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1.Interpretation of ethical behavior is relative and subjective

answer: true
2.ethics is ____________
answer:The philosophy of life

3.Understanding of ethics has not change despite the evolvement of

answer: false

4.Human affects the mental development of humans

answer:Quality of life

5.Which of the following statement is NOT true

answer: Ethics is innate is the situation when the person was forced by circumstance or

under duress which he would not do under normal
circumstances,Example is being extored money by a neighborhood
toughie in exchange for his ‘protection’
answer: conditional voluntaries
7.what is the distinc characteristic of man compared to animals

8.when the person acts without full understanding and no freedom,we

are made to perform acts we did not like
answer:Imperfect voluntaries will is present and inherent in men

amswer:true is the disposition of a persosn doing the activity regardless to his

liking or not this may be positive or negative.The former is by making
him to do something while the others is to prevent or stop him from
doing things.
answer:simple voluntaries

11.when a person acts with full knowledge and complete freedom – we

are fully aware of what we are doing
answer:perfect voluntary

12..which of the following if NOT the basis of human action

answer:people who experience temporary insanity are not responsible
for their action

13._______is under the control and intellect and will is answerable to

such action
answer:voluntary act
14________is the latin word that means the pwer orr ability to discem

15.morality is observe and present only in humans

answer:true ishas an insatiable freed for power and wealth


17.virtue is created because of the combination of knowledge and will


18.what affect the mental development of humans

answer:quality of life

19.thinking and doing are separate human behavior and does not go
hand in hand

20.human ethics are clouded by man’s self interest that interpretation

to law and order

21.stufy of ethics is concerned about_____

answer:morality of human acts

22.a branch of science that explains the cause of human action,whether

psychological or physiological

23.________is the quality and goodness or badness in a human act,in

this case,we base judgement on any human act based in its ethical

24._______ whether formal or informal is never ending process and is

the foundation of man moral intellectual and physical capacities

25._________is the science of right thinking

__________is the science of right thinking{

26.the need for material wealth is inherent in man