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Some people say history is one of the most important subject.

Other people
think that in today's world subjects like science and technology are more
important than history. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Some people think that academic study of historical background at schools is consider of crucial
significance than that of studying scientific subjects as well as information technology. I completely
agree with that of the last option. In this essay, I will discuss both choices systematically.

Some people believe that studying history which is an important aspect in their lives. Firstly, so as to
guide the descendants to know the past history of their grandfather, grandmothers as well as political
and economic events in these previous era. Therefore, they will be aware of these actions.

Secondly, they will be aware of the historical issues of the bad experiences happened during this stage
of history. Therefore, they will be able to manage, avoid and deal with such situations in their future
life. Finally yet importantly, they can amend any bad matters and implementing smart solutions in
order to overcome these obstacles in their future. For instance, in our country individuals and
authorities cooperated with each other in order to promote the scholars who study history rather
than those who are studying science. While these competitions are intending to encourage them for
improving their academic achievements strictly at this subject. However, there is no promotion
regarding other scientific scholars in our district.

On the other hand, some people are convinced with the opinion that agree with teaching the pupils
scientific fictions at schools is considered more important than history subjects do. In this aspect,

They rely on certain motives. Firstly, they defend their notion by the idea that the student will be
motivated while studying scientific subjects that is why they will be motivated in such cases compared
to history students.

Secondly, Studying scientific aspects of these subjects will enhance their academic performance and
add many merits to their innovative activities and capabilities. Therefore, this will be of crucial
importance to become excellent achievers in their academic attainment compared to those studying
history at the same level. For an example, from the research studies published, it has been shown that
teaching science for students will make them the top of their classes and in the future. In addition to
that, they will avail the community more than those studying history classes.

To sum up, I definitely agree with the idea of student should be taught scientific subjects rather than
history classes to make them beneficial for our community and their academic status. However, other
subjects like history might be useful in certain specialties and other situations. Although, this is totally
will depend on financial budget, encouragement and the community itself.