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Circuit-Breaker Management SIPROTEC 7VK87 Properties Properties ~ SIPROTEC 7VK87 ‘Automatic redosing,smadhocheck, rau breaker fare protection ‘and 3-pole or 3pole 12 predefined standard variants with aid or Bi curentvetage anslormers, 510.31 binary inputs, 810 46 binary outputs or «fey adjustable VO quantity structure within the scope ofthe SIPROTEC 5 x19" 10211119" + Automatic reclosing function and synchrocheck for line protection applications with 1- and 3-pole tripping + Circuit-breaker failure protection with 2 stages for 1- and 3-pole tripping + Up to.4 pluggable communication modules usable for different ‘and redundant protocols (IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-103, TEC 60870-5-104, DNP3 (serials TCP), Modbus RTU Slave) + Ethemet redundancy protocols PRP and HSR + Cyber Security in accordance with NERC CIP and BDEW whitepaper + Secure serial protection data communication, also over great distances and all available physical media (fiber-optic cable, 2wire connections and communication networks) + Control of switching devices + Measurement of operating values * Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) for synchrophasor-measured values and IeEE (37.118 protocol + Powerful fault recording + Auxiliary functions for simple tests and commissioning, Applications The crcuit-breaker management device SIPROTEC 7VKS7 is a ‘universal automation, protection and control device on the basis fof the SIPROTEC 5 system, ‘The device is used for automatic reclosing after 1 oF 3-pole tip ping ofthe circuit breaker after a short circuit. Before automatic reclosing after 3-pole tripping, the reliability ofthe reclosure can bbe checked by synchronization check. The SIPROTEC 7VKB7 can also be used as a 2-stage circuit ‘breaker failure protection after 1- of 3-pale tripping by the main protection, ‘The device can wark together with conventional and digital protection equipment requiring only the pertinent pickup and {wipping operations. The start and output signals can be con- nected via contacts or digital communication. Otherwise, the device supports all SIPROTEC 5 system characteristics. It enables future-riented system solutions with high investment security and low operating costs 2.5142 |SIPROTEC 5 — Devices - Protection, Automation and Monitoring Siemens SIPROTEC 5.01 ‘moduler system Fig. 25125. Cicut-breaker management SIPROTEC 7¥K87 Functions Table 2.5/11 on page 2.5144 shows all functions that are available in the SIPROTEC 7VK87. Basically, al functions can be configured freely with DIGS! 5. For the application of some ofthe functions, you require the appropriate numberof free function points within the device. The function point calculator in the online configurator provides support in determining the required number of function points for your device. ‘Application templates ‘Application templates are available in DIGSI for standard applica- tions. They comprise al basic configurations and default set tings. Table 2.5111 on page 2.5/44 shows the functional scope, For SIPROTEC 7VK87, the following application tomplate exits: SIPROTEC 7VKB7 basie circut-breaker management device + Automatic reclosing after 1-pole or 3-poe tipping + Synchronization function * Circuit-breaker failure protection for 1-and 3-pole tripping (ig, 2.5126). fcition 2 Circuit-Breaker Management SIPROTEC 7VK87 Application examples ngs — i 1 rac | i [v-ipn ' Se | 1 | eee : = i Sa ere ecm conniomaesce Smeets ea aa oesoee vont a 25 Stns oc in ie teagan Soe Saicin moo Sf Geatierwwen Sues & Sten & oe st saree Se Fig. 25126 Application example: Circuit breaker management device SIPROTEC 5 ~ Devices Protection, Automation and Monitoring Siemens SIPROTEC 5.01 Edition 2| 2.5143 Circuit-Breaker Management SIPROTEC 7VK87 Functions, application templates Protection functions for 3 poe tipping Protection functions for T-pole ting ‘Hardware quantity structure expandable Syachrocheck syichronizing function ‘Undervoltage protection, 3 phase ‘Undervoltage protection, postive sequence system ‘Undervoltage protection, 1-phas,V, Power protection activeleactive power ‘Undercurrent protection “Temperature supervision | High speed instantaneous overcurrent protection Circuit breaker aire protection ‘Overcurent protection. phases ‘Overcurrent protection, ground faults (Overvotage protection, 3-phase ‘Overvotage protection, poshive-sequence system ‘Overvotage protection, compounding ‘Overvotage protection, negtivesequence system ‘Overvotage protection, ero sequence system ‘Overvotage protection, 1-phase ‘Measuring voltage failure detection ‘ecuonal overcurrent protection, phases Behe Directional time-overcurrent protection for ground faults lap 2 0D ‘Sensitive ground! fault detection for systems with resonant or olated neutral WOp,tt> with admittance method “Tipereuit supervision 1s ‘Automatic reclosing aR ‘Overfequency protection 6 Underfrequency protection fe Rate-of frequency-change protection Loctout ‘Low impedance restricted ground-fault protection ‘iy ‘Synchrophasor measurement ‘Operational measured value, standard ‘Measured values, expanded: Min. Max. Avg. (unton points per type) ‘Switching-statstic counters (cFCstandard ‘cFCarithmetc {CFC sitching sequences Inn curentaatetinn “Extemal trip intiaton ‘Contol Fault recording of analog and binary signals ‘Monitoring and supervision ‘Protection interface, serial ‘ircuitbreaker DisconnectonGrounding switch Table 2.5/11 SIPROTEC 7VKB7 ~ Functions and application templates, +n preparation 25144 |sIPROTEC 5 - Devices - Protection, Automation and Monitoring Siemens SIPROTEC 5.01 - Edition 2