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Organization/Activity 9 10 11 12 Leadership Position Honors & Awards


Volleyball X X X X 11-12:​ Co-captain 9-12: ​Varsity Letter

11: ​Designed new 9: ​Team finished 8th in
jerseys state
10:​ 3rd Team
All-League Setter, team
finished 6th in state
11:​ 1st Team
All-League Setter,
October Student-Athlete
of the Month, Oregon
Live: Best 50 setters in
the state, team 1st in
12: ​1st Team
All-League Setter,
All-State Honorable
Mention, Oregon Live:
Best 50 setters in the

Track & Field X X ? 9-10: ​Varsity Letter

10: ​2nd Team
All-League 4x400

Student Government X X X 10: ​Senator

11: ​Senator
12: ​Class Public

National Honor Society X X X 9-12: ​Honor Roll

Surftide X X 11-12:​ Freshmen

Orientation leader and
monthly presentations
given to freshmen
advisories giving
advice and presenting
tools they can use
throughout their high
school career

Veteran’s Remembrance X X 9-10: ​Veteran escort

Lip Sync Dance Battle X X X 11-12: ​Choreographed
the dance

PowderPuff Football X X

PowderTuff Volleyball X X 11-12: ​Coach