information, or a
you should feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment for all the digital ID card.
hard work and long hours you have spent working for LAFRA 2. When a member of your family visits the doctor, give them
and its membership, both active and retired. Bob led negotiations the new ID card for the person/patient receiving services.
with LAPRA and UFLAC on the current 5 year contract we have 3. Destroy your old ID card; they will not work anymore!
with LAFPP, and he continues to fight to keep our medical plan Please follow the instructions in your open enrollment ma-
available into our Medicare years. Under Bob’s watch, our Fam- terials, and let us know if you have any questions by contacting
ily Support Group was launched and continues to gain strength. Healthcomp’s customer service team by phone at (866) 995-2372
Val and Diane were great additions on his part and do an amaz- or (866-99LAFRA), or email at
ing job! I realize these are just a few of the highlights, but when I would like to personally thank Wayne Sherman and An-
members speak of the Relief Association, they speak in high re- gie Herrera for their years of hard work and dedication to the
gard because Bob continued to further the great reputation of this Association. On behalf of our Board and membership, we would
Association with his leadership. THANK YOU! like to thank you and wish you both the best of luck while con-
On November 2, 2019, LAFRA celebrated one of our own tinuing to work with Healthscope!
at our Annual Open House. Trustee, Chaplain, Chairman, Cap-
tain, Gangreener, Rick Godinez was our unanimous honoree. In Please save the dates:
attendance were Rick’s wife, Terri, and daughter, Marisa. Unfor- Buzzard Bait - Jan 17-20
tunately, his son, Nick, wasn’t able to attend as he is currently Hook and Ladder Enduro - Mar 21
serving our country in the United States Air Force.
Thank you, Nick, for your service. Additionally, Rick had plenty Have a happy and prosperous New Year!
of immediate and fire family (FS 2) in attendance to celebrate
the event. The Fire Hogs showed up in force to again support the 150 250 350
Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighters Fund with two checks
totaling $29,500.00. The first check for $22,000.00 was raised
from their annual ride; the second check for $7,500.00 was from
the proceeds of an auctioned 2004 Harley Davidson owned by the
late Pete Goff. Pete’s son, Brian, donated the bike for the auction, Jeff J. Cawdrey
continuing the Goff family and Fire Hogs’ history of support to 323.259.5202
Widows and Orphans. THANK YOU! Around 300 active and
January 2020 • 5
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Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association Medical Plan may cover this examination.
6 • January 2020 Contact your plan provider to verify.
articles. The crew terviewed by a news reporter at the firehouse,
from the Heavy U a division chief wore his proper uniform shirt
created the From the and badge, but only gym shorts on his bottom
Hook technical rescue half. No big deal . . . right? So, one of the crew
series, and thanks to snapped a photo and we printed it in the Bat-
John Mittendorf for talion News. Well, the chief flipped out. He
letting us borrow his showed up at LAFRA wanting to rip me a new
Truck Company Ops one. When he finally left a couple of hours
chapters. Mark Khit- later, we had calmed him down a bit, but I still
kian gave life to my don’t know if he understood that the Grape-
concept of a Retired vine editor was not in his chain of command
Guys column, and and that everyone is fair game in the Battalion
reporting from Hand- News.
ball Commish Roy
retary Noel Murchet The December, 2007 issue included a
was always spot on. story about the Relief Association Halloween
My greatest party at the Cabana Club in Hollywood. We
debt of gratitude goes used photos of some of the dozens of young
to Frank Borden at ladies that attended the bash. No matter what
the LAFD Historical the costume – witch, nurse, cop, firefighter –

Society. He has been the common theme among these women was
hen I started as editor in 2007, the there for us from day one, putting together the a very short skirt. The phone began to ring as
Grapevine was in big trouble. Each LAFD History articles each and every month soon as the magazine was out. “Why did you
month the magazine went to print for decades now. Thank you, Frank, for helping put pictures of prostitutes in the Grapevine?”
almost 30 days late, the pages were filled with us all to better understand the deep and rich the callers demanded to know. “Pure debauch-
drab black and white layouts, the articles were traditions of the LAFD. ery!” they screamed.
uninspiring reprints from years gone by, and Over the years, I really began to ap-
the publication was losing more than $350,000 BUT PHOTOGRAPHY IS KING preciate the complaints. I mean, I least I knew
per year. What would the Grapevine be with- members were reading the magazine. The ratio
It took a while, but we finally turned out the photos of our LAFD heroes in action? of complaints to kudos has been a steady 25:1.
things around. We went full color immedi- Mike Meadows, Rick McClure, and David So keep ‘em coming – all your comments, both
ately, quickly upgraded our graphics software, Blaire have led the way for more than 40 years. good and bad – so the new editor won’t feel so
improved the quality and style of the page de- The fine work from our cadre of outstanding lonely.
signs, and with the help of Carlos Vargas at volunteer photographers has been the center-
Collective Color, we cut the printing costs in fold of this publication. They have thrilled and MY LAST ASSIGN HIRE
half. The improvements helped to attract many enthralled us each month with an amazing It has been my pleasure to serve as the
new advertisers, and today, the Grapevine op- mastery of their craft. Just try taking a decent Grapevine editor under five LAFRA presi-
eration is actually in the black. nighttime shot of firefighters at a working fire - dents. I was ready to pack it all in two years
The Grapevine layout guys, Eric Santi- with flickering flames, flashing headlights and ago, but Bob Steinbacher asked me to stay on
ago and Juan Carlos Sanchez, initially thought lightbars - all bouncing off the turnouts’ reflec- to help him protect our medical plan from the
that I was going to boot them out and take over tive tape – it ain’t easy! imprudent schemes of a few pension commis-
their jobs myself. Instead, we worked together sioners. So far, Bob’s charm and tenaciousness
to enhance and enrich our readers’ experience. WELCOME TO THE 21ST CENTURY has been able to stave off any great harm. Go-
Later, LAFRA event coordinator Juliet Bran- Trustee Chris Hart, as the chair of the ing forward, we all must remain vigilant to fu-
dolino was added to my staff - although her Grapevine Committee, pushed relentlessly ture plots that would do damage to our earned
logistical genius needed no management what- for a digital version of the magazine. We fi- benefits.
soever. I hope that I have helped each of them nally began producing an online version of the
to reach their fullest potential. Grapevine in 2012. You can find every issue So, I’ll be around, just not in the Grape-
since then at vine office. Call me, text me, email me. I’ll see
CONTENT COUNTS But standby - sometime in the near future, you out there!
I also had a lot of help improving the your LAFRA board will decide that a printed
Grapevine content. Jason Powell at IST is the version is no longer practical and we’ll all be
most recent collaborator with the LAFD Lead- reading the Grapevine on our smartphones.
ership Academy series. Jerry Bedoya facilitat- Dave Wagner
ed my idea of members sharing their tactical MOST MEMORABLE DAY
knowledge through the Kitchen Table Wisdom In November of 2011, while being in- (818) 807-9350

January 2020 • 7
Los A
Saturday, March 21, 2020 | California City
Come join the Fire Department family for a weekend of fun and camaraderie.

The "Hook and Ladder Enduro" is a fun ex

family event held near California City.
This event will be on a marked course approximately
25 miles long. It will be a “blind bogey” type of
event - each class will have an unknown time to try to hig
match. The closest to the “blind bogey” time will
win. Trophies for 1st through 3rd place in each class. a
- It is open to all ages and experience levels. - No previous experience necessary. s
- Open to any type of off-road vehicle / motorcycle. - Trophies, Prizes and Finisher Pins.

Bruce Galien – LAFD Retired – (661) 645-7448
Craig White – Fire Comms – (661) 305-3102

FACEBOOK/Hook and Ladder Enduro

8 • January 2020
ire De
les F p

Los A


Academy By Alicia Iwakiri, adapted from the LAFDLA presentation of
Chris Hubmer, Deputy Chief at Camp Pendleton Fire Dept

There are many factors that contribute cation, and internalization.
to effective leadership. Aside from the utiliza- Resistance is refusal or reluctance to


YO E tion of the five basis of power that we covered obey the leader. The reaction may be overt with
R E G O AT T last month, these include leader motives, attri- actions of defiance or covert by undermining
butions, personality traits, and subordinates’ the mission. Resistance is the most likely out-
reaction to power. Effectively managing the come when there is repeated reliance on co-
leader-subordinate relationship while properly ercive power. Constant reliance on coercion is
utilizing power will help you and your crews likely to result in anxiety and resentment from
achieve your goals. subordinates. When used appropriately it can

“Leaders exhibit There are two types of leader motives:

personalized power and socialized power.
Leaders exhibit personalized power when they
deter behavior that is detrimental to the orga-
nization such as illegal activities, violation or
safety rules, reckless behavior that endangers

socialized power
exercise power for selfish needs, and not for others, or direct disobedience of legitimate re-
the good of the group or organization. Char- quests.
acteristics of personalized power include being Compliance is the superficial accep-
impulsive or uninhibited, and having a lack of tance of a leader’s direction. This can result in

when they
self-control. Leaders exhibit socialized power behaviors like minimum effort or lack of per-
when they exercise power in the service of sonal commitment. Compliance is most likely
higher goals and are willing to self-sacrifice. a reaction from a leader who relies on reward,
Characteristics of socialized power include coercive, or legitimate power. Compliance oc-

exercise power empowering others and being less autocratic.

Then there are leader attributions,
which are ways that leaders view or evalu-
curs when the subordinates don’t feel the need
to challenge the requests or where there is no
emotional investment required. The subordi-

in the service of
ate human nature, and how his or her power nate feels that compliance is simply better than
influences others. There are two theories to the alternatives, such as dismissal or disciplin-
leader attributions: Theory X and Theory Y. ary actions.
Theory X assumes that subordinates are bad, Identification is subordinates’ accep-

higher goals and

lazy, stubborn, and selfish. These subordinates tance of a leader who is viewed as liable or
prefer to be directed, and leaders who follow capable. With identification, the subordinate
Theory X rely on coercive power, reward pow- identifies with the specific leader, respects hard
er, and legitimate power. Theory Y assumes work, and works alongside the leader. Identifi-

are willing to that subordinates are basically good, trustwor-

thy, self-motivated, and like to work. Leaders
cation is mostly likely an outcome from a lead-
er using referent or expert power. Identification
who follow Theory Y appeal to subordinates’ happens when the leader is a social leader and

higher growth needs of esteem and self-actual- the subordinates want to associate with them,
ization. These leaders rely on expert power and therefore accepting their ideas and arguments.
referent power. Internalization is when subordinates
A leader’s personality traits effect how are in complete acceptance of the leader’s in-
he or she is perceived by subordinates and fluence. This results in subordinates connect-
how they react to the leader’s power. Lead- ing the job to inner values and getting personal
ers perceived as competent, usually related to satisfaction. Internalization is mostly likely a
expert and referent power, are allowed digres- reaction from a leader who utilizes referent
sion from normal line. Subordinates will allow power. Internalization often requires signifi-
• WHERE: The Frank Hotchkin Memorial for individual personalities to be unique, even cant cognitive processing as subordinates con-
strange, if they believe the leader to be compe- sider whether goals fit their existing beliefs and
Training Center
tent. Leaders who are viewed as less competent values. For internalization to work, the leader’s
• COST: At the present time there is no cost are expected to “toe the line.” persuasive arguments are usually rational and
to attend the LAFD Leadership Academy Finally, there are subordinates’ reac- makes sense to the listener. Other methods are
• QUESTIONS: Jason Powell, Captain I, In- tions to power, as leaders can attract certain when the leader is passionate and stimulates
Service Training Section at (213) 893-9838 reactions from subordinates based upon the the emotions of the subordinates, although this
or bases of power they choose to utilize. The four may result in identification rather than inter-
outcomes are resistance, compliance, identifi- nalization.

January 2020 • 9
n December 7, 2019,
fun, food, and holi-
day festivities filled
the ballroom of the JW Mar-
riot in downtown Los Ange-
les. Although the weather was
a bit stormy outside, the mood
inside the hotel was perfect
as the Los Angeles Firemen’s
Relief Association held its an-
nual holiday dinner dance.
Members from all over the
City filed into the beautiful-
ly decorated structure as the
winter festivities began at 5
P.M. sharp. The volunteering
spirit was in full force thanks
to Sandra Marquez and Rose One of the first to arrive was retired ing welcoming guests into the festive ballroom.
Franco who welcomed and Fire Marshall Jimmy Hill who made an ap-
pearance, along with a number of other offi-
It took retired Battalion Chief Steve Ruda, the
emcee of the night, a few moments to get the
checked in the guests. Wear- cers and rank in file members. At their sides crowd of over 160 people to settle down and
were their companions, bringing additional take their seats, but he soon had the situation
ing a festive hat, Dave Wagner glamour to the night. Member after member well in hand. He began his speaking duties
completed his last official act stopped to take their annual Christmas picture by reminding us of our past by telling a story
in front of an impeccably decorated Christmas about one of our 94 year-old-members. After
with the Relief Association, tree located in the lobby. They soon joined the a good laugh by all from hearing the delight-
other guests already gathered in the bar area ful tale, Steve urged us not to forget about the
assisting people with parking for a few refreshment, tasty hors d’oeuvres, and older members and the importance of reaching
permits and directions to the friendly conversation. After an hour or so of out to them when you get a chance.
catching up on old times and talks of future Steve’s smooth tone set each step of the
party. Thanks, Dave for your plans cemented, the dinner tone was sounded evening in flawless motion, beginning with the
years of service as editor of and the guests began to make their way into the
Gold Ballroom of the downtown hotel.
acknowledgments of the Trustees and LAFRA
staff and the important work they do. Juliet
The Firemen’s Grapevine. Luminescent lights hung from the ceil- Brandolino, the Relief’s Event Coordinator was

10 • January 2020
singled out for her hard work of orchestrating on the sands of the Palisades or the tarmac of ment was found in the corner of the ballroom
the evening’s event and was recognized by all Van Nuys, we wish you the very best in your in the shape of glowing tent with a photo booth
in attendance. Steve next gave an introduction remaining years with the LAFD. inside. This great attraction was set up by one
for Rick Godinez, who gave the night’s invo- Now with the formalities out of the of our favorite LAFD members and owner of
cation. After the blessing was bestowed upon way, the aroma of the prepared meals could no Photos & Fountains—Jerrod Webster. Picture
all of the gracious guests, Steve thanked Dave longer be ignored. Table after table stood and after picture framed up as friends posed to-
Wagner for his service to the Relief, telling the the guests lined each of the sides of the room, gether to memorialize the evening’s magic.
crowd of his retirement from the Grapevine of- filling their plates with meats and treats and The night didn’t end early but ended
fice after 12 years with the magazine. everything in-between. Vegetarian to carni- well with plans made by those in attendance
He next introduced Bob Steinbacher vore ate their fill, and laughter echoed through- to make an appearance at next year’s holiday
who gave his final public speaking engage- out the room. The guests barely had time to di- dinner dance. Thank you to all that made the
ment as president of the Relief. Bob honored gest their feast before the live music provided evening a success. Happy holidays to all our
those who came before him and spoke words by DW3 began bombarding the audible senses members and families, and may you have a
of wisdom for those who would follow. With of the crowd. It only took a few moments to blessed New Year.
a borrowed drink in hand, Bob gave the eve- fill the floor with people dancing with soulful
ning’s toast and wished everyone a Happy New movement to the great sound of the live band.
Year! A grand farewell, Bob. Whether you land If you didn’t feel like dancing, more entertain-

January 2020 • 11
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The Deferred Compensation Plan is your Gateway to Retirement

We assist our clients achieve their retirement objectives through their Deferred
Compensation Plan, Pension Plan and DROP

“We have found that 85%

With nearly 20 years serving the Los Angeles City Fire
of retirees who eventually
Department, representing over 500 active and retired
made a financial plan
members, we effectively provide:
regret not making one

early enough in their

• Customized Deferred Compensation Accounts working life.”
• Private Client Wealth Management — BlackRock Annual
• Pension Management Planning Retirement Survey
• DROP Analysis

For more information or to schedule an appointment,

please call 805-409-8150 or visit

Brad M. Barrett Tobie A. Rodriguez

Managing Director Executive Director

12 • January 2020
By Breanne Szabados and Mike Mueller
n Thursday, November 14, 2019, we said goodbye to a son, a was a talented musician. He started playing the drums at a young age,
brother, a father, an uncle, and a friend. Captain James V. Como and later would be a member of numerous bands for the majority of his
was all of those but so much more. Jimmy, as he was affectional life. It gave Jim so much joy to entertain and make others happy with
known was also one of the kindest, funniest, and most genuine people his talents. So many things in life made him happy, including surfing
you could know. A talented firefighter, musician, and athlete, he was the and being near the ocean, riding his motorcycle, traveling, and going to
person everybody was proud to know. It was clear by the number of peo- concerts. He had an incredibly full life of fun and happiness.
ple who came to celebrate Jim’s life that he was so respected and loved. The most important thing in Jim’s life though was his family.
As a member of the LAFD for 29 years, Jim served the people They were everything to him. Being a father brought him immense hap-
of Los Angeles, making a difference in countless lives. Jim’s path to the piness, and he was an amazing father to his two sons, Cody and Clint.
LAFD began when a high school friend, Michael Coleman, recruited There is nothing that he wouldn’t have done for his children.
Jim and his brother-in-law, Joe Szabados. They applied and both began In addition to his humor and fun-loving nature, Jim was incred-
their fire department careers in 1990. Jim was a natural and excelled in ibly loyal, kind, empathetic and had the biggest heart and the best smile.
the drill tower and through his probationary assignments. He settled in He could always be counted on to be there whenever someone in his
at FS 89 for a few years and moved on to FS 94. Jim studied and pro- life needed him for anything. Even after he got sick, he was still more
moted to A/O, and shortly thereafter, promoted to engineer. He landed interested in hearing about others, and what was going on in their lives,
at FS 90 and began a rewarding assignment becoming heli-tac certified than he was in talking about himself.
at Air Operations. Jim was eventually promoted to captain and was as- The loss of Jimmy is hard to process because he was such a light
signed to his first command at FS 84, where he worked until his ill- in this world. He leaves a void in the lives of all who knew him. He will
ness was diagnosed. Throughout his career, Jim made life-long friends always be remembered for his kind heart and his ability to always live
with his easy-going attitude and natural ability. Everyone Jimmy worked life to the fullest. It is difficult to encapsulate all of the things that made
with enjoyed his fun-loving nature and spirit of camaraderie. The stories Jimmy such a special person because there are too many amazing quali-
about Jimmy are many, and some are even true. ties to list. The way he lived his life is inspiring and a reminder to all of
Jimmy was a native of Los Angeles, growing up in Sun Val- us to be kind, loyal, giving, and warm-hearted. He will be missed for the
ley, Van Nuys, and Northridge. He was a happy child, who was very immense joy he brought to people’s lives and we are all better for having
athletic and outgoing. Music was also a large part of his life, and he known him. Rest in peace, Jimmy!

January 2020 • 13
s the end of 2019 neared, the past merged with the present as old St. The new station has enough room for two fire engines, one ladder
Fire Station 39 closed its doors for the last time while the new truck, two rescue ambulances, and a battalion chief command vehicle.
station opened its. 2019 was quite a year for the oldest stations The two-story facility contains living quarters for on-duty personnel, a
in the City currently in operation. Back in March members past and pres- fitness and wellness area, office space, a conference room, and an above-
ent were joined by longtime friends of the LAFD to concurrently cel- ground 4,000-gallon fuel tank. The new station is an art deco remodel-
ebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Fire Station 39 - and the ing of the original neo-classic structure of the original Fire Station 39.
80th anniversary of the current building at the same site, with a pancake The old station was originally constructed in 1919 and rebuilt
breakfast and a chance to reminisce. The old station, located at 14415 in 1939. It was located on a narrow street, was outdated and could not
Sylvan St. has been in around-the-clock emergency service since 1939 accommodate modern-sized fire trucks and apparatuses and the current
The grand opening celebration for the new Station 39 was held infrastructure and support needs. The old station will be repurposed in
on Saturday, November 2nd. The celebration began at 9 a.m. and includ- the near future but it’s memories that it holds for thousand of members
ed a pancake breakfast and a bounce house and face painting for chil- who have worked there throughout the years will remain forever.
dren. The 18,533 square-foot Station 39 is now located at 14615 Oxnard

14 • January 2020
January 2020 • 15
Ever wonder how fire agencies
decide who and when to evacuate?
It’s not a decision made on a hunch. It requires making
sense of huge amounts of real-time data and intelligence, and get-
ting it wrong or late can have tragic consequences.
Not that long ago, fatalities in California’s wildfires were
very rare. But the rapidly accelerating pace and size of fires in the
state has taken a heavy toll. Last year’s Camp Fire left more than
80 people dead and all but wiped out the town of Paradise. The
Tubbs Fire, which ravaged the wine country in 2017, resulted in
more than 20 deaths. And the Woolsey Fire destroyed more than
1,600 homes in Ventura County last fall, leaving three people
dead in its wake.
To help minimize this loss of life and property, the Los
Angeles Fire Department and other agencies are using cutting-
edge technology to model and predict what a fire’s going to do
next and use that information to figure out who needs to evacuate.
When a brush fire erupts in the city, LAFD:
1. Puts up planes packed with infrared cameras and other sensors
to map the perimeter
2. Relies on a supercomputer to predict where the fire might
spread next
3. Flies drones to help pinpoint hot spots

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to get better

intelligence, and it all comes down to enhanced situational aware-
ness,” said LAFD Chief Ralph Terrazas. “That’s what we train
our firefighters: when you’re on the fire ground, you got to be
aware of what’s going on to make good decisions.”
Now fire officials are hoping to take a major step forward
in firefighting by tying all those elements together. The goal is to
increase the accuracy and speed of the predictive modeling.
That’s why the LAFD is part of a pilot project known as
FIRIS, or Fire Integrated Real-Time Intelligence System.

Lord of the Rings fans, think “one ring to rule them all.”
FIRIS is the name of the system that connects the different tech-
nologies. The pilot project launched in September with $4.5
million in state funding, and it has been available for use by the
counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Ventura and San Di-

16 • January 2020
ego. LAFD was invited to take part by the Orange County Fire officials, and the general public. The LAFD can then direct resi-
Authority. dents to its website, where they can find the evacuation maps that
The system can generate real-time fire perimeter maps were informed by all this data.
within five minutes of an aircraft arriving on scene, according to Every couple hours, Terrazas said, the models are run
the OCFA. again to ensure the maps and evacuation zones are still accurate,
and in cases like the Getty Fire on Monday, planes can be sent up
SO HOW DOES IT WORK? to three or four times a day to further validate their information.
When a 911 call comes in reporting a brush fire, firefight- Crew on a specially equipped plane map the perimeter of
ers and helicopters are dispatched. WIFIRE, a supercomputer a fire in real time as part of FIRIS.
based at the University of California, San Diego, then crunches Most of the tech involved has been in use for years. What’s
data from weather stations, topography, and models of the fuels new is the way it ties together — and the fact that it’s being de-
— or the vegetation that could burn. Within minutes, the comput- ployed on the initial attack. In the past, it could sometimes take
er spits out a projection of where the fire is most likely to spread. several hours or even a day before planes would be deployed to
About 30 minutes after the initial response, Terrazas said, help map the perimeter and acres burned, Terrazas said.
they launch dedicated turboprop planes equipped with special Now they have that data much sooner and can even pull
sensors that can provide high-definition video and detect hot Census data to see how many houses will be affected, which law
spots with infrared. The planes get a high-level overview by fly- enforcement can use to assist with evacuations.
ing above the water-dropping helicopters. Here’s a look at video WIFIRE predicts where the fire will spread and how large
returned on the recent Palisades Fire: it will become within the next six hours if it is allowed to burn
The data collected by the planes helps to confirm or cor- Before WIFIRE, chiefs were assigned the task of pulling
rect the WIFIRE projections. out a map and running their own calculations, then outlining the
The data is transmitted to a central hub at the Southern appropriate areas on the map. The results were slower and often
California Wildfire Fusion Center. From there, information is inconsistent because of the varying skill levels of the personnel
quickly disseminated to the fire chief, the command post, elected involved, and because a lot of the information was coming from
people making estimates on the ground, Terrazas said.
“When you were assigned this task at a working brush fire,
it’s difficult because of all the chaos, the smoke the sirens, the
houses on fire,” Terrazas said.
Now it’s a supercomputer doing the math, and trained staff
operating the system at the dispatch center.
Intterra, the company behind FIRIS, hopes the pilot proj-
ect will prove the system’s worth by increasing the accuracy of
maps, making more effective predictions, improving communica-
tion, and resulting in greater cost efficiency, among other things.
Intterra says its system will eventually be able to help pre-
dict fires before they happen, based on past and present weather
conditions, forecasts and vegetation levels.

“Inside the New Tech Helping LA Firefighters Decide Who and

When to Evacuate” from Southern California Public Radio’s LAist.
com © 2019 Southern California Public Radio. Used with permission.
All rights reserved.
January 2020 • 17
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(818) 703-6000
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18 • January 2020
Deputy Chief Fligiel congratulates Gayle Sonoda on her Congratulations to Rico Gross on his promotion
promotion to Captain I at FS 4 “A”. Photo by Kyle Rausch to Captain II at FS 9 “A”. Photo by Kyle Rausch

Congratulations to Elliot Ibanez on his promotion Congratulations to Jeffrey Patterson on his promotion
to Captain I at FS 9 “A”. Photo by Kyle Rausch to Engineer at FS 4. Photo by Kyle Rausch

January 2020 • 19

Sunday, March 8, 2020 Saturday, March 7, 2020







All proceeds benefit the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighterʼs Fund, a 113-year-old non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to helping our LAFD families in times of crisis

20 • January 2020
to Fire Station 12. Highland Park held its
annual Holiday/Christmas Parade recently,
and would you believe that one of our very
own was honored! Yes folks, Steve Martinez.
The veteran firefighter over at 12’s on the “C”
Greetings from the Sinners and Saints is calling it quits and retiring here very soon.
of Battalion 2. Here we go again; the holi- They gave Steve and his family their own float
days are amongst us once again. Gift cards, that strongly resembled a LAFD Plug Buggy.
Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. Everyone Wow, what a little paper and card board can
complaining about the decorations that go do. 12’s was Steve’s last house on probation in
up earlier and earlier every year like the left slim pickens in the downtown area. Sud- 1989 and he stayed there the remainder of his
decorations that go up right after Labor Day. denly, a grass fire broke out in 16’s first in, and career. Like a rock, as Bob Seger sings, Steve
Who cares, it makes our neighborhoods look who is not surprised by that? But, only one or hung in there and stayed for 30 years. He
festive way down south here, and heck, we two engines were initially sent. The B/C that was a Wide Receiver at Wilson High School
even got snow over Thanksgiving. First off, went, asked, begged, and tried to steal more and still holds some seemingly unbreakable
I have received several complaints via email engines to assist to no avail. The Chief even records there. He then went to the University
concerning the improper title of the training asked for helicopters to assist in the fight, only of Wyoming and played ball there as well.
room over at Station 55. So, just to clarify, I to be told there were none available. Just when He did a try out for the Rams, but before
have added a picture of the correction that there seemed to be lost hope, a noise came anything could happen, he got the call from
was sent over to me. I was wrong. It is called over the horizon. It was music, the tune of the LAFD, and the rest is history! Good Luck
the “Bob Marlow Training Facility!” And “Ride of the Valkyries” and as the weary fire- Steve, we are going to miss you here at 12’s!!!!
speaking of 55’s, the Battalion and the City fighters looked up, they saw Rob Smith and So, that’s all for now. Send your comments
were hit by brush fires late in the summer/fall. his lone drone with a water balloon attached to Until next
In fact, one day in October, a brush fire broke below coming to save the day! Unfortunately, time, be safe. Happy Holidays to all of you!
out in the Valley. Companies scrambled to get a new device was attached, got tangled in Engineer J. Cheever Loophole filling in for
out there as quick as they could as they were one of the rotors, and the drone went spiral- Captain Jeffrey T. Spaulding who is on Vaca-
dispatched. So many companies were sent, it ing out of control. Darn it! Let’s move over tion in Laughlin!

Santa visits Battalion 2

January 2020 • 21
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22 • January 2020
FF/PM Eugene Kang (35-C) and wife Mimi welcomed
twins born 5/16/19 - Noah 4lbs 4oz and Liana 3lbs 7oz.

On 11/22/19 LAFD responded to 5500 Sq. Ft medical

clinic with fire showing. Photo by Mike Meadows
LAFD companies quickly contained an 80-acre
Brush fire in Hollywood. Photo by Rick McClure

January 2020 • 23
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In Appreciation of
Our Firefighters What Is The...Extinguisher
D.O.T. Medical Exam
The brain child of Ted Bailie, retired from the LAFD
and LAFRA, your station’s Extinguisher Fund is a simple

way to collect donations for the Widows, Orphans and
Disabled Firemen’s Fund. Ted saw the accumulation of
change that the cook dumped into the mess fund box each
shift and had a better idea. If this change was instead col-
lected for the WODFF he figured it could really add up.
With an average of 50 cents per day per station, in a year
Ross Health Care there would be . . . well, you can do the math!
So take your turn in the cooking rotation and remem-
2476 S Atlantic Blvd ber to drop all your change into your station’s extinguisher.
There should be one in every firehouse. And any loose
Commerce, CA 90040 change in your pockets, any that you find in the TV chairs,
Tel (323) 780-1650 or hoarded in the “ashtray” of your vehicle can be thrown
in for good measure.
The Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund is
the heart of the Relief Association. This fund provides as-
sistance to our firefighters and families who are faced with
personal difficulties and tragedies. Donations are the sole
means of support for this Fund.
Firefighters risk their lives to protect the communi-
ty on a daily basis. Thus, they and their families can be
comforted in knowing that the “Fire Department Family,”
Business hours: supported by the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s
8-5:30pm Monday-Friday Fund, is there for them in times of need.
8:30-2pm Saturday
(Note: Arrive 30 minutes before closing)

24 • January 2020
Confined space rescue in 38’s first-in on 10/7/19.
Photo by James Hedlund-Kaiser

January 2020 • 25
“Going The Distance”
9th Annual Marriage Conference
February 22nd, 2020
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Firehouse Church
915 W. Imperial Hwy. #170, Brea, CA 92821

($60) Register at

26 • January 2020
Firefighters arrived just in time to keep
a sinking vessel afloat. LAFD Photo

Engcott Melanson was up to cook at 49’s but didn’t realize

that not everyone likes their burgers well done! The guys
from Boat 4 were quick to react and safely put out the fire.

Family Day at Fire Station 37. Photo by Brian Russel

January 2020 • 27
Fire damages a vacant 5-story building
in Van Nuys. Photo by Rick McClure

Captain Diede spends his last day with his

crew at Fire Station 88. Photo by FS 88

28 • January 2020
Congratulations to Juan Marez on his promotion to Engi- It took 38 LAFD Firefighters just 25 mins to fully extin-
neer at FS 6 “C”. Photo by Kyle Rausch guish a fully involved 1-story home. Photo by Rick McClure

TF98 on scene of a 2-story apartment with fire

in one unit on 2nd floor. Photo by Rick McClure

January 2020 • 29
E65 RA865 TF64 E3 responds to a still alarm pallet fire.
Photo sent in by Braden Hershey & Justin Johnson

FF’s assist an elderly woman after a smoke Engine 57 attacks a well-involved Auto.
scare on 5th Ave. Photo by Yvonne Griffin Photo by James Hedlund-Kaiser

11/4/19. Companies handle a garage

fire on 8th Ave. Photo by Yvonne Griffin

30 • January 2020
Battalion 14 companies attack a quick moving brush
fire in the Hollywood Hills. Photo by Chris Eckenrode

Batt 14 companies fight in tight quarters during a garage A/O Michael Elefante (89-B) and girlfriend Angela present their youngest
fire on Hartsook St. in 60’s first-in. Photo by Mike Meadows daughter Kinsley Michaela Elefante, born 9/7/19, weighing 5 lbs, 15 oz.

January 2020 • 31
TF 96 working on an early morning phys-
ical rescue. Photo by Chris Eckenrode

It took FF’s 24 mins to extinguish a two-story apart-

ment building in Canoga Park. Photo by Rick McClure

32 • January 2020
On November 21, 2019, the LAFD welcomed 46 new men and
women to our Fire Department family. Photo by Leo Kaufman

LAFD members welcomes Mark Gutierrez who retired from Navy Special Operations during
his 6K mile journey to bring awareness to traumatic brain injuries. Photo by Adam VanGerpen

January 2020 • 33
The inaugural Fight for Hope Fundraiser and Cornhole Tournament drew
over 3,000 people supporting #axeALS and #TeamStevensNation.

Fire Hogs once again show their generosity with their time participating in this
years Hollywood Christmas Parade. Photo compliments of the Fire Hogs

34 • January 2020
Where did all of this EMS stuff come reputed to be thieves. This came to a head One of the men that was working on the
from and how and when did it come to the when one of them was caught putting gas in his Central Receiving ambulances was a guy by
LAFD? The LAFD has had EMS since about private car from the station pump. He was gone the name of Arlen “Shorty” Nine. Every class
the 1950’s-1960’s and the few ambulances that very quickly but a seed had been planted. has a good cop/bad cop. Shorty was our bad
were in service were primarily in the Valley, There were quite a few who were very cop in the 4th Ambulance Driver class in 1974,
although there was an ambulance assigned good, competent medics. I can’t remember all and he played his part very well. We would be
to FS27. They were operated by firemen, and of their names but some of the guys that I had lined up in the morning and the Drill Master,
a large amount of their work was transport- the pleasure of working with, and who taught Captain II, later Deputy Chief, Tim DeLuca
ing injured firemen and policemen to Central me a lot about street smarts, I can’t forget. Rog- would walk down the line telling us what
Receiving hospital, which was located on W. er Bandy, Dave Espinosa, George Chagollan, would be expected of us in the coming weeks.
6th Street just west of downtown. This was the Alan Cowen, and Pete Segura are the names Shorty would walk by and scowl at us and
operating protocol until a policeman was shot that come to mind but there were many more growl a few words, looking us up and down,
in the Valley and was dead when he arrived at who taught me things that you won’t find in and telling that we weren’t worthy to drive an
Central Receiving. That started the shifting books. Some stations restricted the locations ambulance. His favorite thing though was to
of the ambulance service from the Receiving where the ambulance crews could be during walk in the classroom in the morning, while
Hospitals to the LAFD. the evening and midnight shifts to the kitchen standing in front of the blackboard, and with a
A little bit of history; before WWII, a and the front office. The locker rooms were off piece of chalk, put a small cross on the board.
doctor rode on the ambulance with the driver. limits. The people who didn’t want to be as- Later in the day he would come in the room
When the war started the doctors were drafted sociated with the Fire Department were either and walk slowly up and down the aisles, finally
and replaced with an ambulance attendant. terminated or they left of their own accord. stopping behind one of the students. After sev-
Chief Engineer Ray Hill determined that the Just a little trivia that came from the eral seconds he would tap the shoulder of the
ambulance service could be run cheaper and “Brown Bombers” as they were called be- person sitting next to the person he was stand-
more efficiently if the Fire Department ran cause of the color of the ambulances at the ing behind and tell them, “Get your books and
the program. He convinced the City Council time. Something that most of you do on a daily come with me.” From that time on, when he
that he could make it work and they agreed basis is The Georgia Street Lift. The Geor- would put a cross on the board we knew that
with him. At midnight, July 1, 1970, the Re- gia Street Police Station was on, where else, one of us was going home.
ceiving Hospital ambulances were transferred Georgia Street. It was located near where the
to the LAFD. Much of the Fire Department L.A. Convention Center now stands. Someone Art Sorrentino
didn’t want the ambulances and the ambu- there, whose name is forever lost in history,
lance crews didn’t want to be associated with developed that method of lifting a person and
the Fire Department. Prior to July 1, 1970 the carrying them and it has survived for over fifty
Central Receiving ambulances operated out years.
of police stations and their radio designation After July 1, 1970, the LAFD did the
was determined by the division number of the hiring of all civilian rescue ambulance per-
station they were assigned to. i.e., Central Di- sonnel. Beginning in 1973, the hiring process
vision was #1, Hollenbeck Division was #2, included an eight week drill tower for all new
Hollywood Division was #6, etc. They worked hires. It was a drill tower in name only because
eight hour shifts instead of the twenty-four they didn’t know what else to call it. Also, in
hour shift the Fire Department operated on. In 1970 the Paramedic program began in L.A.
one day, there were three shift changes which County and the City began sending the firemen
caused problems almost immediately. It meant from RA 38 and RA53 to Paramedic school.
more paperwork for the captains, and resulted From that small beginning almost fifty years
in people that no one knew wandering around ago the fleet of Rescue Ambulances has grown
in the station in the middle of the night. These to over one hundred vehicles and an untold
guys walked into the fire stations with some number of runs each year.
baggage which was a big problem for every- In the early 1970’s there was a picture
body. They had bad reputations because of the in The Grapevine of two engine companies
way they had worked with Fire Department that had 300 runs in one month. Today if some-
crew on calls in the past and there were some one runs less than 300 runs in a month their
of them who had problems because they were picture should be in The Grapevine.

January 2020 • 35
Lankersheim Blvd
Photos by Steve Gentry, Zak Holman, Justin Johnson, Rick McClure, and Mike Meadows

36 • January 2020
On Sunday, November 2, 2019, LAFD arrived on scene of a combined 40,000 square-foot fireball that burned for over 3 hours, while 127 firefighters worked the perimeter to “sur-
round and drown” the fire. Firefighters navigated around multiple hazard during the fight. By 3:00 AM, the flames had been beaten back due to the barrage of large-diameter
hose streaming down on it, guided by spotters on the radio with a better vantage point. Ladder pipes, portable monitors, and 2-1/2-inch hand lines were all used in the deluge. The
emergency was mitigated, but the work was not done. The next day, the overhauled building reignited, causing additional work to extinguish the troublesome blaze.

January 2020 • 37
ere in Southern California we pay the highest prices in the coun- Nevins, Victor Tovar, Enrique Borboa, Hector Estrada, Adrian Beigh-
try for gas; we can’t burn wood in our fire place at certain times Gacad, Owen Harvey, and Sheldon Smith. Good turnout boys!!
of the year; and we can’t get a straw when we order a soda pop. I would like to thank everybody who participated. We even had
If this is the price we have to pay to have the day we had at the Dave a team from Long Beach join us for the first time this year. My gratitude
Moorman’s “It’s All Good” Over-the-Line Tournament, I’m all in! goes out to retired Captains Bret Davis, Ray Hamel, Chris V, and Clint
It was a picture-perfect day for the 12 teams that took the sand Arrigoni for their help. Without their support and volunteerism, I would
for our eighth annual tournament. Like in past years, we played pool not be able to run the tournament. Also, thank you to Lyle from Cronies
games and then broke it down to three flights based on the teams’ pool in Newbury Park for donating the food!
performance. The A-flight championship went to Kern County Fire. Josh This summer, the California Firefighter Games will be held in
Martinez and the guys traveled over three hours each way and have been Anaheim. The Over-the-line event will be played in Long Beach and it
coming to this tournament for seven years. This was their first champi- will be another one-day tournament. We need to get more teams from
onship. Congratulations, guys! The B-flight champs were the guys from Southern California to represent, so I’ll be looking for you this summer.
Fire Station 15 “The Row.” Their crew consisted of Russ Barnes, Mike If you can’t make the firefighters’ games, I hope to see you next fall at
Bravo, Kyle Cawdrey, and Ryan Hammonds. The C-flight went to the the 2020 Dave Moorman “It’s all Good” Over-the Line” Tournament.
Chabelita’s All-Stars, one of two teams that came from Fire Station 26. Thank you all again. Take care and be safe!!
The team members were Casey Dunn, Jack Bond, Brian Cooney, Will

Kern Co. Fire “A” Flight Winners The Row. FS 15 “B” Flight Winners

38 • January 2020 The Guys from 26’s

n October 12, 2019, the Historical
Society, along with active and retired
LAFD members, friends and families,
In the De-
remembered and paid tribute to our Fallen Fire-
cember edition of
fighters as they gathered at Old Fire Station 27.
this magazine, we
It was a day for all those in attendance to honor
accidentally placed
those of our department who gave their lives in
the wrong corre-
the service to the people of Los Angeles. There
sponding pictures
are 269 names of those who made the ultimate
to the “California
sacrifice engraved into the granite wall on the
Firefighter Memo-
monument. As in the past, we will be there in
rial” article. We would like to sincerely
the future for their families to comfort and sup-
apologize to all that were affected by this
port them because our members are part of one
mistake. We want to especially apologize
big extended family there to help each other
to Anita Morris, wife of Captain II Cecil
when the time arises.
Morris, whose name was placed on the
On this day, we were planning to gather
Memorial Wall in Sacramento, California
to honor our own fallen firefighters and add
on September 28, 2019. Captain II Cecil
some new traditions to this beautiful memo-
Morris served the L.A.F.D proudly for 30
rial. Months of preparation went into this day.
years and his commitment to protecting
There was a video made entitled, ‘One Day’ to
others will never be forgotten.
share with our firefighters. We were planning
a pancake breakfast before the memorial so
everyone could come together early and have
some camaraderie. But, just like the fire house,
when the tones go off, you go to work. When
the Getty Fire broke out the night before, ev-
eryone went to work or they were held over.
All our volunteers/cooks were now on the front
lines or manning our stations. Even with this
temporary setback, we still hope to start this
tradition next year.
Another fire tradition that was in the
works was our very own Pipes & Drums to per-
form. This is the first time in Los Angeles City
Fire history where we had our very own Pipes
& Drums. The members of the group practiced her struggles with depression before she met
for months for this day, and their performance Cory. She then shared with everyone their
showed such. LAFD Pipes and Drums proudly love story and how she has created something
led the procession into the plaza. Due to the amazing from the pain of his passing. Ashley
Getty Fire, there was only a small uniformed has started the Iverson Foundation for Active
personal present. These members proudly fol- Awareness. This foundation’s goal is to raise
lowed the Pipes & Drum and Honor Guard awareness of the poor mental health among
into the Plaza. For those that have attended the first responders, reduce the mental health stig-
IAFF Fallen Firefighter Memorial in Colorado ma, and shift the culture among the profession.
Springs, Colorado and the California Firefight- When the chiefs, chaplains, and digni-
er Memorial in Sacramento, CA, you know taries concluded their remarks to the solemn
that each memorial starts with a procession crowd, a lone trumpet tapped out a familiar
of Pipes & Drums, followed closely behind by melody in humble reverence, ten bells rever-
uniformed personal. berated throughout the plaza, and our very own
This year, the memorial was led by Pipes & Drums closed the ceremony. We hope
Chaplain Tim Werle. Our keynote speaker this that every one of you can join us in the future
year was Ashley Iverson, widow of Cory Iver- for just ONE DAY to honor our LAFD Fallen
son, CalFire. Ashley told her personal story of and their families!

January 2020 • 39
From left to right; Dick Barrett, Brittney Souter, Madeline Marciano,
Leanne Grant, Kristen Grant, Chief Deputy Alfred Poirier

OS ANGELES - On June 11, 2019, tential for future success. The LAFD Merit
during the 13th Annual LAFD Merit Scholarship Fund Board of Directors had the
Scholar Awards Ceremony, the academ- difficult task of selecting the top candidates
ic excellence and demonstrated leadership of from an extremely competitive pool.
college-bound students was honored. The 2019 LAFD Merit Scholar Award
The Merit Scholar Awards are cash Recipients are Kristen Grant and Leanne
grants, made possible through the Jean Perkins Grant, daughters of Engineer Daniel Grant;
Foundation, of up to $30,000 ($7,500 per year Madeline Marciano, daughter of Engineer Jef-
while the student continues to be enrolled and frey Marciano; and Brittney Souter, daughter
making normal progress toward a college de- of Battalion Chief Rodd Souter (all bio’s pro-
gree). To be eligible, a student must be the child vided below).
or stepchild of an active or fallen member. This year’s Runner-Up Award winners
(Erin Bunch, Abigail Knight, Brennan Krebs,
LAFD SWORN EMPLOYEE Brian Mathis, and Spencer Moore) are to be
congratulated for their outstanding merits.
The eligible student must be a high Each received a one-time grant of $5,000.
school senior or college freshman, who will The winner of this year’s “Best Essay”
be enrolled in the fall as a full-time student award of $5,000 is Spencer Moore. This award
in an accredited college or university. The was $2,500 in the past and doubled this year.
scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit. The Community Service Award was
The single most important factor is academic presented to Nathan Miller, who received
achievement, but the all-civilian Selection $2,500 generously sponsored by the LAFD
Committee considered other relevant criteria, Foundation.
including personal character, and extracurricu- We would like to thank Mr. James Car-
lar accomplishments. roll III and Mr. Joe Connolly, Executive Board
This year’s awardees were students Members of the Jean Perkins Foundation and
who demonstrated excellence in academic the LAFD Merit Scholarship Fund’s Board of
studies, good character, high moral standards, Directors, Dick Barrett, John Anglin, G. Louis
leadership, distinction in extra-curricular ac- Graziadio III, Vicky Leck, Robert Nicholas,
tivities, personal accomplishments, and a po- Brian Sullivan, and Molly Taylor for their ded-

40 • January 2020
ication and support of our members and their Davis, starting this fall, and majoring in Micro- in RHS Concert Band playing the French Horn
children. We are also grateful to the Los Ange- biology to pursue Anesthesiology. Leanne has and this year had a leading role in the musical
les Fire Department Foundation for their spon- been a volunteer for nearly two years with the “Little Shop of Horrors.” Madeline is a Link
sorship of the “Community Service” award Jessie Rees Foundation’s Never Ever Give Up Crew Leader, helping incoming freshman ac-
and to the LAFD Sertoma Club, the United (NEGU) organization. The JoyJars assembled climate to high school life. Madeline has com-
Firefighters of Los Angeles City, LAFD His- by volunteers provides support to kids with peted in Varsity Cross Country, (MVP 2015),
torical Society, The Los Angeles Firefighters cancer and their siblings. JoyJars and NEGU 2016, 2017, Varsity Distance Track 2015, 2016
Association, and the Stentorians of City of Los are recognized symbols of hope and love over and Varsity Lacrosse 2017, 2018. Madeline
Angeles who sponsored the awards reception. 29 countries. Leanne also volunteers with Arts received the Ronald Reagan Citizen Scholars
4 Healing, supporting emotional healing for in- Institute Diploma Seal this year. Madeline’s
2019 LAFD MERIT SCHOLAR jured veterans, ill children, abused women, and other awards include Scholar Athlete MVP
military families through art and the language 2015 - 2017, All League Athlete Cross Country
AWARD RECIPIENT BIOGRA- of color as a way to communicate feelings 2015 - 2017, and National Honor Society 2017
PHIES words can’t express. Leanne has been volun- - 2019. Madeline graduates with a 4.5 GPA.
teering for Arts 4 Hope since 2015. Leanne is
KRISTEN GRANT is a graduating a member of Link Crew, mentoring incoming BRITTNEY SOUTER is a senior at
senior from Capistrano Valley High School, freshmen. Helping them get comfortable with the Academy for Academic Excellence (AAE)
and the daughter of Engineer Daniel Grant, the school, monthly activities, orientation and and is the daughter of Battalion Chief Rodd
assigned to Fire Station 49 (26 years LAFD). communication with upper classman. During Souter, assigned to Battalion 11 B (31 years
She will be attending San Diego State Univer- her freshman and sophomore years, Leanne LAFD). Britney will be attending Boise State
sity majoring in Biology. Kristen is a volunteer played high school soccer and track and ran the University majoring in Elementary Education.
at the Jessie Rees Foundations, NEGU (Never 4 X 1 relay, 100 m, and 200 m. Leanne spends Brittney has participated in track and field,
Ever Give Up) Program. NEGU’s goal is to her downtime working on her Etsy business tennis, cheerleading, Student Ambassadors,
help every kid fighting cancer to Never Ever which she co-owns with her sister and enjoys Senior Leadership Team and the Associated
Give Up, by assembling “JoyJars.” JoyJars was hiking, playing with her two dogs and playing Student Body (ASB). She has been a member
a concept of 12-year-old Jessie Rees. While soccer with friends. Leanne’s awards include of ASB for 4 years. As the ASB Vice-Presi-
going through her battle with brain cancer, Jes- AP Scholar with Honors 2017 - 2019, and the dent this year, Brittney oversees all clubs on
sie’s focus was on helping other kids with can- Superintendent/Principal’s Honor Roll 2016 - campus, keeping diligent records and ensures
cer by providing them with jars stuffed with 2019. Leanne graduates with a 4.6 GPA. that all parties involved in any club making de-
toys and activities. Kristen also volunteered cision have the proper information and docu-
with the Art 4 Healing Club and Capo Helps at MADELINE MARCIANO is a grad- mentation needed for success. She has led her
special education classrooms and senior cen- uating senior from Royal High School, (RHS) peers on countless occasions, planning school
ters leading art projects to help teach interac- and is the daughter of Engineer Jeffrey Mar- wide events, running meetings with the entire
tion and expressing emotion. Kristen and her ciano, assigned to Fire Station 93 (15 years ASB class, communicating with her peers and
sister Leanne started their own Etsy business LAFD). She will be attending Cal Poly San AAE teachers. Being the ASB Vice-President
called KiLe Supplies where they sell charms Luis Obispo majoring in Communications and has inspired Brittney to obtain a higher edu-
and jewelry supplies. She has learned valuable minoring in Business. Madeline’s volunteer cation and eventually become a teacher. Her
lessons in marketing, selling and purchasing. services include coaching youth cross country desire is to become a leader for the kids in
Kristen was a member of the Capistrano Val- and track and assisting athletes run courses her class and be an example for them to fol-
ley High School’s award-winning Color Guard and providing motivation. Madeline is a mem- low. Since elementary school Brittney has
participating in school events and competitions ber of the Student Leadership Team at Simi strived and worked hard for high academics
from 2015 - 2017. She enjoys going to the beach Community Church. She volunteers numerous and sought out volunteer opportunities. Her
and hiking. Kristen’s awards include Superin- hours teaching kids, organizing community top priority has been to help others and be an
tendent/Principals Honor Roll for receiving events and fundraisers for programs such as example for those around her. Britney has been
the highest honor roll in the Capistrano Uni- junior high kids camp. Madeline is the RHS dancing competitively for 15 years and served
fied School District from 2016 - 2019. Kristen Senior Class President. She leads meetings as a teacher’s assistant for two years at “A
graduates with a 4.5 GPA. and coordinates school activities and events. Dancer’s Pointe Performing Arts Center.” She
She is the voice of the senior class as well as has volunteered at her church since 2015 and
LEANNE GRANT is a graduating a champion for all students as they create ini- participated in missions to Mexico. Brittney’s
senior from Capistrano Valley High School, tiatives and school projects. Her communica- academic awards include Principal’s Honor
(CVHS) and also the daughter of Engineer tion and leadership skills helped her motivate Roll 2015 - 2019, National Honor Society 2015
Daniel Grant, assigned to Fire Station 49 (26 her fellow classmates and ramped up school - 2019, Scholar Athlete 2015 - 2019. Britney
years LAFD). Leanne will be attending UC spirit and class projects. She has performed graduates with a 4.1 GPA.

January 2020 • 41
42 • January 2020
times when we don’t feel like cooking that our
wonderful firefighters help out and bring their
skills to the kitchen. There are many times my
husband cooks as if he is feeding a task force
at home.
Have you ever considered Mindful Eat-
ing? I’d like to share some ideas:
o Do not go shopping hungry
o Mindful shopping list; make sure to always
include your veggies, stay away from the arti-
ficial stuff
o Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Never wait

until you are starving
ave you ever wished you could just situations that arise. I will share a simple fact o Focus on portion control—start small
wipe the slate clean in your relation- that has made a world of a difference in our o Take small bites and chew thoroughly
ships? Why not do it now? Pull out the household. As a wife, I desire to feel loved by o Enjoy the smell, taste, and texture
2020 shift calendar, and there you have a clean my husband, and he has the desire to feel re- o Be conscious of why you are eating: Meal-
slate, with minimal to no markings. For many, spected by me as his wife. If a spouse feels re- time, Sad, Depressed, Angry or simply Thirsty
our New Year’s resolutions and desires are for spected, it’s easier to make the other spouse feel Take care of yourself, wipe off your plate and
a better overall sense of well-being. We espe- loved and vice versa, LOVE<=>RESPECT. As pack on the greens!
cially want a happier and healthier relationship a spouse of a firefighter, we learn how to take
with our spouse! Begin with creating a list. Jot charge and be in control while our firefighter Do not get too comfy in those yoga
down some goals that you wish to achieve and is away at work. Because of this, it is so easy pants! If you have an exercise routine down,
find someone to hold you accountable to such to make them feel left out. With respect, it is kudos to you and you keep going! For those
goals. Reach out to fellow fire family friends important to allow your spouse to feel missed of you that desire to go to the gym and think,
for help. I am not a relationship, nutritional, and to let them know they are still needed as “How do I even get started?” Well, one way
or fitness coach specialist, but the advice and part of the family unit. Remember to remind is to start small and dedicate a “YOU” time.
perspective I share is of a wife of 28 years to a them of how much we appreciate them. With a As a wife and mother, we tend to put ourselves
firefighter of 20 years. little work, I am sure you can think of several on the back burner. So, as the saying goes “Do
Whatever season you find yourself in positive changes that will enhance your rela- what sets your soul on fire.” You are worth the
during your relationship with your firefighter, tionship. investment. Why not start today to reach your
one can always use a boost, so why not make goals?
a positive move of desired change? We can- Let’s talk about food! Something we Warmest wishes in 2020! May it be
not erase past mistakes, and we cannot control all cannot live without. We eat because we are filled with plenty of Love, Hugs and Kisses!
what others do, but we do have the power and hungry, out of conditional routine, or to sat- Let’s keep the flame alive!
responsibility on how we respond or react to isfy an emotional need. How lucky we are in Bonnie Lopez

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January 2020 • 43
ROY HARVEY, Assistant Chief,
SEAN HUGHES, Captain I, MFC-C Bureau of Fire Prevention & Public Safety
Fire Station 4 / MFC Loews Hotel
450 E Temple St, Los Angeles CA 1755 N Highland Ave, Hollywood CA
(323) 856-1200. $199 special room rate. Must reserve by
Luncheon: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM 1/15/2020

No cost Hosted Social Hour - 5:30 to 7 PM Dinner: 7:00 PM

Dancing after dinner
RSVP to Patrick Oyama (949) 212-2328 or
email: Menu: Chicken or Beef. $85 per person.
Mail checks to: Daphne Harvey, 5631 Aladdin St., Los
Angeles, CA 90008. OR E-Pay through
VENMO – Daphne Harvey.
Be sure and include your name and meal choice
with check or in Venmo comment box.

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Wife of Active LAFD Member

Top 1% of Coldwell Banker Associates

Worldwide and Voted 2019 Best Real
Estate Agent in San Gabriel Valley by
Readers Choice Awards.

12521 El Dorado Place,

Phn: 1-800-971-4808 VALLEY AND INLAND EMPIRE
Fax: 1-800-971-4809

44 • January 2020
DEAR LAFD MEMBERS AND likely to experience job-related prob- all wish you and your families a very
FAMILIES: lems that lead to negative impacts, but happy New Year and remind you that we
The Peer Support Team of Unit- it is critical for you to know that YOU are always here for you and your fami-
ed Firefighters of Los Angeles City ARE NOT ALONE. The UFLAC Be- lies.
(UFLAC) Local 112 and the Los An- havioral Health Program is here for our Best wishes to all our LAFD
geles Fire Department (LAFD) hope members and ready to assist with free members. Thank you for everything that
you and your families had a very Happy services that are 100% confidential and you do to serve the people of Los Ange-
Holiday Season. While the holidays can supported by both specialized medical les and beyond.
be a period of great joy and fun filled professionals and highly-trained Peer
with family and friends, it can also be Support Team Members (many of whom Sincerely,
a time of great pain and loneliness for have been through the same issues that
many of our LAFD members. For those you may be experiencing right now). Dr. Steve F. Froehlich, Ph.D., MFT 7666
who have experienced a recent loss or The Behavioral Health Team, the Dirrector of Behavioral Health,
for those who are going through a sepa- UFLAC Peer Support Program, and our United Firefighters of Los Angeles City
ration or divorce, the Holidays can be a Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Cell: 818-645-9027
very challenging time.
As a new year begins, our mission
is to always to be there for our brothers
and sisters in the fire service – everyday,
but especially during your greatest time
of need. If you find yourself struggling,
please reach out to one of our trained
Peer Support Team Members. Please
contact the Peer Support Team Roster,
which includes your colleagues in the
LAFD who will maintain your confi-
dentiality and help you through your dif-
As the Director of the UFLAC
Behavioral Health Program, you can
also reach out to me at any time, day
or night. You can also reach out to the
LAFD Psychologists, Doctor Krystle
Madrid or Doctor Audrey Martinez with
the LAFD’s Behavioral Health Program.
As you know, Firefighters have
incredibly dangerous, stressful, and
time-consuming jobs that can lead to
other problems in their personal lives,
including issues with their marriages,
substance abuse, Post Traumatic Stress,
and so much more. Firefighters are more
January 2020 • 45
46 • January 2020
ovember was a good month for LAFD handball players. On No- handball, and the winners in each division received an embroidered
vember 9-10, “The Legends Handball Invitational” was held at sweat-shirt and handball gloves from sponsor Owen Gloves. LAFD
the residence of Tom Martinez, a southern California handball handball was represented by Bobby Raya, Alex Garcia, Sergio Guzman,
legend. Each team was required to meet the 100-year age requirement Roy Harvey and Chris Yokoyama. Team Yokoyama and Harvey won the
by combining the ages of the players. Joe Holguin, Roy Harvey, Tati “Hot Division,” taking down Mark Zamora (Over 30 National Cham-
Silveyra, Mario Rueda and Sergio Guzman represented LAFD Hand- pionships) and Al Alvarez (Former National Champion). This was an
ball. Sergio Guzman partnered with civilian Jimmy Ramirez and had impressive win, with Harvey and Yokoyama changing from their normal
a great weekend, with an upset victory in the semi-final, taking down strategy of Yokoyama playing the left side, to Harvey on the left, with
Tati Silveyra and Roy Harvey in a tie-breaker. Sergio and Jimmy used Yokoyama playing the front court aggressively and Harvey making cor-
an aggressive strategy of getting the first strike whenever possible. Both ner kills. Their team chemistry after seven years as partners carried the
players got hot and shot their way to victory with one kill shot after an- day.
other. They eventually lost in the final to Tom Martinez (host) and Carlos There will be a going away Handball Social at Los Caballeros
Chavez (2018 35-Singles National Champion). in early January to send Assistant Chief and former handball commis-
The Annual Turkey Burner Tournament was held on November sioner Roy Harvey into retirement after 42 years of service. All are wel-
30th at Los Caballeros Sports Village. This one-day doubles tournament come. Email for details.
featured 31 teams in four divisions. It serves as a fund-raiser for youth

Chris Yokoyama, Roy Harvey, Al Alvarez, Mark Zamora Sergio Guzman, Jimmy Ramirez, Tom Martinez, Carlos Chavez

January 2020 • 47
John K. Wills, Inspector I.
Appointed December 19, 1955. Retired on a service pension October 4, 1981 from FPB Institutions Unit.
Passed away November 1, 2019.

Richard W. Watson, Captain I.

Appointed December 24, 1979. Retired on a service pension July 31, 2014 from Medical Liaison Unit.
Passed away November 16, 2019.

Wayne W. Schenk, Firefighter II.

Appointed May 12, 1962. Retired on a service pension July 17, 1983 from FS 72.
Passed away November 23, 2019.

Edward H. Mc Adam, Firefighter II.

Appointed July 3, 1951. Retired on a service pension June 1, 1978 from FS 49-B.
Passed away November 28, 2019.

Francis E. Hill, Firefighter II.

Appointed June 27, 1959. Retired on a service pension August 5, 1979 from FS 112-A.
Passed away December 2, 2019.

Frank Fasmer, Battalion Chief.

Appointed January 24, 1949. Retired on a service pension February 11, 1979 from BN 17-C.
Passed away December 8, 2019.

Michael M. Kirmer, Friefighter II.

Appointed April 8, 1961. Retired on a disability pension January 6, 1989 from FS 112.
Passed away December 9, 2019.

John E. Rookstool, Captain.

Appointed May 1, 1950. Retired on a service pension May 18, 1980 from FS 8-C.
Passed away December 12, 2019.

Dolores Hamilton, surviving spouse of John L. Hamilton, passed away November 5, 2019.
Evelyn R. Ford, surviving spouse of Arthur M. Ford, passed away November 8, 2019.
Magdalene Woods, surviving spouse of Harry B. Woods, passed away November 14, 2019.
Mary T. Padgham, surviving spouse of Kenneth E. Padgham, passed away November 21, 2019.
Linda J. Bryan, spouse of Jimmy R. Bryan, passed away November 30, 2019.
Donna L. Setterberg, surviving spouse of Robert H. Setterberg, passed away December 4, 2019.
Fern P. Renwick, surviving spouse of Donald D. Renwick, passed away December 4, 2019.
Rose M. Wells, surviving spouse of Frank P. Wells, passed away December 13, 2019.

48 • January 2020
n October 5, 2019, Fire Station 20 held their 2nd Annual Station
Reunion in Temecula, California. Around 40 people attended the
event, with some playing in the Alder Charity Golf Tournament
held that Monday at Temecula Creek Golf Course. Fun was had by all.
The event started with Captain Rodriguez acknowledging the station
members who have passed away with a moment of silence. Members
such as Captain Petersen, Captain Nuttman, Engineer Goff, Captain
Moorman, and Firefighter Tucker were remembered. After that, is was
story after story, taking a trip down memory lane. On Sunday, Captain
Munoa invited members to his house for brunch and a tour of his many
cars he has collected. At the golf event, we had two groups play in the
Alder Charity event that Monday. During the gathering at the reunion, a
hat was passed around to collect donations for the holes that the fire sta-
tions sponsored. Hopefully next year we will have more people attend,
with more stories to tell, and to raise more money for the Alder family.
Next year’s reunion will be October 3, 2020, so write down the date and
come join in on the fun! Keep an eye out in the Grapevine for informa-
tion in the June edition.

Ed Tapia

January 2020 • 49
a group called the “Tuesday Morning Ladies,”
which is comprised of a group of old friends
of Mike’s Mother. Thank you for passing this
check along.

Shannon McOsker



Agree with Paul. Great guy with a

solid work ethic and even better a great dad
and husband. He was one of the crew on U-
Boat 88 when it got caught in the Sepulveda
Basin. Loved working with him and watching
IN MEMORY OF FRED IHDE— On a lighter note, Charlie was quite a his boys come to the station for the holidays
FIREBOAT MATE snorer and he could clear the dorm at times. He and the ever-dreadful Fire Circus Day @ 88’s.
knew he was capable of it and was always the Godspeed Glen.
Though we are saddened with the pass- last person to hit the sheets. May you Rest In
ing of Fred, we can thank God for being able Peace. Charlie, you’ve done an exceptional job David Rowley
to have known such a fine man. From the first for the Department you Loved.
time that I met Fred, I liked him. Even though
his size was quite intimidating, he spoke with Nick G. IN MEMORY OF GLEN R. PHILLIPS—
a soft and kind voice and always had a humors ENGINEER
way of telling you something about his life or
things that he had learned the hard way. He was JAMES L. THOMAS—CAPTAIN I He was an outstanding firefighter, al-
a very humble man never barging about him- ways thinking ahead at incidents. He covered
self but always interested in listening to people It was a good time at 94’s. all the bases. He made everyone’s job easier.
around him and making them feel important. I When I answered the phone and they That transcended at the FS 29. He was a excep-
always loved our over the wall talks, as did my wanted to speak to Capt. Thomas, I had to ask tional role model for rookies as well.
Dad, mom, and brother. I am so thankful to Dick Thomas, Jim Thomas, or Grover Thom- You left way too soon. May the Lord
Fred for heading me in the direction of the fire as? Bless your family at this difficult time.
service, he was my mentor and I tried to live up
to his high code of ethics. RIP. Nick Garcia
Not only was Fred a good fireman, he Mike Bower
was a great neighbor, always helping out the
senior citizens around the neighborhood and IN MEMORY OF GLEN R. PHILLIPS—
giving good advice to the younger crowd. IN MEMORY OF GLEN R. PHILLIPS— ENGINEER
To Edna, his wife, and his daughters ENGINEER
Laura and Elaine, I will always keep Fred in Glen: Thank You, for your Diligent ser-
my thoughts. Glen was a great guy to work with. Al- vice as a Firefighter and Engineer. You always
ways had a big smile and great laugh. Partly had a ready wit and easy smile. My Condolenc-
Gary Carr because he could pull some good pranks. Gone es to the Phillips Family.
way to soon. Rest Well, Glen!
God Bless Glen and his family. RIP
Paul Nelson
Charles was an outstanding FIRE- IN MEMORY OF HUGH C. RANDOLPH—
FIGHTER, a locker room leader. He was al- CAPTAIN II
ways making time for teaching and training HI JEFF,
younger members. He was the “Go to guy” that Hugh Was the Captain II and I was his
the officers referred too. He was always leading The enclosed check is a donation in Captain I. He was truly a gentleman, neverthe-
at the firefighting scene, especially running up Mike’s name to be given to the Widows, Or- less he gave me a life-changing critique. Dur-
the El Sereno hills for the annual grass fires. phans & Disabled Firefighters Fund. It is from ing an evaluation which was satisfactory, he

50 • January 2020
told me, “Art, you are a good officer but you’re
lazy”. That rocked me coming from him who I
knew didn’t have a malicious bone in his body.
So, I had to accept the truth. Four years later I
was a practicing attorney working concurrently
on the Fire Department and in court for the next
20 years. Thank you, Hugh. Rest in peace.

Arturo Jacinto



I first met Rick at FS 34. I was a new

medic and when he and his partner, John No-
land put in a suggestion for an escalator for
the station, I was in awe. Several years later,
when Medical Liaison needed another Captain,
I knew he would be the perfect fit. His humor
kept our office sane but his compassion rivaled
at your fingertips
no other.
His love of family, faith, and Disney-
land always provided for wonderful conversa-
tions and text messages through the years, even
after retirement. Anyone who met Rick knew
he was a special sincere person. Thank you for Find Relief PPO Medical Plan details
your years of friendship, videos of your grand-
babies, laughs, and ernest conversations. I miss Access Relief member benefits and services
you. We will keep our eye on your Diana.
View the Firemen’s Grapevine Magazine
Check out upcoming events

I first met Rick at FS 34, he was a great

Paramedic and extremely funny and intelligent.
He and his partner would submit F 100 sugges-
tions to Chief Gordon that were classic. My fa-
vorite was inflatable grand stands for incidents.
You would put the sock over the muffler that
would blow up the stands and then charge civil-
ians to watch the incident. They had drawings
included, it was a work of art.
Later I had the honor of training Rick
at Drill Tower 40 when he cross trained as a
I’m going to repeat what has already been said
but Rick was a CLASS ACT.
My condolences to the Watson fam-
ily…Rick you will be missed RIP.

Kevin Kearns

January 2020 • 51
Submitted by Frank Borden • Director of Operations, LAFDHS

LAFD HISTORY – The Northridge Earthquake January 17, 1994

Frank’s Note: 26 years have passed since the of 6.7. The epicenter was reported to be in the commercial buildings, at Cal State Northridge
Northridge Earthquake but many of us who Northridge area of the San Fernando Valley University, at a large condo complex, at 2 mo-
were on the LAFD or lived in Los Angeles on which is located in the center of Battalion 15. bile home parks and in numerous dwellings. In
that day will not forget where we were or what The following is a brief overview of the addition, there were 3 brush/grass fires burning
we did when the earthquake hit at 4:31 in the effect the quake had at each Fire Station: and part of the Battalion was experiencing 20+
morning and the LAFD response. It was fortu- mph winds. On Balboa Blvd a major natural
nate that the quake hit early in the morning on PERSONNEL gas line had exploded and flames leaped spec-
the Martin Luther King Holiday because most Although each station in the Battal- tacularly into the sky burning a dozen single
residents of the city were home at the time. ion sustained damage during the first series family dwellings and exposing many more. A
Most of the residential structures held up very of shocks, all personnel remained coolheaded large DWP water line ruptured and a torrent
well with a few dramatic exceptions, but some and made every effort to remove their respec- of water was flooding down Balboa. The 14
of the large buildings and structures did not do tive apparatus. These endeavors were accom- (Antelope Valley Frw. had collapsed onto the
well and suffered major collapses that would plished in total darkness except for the light I-5 Golden State Fwy) and the 118 (Simi Valley
have killed and injured hundreds. This was the of their flashlights. Accomplishing this task Fwy) had also fallen. Numerous freeway over-
first time in LA history that all the power in the required courage and initiative, particularly at passes had buckled. The Northridge Fashion
city went off. Fire Station 70, where the personnel believed Center Shopping Mall and parking structure,
I was home at the time of the quake and that the station was in imminent danger of col- as well as several other parking structures, had
was the On-call Assistant Chief, so I respond- lapse. collapsed. A 4-story medical facility, numer-
ed first to City Hall East (the LAFD Headquar- ous commercial buildings, apartments and
ters). My first job was to make sure the City EARTHQUAKE MODE multiple as well as single family dwellings had
Emergency Operations Center was activated. All the Companies in Battalion 15 im- also collapsed or suffered severe damage.
My next assignment was to respond to mediately went into the “Earthquake Emer- There were 3 physical rescue sites in-
Fire Station 88 at the Valley Command Post gency Mode”. Some delay was caused by the volving dozens of trapped people, 3 major
and coordinate the urban search and rescue re- difficulty of companies exiting their stations. Hazardous Materials Incidents, one with a
sponse for the LAFD resources and mutual aid After leaving their stations, each company at- building placard of 4x4x4-W- and another, a
resources. Needless to say, it was a very long tempted to provide me with the status of per- train derailment, with a 2000-gallon sulfuric
day and night before we had a handle on the sonnel, apparatus, and their quarters over the acid leak.
response. radio. Because of the extremely poor radio re- The majority of my messages to Divi-
This month’s story of the Northridge ception, this task was very difficult. sion III giving status and requesting additional
Earthquake comes from a report written by From the beginning, serious problems resources were either not received by Division
Battalion Chief Larry Schneider who was the were encountered with radio communications. III or his acknowledgments of these requests
Battalion Commander in Battalion 15 at the Although being aware of this, very few mes- were not received by me.
time and in the most hard-hit area of the disas- sages could be heard and most of these were Eventually some messages did get
ter. His report is very detailed and I have edited unreadable or badly broken. Because of the through and Division III sent companies as
it for this article. Chief Schneider was one of 7 poor radio reception, I could not conclude they became available to him. Additionally,
LAFD members who were on the job for more whether other Battalions had started or com- upon their own initiative, Battalion Com-
than 50 years. He retired from the LAFD and pleted their radio/status checks. manders of the adjacent Battalions, who, upon
since passed away. Thank you for your service hearing my requests, provided me with some
Larry. RIP. INCIDENTS IN BATTALION 15 of their companies. Also, many Company Of-
From my vantage point I could see ficers using their own initiative, responded to
SUBJECT: INCIDENT COMMANDER, numerous fires in every direction. In normal incidents in Battalion 15 when they became
BATTALION 15, ACTIVITY REPORT, L. conditions many of these fires would have available to do so.
Schneider, Commander, Battalion 15, “C” been Greater Alarms or Major Emergencies
Platoon by themselves. Eventually, and with great dif- OVERVIEW OF INCIDENTS
NORTHRIDGE EARTHQUAKE, JANUARY ficulty due to the poor radio reception, I began The following are some of the incidents
17, 1994 piecing together fragments of radio messages reported to me, and my directives to Battalion
On January 17, 1994, at 0431 hours, from my Companies describing incredible 15 companies during the first 30 minutes after
the City of Los Angeles was the recipient of devastation and disaster throughout the Bat- the earthquake:
a major earthquake with a moment magnitude talion. Major fires raged out of control in many

52 • January 2020
ENGINE COMPANY 18 from a ruptured 56” DWP feeder main. The ENGINE COMPANY 70
COLLAPSE OF FREEWAY INTER- fire involved dwellings on both sides of Balboa GRASS FIRE
CHANGE I-14 ONTO THE I-5. Bl. and was spreading to adjacent dwellings. Directed by Battalion 15, Engine Co.
Investigation for trapped victims: En- Engine Co. 18 attacked the fires on the north 70 extinguished a grass fire. Engine Co. 70
gine Co. 18 discovered numerous automobiles side and saved numerous exposed dwellings. assisted Engine Co’s. 87 and 73 with the fire
in the wreckage of the collapsed freeways. attack in the 2-story condominium building at
A woman (7 months pregnant) was spotted LIGHT FORCE 96 Lindley Ave. and Andrea Circle and on Me-
trapped inside one of the crushed vehicles. STRUCTURE FIRES linda Way.
With courageous effort and total disregard Light Force 96 extinguished a fire in a
for their own safety, the crew of Engine Co. dwelling at 21601 San Jose St. Reported a com- ENGINE COMPANY 107
18 climbed amidst the tons of towering con- mercial building fire at 9250 Canoga Ave. fully MOBIL HOME PARK FIRES
crete wreckage and rescued the women. A Los involved. Extinguished a fire involving mobile Engine Co. 107 found a mobile home
Angeles County Fire Department Helicopter homes at 21500 Lasen St. and prevented it from park with 2 mobile homes fully involved and
came upon the scene and was flagged down. spreading to other mobile homes. Directed to spreading to others. Engine Co. 107 was di-
The helicopter transported the women to a hos- 19810 Reseda Blvd. to investigate a report of rected to attack fires and prevent the spread to
pital. people trapped in a collapsed apartment build- others in the park.
ing. Directed to Cal State University at North-
ridge. Reported fire in the structure. Directed ENGINE COMPANY 104
to Northridge Meadows Apartment collapse. MOBIL HOME PARK FIRES
Engine Co. 104 attacked a fire in mo-
ENGINE COMPANY 96 bile home park at 8901 Eton Ave. Later Engine
BRUSH FIRE Co.104 assisted Engine Co.72 with the extin-
Engine Co. 96 extinguished a brush guishment of several mobile homes involved
fire that was threatening dwellings at the Simi with fire.
Freeway at the Ventura County line.
Freeway Collapse Engine Co. 96 assisted Engine Co. 72 Engine Co. 87 investigated the collapse
with the extinguishment of a fully involved of the 4 story Kaiser Hospital at 10401 Balboa
mobile home at a mobile home park at Plum- Bl. Investigation found no persons trapped.
TER FEEDER MAIN WITH MULTIPLE LIGHT FORCE 70 Engine Co. 87 attacked a dwelling fire
EXPOSURES. STRUCTURE FIRES Battalion 15 found a 2-story condo fire with 2
At Balboa Bl. North of Rinaldi St. En- NORTHRIDGE MEADOWS APARTMENT buildings fully involved.
gine Co. 18 encountered a spectacular fire from COLLAPSE
a broken 20” gas feeder main and a raging flood Reported a partial collapse of apart- ENGINE COMPANY 103
from a ruptured 56” DWP feeder main. The ment buildings at 9810 and 9820 Reseda Bl. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY AT
fire involved dwellings on both sides of Balboa Possibility of persons trapped. Reported the
Bl. and was spreading to adjacent dwellings. Northridge Meadows Apartment Building col-
Engine Co. 18 attacked the fires on the north lapse at 9565 Reseda Bl. with persons trapped.
side and saved numerous exposed dwellings. Reported a structure fire at Lindley and La-
Marsh. Reported a dwelling fire at 19555
Dearborn. Engine 270 detached from the Light
Force to contain and prevent the fire from
spreading into the exposures.

Kaiser Hospital Collapse

Water Main and Gas Line Break


At Balboa Bl. North of Rinaldi St. En-
gine Co. 18 encountered a spectacular fire from
a broken 20” gas feeder main and a raging flood Northridge Meadows Apartment Collapse with a major rescue response

January 2020 • 53
NORTHRIDGE nies during their district drive throughs, and scene. Captain Fickett directed Dr. Palmer to
Engine Co. 103 found a 3-story sci- the numerous fires I could personally observe, establish a Medical Division and take charge
ence building at California State University at I decided to make on scene assessments of of all medical emergencies.
Northridge with fire showing on the 3rd floor. those incidents I deemed the most critical. Engine Co. 270 returned to 9565 Reseda and
This building is placard with 4x4x4-W. After I made on scene assessments and di- commenced work with their Truck Co. I then
being assured that no occupants were in the rected the initial operations of the following proceeded to Reseda Bl. and Nordhoff St.
building, E 103 was directed by Battalion 15 incidents: where I established my Command Post and
to a reported fire at 9250 Canoga Ave. E 103 1. Explosion of a 20” gas feeder main Staging Area.
found a 75’ X 250’ commercial building fully and rupture at a 56” DWP water feeder main
involved. LF 96 was on scene. and multiple dwellings fully involved with nu- CONCLUSION
merous exposures at 11700 Balboa Bl. On January 17th the Los Angeles City
TRAIN DERAILMENT WITH ACID SPILL 2. Structure fire in a condo complex at Fire Department faced one of its greatest
Continuing the drive through, Engine Lindley and Andrea Circle. challenges of its 108-year history. The ability
Co. 103 found 4 locomotives and 24 cars of 3. Partially collapsed apartment build- to successfully and expediently contain and
a Southern Pacific freight train derailed with ings on Lassen St. from Lindley Ave. to Reseda control the multitude of serious incidents and
several tank cars leaking sulfuric acid (65%). Bl. prevent the development of a major conflagra-
Directed Engine Co. 103 to respond to the 4. Partially collapsed apartment build- tion following the Northridge Earthquake is a
structure fire involving 2 mobile homes at ings at 9810-20 N. Reseda Bl. with possibility credit to the members of this Department.
19120 Nordoff St. of trapped victims. It is much to their credit that most
Directed to assist the companies fight- 5. Northridge Meadows Apartment Company Commanders on duty on January
ing the 2-story condo fire- 2 buildings fully building collapse at 9565 N. Reseda Bl. with 17, 1994, maintained strict discipline and dili-
involved- at Lindley Ave. and Andrea Circle. numerous persons trapped. gently followed the Departments Emergency
6. Severely damaged apartment build- Earthquake Procedures. These Commanders
ENGINE COMPANY 8 ings on Nordhoff St. east of Tampa Ave. understood the importance of the Company
EXPLOSION OF 20” GAS FEEDER 7. Northridge Fashion Center parking “Drive Through” and “ Radio/Status” com-
MAIN AND RUPTURE OF 56” DWP WA- structure collapse at 9301 Tampa Ave. with one munications with their Incident Commander.
TER FEEDER MAIN WITH MULTIPLE man trapped beneath tons of concrete. It was with great difficulty that they accom-
DWELLINGS FULLY INVOLVED 8. Collapse of the 3 story Bullocks de- plished these functions. Sometimes it required
Engine Co. 8 reported several build- partment store at the Northridge Fashion Cen- great courage and strong discipline to drive
ings heavily damaged in their district. They ter at 9301 N. Tampa Ave. past burning and /or collapsed buildings and
then responded to Balboa Bl. to assist with the frantic citizens demanding their attention.
explosion and fire involving the ruptured gas Their precise observations of conditions in
main reported by Engine Co. 18. They found their districts and their communication of
numerous dwellings burning on both sides of these conditions allowed me to prioritize and
Balboa Bl. with a spectacular fire leaping over allocate scarce resources to the proper inci-
a 100’ into the air from the ruptured gas line. dent.
Engine Co. 8 attacked the dwelling fires on the In conclusion it must be said that the
southwest side. With the assistance of Engine Fire Departments’ Emergency Earthquake
Co. 18 on the north side and Engine Co. 74 on Procedures and the training to maintain pro-
the east side, this fire was contained and a ma- ficiency with these procedures were validated
jor conflagration prevented from occurring in during the Northridge earthquake disaster.
the area. Never before has such a major tenant of the
Bullocks Department Store Collapse
Fire Departments’ basic operational proce-
BATTALION 15 dures been given such a test and performed so
COMMAND OF NORTHRIDGE INCI- My first action was to stop a small well.
DENTS brush fire near Fire Station 28’s quarters. This ______________________
In addition to a Battalion Chief and fire was threatening several homes and had a Chief Schneider’s complete report can be
his Staff Assistant, Battalion 15 has assigned serious potential to developing into a major found on a website created by his
2 Truck Companies, 8 Engine Companies (2 brush fire as it was moving in the direction of son Larry who is a retired LAFD Captain.
of which are 2 piece companies), and 3 Para- an overgrown canyon. I contacted Engine Co.
medic Ambulances. Each of these companies 70 and directed them to extinguish the fire. I
promptly became engaged in emergency op- then decided to assess the natural gas main fire
on Balboa Bl. I then responded to the North-
The Los Angeles Fire
erations minutes after the onset of the earth-
quake. ridge Meadows Apartment collapse at 9565 N. Department Historical
Battalion 15 covers a geographic area Reseda Bl. I met with Captain II Fickett of LF
of roughly 23 square miles. From this district 70 who had just returned to this site with only Society is a non-profit
my Command Post had received approximate-
ly 60 separate major incidents. These incidents
his Ladder Truck an A/O and 2 firemen. He
had assigned Engine 270 to extinguish a dwell- 501 (C) (3) organization.
were reported directly to me by my Company ing fire, preventing it from spreading to other
Commanders, while performing their respec-
tive “district drive throughs”, from OCD., or
structures. At this time, I directed Captain
Fickett to initiate search and rescue operations
from “Still Alarms” reported by the public di- at the apartment complex and I informed him EDUCATE,
rectly to the Command Post. that I had no other resources available to assist
Because of the numerous incidents be- him. MEMORIALIZE”
ing reported to me from Battalion 15 compa- At this time Doctor Palmer arrived on
54 • January 2020
November 6, 2019

CALL TO ORDER Motion carried to ratify the October 9, discussed during Executive Session.
2019 Board Meeting Minutes. Actions were taken.
President Bob Steinbacher called the
Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the PRESIDENT’S REPORT INVESTMENT COMMITTEE
Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association REPORT
to order at 10:45 a.m. 1) Bob Steinbacher informed the Board
that he proposes to appoint J.D. Fox to Garth Flint of Beacon Pointe presented
ROLL CALL the Trustee position recently vacated by the LAFRA 3rd Quarter performance
Richard Moody. of investments and discussed the global
MEMBERS PRESENT: economy and how it affected the portfolio.
Bob Steinbacher, President Mike Sailhamer motioned to accept the
Jeff Cawdrey, Vice President appointment of J.D. Fox as Trustee. Tyler VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT
Trustee Frank Aguirre Tomich seconded. There was no discussion
Trustee Steve Berkery or objections. 1) Jeff Cawdrey informed that the election
Trustee Henry Gasbarri ballots have been mailed. He asked that the
Trustee Rick Godinez Motion carried to accept the appointment Election Committee come to the LAFRA
Trustee Jim Duffy of J.D. Fox as Trustee. office on December 2nd to help count the
Trustee John Jacobsen ballots with the election company.
Trustee Tyler Tomich 2) Bob Steinbacher referred to the LAFRA
Trustee Chris Stine Open House honoring Rick Godinez and 2) Jeff Cawdrey referred to the committee
Trustee Mike Sailhamer indicated that it was a great success and assignments for 2020 and asked Trustees
Trustee Gene Bednarchik very well attended. to let him know which committees they
Trustee Kenneth Breskin would like to be assigned to.
Trustee Gayle Sonoda 3) Bob Steinbacher provided a brief
Trustee Craig White Pension Board meeting update. 3) Jeff Cawdrey provided a brief report on
Trustee Tim Freeman the IFEBP Conference in San Diego. He
Trustee Joe Vigil 4) Steve Berkery introduced Victor indicated that they will begin creating a
Trustee Danny Wu Ramirez, an LAFD member and indicated budget for next year’s annual conference
Trustee Juan Albarran - Pension that Victor wished to address the Board on in Hawaii.
Trustee Tim Larson – Pension becoming a Relief Association member.
Todd Layfer - Executive Director Victor Ramirez explained his reasons for EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR REPORT
Liberty Unciano – Controller-Treasurer never joining the Relief and stated that he
understood that he would have to pay back 1) Todd Layfer provided a brief report
MEMBERS ABSENT: dues in order to become a member. on the implementation of the new
Trustee David Peters TPA HealthComp. He indicated that
Trustee Doak Smith – Pension Craig White motioned to approve HealthScope staff moved out of the office
acceptance of Victor Ramirez as a Relief but we will continue to have access to
GUESTS: Association member effective January 1, them through December 31st. He indicated
Steve Ruda, Community Liaison 2020. Gayle Sonoda seconded. There was that they have weekly planning calls with
David Jones, Attorney no discussion or objections. HealthComp and are discussing banking,
file transfers and phone connections.
INVOCATION & Flag Salute Motion carried to approve acceptance of
Victor Ramirez as a Relief Association 2) Todd Layfer asked Trustees to complete
Rick Godinez led the invocation. Chris member effective January 1, 2020. all their expense reimbursements and
Stine led the flag salute. submit them by December.
The Board entered into Executive Session REPORT
Bob Steinbacher entertained a motion to at 10:59 a.m.
ratify the October 9, 2019 Board Meeting The Board adjourned from Executive Frank Aguirre presented the following
Minutes. Juan Albarran so moved. Session at 12:15 p.m. motions.
Frank Aguirre seconded. There was no
discussion or objections. Personnel matters, meeting with legal The committee recommends and I so
counsel and member updates were move to pay the usual and customary bills
January 2020 • 55
in the amount of $836,355.77. There was The Life & Accident Death Benefits in the CORPORATE SECRETARY’S
no discussion or objections. amount of $12,000 REPORT
The Relief Death Benefits in the amount
Motion carried to pay the usual and of $15,000 Tim Larson provided a report on the
customary bills in the amount of membership status for October 2019.
$836,355.77. There was no discussion or objections.
The committee recommends and I so Motion carried to pay the above Relief
move to approve $750 for the Drill Tower benefits. Rick Godinez presented the following
81 Graduation ceremony. There was no motion.
discussion or objections. Tim Freeman read the names of members
who recently passed and asked for a The committee recommends and I so
Motion carried to approve $750 for the moment of silence from the Board. move to increase the Scholarship amounts;
Drill Tower 81 Graduation ceremony. 1st place to $25K, 2nd place to $15K, the
MEMORIALS other three scholarships to $12,500 and
The committee recommends and I so James L. Thomas Memorial Scholarships to $25K. Rick
move to approve up to $500 for the Fire Harvey D. Glasgow Godinez indicated that these increases
Station 39 Grand Opening. There was no Patrick L. Marek will be implemented into the next fiscal
discussion or objections. year budget. There was no discussion or
Motion carried to approve up to $500 for
the Fire Station 39 Grand Opening. Tim Freeman presented the following Motion carried to increase the
motions. Scholarship amounts; 1st place to
The committee recommends and I so move $25K, 2nd place to $15K, the other three
to approve $200 for the LAFD Sertoma The committee recommends and I so move scholarships to $12,500 and Memorial
Toy Program. There was no discussion or to accept the donations in the amount of Scholarships to $25K.
objections. $4,588.08 to the Widows, Orphans &
Disabled Firemen’s Fund. There was no MARKETING & DEVELOPMENT
Motion carried to approve $200 for the discussion or objections. REPORT
LAFD Sertoma Toy Program.
Motion carried to accept the donations in Rick Godinez indicated that the
MEDICAL COMMITTEE REPORT the amount of $4,588.08 to the Widows, Marketing Department is promotion the
Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund. L.A. Marathon and creating links for
Frank Aguirre presented the following registering.
motion. The committee recommends and I so
move to approve the financial assistance SETTING OF DATES
The committee recommends and I so applications for surviving spouses, active
move to approve the Express Scripts and retired members. There was no 1) LAFRA Dinner Dance – December 7th
Commercial & EGWP claims and Admin discussion or objections. 2) Buzzard Bait Ride – January 18th
fees totaling $834,078.97. There was no 3) Pechanga Reunion – May 18th
discussion or objections. Motion carried to approve the financial
assistance applications for surviving RETIREMENT DINNERS
Motion carried to approve the Express spouses, active and retired members.
Scripts Commercial & EGWP claims 1) Roy Harvey – February 15th B @
and Admin fees totaling $834,078.97. ADVANCEMENT COMMITTEE Loews Hotel (Sonoda)
The committee recommends and I so
Tim Freeman presented the following move to advance funds for both active and Bob Steinbacher entertained a motion
motion. retired members. There was no discussion to adjourn. Juan Albarran so moved.
or objections. Henry Gasbarri seconded. There was no
The committee recommends and I so discussion and no objections.
move to pay: Motion carried to advance funds for
both active and retired members. Motion carried to adjourn. The Board
The Sick & Injury benefits in the amount of Trustees meeting adjourned at 12:55
of $25,440.29 p.m.
The Estate Planning benefit in the amount
of $3,600 Bob Steinbacher, President
56 • January 2020
Donations to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund - December 2019


memory of Fred E. Ihde & from the Retired Firefighters’ in loving memory of John
Nick Uruburu Breakfast at Mimi’s Restaurant and appreciation of the Relief
- Dec 4th Association
SILAS CLARKE JR. in memory
of James V. Como
SHIRELY M. JONES in memory HARLAN R. WOOD in memory
of Fred E. Ihde of Thomas H. Wood PETER P. PFLEGER in memory
of Phillis L. Dickeson, wife of
DIANE G. CASTO in memory of WILLIAM T. DICKESON William T. Dickeson, RIP
Fred E. Ihde regarding Estate Planning
LAFD FIRE HOGS honor of Michael McOsker
LEROY ALFRED TRUST WM memory of Glen R. Phillips
TOLUCA LAKE CHAMBER memory of Bruce Larson, John Richard H. Van Daele
OF COMMERCE White, in honor of Gene
Fairrington, Rick Godinez, and LON F. ROBERTS from the
RUBY A. JUSTIS in memory of LAFD Chaplains Antelope Valley Firemen’s
Charles (Charlie) H. Justis Breakfast Club
from his retierement dinner JOHN N. VIDOVICH in memory Ray Hoffman’s Retirement
of Mike McOsker
from the Retired Firefighters’ KIRK P. BINGHAM from Retired Firefighters’ Breakfast
Breakfast at Mimi’s Restaurant Retired Firefighters’ Breakfast at Mimi’s Restaurant - Nov 6th
- Nov 6th at Mimi’s Restaurant - Nov 6th
memory of Gene E. Larson regarding The Kings Tickets


memory of Captain Bill Retired Firefighters’ Breakfast
(Andy) Devine at Mimi’s Restaurant - Nov 6th

January 2020 • 57
linens, sleeps 8. Winter: 2 nite LAKE HAVASU AMAZING
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58 • January 2020
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Pool, Spa, BBQ, Sleeps 4, Lakeview Blvd. Visit https://
Winter $120, Summer $90,
Maid $175, 14% TOT(6092), for pics, amenities, and FOR RENT
No Smoking, (310) 540-4648, reviews. $125/night; off-peak, (310) 418- (May, June, Oct, Nov): $100/ MOTORHOMES FOR RENT.
1577, night; cleaning: $100. Bobby Several Class C’s & Class
(310) 350-5552. A’s for rent. Serving family
MAMMOTH CONDO AT and friends for over 15 years.
4BR/3BA, sleeps 10, fully Studio/loft, 2 bath, king bed, FIRE, LACO, LACITY, LACITY
furnished, 2 TVs, DVDs, WiFi, sleeps 4. Full kitchen, TV,
January 2020 • 59
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Deal direct with authorized Factory Dealers

Offering members of the Los Angeles Fire Department
Courteous, Ethical, and Special Consideration in the purchase of your new car.


“#1 Volume Ford Dealer in the world for 20 Camry / Celica / Corolla / Tundra Honda - Sales and Leasing
consecutive years!” Tacoma / Sienna / Supra / Solara Large Selection of Used Vehicles
Lincoln / Mercury / Honda / Mazda / 11041 Sepulveda Blvd 6511 Santa Monica Blvd
Volvo / Ford / Jaguar / Lotus / Aston Mission Hills CA Hollywood CA
Martin / Spyker / Galpin Auto Sports Ask for Steve Denson—Fleet Mgr Ask for Dave Erickson­­­­­­­­­
For special pricing contact 323-466-3251 l Fax: 323-462-0187
Terry Miller—Fleet Sales & Leasing 818-365-9621
15505 Roscoe Blvd “Specializing in hassle-free car buying”
North Hills CA 91343
818-797-3800 l

60 • January 2020
Fire Station 85

VOLUNTEER COMPANY - HARBOR CITY Fire Station 85 - Temporary Quarters

25309 Belle Porte Ave., Harbor City 3117 N. Gaffey Street, San Pedro - 1979 to 1980

Fire Station 85
1331 W. 253rd Street - 1980 to Present

Present Day Crew - Back to Front Left to Right: FFPM Grant Garrett, Engineer Tim McKeon, Capt II Tim Werle, Capt I Ciro DiScala, Engineer Paul Kama, FFPM Jerome Woodcock
(B Platoon), FF Jeff Stadden (C-Platoon), FFPM Scott Loveless, PFF Caylin Huxford, FF, Gus Padilla, FF Joe Santa Maria. Not Present: AO George Romero, FFPM Mike Dennis, FF
Brian Tell, AO George Romero, FFPM Mike Dennis, FF Brian Tell

January 2020 • 61
Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association
7470 N Figueroa Street
Los Angeles CA 90041-1725

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