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HT Media, one of the India's premier print media player. HT Media is a KK Birla company.
HT was first published in 1924 and over the years have scaled to a daily circulation of
715,000 in Delhi alone.

HT Media has a leadership position in the English newspaper market in North India and the
second position in the Hindi newspaper market in the North and East. Hindustan Times has a
circulation of over 1.2 million and is the fastest growing mainline English newspaper in terms
of readership.

HT Media group has diversified business interests like -

 Sugar.
 Fertilizers.
 Business process outsourcing.
HT Media has a number of awards and accolades to its name and one such mentioned worthy
being - HT Media's news portal, which has consistently been ranked
amongst the top 10 news sites in the world by 'Forbes'.
HT Media is an Indian mass media company based in Delhi, India. It has holdings in print,
electronic and digital media.
It also operates 19 printing facilities across India with an installed capacity of 1.5 million
copies per hour.
HT’s online business, is largely handled by Firefly e-ventures internet business, include the
flagship web portal,,,
HT Media is an Indian mass media company based in Delhi, India. It has holdings in print,
electronic and digital media. It also operates 19 printing facilities across India with an
installed capacity of 1.5 million copies per hour.

CEO: Praveen Someshwar (1 Aug 2018–)

Headquarters: New Delhi

Revenue: 2,597 crores INR (2018, US$360 million)

Number of employees: 2,708 (2011)

Subsidiaries: Hindustan Media Ventures, Next Mediaworks, MORE

Parent organization: The Hindustan Times Limited


The HT Media newspaper was formally inaugurated in 1924. In 1927, it was reborn as
Hindustan Times, a limited liability company. In 1936, The Hindi daily Hindustan was
It also publishes two magazines in Hindi, Kadambini, a literary magazine established in 1960
and Nandan a children's magazine, started in 1964.
In 2003, the company incorporated all of its media businesses under HT Media Ltd. In 2004,
HT Media Ltd was listed as a public company and attracted external funding. It moved to
Mumbai in 2005, with a new product and content mix. In 2006, Fever 104 FMwas launched,
in technical collaboration with the Virgin Group. Hindustan was relaunched re-establishing
the company's prominent presence in the regional news space. In 2007, Mint, the business
paper in partnership with the Wall Street Journal was launched in Delhi and Mumbai. In the
internet space, was relaunched and was introduced. To
further expand its digital presence, was launched in June 2010 to provide
information on colleges, courses, exams and careers for higher education in India.

HT Mobile - which in turn acquired digital marketing agency Webitude.
Firefly e-Ventures - which moved to the parent company and launched its job portal,

HT Media - A rich heritage to live up to! Organizational values are the foundation stones on which
the organization's image is built. These help the company realize its organizational goals and in turn
transform lives. These values are intended to infuse an infectious energy, professionalism and a sense
of true empowerment to the workplace.

The solid edifice on which HT Media stands tall today was built on high ideals and values. The
company has its roots in the independence movement in the first half of the twentieth century, a cause
to empower the nation. We are adaptive to the changing times, while remaining steadfast to the values
rooted in our culture.

Our values drive us towards our goals of expansion, diversification and excellence. These values
define our philosophy of operations, guide our important decisions and determine our commitment
and achievement.

HT Media strives to be a visionary organization and not an organization with a vision. In our
endeavour to have a shared understanding, alignment and commitment, we have derived our
company's vision that sets the course and empowers people to take action.

Consolidating presence in existing businesses
Revenue growing > 30%
Aggressive expansion of readership base
Rapid expansion in UP
Successful new launches in UP …..Meerut/Agra/Kanpur
Encouraging consumer response to product
Future plans
Transferring Hindi business into a subsidiary
Aggressive expansion strategy to market leader through UP, Uttranchal, MP and Punjab

Consolidate and expand the existing print business
Expand English franchise across metros
Enter new Hindi markets Extend Mint footprint
Continue to invest in printing and infrastructure hubs
Bundle advertising across products and markets
Complement print with Internet / Magazines

Expand operations beyond News - General Entertainment

Build / Grow cross media play

1) The setting up of an autonomous and empowered body structured along the lines of the
Planning Commission, headed by the Prime Minister as Chairperson ex-officio. There would
be a full-time Deputy Chairperson with the rank of a Cabinet Minister.
The organisation would have 5 full time members including the Deputy Chairperson, dealing
with science and technology, socio-cultural matters, education, media, trade, investment and
all economic issues, health care, philanthropy and NGOs, including a Member-Secretary in
charge of coordination and of the mechanism for redressal/dispute resolution.
The members of the Diaspora would be eligible to become a member of the organisation
provided he/she resided in o India for a substantial part of each year of his/her tenure. There
would also be a Governing Body and an Advisory Council and the members of the Diaspora
would also be eligible to become members of those bodies.

2) The setting up of a small Sub-Committee composed of up to 11 MPs under the Standing

Committee of External Affairs - to enable the interaction of the proposed organisation with

3) The proposed organisation should be allowed to form a foundation to receive charitable

and philanthropic donations. It should be also allowed to generate funds through sponsorships
from private individuals and corporations.
4) The organisation should also possess a redressal/dispute resolution mechanism under the
charge of the Member-Secretary. The Member Secretary could also discharge "the functions
of a central nodal point in addressing the specific problems related to overseas blue-collar
workers and liaising with the concerned Government departments at the central and State
level, our Missions abroad and the workers themselves.

The Committee also made recommendations on the organisations needed to be created at the
State level, as well as the support structures required abroad to interact effectively with the
central organisation.


Hindustan Times was started in the year 1924 as a daily newspaper of English language. It
was launched by Mahatma Gandhi to act as a voice against the British Raj. HT Media is a
public limited company of Indian origin and was founded in the year 1993. It occupies the
second position in print media sector in terms of circulation on daily basis. In the year 2003,
media mass holdings of this company were incorporated under one umbrella HT Media Ltd.
It faces competition from the following rival companies-

 Indian Express
 The Hindu
 Times of India

Product in the Marketing Mix of HT Media / Hindustan

HT Media occupies a position as one of the best in media circuit and has holdings in digital,
electronic and print media.

It has several subsidiaries under its belts like HT Media Ltd, ED World Private Limited, HT
Digital Media Holding Limited, HT Burma Media Limited, HT Global Education, HT Music
and Entertainment Company Limited and Hindustan Media Venture Limited. HT Media has a
well-balanced product portfolio and some of its products are as follows-

 Kadambani was introduced on monthly basis in the year 1960. It was a literary
 Nandan was introduced as a children’s magazine in the year 1964 and was published
on monthly basis
 Hindustan is a Hindi language newspaper published on daily basis
 Its Digital business is handled by HT Mobile which has acquired Webtitude
 Firefly e-Ventures has launched, a job portal
 In the year 2006 HT inaugurated Fever 104 FM by collaborating with Virgin Group
and thus entered radio segment
 Mint was launched in the year 2007 after a tie-up with Wall Street Journal in Mumbai
and Delhi. It was a business related paper published in English on a daily basis
 Livemint .com was introduced in internet media as a finance portal and the company
also relaunched
 HT is an education portal that guides students towards right study paths

Place in the Marketing Mix of HT Media / Hindustan

HT Media started its journey from its base in Delhi but in the year 2005, it shifted its
headquartered base to Mumbai, India. Its printing operations include nineteen facilities
located in several parts of India that have the capacity to publish 1.5 million units on an
hourly basis. Products related to HT Media are easily available in most parts of India
because of a wide-spread distribution channel adopted by the company.

Mint has a strong presence in Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Chennai,
Mumbai and Delhi. Radio Channel Fever 104 is available in Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai
and Delhi. Its online portal has more than 7 million registered users. Hindustan
Times has a vast readership that is spread over places like Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Madhya
Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and West Bengal.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of HT Media / Hindustan

HT Media declared its estimated revenues at 24.43 billion rupees at the end of the year 2015.
The company has adopted a competitive pricing policy for its products. It faces competition
from several rival companies and hence has kept its pricing plan at par with its competitors.

Moreover, it wants to make a mark in every nook and corner of India and hence has
undertaken penetration policy to maximise its reach amongst customers. Advertisements are
one of the main sources of revenues and HT Media offers competitive rates to advertisers so
that they can maintain the loyalty of its clients. The company has adopted economic pricing
policy for its daily published newspaper so that it can increase its reach.
Promotions in the Marketing Mix of HT Media /
Hindustan Times
HT Media has a strong marketing plan in place so that it can maintain and create
further brand awareness amongst its consumers. Its promotional plans include the usage of
electronic, social and print media to maximum advantage. Its official website offers relevant
information to interested customers. The company also has strategic tie-ups with important
companies and has taken part in several events as part of promotional activities. Several well-
known literary figures like Poonam Saxena and Karan Thapar publish their columns in
Hindustan Times.

Swot Analysis
SWOT analysis of HT Media analyses the brand/company with its strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities & threats. HT Media is one of the leading brands in the media & entertainment
sector. HT Media SWOT Analysis highlights the internal factors (strengths and weaknesses)
and external factors (opportunities and threats) for the brand.
SWOT Analysis is a management framework which can enable a brand like HT Media to
benchmark its business & performance as compared to the competitors and industry. The
table below also lists the top HT Media competitors and elaborates HT Media market
segmentation, targeting, positioning strategy & Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Below is the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) Analysis of HT Media.
Strengths are:
1. Increase in MINT Readership garnering market share in Metro and Tier-1 towns
2. Experience Management with focus on diversification
3.Strong brand name as it has brands like Hindustan Times, Fever 104 Radio etc
4. Wide reach across India with a strong readership
5. Good brand recall and widely recognised and available
6. Produces over 1.5 million copies per hour in nearly 20 facilities.


Here are the weaknesses in the HT Media SWOT Analysis:

1Increasing penetration of digital media could affect newspaper readership in the in the long term
2.News related controversies often create an issue.


Following are the Opportunities in HT Media SWOT Analysis:

1. Increasing Advertising Yields and penetration in Tier-2 and Tier-3
2. Higher Margins from e-newspaper subscription
3.Fever 104 is a major threat to Radio Mirchi.


The threats in the SWOT Analysis of HT Media are as mentioned:

1. Raw Material cost increasing, putting pressure on margins
2. Weakness in Macroeconomic environment.
3. Intense regional competition with few competitors taking national route.

The top 10 competitors in HT Media's competitive set are Jagran Prakashan, The Times of
India, VCCircle, Dainik Bhaskar Group, Amar Ujala, Hindustan Times, Radio Mirchi, The
Times Group, India Today Group and Mail Today.

What is a PEST analysis?

A PEST analysis is a strategic business tool used by organizations to discover, evaluate,
organize, and track macro-economic factors which can impact on their business now and in
the future. The framework examines opportunities and threats due
to Political, Economic, Social, and Technological forces. Outputs from the analysis inform
strategic planning processes and contribute to market research.

PESTEL Analysis
PESTLE stands for: political, economic, social/cultural, technological, legal, environmental. A description
of developments (known) and rising issues (unknown) which may impact on an industry/sector

Over the past year the media industry has continued to witness increased political interest increase because of
the recognition of the media industry economic importance to the overall economic growth f the country.
Policy stage Changes of administration or political principles have changed along the media industry making it
to be freer than before. (Johnson, 2001)

In the past few years the media industry has witnessed an improved growth in the industry, this is attributed to
India positive economic growth in recent years. The growth of the industry is expected to grow by 16% in the
current year. Improved competition in other sectors also boots the media industry as these sectors services of
the media industry such as promotion. (Johnson, 2001)

Social aspect
Media plays a big role in form information dissemination to the people of India, which of late due to
globalization have developed a high infinite for information. The impact of intense media attention has brought
about a more revolution in the social aspect and created a society which is more enlightened and which
appreciates the industry. Even though the Indians are known to be conservative and traditional they attitudes
towards the media industry are very positive. (Johnson, 2001)

Technological advances
Modern information technological advancement in media is making the industry players adapt faster to the
new environments they are participating. The technological advancement taking place in industry is highand
this calls for increased spending and research so as to be innovative in the industry.

Legal environment
The media industry in India is hot highly regulated as such, but there are laws and regulations which are
enforced for the industry to comply. However, in the recent past the government has become to lessen to laws
so as not to hinder competition in the face of increasing global challenges from the external markets
Legislations such as anti-piracy laws have been enacted and the government tries to enforce
the full even though it is difficult.

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