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Benjamin J.


Ambitious and motivated student that works very hard to accomplish goals. Has succeeded through determination,
perseverance, and a good work ethic. Seeking to apply soft skills and quality traits to an internship in the field
of sports medicine.

Academic History:
School: Glencoe High School, Hillsboro, OR – Graduate 2020
GPA: 4.0/4.0
Freshman Year: AP: Human Geography AP Exam: 5
Honors: Physics
Regular: Algebra 1, English Language Arts 9, Spanish 1, P.E. 1
Sophomore Year: AP: English Language and Composition
Regular: Geometry, Chemistry, Health, Spanish 2, P.E. 2
Junior Year: AP: Environmental Science AP Exam: 4
Regular: Algebra 2, English Language Arts 11, Anatomy and Physiology,
Health Sciences, Strength Training
Senior Year: Regular: Statistics, College Prep English, Biology, Health Sciences 2

● 4.0 Recognition (years 9, 10, 11, 12)
● National Honor Society (years 10,11,12)
● Honor Roll (years 9,10,11,12)

● Earned the OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Healthcare badge from CareerSafe
● CPR certified

Scores:​ ACT – Composite 26 and SAT- Math 590, Reading/Writing 630

Extracurricular Activities:
● Tennis- (years 10,11,12) Varsity
● Basketball- (years 9,10,12) freshman team first year, Junior Varsity sophomore year, Varsity senior year
● Track and Field- (year 9) Junior Varsity

Community Service:
● SOLVE Oregon volunteer—Hillsboro and Cornelius, OR 2015-2019
o Worked to improve the environment of my community by removing invasive blackberry bushes and
collecting litter
● Verboort Sausage and Sauerkraut Festival Volunteer—Verboort, OR 2015-2017
o Employed a positive attitude and good manners while delivering food to customers, as well as
adequate listening skills to execute commands
● Scorekeeper for Rip City 3 on 3 Basketball tournament—Portland, OR 2017-2018
o Practiced attentiveness and patience to communicate with referees, as well as handle upset players
and parents

● Tennis Coach for Jackson School HOA, Hillsboro, OR. 2019.
o Utilized communication, leadership, and organizational skills to coach and teach approximately 100
young kids tennis