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21/12/2019 Primo by Ex Libris - "effluent treatment plant" AND "risk assessment"

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resultados Evaluation of conventional drinking water treatment plant Todas versões
efficiency according to water quality index and health risk
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resultados Alver, Alper
Artigo Environmental Science and Pollution Research International, Sep
2019, Vol.26(26), pp.27225-27238 [Periódico revisado por pares]
Mostrar somente The objective of this research is to investigate the effluent
water quality of a treatment plant in Turkey fed from surface
Periódicos revisados and groundwater, according to water quality index (WOI) and
por pares  (91) health risk assessment (HRA). In order to achieve this goal, the
quality of the influent and effluent water of the treatment...
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Health risk assessment of heavy metals through the Todas versões
Environmental consumption of food crops fertilized by biosolids: A
Sciences  (39) probabilistic-based analysis
Environment  (36) Hosseini Koupaie, E ; Eskicioglu, C
Artigo Journal of Hazardous Materials, 30 December 2015, Vol.300,
Engineering  (32)
pp.855-865 [Periódico revisado por pares]
Heavy Metals  (28)
The objective of this study was to perform a probabilistic risk
Metals  (28)
analysis (PRA) to assess the health risk of Cadmium (Cd), Copper
Mais opções  (Cu), and Zinc (Zn) through the consumption of food crops
grown on farm lands fertilized by biosolids. The risk analysis was
conducted using 8 years of historical heavy metal data (2005–
Autor  2013) of the municipal biosolids generated by a nearby
Kong, In Chul  (3) treatment facility considering one-time and long-term biosolids
Devi, Parmila  (3) land application scenarios for a range of 5–100 t/ha fertilizer
Shin, Wooseok  (2) application rate. The 95th percentile of the hazard index (HI)
Ko, Kyung-Seok  (2) increased from 0.124 to 0.179 when the rate of fertilizer
application increased from 5 to 100 t/ha at one-time biosolids
Khan, Rahat  (2)
land application. The HI at long-term biosolids land application
Mais opções  was also found 1.3 and 1.9 times greater than that of one-time
land application at fertilizer application rates of 5 and 100 t/ha,
respectively. Rice ingestion had more contribution to the HI
Data de publicação  than vegetable ingestion. Cd and Cu were also found to have
more contribution to the health risk associated to vegetable and
From 2010 To rice ingestion, respectively. Results indicated no potential risk
to the human health even at long-term biosolids land
2019 Refine application scenario at 100 t/ha fertilizer application rate.
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21/12/2019 Primo by Ex Libris - "effluent treatment plant" AND "risk assessment"
OneFile (GALE)  Todas versões
Use of paper mill waste for brick making
Sarkar, Raju ; Kurar, Ritesh ; Gupta, Ashok Kumar ; Mudgal,
MEDLINE/PubMed Ankur ; Gupta, Varun
(NLM)  (63) Cogent Engineering, Dec 2017, Vol.4(1) [Periódico revisado por
Technology Research Artigo pares]
Database  (54) The intent of the present research work is to explore the
Engineering prospect of replacing natural soil used in brick making by some
Research Database  extent with industrial waste, that is, lime mud, as obtained
(54) from paper mill waste. Extensive adoption of this mill waste as
Mais opções  a brick making material will deter the environmental effects of
this waste disposal. Moreover, its adoption will not only solve
the problem of stocked waste piles but also scale down the
Título do periódico  usage of natural soil as a brick making material. In consideration
Applied Microbiology of the central intend of this study to utilize industrial waste as
and Biotechnology  an alternate raw material, yet another industrial waste-fly ash,
(2) has also been blended to the mix to manufacture unburnt
Bioresource bricks, such that, it may produce cementitious compounds with
Technology  (3) lime mud. So, the materials used for brick making in this study
are: lime mud, collected from the dumping site of M/s
Chemosphere  (4)
Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited, Jagiroad, Assam, India;
Cogent Engineering 
soil, collected from a brick manufacturing unit also near
Jagiroad; and...
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Sciences  (4)
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Pollution from drug manufacturing: review and perspectives Todas versões

Larsson, D. G. Joakim
Novas pesquisas Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological
sugeridas Sciences, 2014, Vol.369(1656) [Periódico revisado por pares]
Artigo As long ago as the sixteenth century, Paracelsus recognized that
deste autor: ‘the dose makes the poison’. Indeed, environmental
Kong, In Chul concentrations of pharmaceuticals excreted by humans are
Devi, Parmila limited, most importantly because a defined dose is given to
Shin, Wooseok just a fraction of the population. By contrast, recent studies
Ko, Kyung-Seok have identified direct emission from drug manufacturing as a
Khan, Rahat source of much higher environmental discharges that, in some
cases, greatly exceed toxic threshold concentrations. Because
production is concentrated in specific locations, the risks are
Neste assunto: not linked to usage patterns. Furthermore, as the drugs are not
Environmental consumed, metabolism in the human body does not reduce
Sciences concentrations. The environmental risks associated with
Environment manufacturing therefore comprise a different, wider set of
Engineering pharmaceuticals compared with those associated with risks from
Heavy Metals excretion. Although pollution from manufacturing is less
Metals widespread, discharges that promote the development of drug-
resistant microorganisms can still have global consequences.
Risk management also differs between production and excretion
assinar RSS in terms of accountability, incentive creation, legal
opportunities, substitution possibilities and costs. Herein, I
Adicionar review studies about industrial emissions of pharmaceuticals
página ao Meu and the effects associated with exposure to such effluents. I
Espaço contrast environmental pollution due to manufacturing with
that due to excretion in terms of their risks and management
and highlight some recent initiatives.
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21/12/2019 Primo by Ex Libris - "effluent treatment plant" AND "risk assessment"

Pharmaceuticals in Canadian sewage treatment plant Todas versões

effluents and surface waters: occurrence and environmental
risk assessment
Koné, Macoura ; Cologgi, Dena L ; Lu, Weibing ; Smith, Daniel W
Artigo ; Ulrich, Ania C
Environmental Technology Reviews, 01 January 2013, Vol.2(1),
This review compares the occurrence of pharmaceuticals in
Canadian sewage treatment plant (STP) effluents and surface
waters (SWs) to those from different countries. The occurrence
in Canadian aquatic environments was found to be similar to...
Taylor & Francis (Taylor & Francis Group)
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Evaluation of migration of heavy metals and performance of Todas versões

product during co-pyrolysis process of municipal sewage
sludge and walnut shell
Liu, Yucheng ; Liu, Qian ; Chen, Mingyan ; Ma, Lili ; Yang, Bing ;
Artigo Chen, Ju ; Lv, Zhongxiang ; Liang, Qingling ; Yang, Ping
Environmental Science and Pollution Research International, Sep
2017, Vol.24(27), pp.22082-22090 [Periódico revisado por pares]
A feasible and efficient type of biological sludge-activated
carbon (BSAC) was produced by co-pyrolysis of municipal
sewage sludge (MSS) and walnut shell (4:1, w/w) at 500 °C. It
was found that BSAC was typical mesoporous material with
favorable pore structure and abundant surface functional
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Human health risk from Heavy metal via food crops Todas versões
consumption with wastewater irrigation practices in Pakistan
Khan, Muhammad Usman ; Malik, Riffat Naseem ; Muhammad,
Artigo Chemosphere, November 2013, Vol.93(10), pp.2230-2238
[Periódico revisado por pares]
The current study was designed to investigate the potential
human health risks associated with consumption of food crops
contaminated with toxic heavy metals. Cadmium (Cd)
concentration in surface soils; Cd, lead (Pb) and chromium (Cr)
in the irrigation water and food crops were above permissible
limits. The accumulation factor (AF) was >1 for manganese (Mn)
and Pb in different food crops. The Health Risk Index (HRI) was
>1 for Pb in all food crops irrigated with wastewater and tube
well water. HRI >1 was also recorded for Cd in all selected
vegetables; and for Mn in irrigated with wastewater. All
wastewater irrigated samples (soil and food crops) exhibited
high relative contamination level as compared to samples
irrigated with tube well water. Our results emphasized the need
for pretreatment of wastewater and routine monitoring in order
to avoid contamination of food crops from the wastewater
irrigation system.
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21/12/2019 Primo by Ex Libris - "effluent treatment plant" AND "risk assessment"

Long-Term Spatio-Temporal Trends of Organotin Todas versões

Contaminations in the Marine Environment of Hong Kong
Ho, Kevin ; Zhou, Guang-Jie ; Xu, Elvis ; Wang, Xinhong ; Leung,
Artigo PLoS One, May 2016, Vol.11(5), p.e0155632 [Periódico revisado
por pares]
Hong Kong imposed a partial restriction on application of
organotin-based antifouling paints in 1992. Since September
2008, the International Maritime Organization prohibited the
use of such antifouling systems on all sea-going vessels globally.
Therefore, it is anticipated a gradual reduction of organotin
contamination in Hong Kong’s marine waters. Using the rock
shell Reishia clavigera as a biomonitor, we evaluated the
organotin contamination along Hong Kong’s coastal waters over
the past two decades (1990–2015). In 2010 and 2015, adult R.
clavigera were examined for imposex status and analysed for
tissue concentrations of six organotins. We consistently found
100% imposex incidence in female R. clavigera across all sites.
Tissue triphenyltin (TPT) concentrations were high in most
samples. A probabilistic risk assessment showed that there were
over 69% of chance that local R. clavigera would be at risk due
to exposure to phenyltins. Comparing with those of previous
surveys (2004–2010),...
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Consumption of heavy metal contaminated foods and Todas versões

associated risks in Bangladesh
Azam, Hossain
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Dec 2017,
Artigo Vol.189(12), pp.1-14 [Periódico revisado por pares]
This study investigated the magnitude of heavy metal
contamination and determined the carcinogenic as well as non-
carcinogenic risks associated with selected food consumption in
Bangladesh. Commonly consumed varieties of rice, vegetables,
and fish samples were analyzed to measure the concentrations
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Joint effects of heavy metal binary mixtures on seed Todas versões

germination, root and shoot growth, bacterial
bioluminescence, and gene mutation
Kong, In Chul
Artigo Journal of Environmental Sciences, 01 May 2013, Vol.25(5),
pp.889-894 [Periódico revisado por pares]
This investigation was to assess the joint effects of metal binary
mixtures on seed germination, root and shoot growth, bacterial
bioluminescence, and gene mutation based on the one toxic
unit (1 TU) approach. Different sensitivities and orders of
toxicity of metal mixtures were observed among the bioassays.
In general, mostly additive or antagonistic effects were
observed, while almost no synergistic effects by the binary
metal mixtures in all bioassays. Therefore, the combined
effects of heavy metals in the different bioassays were difficult
to generalize since they were dependent on both chemical type
and the organism used in each bioassay. However, these results
indicate that a battery of bioassays with mixture chemicals as
opposed to just a single assay with single metal is a better
strategy for the bioassessment of environmental pollutants.
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