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Fintech in Indonesia

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Giving information about structural change

and the digitalization of the financial services.
What is Fintech?
- A term used to describe “financial technology”

- An industry encompassing any kind of technology in financial services -

from businesses to consumers.

- Any company that provides financial services through software or other

technology, and includes anything from mobile payment apps to
Different forms Fintech and Examples in Indonesia
Crowdfunding Cryptocurrency

Mobile payment Budgeting Apps

How fintech help reduce poverty?
- Lending
- Create jobs
- Fill in weaknesses
Growth of mobile phone internet users in Indonesia
Growth of Fintech in Indonesia
With $500 billion of infrastructure investment planned for the next five years, the
emergence of new markets of FinTech sector in Indonesia is set for a new path. With
the high-middle class growth, Indonesia is now a country with high internet penetration.

More than that, Indonesia serves as a fertile land for FinTech growth especially markets
for lending, cards, and payments. More than 150 FinTech startups are found in
Indonesia, a growth of 78 percent since 2015.
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Financial literacy (definition, purpose and benefit)
According to OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development):

Financial Literacy (education) is the process by which financial

consumer/investors improve their understanding of financial products and concept
and through information, instruction and/or objective advice. Develop the skills and
confidence to become more aware of financial risk and opportunities to make
informed choices, to know where to go for help and to take other effective actions
to improve their financial well-being.
Financial literacy in Indonesia
Gini Ratio in Indo
Poverty Rate in Indo
- Poverty is considered a serious problem and must be resolved because it has a high
social cost.
- Indonesia’s poverty line was recorded at IDR 425,250/month ( March, 2019).

Advantages of developing fintech in Indonesia
● Large number of unbanked Indonesians
● Increasing Internet access
● Southeast Asia’s largest economy with a robustly expanding middle class
● P2P lending is organically part of the Indonesian culture
● Fast access
● Safety
● Efficient services
The availability of financial services is critical if we want to
escape poverty. It can help billions of people to improve their financial
situation as well as to strengthen local economies. That is why many
countries are implementing national financial inclusion strategies, but
that is not enough. The Global Findex Database shows that FinTech plays
the biggest role in the rise of global financial inclusion.
Disadvantages of developing fintech in Indo
● Depend on internet access
● A lot of fraud
● High cost
The challenges for fintech startups
- Overseas competitor

- Current technology

- Regulation and Process clarity

- Proper business license in Indonesia

The future of fintech startups
- Simplicity on money transaction

- Offer a better loan

- Excellent data management