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Twenty tested and safe homeopathic


This is a description of twenty homeopathic remedies

for common ailments. See other posts in this blog to
view othe remedies. On any particular post search the
page for the word describing your ailment, and
choose the medicine that appears to be the best fit.
Medicines mentioned here do not show any strong
reaction. So you can use them without fear.

The Twenty Remedies
This blog lists twenty homeopathic remedies that we have found useful for curing common ailments.
Each blog describes a particular medicine and the symptoms of diseases where it can be useful.

An alternative listing based on the body part where the patient feels particular ailment is listed in our
yet another blog: Symptoms of Diseases

1. Aconite Napellus 3-4

2. Apis Mellifica 5-6
3. Arnica Montana 7-9
4. Arsenicum Album 10-12
5. Belladonna 13-15
6. Borax 16-16
7. Carbo Vegetabilis 17-18
8. Chamomilla 19-20
9. Cinchona Officinalis 21-22
10. Colocynthis 23-23
11. Echinacea 24-24
12. Glonoine 25-26
13. Hepar Sulphuris 27-28
14. Ipecacuanha 29-29
15. Mercurius Solubilis 30-31
16. Nux Vomica 32-33
17. Pulsatilla 34-35
18. Rhus Toxicodendron 36-37
19. Spigelia 38-38
20. Rescue Remedy 59-60
21. How to take Homeopathic remedies and dosage 39-39
1. Ailments and their Remedies 40-57
2. Index 58-58

Aconitum Napellus
Aconitum Napellus (Aconite) – 30
Aconite works well at the onset of any acute illness whether it is fever, cold, toothache, breathing,
problems, nosebleed or arthritis. It works well on complaints that are sudden and violent. It is a good
remedy for fear, anxiety and tension. It works well on inflammation of the breasts, complaints of
menopause, insomnia during pregnancy and epileptic attack during labour. It works on complaints
arising out of cold and dry weather as well as extremely hot weather.

Nature of the patient: An Aconite patient is physically very healthy and robust. The person is
emotionally unstable, listless and unable to tolerate the slightest pain. Is always in a hurry. Has a poor
opinion of self and hence a constant need to prove himself/herself. In the process becomes very

Mind: Tension is the key symptom of this medicine. Great fear and anxiety at the smallest ailment. There is
fear and worry with delirium but the patient seldom loses consciousness. He is afraid of death and predicts it.
He is afraid of crowds or and even of crossing the road. Tendency to get startled. Pains are intolerable. He is
restless. Music is unbearable. Cannot distinguish between dream and reality.

Headache: Headache is due to exposure to cold winds; the head feels heavy and burns. The patient feels as if
his head is churning in hot water. He feels giddy on waking up. Headaches due to eating cold things or a
suppressed cold. The patient feels as if head will burst. Lifting the head causes vertigo.

Eyes: The eyes are red and swollen. They are hot, dry and gritty. Aconite is also useful after removing any
foreign body from the eye.

Ears: Earache with the outer ear red, hot and swollen. Left ear feels like it is filled with water. Very sensitive to

Nose: Haemorrhage of bright red blood. Sense of smell very acute. Pain at the root of the nose.

Cold: When the cold is caused by exposure to cold and dry wind. The discharge is watery. There is sneezing
and the nose is blocked.

Neuralgia: There is tearing pain on both sides of the face caused by exposure to cold winds. Pain in the jaw.

Toothache: Teeth sensitive to cold and cold food. The gums are swollen.

Throat: Laryngitis. The tonsils are swollen, red, dry and painful.

Diarrhoea: The stool is green, watery and mixed with blood and mucous. There is severe pain in abdomen
and the patient goes to toilet frequently. A newborn baby has green coloured loose motions in summer.
Piles: Stinging pain and bleeding in piles.

Urine: The urine is hot and red and only a few drops come out at a time. Urethra burns and there is
inflammation in the bladder. The patient is anxious on beginning to pass urine. Aconite is also useful when a
newborn does not pass urine. Retention with screaming and restlessness.

Respiration: There is continuous pressure on the left side of the chest. Movement causes difficulty in
breathing. There is whistling in the throat and the patient feels as if he is going to choke. Complaint is worse at
night and more so after midnight. Dry cough and fever at midnight and later. The patient clutches his throat
while coughing.

Neck: Stiff neck with a lot of pain.

Extremities: Fever along with pain and swelling in the joints due to exposure to dry cold wind. There is
numbness and tingling in the joints. Painless crackling in all joints. The patient is worse at night.

Fever: This is the main medicine of fever particularly when accompanied by mental anguish and restlessness.
The fever comes and goes suddenly. The patient consumes large quantities of water at short intervals but
remains thirsty. Face turns red during fever.

Measles: It works as a prophylactic against measles. This medicine is also useful in measles if there is fever,
red eyes, dry cough and burning rash on the body. The patient is very restless and in anguish.

Women’s reproductive system: Amenorrhea due to cold or fear among young girls. Menses are delayed and
accompanied by nosebleed. The vagina becomes hot and sensitive during periods. Hysteria. Heavy bleeding,
pain in the uterus and the ovaries. Inability to urinate after childbirth. Miscarriage due to weakness of the

Men’s reproductive system: It feels like some insect is stinging and crawling over the glans. The testicles are
swollen and hard and feel bruised. There is quick erection and discharge. The erection is painful

Aggravation: The patient feels worse in a warm room, in the evening and night, with music, on consuming
tobacco, when lying on the affected side and on exposure to cold and dry winds.

Amelioration: The patient feels better in open air.

Apis Mellifica
Apis Mellifica (Apis Mel) 6
Apis works especially well on insect bites. It heals inflammation, burning, swelling and
any pain akin to a sting, problems of breathing, miscarriage, fever, urine, menstrual
complaints, inflammation in the breasts and pain during intercourse. It works well on the
right side of the body. When the pain spreads form right to left, Apis is effective.

Nature of Patient: A person suited for Apis expects high standards and may be irritable
and hard to please. Would like to organize others and be possessive o f his/her domain
tending to be jealous of any one new. Seems to be rushing around and working very hard
but may achieve little.

Mind: The patient keeps crying and whining day in and day out without any cause. Sudden
screams. Movement is awkward, drops thin gs. Cannot study. Has little enthusiasm, is very
unhappy and develops a stupid, doubting or jealous nature. Feels as if about to die.

Headache: Throbbing and distensive pain worse on motion but better with pressure. Bores head
into the pillow and screams.

Eyes: The eyes are swollen and the lower lid becomes swollen like a water bag. There is
piercing pain. Apis works well on styes also.

Throat: There is inflammation of the throat, uvula and tonsils, and the patient feels as if
something is stuck inside. Throat is swollen from outside as well. There is constriction and
stinging pain.

Diarrhoea: Involuntary passing of stools whenever the person moves. Anus seems open.
Cholera infantum. Cannot urinate without passing stool.

Piles: Piles with stinging pain or the patient develops piles after childbirth

Urine: Pain and burning while urinating. Intense pain in the last few drops. The urine is scanty
and dark. The patient does not have full control over urine.

Respiration: Difficulty in breathing. The breath is hurr ied. The patient feels as if he is
suffocating and will not be able to draw another breath. There is an attack of dry cough or
swelling in the larynx.

Extremities: There is swelling and inflammation in the joints. The back as well as the limbs
hurt. The patient feels tired and bruised. There is stinging pain in the knees which are swollen
and turn shiny red. Legs are stiff. Numbness in fingers and hands.

Skin: Small papules all over the body. They may not be visible but one can feel them. Urticaria
all over the body which is better in the cold.

Insect Bite: When the bite hurts, swells up and burns like the sting of a bee.

Oedema: Pitting oedema on the hands and feet. The whole body as well as the face is swollen.
Uvula is also swollen and looks like a bag of water. Sudden puffing up of the whole body.

Pain and burning: Any illness, in which there is stinging pain and burning sensation in the
body, as in small pox, measles, allergy and urticaria, insect bites, cases of allergy and cancer
where these symptoms are found will respond to Apis.

Women’s reproductive system: Albumin in urine during pregnancy. Uterus is inflamed and
there is stinging pain. There is swelling and stinging pain in the labia. Cold water reduces
discomfort. Cysts or inflammation particularl y in the right ovary. Very painful periods. The
periods are irregular or stop all of a sudden. Pain during intercourse. Inflammation in the breast,
pain in the ovary and oedema in the body before and during periods. Miscarriage during the
second, third or fourth month of pregnancy.

Aggravation: The complaints become worse in a warm room, by heat in any form, late
afternoon, on touching and after sleeping.

Amelioration: The patient feels better in the outside cool air, by bathing in cold water and by
uncovering the body.

Arnica Montana
Arnica Montana – 200
Injury, cuts and bruises, pain due to injury, cellulitis, inflammation, bleeding, surgical wounds and
cuts, and arthritis respond well to Arnica. Weakness in old age is also well taken care of by it. It
prevents sepsis and tones up muscles and blood circulation.

Nature of the patient: Solemn and fatalistic. Generally denies the existence of an illness, even
when obviously unwell. Prefers to manage illness on one’s own and does not seek medical

Mind: The patient is traumatized from grief or remorse or sudden realization of financial loss. Is
anxious and afraid of being touched. Wants to be left alone and does not wish to talk to any one. Has
nightmares. Is afraid at night and of dying suddenly. He holds his heart and keeps awake. Suffers
from fear of open spaces.

Head: Apoplexy with red and full face. Vertigo while walking.

Hair: Arnica stops falling of hair.

Convulsions: Febrile convulsions in children.

Eyes: Tiredness after watching film etc. or doing close work. Dizzy on closing eyes. Retinal

Teeth: Arnica given before and after a tooth extraction will reduce pain, swelling and bleeding. It also
hastens healing of gums.

Face: Herpes on the face.

Throat: Arnica works well on hoarseness caused by overuse of voice.

Appendicitis: When there is severe pain in the abdomen.

Diarrhoea: Diarrhoea is severe, particularly at night. The patient passes stool during sleep. The stool
contains undigested food, smells rotten, and is mixed with blood or mucus. The stools and vomit are
black in colour.

Urine: The patient is unable to urinate due to tiredness or injury. The urine is brown or has a blackish
hue and is heavy.

Angina Pectoris: There is pain in the region of heart that radiates to the left arm and is worse on the
elbow joint. The pulse is feeble and irregular. Stitches in the heart.
Cough: Dark blood is expectorated during a severe bout of coughing. Phlegm contains small blood

Body: The patient’s head and upper part of the torso are warm but the limbs and the lower portion of
the torso are cold.

Exhaustion: When there is tiredness and pain due to strain and over exertion. Taking a dose of
Arnica regularly will help those old people who suffer from weakness .

Injury: The patient feels bruised all over. Any touch is painful. The skin has turned blue-black due to
an injury. Any injury to the head. Arnica stops external as well as internal bleeding. It works on any
trouble when injury, however remote seems to have caused it.

Arthritis: The patient does not allow any one to touch the affected joint as mere touch increases
pain. Back and limbs feel bruised. The bed feels hard. The patient is unable to walk straight. Joints
are swollen and feel very weak. It is useful in old cases of arthritis where the problem starts in the
lower extremities and moves up.

Surgery: Arnica given before and after surgery will reduce the pain and heal the wound. It will also
prevent sepsis. Arnica helps a post-operative patient who is unable to pass urine.

Bleeding: When there is dark heavy bleeding from veins or a vein has burst, or there is internal
bleeding, Arnica stops it.

Boils: Arnica works well on boils, that are slow to develop a head.

Bedsores: Bedsores heal well with Arnica. It also prevents bedsores.

Fever: The patient has fever with symptoms closely related to typhoid. Shivering over the whole
body. Heat and redness of the head but the rest of the body is cool. Nightly sour sweat.

Women’s reproductive system: When there is abdominal pain or the woman is unable to sleep due
to excessive movement of the baby during pregnancy. Varicose veins during pregnancy. If there is
bleeding due to low lying placenta. If given before and after delivery, it prevents sepsis. Given after
delivery, it helps the expulsion of placenta and contraction of uterus. It reduces pain and bleeding
after delivery. Gives overall relief as it takes care of tiredness and recovery. Give Arnica if the labour
is prolonged and there is foetal distress. Give Arnica if labour starts on account of a fall or shock and
when labour is very painful. The woman is unable to urinate after delivery. Arnica heals cracked

Men’s reproductive system: The testes are sore due to an injury. They are hard and swollen and
extremely sensitive to touch.

Aggravation: Touch, continuous movement, application of heat, long rest, alcohol or cold and damp
surroundings make the patient worse.

Amelioration: The patient gets relief from lying down with head low and limbs spread out and on first

Arsenicum Album
Arsenicum Album (Arsenic Alb) - 30

It works well in all severe diseases and when there is burning any where in the body that is ameliorated
by heat. Arsenic Alb is especially useful in cases of asthma, cold, diarrhoea, food poisoning, fever and
debility. It works well in cellulitis, rickets, depression, suicidal tendencies and excessive bleeding, dark
spots on the skin, weakness and cancer. It is good for ailments caused by consumption of alcohol and

Nature of the patient: Arsenic Alb is suited for a person who is precise, meticulous and loathes
disorder. He/she is immaculately dressed. May be miserly, selfish, malicious and cowardly. Is
financially insecure and worries about health. Complaints return annually. It helps in the case of all
prevailing debility, restlessness and exhaustion with nightly aggravation.

Mind: Patient is afraid of death. He is despondent and feels that his condition will never improve His illness is
sure to result in death and hence there is no point in taking medicines. He is afraid of being alone, of being
attacked when alone. The fear becomes worse in the dark. Changes place continuously. Hallucinations of
smells and sight.

Headache: There is recurring headache at definite intervals, characterized by burning and restlessness. The
skin is cold and clammy. The patient is restless. Pouring cold water over the head gives relief.

Eyes: Burning in eyes with acrid lachrymation. Oedema around eyes.

Cold: There is excoriating watery discharge. The patient sneezes constantly. The nose is blocked. Hay fever.
The patient is better indoors.

Mouth: Metallic taste. Pain in the teeth. Bloody saliva. The patient has ulcers in the mouth or bleeding gums.
The mouth smells foul.

Thirst: The patient is constantly thirsty but drinks only a little quantity at a time.

Vomiting: There is nausea after eating. The patient cannot even tolerate the smell of food. Is very thirsty but
unable to even retain a spoon of water. Arsenic Alb is good for cases of vomiting due to food poisoning.

Diarrhoea: Diarrhoea is caused by consumption of spoilt food or drinks or food poisoning. The stool is dark
and foul-smelling.

Piles: The patient has pain while moving but not while passing stool. There is burning in anus that is relieved
by hot fomentation.

Urine: Diabetes. Scanty. Burning. Involuntary. Weakness after urination. Bladder feels paralyzed. Albumin,
epithelial cells and fibrin in the urine.

Discharges: All discharges are dark, excoriating and have a rotten smell.

Asthma: The attack starts at midnight. The patient has difficulty in inhaling and a burning sensation in the
chest. He gets relief on holding the chest and bending forward. The symptoms become worse with
consumption of cold drinks or from exposure to cold.

Heart: Irritable heart in smokers and tobacco chewers.

Sciatica: Burning sciatic pain on the right side that is relieved by hot fomentation.

Paralysis: Paralysis and emaciation of the lower limbs.

Skin: The skin is rough, dry and scaly. The patient has dandruff. Skin is covered with pustules that burn. There
are premature wrinkles on the skin. There is such severe itching that scratching leads to open wounds. Works
or Anthrax and psoriasis.

Gangrene: Any limb of a diabetic turns gangrenous. Discharge from the wound is foul-smelling. Ulcers on

Oedema: There is pitting oedema on the arms, legs and feet. There is oedema on the face and under the

Burning Sensation: Arsenic is indicated in all cases where there is a marked burning sensation. Despite the
burning the patient finds relief with heat. Even with burning in stomach the patient desires and feels better with
hot tea or milk. The only exception is burning in head in which case the patient wants to pour cold water over
the head.

Anaemia: Along with anaemia the patient has oedema on the hands and feet, on the face as well as under the

Cancer: It helps maintain the system under the stress of malignancy. It reduces the pain in cases of breast
and uterine cancer.

Fever: Whenever the patient’s condition takes a turn for the worse, regardless of the nature of the ailment. In
the case of allergy or hay fever when there is profuse watering of eyes and nose. Fever due to an infection.
High fever. Intermittent fever.

Prophylaxis: It acts as a prophylactic against cholera, hay fever and measles.

Vital force: There is extreme weakness and loss of vitality. The patient loses weight continuously, though
slowly. Weakness and worry of the old people respond well to Arsenic.

Sleep: sleeping sickness. Suffocative fits during sleep.

Women’s reproductive system: Short cycle with heavy bleeding. Vaginal discharges are copious, thin, foul-
smelling and excoriating. The discharge leaves yellow stains on clothing and may be mixed with blood.
Excessive discharge causes weakness. There is cervical erosion. The vagina is dry, itchy and burns. There is
ulceration in the external genitalia. Arsenic Alb may be used for haemorrhage or sepsis after delivery. It works
well in case there is albumin in urine during pregnancy. Give it if the woman is unable to pass urine after

Men’s reproductive system: The penis is so swollen that it looks like a bag of water. Arsenic works on the
swelling of testes also.

Aggravation: In damp weather, after midnight or at noon, in cold or from consuming cold food and drinks the
patient becomes worse.

Amelioration: The patient is better with hot drinks, heat, and on raising his head.

Belladonna 30
It works well on complaints brought on suddenly, congestion and inflammation anywhere
in the body, in tonsillitis, headache, hypertension, fever, burning sensation, skin troubles,
stomach problems women’s reproductive complaints, piles urinary complaints cough,
epilepsy and cramps in children and conjunctivitis. It is especially good in conditions
affecting the right side of the body, for pain and for complaints of children. It is also a
good remedy for mania.

Mind: When the patient is in an aggressive state, tries to run away, bites and spits and attacks
those who look after him. The patient sees imaginary animals and ghosts. The condition of the
patient keeps changing. The patient is better after eating something. Does not like to talk.

Headache: Pain in the right side of the head, or due to a suppressed cold. It decreases when
the patient bends forward and tilts his head. It increases on lying down, in bright light and in the

Congestion: Head, chest, joints, or other parts are congested with blood. The affected limb
turns red and hot. Congestion causes epilepsy, pain, mania or irritation. Congestion of blood in
head or chest leading to a rise in blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure: Belladonna works well in cases of high blood pressure. Pulse rate and
intensity go up with rise in blood pressure and the patient feels giddy.

Eyes: Pain, inflammation, redness and burning in the eyes. The eyes feel hot and as if there is
a foreign body inside. Both eyes water. Photophobia. While reading, the lines do not appear to
be straight. Fall in vision or sudden loss of sight. Inflammation in the optic nerve or the retina.

Ears: Ear is inflamed and extremely painful but there is no pus or discharge. Sensitive to loud
noise. Hearing very acute.

Nose: Imaginary smells.

Mouth: The mouth is dry but there is no thirst. Taste is dulled. Stammering. The tongue feels
weak and is swollen and red.

Throat: The throat is red and the tonsils are enlarged. The patient has difficulty in swallowing
liquids. The throat feels raw. There is difficul ty in bringing out phlegm. The throat hurts and the
patient loses his voice. The hoarseness comes on very fast and the patient has difficulty in
breathing. Asthma may accompany sore throat.

Abdomen: Intermittent pain that varies in intensity. The patient d oes not allow any pressure to
be put on the abdomen. The pain increases on touching as also with pressure. The patient has
great thirst for cold water but is afraid that it may not be retained.

Appendicitis: Sudden pain in the right side of the abdomen wit h high fever.

Piles: Burning and extreme pain in the piles. The patient cannot tolerate the slightest touch.
Lying down with legs spread out gives some relief. Prolapse of anus.

Urine: At the start of urinary infection when the patient is unable to pass ur ine or it comes out
only in drops. Inflammation in the bladder or urinary tract. Incontinence, that is worse on
movement. There is an urgency to pass urine. Dreams of urinating and actually does so in
sleep. There is infection and blood in the urine. Throb bing pain in the urethra. Continuous
urination or frequent and profuse urination.

Cough: Dry cough worse at night. The patient gets relief when some phlegm is expelled.
Trachea is dry, itchy and sore. Sensation of a lump in the throat. Cough sometimes lead s to
vomiting. In pneumonia and pleurisy, the patient is unable to turn on the affected side and is in
tremendous pain.

Heart: Violent palpitations reverberating in the head. Throbbing through the body.

Spondylosis: Neck becomes stiff and the glands in the neck are swollen. There is so much pain
that the patient feels that his neck will break.

Backache: Pain in the lower back that spreads to hips and thighs. Slipped disc. Pain in the
dorsal region.

Cramps: When children get cramps in any part of the body. B elladonna works well in epilepsy

Arthritis: All or many of the joints are red, swollen and burn and are painful. Touch and
movement cause excruciating pain. Sudden inflammation of joints due to exposure to cold.

Skin: The skin is dry, hot, swollen and red. It has papules and burns. Alternate redness and
paleness of the skin.

Fever: The fever is due to exposure to cold wind or from keeping the head uncovered. The
patient feels cold in the evening with sudden rise in temperature. Eyes and face turn red. The
fall of temperature is equally fast. Fever during dentition. Appetite is maintained during fever
and the patient craves for lemons. Feet remain cold. No thirst. Fever is accompanied by

Measles: Shiny red papules on the skin. The skin is hot and dry. There is congestion of blood in
the head. The throat hurts.

Sleep: Is restless and has nightmares. Sees arson. Screams, shouts and talks in sleep. Grits
his teeth. Gets startled during sleep or while falling asleep. Sleepless but feels drowsy. Is
delirious while asleep.

Women’s reproductive system: Pain in the uterus or ovaries that increases on movement. The
uterus is enlarged and sensitive to touch. Menstrual discharge is heavy and clotted. The blood
is bright red in colour and may be foul-smelling. A clot reaches the uterine opening and the
uterus expels it through labour like contractions and bleeding follows. Bleeding during
miscarriage also follows this same pattern. Woman feels very tired during periods. Belladonna is
useful in painful periods also. It works in case of threatened abortion and in controlling bleeding
after miscarriage or childbirth. There is prolapse of uterus and the uterus can be seen outside.
The woman feels worse while standing. Tumours, pain and swelling in the breast. Bac kache
during pregnancy. Belladonna eases the labour of relatively older women and convulsions
during labour. Difficulty in expulsion of the placenta after childbirth. The uterus does not

contract fully after delivery. Blood feels hot. The breasts are infla med and hard after delivery
and the woman is not even able to turn on her side, her face is red and she has fever.

Men’s reproductive system: There is inflammation in the testes. They are hard and turn red.
There is pain in the testes that appears and disa ppears all of a sudden. Night sweat in the

Aggravation: Touch, breeze and noise cause aggravation. The troubles increase on lying down
and the patient is worse from afternoon to midnight.

Amelioration: Bending forward slightly gives relief.

Borax – 200
Children’s problems, aphthae, leucorrhoea, hysteria, gonorrhoea, infertility and menstrual pain
respond well to this medicine.

Nature of patient: If the patient is afraid of downward motion then almost all his complaints can be
treated by Borax. A child is afraid of any motion that has a downward component such as rocking,
being carried downstairs, or even being put down in the bed.

Mind: The patient is worried, volatile and highly sensitive. Gets extremely worried by trifles. Smallest of noises,
music and unexpected news causes great worry. Is afraid of thunder. Startles easily. Anxiety, fear and all other
mental symptoms increase around 11 p.m.

Hair: Tangled at the tips and falls in bunches.

Eyes: Lashes are turned inwards and get entangled with each other. The eyelids rub against the eyeball.
Discharge from the eyes is like mucus and causes the eyelashes to stick together.

Ulcers: White ulcers in the mouth, lips, tongue, the inside of the cheek, throat or stomach can all be treated by
Borax. Child cries as it nurses.

Vomiting: Repeated vomiting after food which is sour and sticky.

Diarrhoea: The child has repeated motions that are yellow, soft, sticky and foul-smelling. It cries out in pain
every time it has to pass a motion. There is ulceration on the anus. Diarrhoea with aphthous mouth.

Urine: Urine has a pungent smell and is hot. Smarting pain in the urethra. The child cries out before urinating.
Small red particles can be seen on the diaper.

Extremities: Eczema causes nails to come off. Throbbing in the thumb. Pain in the ankles. Inflammation in the
balls of the toes. Stitches in the soles and pain in the heels.

Skin: Useful against psoriasis and Herpes. There is itching on the back of the finger joints. Even small wounds
suppurate. Scaling of the skin of fingers and hands. Itching and stinging on the hands.

Thrush: Borax is a good remedy for thrush, whatever the cause and location.

Women’s reproductive system: This is an excellent medicine for leucorrhoea. The discharge is thick and
sticky like the white of an egg. The patient feels as if a stream of warm water is trickling down. Periods are
painful due to endometrium not breaking down. They are frequent and heavy with labour like pains. Itching and
eczema in the vulva. Borax is useful in overcoming infertility. When the mother’s milk is thick and found
disagreeable by the child, this medicine should be given to both. Feeding the child at one breast causes pain in
the other. Borax enhances lactation if given before delivery.

Aggravation: The patient is worse during downward motion, noise, from smoking, warm weather and after

Amelioration: The patient feels better with pressure, in the evening and in cold weather.

Carbo Vegetabilis
Carbo Vegetabilis (Carbo Veg) – 200

Carbo Veg can restore the life of a patient on his deathbed by restoring his vital force. It works well in
case of weakness, fullness and flatulence, cholera and breathing problems, ulcers in the mouth,
gangrene and cholera.

Nature of the patient: The patient is run down, weak and exhausted especially after surgery or a
debilitating illness. Lacks power of concentration and has lapses of memory. There is no interest in the
news about the wider world. Attitudes are fixed. Has chronic complaints and is sluggish, lazy and fat.

Mind: Sudden loss of memory. The patient has a dislike of the dark and a fear of ghosts. Has very mild likes
and dislikes. Is highly fatigued mentally and only wishes to lie down and sleep. Lazy and sluggish.

Mental symptoms of children: Child lacks energy and falls behind in its class. Wakes up startled at night,
and refuses to sleep alone. Is afraid of entering a dark room alone.

Headache: Headache on account of any excess or a cold. Eyes also hurt along with head. It feels as if
someone is hammering the head. Pain in the occiput. Head is heavy, hot and burns.

Hair: Hair falls in clumps, and there are boils on the scalp.

Eyes: Black spots before the eyes. Eyes burn, lack lustre, appear sunken and are tired and painful.

Ears: Excoriating, watery and foul-smelling discharge from the ear especially after fevers like measles and
malaria. The ear feels blocked and there is ulcer in the inner ear.

Mouth: The tongue is coated white or yellowish-brown and full of purple ulcers. The gums are swollen, painful
and retracted. There is pus in the gums and they bleed easily. The roots of the teeth are exposed and they
become loose. The patient is worse after consuming hot, cold or salted food. The mouth is dry.

Throat: Sticky bloodstained phlegm in the throat. Laryngitis from overexertion. Voice fails at the slightest

Digestion: Sour eructation after eating. Cramps in the chest. There is nausea in the morning along with
heartburn. Food stays undigested in the stomach. Worse on lying down. Belching gives temporary relief. Likes
heavy food, coffee and intoxicating drinks. Dislikes nutritious food and craves strange things.

Abdomen: The abdomen is bloated and filled with gas. Foul-smelling flatus. The liver is enlarged and tender.
Gas produces shifting pain. There is burning in the abdomen.

Diarrhoea: Motions are full of gas and foul-smelling. There is burning, itching and redness at the anus.
Involuntary stools with cadaverous odour.

Cough: Whooping cough. Every movement causes a coughing fit. There is burning in chest along with cough.
Cough increases in the evening, in the open air, after meals and from speaking. Whistling and rattling in the
chest. The face turns blue. The patient wants to be fanned vigorously. Choking on lying down. Carbo Veg is
useful in asthma in hot and humid weather and in old cases of pneumonia.

Bleeding: When veins are weakened and the bleeding does not stop in the normal course. The blood is dark
red. Nosebleeds every day.

Weakness: The patient’s body turns cold. There is profuse cold sweat all over. It is difficult to find the pulse.
The patient is very weak and on the deathbed. The head is hot but the extremities are cold. Veins are swollen.
Carbo Veg works well for old people who have become very weak. It is also useful for young people who are
weak and for those who have aged prematurely.

Extremities: There is no strength in the muscles of arms and legs. The limbs and veins are swollen and cold.
The veins are inflamed or there are varicose ulcers on the legs that refuse to heal or dry up. The side on which
the patient lies becomes numb.

Skin: The skin is cold. The smallest injury leads to bleeding. The wound does not dry easily. Carbuncles.

Gangrene: The person lacks energy. Wounds do not heal and lead to gangrene.

Infection: There is infection in the body after surgery and the skin turns red and blue.

Cholera: it is the most important medicine for cholera. The patient has pain in abdomen, diarrhoea, vomiting
and acidity. There is cold sweat on the forehead and the body turns blue. The patient is too weak to even turn
in the bed. Alternates between consciousness and unconsciousness. The patient wants the windows open and
fan turned on.

Sleep: The patient is so full of worries while sleeping that sleep is not refreshing. Ghosts appear in dreams.
Has nightmares and wakes up suddenly wet with sweat. Is anxious and feels suffocated in the dark. Afraid of
falling asleep.

Women’s reproductive system: Early menopause. There is excessive white discharge just before
menstruation and burning in hands and feet. Prolonged menses, the bleeding is not heavy. The discharge is
dark and foul-smelling. Similar discharge after childbirth also. The woman feels as if her uterus is going to
come out. If the uterus loses its tone and does not contract after childbirth but the bleeding is not excessive
then Carbo Veg will help in the expulsion of the placenta. There is excessive nausea and gas problem during
pregnancy and the woman develops varicose veins. Acrid, excoriating, green or blood-mixed vaginal
discharge. Insufficient breast milk. The mother feels tired on feeding the baby.

Men’s reproductive system: Wet feeling and itching between the testicles and the thighs. Loss of erection.
Involuntary discharge while passing stool.

Aggravation: In the evening, at night, in the open air, after eating fatty food, drinking coffee, milk or alcohol
and in warm and moist weather, the patient feels worse.

Amelioration: The patient is better in cold weather, on being fanned vigourously, from fasting and after

Chamomilla – 30
Chamomilla is especially useful in teething children, in toothache, earache, epileptic attacks and
diarrhoea. It is good pain remedy. Particularly useful for people who are restless, irritable and short

Nature of the patient: Cannot speak without shouting. No tolerance for pain. Do not like to be
interrupted. Children are overactive and difficult to control. Particularly suited to children who keep
demanding things but refuse when offered. Suited for a mother-child relationship which is full of
shouting, screaming and angry tears. Key words are sensitive, irritable, thirsty and finds the pain

Mind: The patient is very hot tempered and irritable. Insensitive towards other people’s feelings. Has no
control over anger and is always ready to fight. Always complaining. Gets angry even on being spoken to.

Eyes: The eyes are red, swollen and painful. There is discharge of blood from the eyes. Blood smeared
watering of the eyes of a newborn.

Ears: Earache caused by teething or exposure to cold. The child takes its fist to the ear and cries out in pain.
There is ringing in the ear. Pain and swelling make the patient cry out. Ears seem to be blocked.

Toothache: Pain in a tooth on the right side. No pain during the day but becomes really bad at night. Hot
drinks make the pain worse. The gums are swollen and there is foul smell from the mouth. Affected side turns

Teething: The child gets very irritable and angry due to pain. Demands things, but throws them away when
they are given. Is always complaining, restless and uneasy and feels good only when being petted and carried

Abdomen: Child has abdominal colic which is so bad that it rolls on the floor, screams, cries and wants to be
carried. Pain in the region of the navel or the liver.

Digestion: Nausea after coffee. The patient sweats after eating. Has a dislike for hot drinks. The tongue is
coated yellow. Bitter taste in the mouth.

Diarrhoea: Green motions with colic in babies while teething.

Cough: Cough is dry, irritating and tickling. Throat is hoarse. Rattling of mucus in children. Cough is worse at

Discharges: Excoriating and yellow pus like discharge from any part of the body can be treated with

Backache: Intolerable pain in the hips and the back. Stiffness of neck muscles.
Epilepsy: The child has an epileptic attack and its body becomes stiff, face is distorted and eyes roll up. It
flays its arms and legs and curls up its toes.

Extremities: Compelled to walk about at night due to pain. Paralytic loss of power in feet at night and unable
to step on them. Burning in soles at night. Ankles give way in the afternoon.

Pain: It helps in all types of pain particularly when the patient has low tolerance, is irritable and moans with
pain. The limb that hurts also becomes numb.

Sleep: The child has difficulty in falling asleep during teething and wakes up agitated as if from a nightmare.
The patient wants to sleep but is unable to. Feels sleepy at the wrong time. Finds it difficult to sleep in the first
part of the night. Effort to go to sleep is tiring and leads to nightmares.

Women’s reproductive system: Watery thin leucorrhoea. Labour like pain before and during periods. Cramps
in the calves during pregnancy. Prolonged labour. The pain moves up and the woman cries aloud, shouts and
screams with anger at every contraction. Labour pain radiates down the back to the hips and thighs. Irregular
or false labour pains. An epileptic attack during labour. There is difficulty in the dilatation of the cervix.
Excessive bleeding after delivery. The breasts are hard or inflamed.

Aggravation: Teething, anger, application of heat and open air make the patient worse. Complaints worse at

Amelioration: The patient feels better in warm moist surroundings and on fasting. Children feel better on
being carried around.

Cinchona Officinalis
China (Cinchona Officinalis) – 30

China works very well on weakness due to loss of vital fluids, menstrual problems, digestive
disturbances, intermittent fever, arthritis, bleeding and loss of taste for food. It is suited for chronic

Nature of the patient: People suitable for China tend to be artistic, imaginative and highly-strung. They find it
easier to sympathize with nature rather than with people. They are intense and dislike trivial conversation. They
have a liking for alcoholic drinks.

Mind: The brain becomes weak over a period of time. The patient is unable to express properly and cannot find the right
words. Stays up in bed at night making wild plans. In the morning is surprised by this foolhardy behaviour. After sleep the
patient is more clearheaded and able to see things in proper perspective. Tendency to hurt others. Does not listen to any
one. Full of thoughts and hence unable to sleep. Starts crying all of a sudden and becomes very sad.
Headache: Severe headache as if the head will burst. Throbbing. The scalp is too sensitive even for a comb. The pain
shifts from one temple to the other. It increases in the open air but reduces in a warm room or with application of pressure.

Eyes: Dark circles around the eyes. Eyes have a yellow tinge. The patient suffers from night blindness. There is reduced
vision. Eyes feel gritty. Eyes hurt in lighted places. Pressure in the eyes. Black spots or dazzling illusions.

Ears: Sensitive to the slightest sound. There is constant humming, whistling and ringing in the ears. Blood-mixed and
foul-smelling discharge or bleeding.

Nose: There is bleeding from the nose upon rising. Cold sweat on the nose. Unable to tolerate the smell of cooking and
fruits, particularly of watermelon.

Cold: Checked cold. Sneezing, that may be dry or with watery discharge.

Toothache: The tooth is sensitive to touch but hard pressure with hand or teeth feels good. Pain increases with cold and
the teeth feel elongated while chewing.

Appetite: The patient is hungry but has aversion to all food including bread.

Digestion: There is pain and bloating of the abdomen and sour eructation. Despite passing wind the abdomen feels full.
There is vomiting of undigested food and the patient has revulsion for milk. Feels worse on consuming fruits. Abdominal
pain that increases at midnight. Gall stone colic. Hiccups. Jaundice and the liver is enlarged.

Diarrhoea: The stool is frothy, foul-smelling, watery, yellow and semi-digested. Painless diarrhoea.

Weakness: Bleeding, white discharge, diarrhoea and any other loss of fluids lead to weakness. The face turns pale and
the eyes are sunken with dark circles around them. The patient is tired due to overwork.

Post-operative problems: There is bloating of abdomen after surgery.

Extremities: Inflammation and sprain like pain in the joints. They are sensitive to touch but feel better when pressed.

Bleeding: Bleeding anywhere from the body. The blood is bright red in colour. There is so much bleeding that the patient
becomes pale.

Angina Pectoris: There is pain in the region of heart that radiates to the left arm and is worst on the elbow joint. The
pulse is feeble and irregular. Stitches in the heart.

Skin: Washed out unhealthy complexion and sensitive skin. Sensitive to touch.

Intermittent fever: Fever rises in the forenoon every second or third day. Before the temperature starts to rise the patient
feels very thirsty but once the shivering starts the patient stops feeling thirsty. Is again thirsty after the temperature has
risen. At night there is perspiration which leaves the patient weak.

Women’s reproductive system: Instead of periods there may be blood-mixed dark coloured leucorrhoea that causes
itching and leaves yellow stains on clothes. Frequent periods that are prolonged, painful and heavy. The discharge is
clotted. Useful for women in the perimenopausal stage. Heaviness and pain in the pelvic region. Feels weak because of
prolonged breastfeeding

Men’s reproductive system: The patient is excited, and lost in sexually exciting thoughts. There is frequent discharge,
which makes him weak. Testes are inflamed.

Aggravation: The patient feels worse at night, after eating and on being touched.

Amelioration: The patient is better from warmth, in open air, on being pressed hard on the affected part and on bending

Colocynthis (Colocynth) – 200

It works well on colic, anger, sciatica and giddiness. It is useful in all conditions, which arise out of
anger. It is indicated during transitional season when the sun is strong but the air is cold.

Nature of patient: The patient is irritable. Has sedentary habits and a tendency to put on weight.

Mind: The patient is very irritable, gets annoyed when asked questions. Is very foul tempered. Wants to be left alone and
is very impatient.

Head: Turning the head to the left causes giddiness. There is vomiting and nausea along with headache. The patient has
a frontal headache that increases on bending forward, on lying down or on moving the eyelids. Cutting pain in the head.

Eyes: Pain in the eyes, which reduces upon being pressed. The patient feels as if his eyes will fall out if he bends
forward. Pain in the eyes, followed by glaucoma.

Ears: Sounds echo in the ears.

Colic: The pain is very severe. There is a bitter taste in the mouth. The patient holds on to his abdomen and doubles up
in pain. Movement and pressure with a hard object bring relief. Colic often accompanied by vomiting and loose motions.
Abdominal pain is accompanied by pain in the teeth and head or cramps in the calves. It is an important remedy for colic.

Indigestion: The patient hates the sight of food. Is unable to digest starchy food like rice and potatoes. Pain in the
abdomen causes nausea and vomiting. Stool after eating or drinking even a small quantity.

Urine: Intense burning in the urethra during stool. Itching at the orifice. Small quantity of urine. Pain on urinating radiates
to be whole abdomen.

Body Odour: Sweat smells of urine.

Sciatica: Left-sided pain that extends to the heel. Pain moves like electric shock. It is relieved by hot fomentation and
pressure. Becomes worse on movement.

Body ache: Pain in the left side of the body mostly caused by anger. The patient cries out in pain. Pain causes weakness
and fainting. Feeling as if ants are crawling on the affected parts.

Arthritis: The joints are stiff. Muscles are contracted. Movement increases pain, while resting, pressure and hot
fomentation reduce it.

Women’s reproductive system: There is piercing pain in the ovaries. The woman doubles up with the pain and is
restless. There are small round cysts in the ovaries. Relief from bending forward and pressing her abdomen hard.

Aggravation: Anger, touch, eating and movement make the patient worse. All problems are aggravated between four and
nine p.m.

Amelioration: Bending forward, applying warmth and pressure on the affected part with a hard object gives relief.

Echinacea – 30
Works well on any problem related to blood, on skin diseases, and on problems like boils and
gangrene. It is helpful in reducing intolerable pain. It works on goitre and meningitis.

Mind: Confused and depressed.

Meningitis: The spine is also affected along with the brain.

Goitre: Eyes bulge out in goitre.

Tonsilitis: Tonsils turn purple or black and there is irritation in the throat. Ulcers in the throat.

Indigestion: The patient has nausea, sour eructation and heartburn that reduce on lying down.

Appendicitis: In the first stage of infection when there is extreme pain. DO NOT GIVE LATER AS IT MAY

Urine: The urine is scanty and contains albumin. The stream is not uniform. Incontinence.

Blood: In case of blood poisoning and any septic condition.

Skin: Repeated boils and vesicles on the skin that itch. The patient has inflammation and burning from bites
and stings. Itching anywhere in the body and from allergy caused by contact with poisonous plants also
respond to it.

Injury: Bruising of any part of the body due to injury.

Extremities: Aching in the limbs and general lassitude.

Inflammation and wounds: Gangrenous infection or open wound anywhere on the body. Lymphatic

Cancer: In the last stages of cancer when the patient has unbearable pain.

Fever: The patient is chilly and has nausea. Diarrhoea during typhoid.

Others: It works well in the first stages of gonorrhoea and on ulcers as well.

Women’s reproductive system: Infection during labour and fever afterward. Lochia is excoriating and foul-

Glonoine – 200
Glonoine works well on complaints arising from heatstroke, cessation of menses, headache and high
blood pressure. There is surge of blood to the head and heart.

Mind: The patient is very irritable and cannot withstand any opposition. Is averse to work. Confusion.

Headache: This is the main medicine for headache. It works well when there is congestion of blood in the
head, i.e., the face turns red as may happen in case of a heatstroke. The pain starts from the back of the head
and extends to the forehead. The heartbeat is very strong and the pulse can be felt in the head also. The pain
starts all of a sudden but reduces equally fast. Throbbing headache that increases with movement and on
exposure to sun. Lying down quietly gives relief. The patient also feels better if he vomits or has a long nap.
Wearing caps increases the headache of children. The child is unable to think or write when it has a headache.

High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure and a heavy head and the patient is unable to withstand heat or
warmth of any kind. Giddiness while standing.

Cerebral stroke: When there is a fear of a stroke in the brain or when the patient has a stroke.

Heatstroke: When a heatstroke leads to nausea and vomiting and the patient is able to feel his heartbeat.
Headache. Patient faints while walking in the sun. The ailment is a result of fast change in temperature,
whether from hot to cold or the other way round.

Meningitis: Very high fever. Feels that the head will burst due to headache. Difficulty in bending the neck
forward. Has excessive nausea and vomiting. Forehead and the torso are very hot but the limbs are cold. The
face is very hot, red and shining. The eyes are contracted and the patient has epileptic fits.

Eyes: The eyes are red, the lids are dry and stick to the eyeball. The patient sees bright stars. Letters seem
small. Even in a well-lit area, the patient can see only half the space, as the other half seems dark.

Mouth: The patient is not very thirsty but the mouth is very dry. The tongue is red and dry and then turns

Toothache: Throbbing toothache.

Indigestion: Nausea and vomiting. There is excessive hunger and the patient feels as if the stomach is empty.

Heart: Heaviness and heat in the region of the heart. The heartbeat is very strong and the pulse can be felt in
the whole body. It feels as if the chest will explode due to the heartbeat. The patient is out of breath. Is very
weak and has spells of fainting.

Backache and Body ache: There is a tearing pain in the limbs. Pain in the upper part of the left arm. Back is
extremely painful. There is itching in the whole of the body, which is more intense in the affected limbs.

Women’s reproductive system: Delayed periods. She has a headache due to congestion of blood in the
head with amenorrhoea. Problems become worse during menopause. Hot flashes. Excessive bleeding which
is foul-smelling, bright red and clotted. It feels as if the body is on fire.

Aggravation: Exposure to the sun, bending head forward, movement, sleep, gaslight, fire, intoxicating drinks,
mental labour and haircut make the patient worse. The problems increase between six am and noon.

Amelioration: Brandy, lying down quietly, and keeping the head exposed, make the patient feel better.

Hepar Sulphuris
Hepar Sulphuris (Hepar Sulph) – 200

Hepar Sulph works against all infections and is the ultimate homoeopathic medicine in this regard.
Boils and other infectious cases normally considered fit for a surgical intervention, respond to it. It is
also useful in certain cases of cough and cold, asthma, women’s reproductive problems, and
infections related to the tonsils.

Nature of the patient: Difficult to please and takes easy offense. They make difficult patients who hate
disturbance and noise and feel their ailment acutely. They make unreasonable demands and dislike
being touched. They tend to be lethargic and have a pale skin. They display an outward calm but are
restless and agitated. They feel that life has been harsh to them.

Mind: The patient gets irritated by small things, speaks very fast and thinks of committing suicide. While angry,
he does not even hesitate before wishing to murder his best friend.

Head: Vertigo on shaking head. Pain in the right temple every morning.

Eyes: Corneal ulcers. Purulent conjunctivitis.

Ears: Discharge of pus from the ears. Deafness after scarlet fever.

Mouth: Crack on the middle of the lower lip, excessive salivation and bleeding gums that are sore to touch.

Cold and cough: The larynx and the trachea are inflamed. The patient is unable to speak and finds it difficult
to breathe and a mucous membrane is formed on the trachea. There is dry cough, which is worse in the
morning and on exposure to cold air. Runny nose and sneezing. Nasal discharge later becomes thick and
smells like rotten cheese. Sinusitis. A child has a coughing fit in the middle of the night and is unable to breathe
and wakes up feeling frightened.

Throat: Tonsils are swollen. Difficulty in swallowing and/with a sensation of a plug or a splinter in the throat.
Pain on swallowing radiates to the ear.

Abdomen: Abdomen is so bloated that the patient has to loosen his clothes. The stomach feels heavy even
after eating just a small quantity. Burning in the stomach after eating.

Liver: The patient has jaundice and tenderness in liver (right side of the abdomen just under the ribs). There is
stitching pain in the liver while coughing, walking or on touch. Hepatitis. Abscess in the liver.

Urine: The bladder is weak. The flow of urine is weak and slow. A man’s urine has no force and falls straight
on the ground. After urination the patient feels that the bladder is not completely empty.

Asthma: Attacks of asthma in dry weather. Coughing accompanies the attack. The cough tires the patient out.
The patient is unable to expel the phlegm even though it is loose. He is sensitive to cold and wants to be
heavily clothed and sleep in a warm room. Child has difficulty in breathing and feels suffocated.

Skin: The slightest cut turns septic. There is a tendency to get boils in the folds of the skin under the joints
such as under the arms or at the back of the knee. The patient has painful boils and cysts on the ovaries,
genitalia or between the thighs. Herpes, Repeated bouts of urticaria and excessive sweating. Acne in youth.
Chapped skin with deep cracks in hands and feet. Small pox. Wants to be wrapped up warmly.

Foreign body: Hepar will remove any foreign body like a thorn or a needle stuck in the skin or under the skin.

Nails: Pus formation on the fingertips and at the root of the nails. Nails become loose and fall. They become
so brittle and weak that they break. It feels as if a splinter is stuck in the nail. Nail of the big toe is very painful
on slight pressure.

Boils: Boil is hot and inflamed that the patient won’t allow it to be touched.

Infections: Hepar sulf works on all infections of mucus membranes anywhere in the body. It works on
conjunctivitis, ear infections, bladder injuries and diarrhoea caused by infection in the intestines. It is effective
on infection of any gland as well.

Women’s reproductive system: Vaginal discharge is excoriating and has an extremely sour smell. Painful
abscess on the labia. There is itching in the external genitalia and the nipples during menstruation. Menses are
scanty and delayed. There is profuse sweating during menopause. Abscess on the breast.

Aggravation: The patient is worse in dry cold air, on exposure to cold, while undressing in winter, if the boil is
touched and on lying down on the affected side.

Amelioration: The patient feels better in warm and moist weather, after meals and with the head covered.

Ipecacuanha (Ipecac) - 200
The medicine works well on nausea, vomiting, pneumonia, cold and cough, profuse bleeding, asthma,
diarrhoea, cholera and irritability.

Nature of the patient: Indicated in fat children and adults who are feeble and catch cold in relaxing
atmosphere and in warm and moist weather.

Mind: Holds everything in contempt. Is irritable. Is full of desires although does not know the object.

Eyes: Nausea from looking at moving objects .

Cold and cough: The nose is blocked with thick mucus that is expelled with great difficulty. Irregular dry cough
accompanied by nausea and vomiting. There is a rattling sound and cough with every breath. In whooping
cough, there is expectoration of blood from the throat and nose.

Mouth: The patient is not thirsty and the tongue is clean. Much saliva.

Nausea: There is constant nausea even after vomiting. In any illness when there is persistent nausea or
vomiting this medicine works well. Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

Abdominal pain: Pain due to gas or stone in the gall bladder, worse around the navel. The abdomen is
bloated and the patient has cramps around the navel, vomits bile and suffers from nausea.

Diarrhoea: The stool looks like grass or crushed leaves - a frothy green. Sometimes dark red blood and
mucus are also expelled along with the stool.

Asthma: The patient has difficulty in breathing along with nausea and phlegm or bloody discharge from the
chest. The lungs feel stiff, and the patient is unable to lie down. Coughs with every breath. Yearly attack of
shortness of breath.

Pneumonia: Pneumonia in small children with phlegm in the chest and a loud rattling sound with each breath.
The skin has a bluish hue and the face is pale.

Bleeding: Bleeding from any natural orifice in the body, from nose to anus. Blood is bright red. Nausea
accompanies bleeding. So much blood is lost that the patient becomes anemic, turns pale and has oedema.

Fever: The patient feels hot and has dyspnea, nausea and vomiting. Intermittent fever.

Cholera: In the first stage of cholera, particularly in children. The child has extreme nausea and vomiting.

Women’s reproductive system: Continuous bleeding from the uterus. Periods are frequent and heavy. Pain
radiates from the navel to the uterus. The woman may faint from bleeding. There are fibroids in the uterus.
Heavy flow of bright red blood during miscarriage and excessive bleeding after childbirth.

Aggravation: The complaints increase in moist and warm weather or on lying down.

Amelioration: Pressure on the affected part and closing the eyes makes the patient feel better.

Mercurius Solubilis
Mercurius Solubilis (Merc Sol) – 200
Merc Sol works especially well on ulcers and inflammation, cold, diarrhoea, rheumatic pain and
problems of the eyes and throat. It is useful in rickets, cellulitis and syphilis. The patient is unable to
withstand excessive heat or cold.

Nature of Patient: These people are insecure though outwardly calm. They are cautious and reserved
with others. They measure their words and consider what they are about to say to the extent that the
conversation becomes laboured.

Mind: The patient is slow in answering questions. Loss of memory and willpower. Is tired of life and feels that
he is losing his reason. Unable to trust others.

Head: One-sided tearing pain. Vertigo on lying down. Eruptions on the scalp.

Eyes: The eyelids are red, inflamed and thick. There is profuse acrid discharge. Corneal ulcers. Black spots
before the eyes after exposure to glare.

Ears: Thick yellow discharge from the ear. The patient has a boil on the outer ear. The ear is painful and the
trouble becomes worse at night or with the warmth of the bed.

Cold: Thick, yellowish-green, foul-smelling and corrosive discharge. Much burning and itching in the nose.
Headache. The nose is blocked. Sneezing in the sun. There is ulceration inside the nose. The nasal bone

Nosebleed: The nose bleeds at night.

Face: Pale, dirty looking and puffy. Aching in the bones. Syphilitic pustules on the face.

Mouth: Excessive saliva constantly in the mouth and an odour of decay pervades the whole room. Despite
salivation, the patient is constantly thirsty. Trembling of the tongue causes problems of speech. There is
ulceration in the mouth.

Toothache: Toothache at night. The teeth feel loose and elongated. The gums are swollen and bleed easily.
The roots of the teeth separate for the gums. Chewing, and even touch are painful. Toothache accompanies
old case of gout. Teeth rot and there is pus in the roots.

Throat: Burning and inflammation in the throat, which may turn red and blue. Ulceration. Neck glands are
swollen. Complaints follow every change in weather. The patient is unable to speak and constantly wants to
swallow something. Pain radiates to the ear. Right side is more severely affected. There may be pus formation
and difficulty in swallowing. Complete loss of voice.

Stomach: Food regurgitates. Hiccups. Continuous hunger.

Liver: The liver is enlarged, hard and tender. There is jaundice.

Diarrhoea: The stool is green, thin and mixed with blood. Feeling of incomplete evacuation. The pain and the
frequency of motions also increase at night. Whitish gray stools.

Urine: The patient has a frequent desire to urinate. At the start of urination, the urethra burns. Urine is dark,
scanty, and blood-mixed and contains albumin.

Respiratory: Cannot lie on the right side due to soreness. Cough worse at night in the warmth of the bed.

Backache: Pain near the coccyx, especially while sitting.

Extremities: Extreme weakness and pain in the bones. Trembling in the hands. Feet and legs are swollen.

Skin: There is severe itching in the whole body that gets worse in bed. There are small pustules all over the
body especially in the scalp that burn. Copper coloured boils erupt anywhere on the body. The patient has
weeping or foul-smelling eczema. The skin remains moist all the time. Free perspiration ameliorates.

Measles: The patient has frequent bouts of sneezing. Nasal discharge is either thick or watery. Tonsils are
enlarged and there is burning in the chest.

Fever: Fever is accompanied by gastric symptoms. Yellow perspiration. Perspiration does not bring relief.
Chilliness is worse in the evening.

Women’s reproductive system: Menstruation is scanty or profuse, clotted and excoriating with itching in the
genitalia. Breast and abdomen are painful during periods. Leucorrhoea is thin, excoriating, and green in colour
and may be mixed with blood. Reproductive organs feel raw. Stinging pain in the ovaries. It is useful for
cervical erosion as well as in uterine and breast cancer. Pain in abdomen or swelling in the genitalia during

Men’s reproductive system: It is especially useful in ulcers over the prepuce and glans and in sexually
transmitted diseases. There is irritation and itching in prepuce, increased libido, painful erection, night emission
and the semen is bloodstained.

Aggravation: The patient feels worse at night, in cold and damp weather, from sleeping on the right side, in a
hot room or bed or from sweating.

Amelioration: Resting and crying gives relief.

Nux Vomica
Nux Vomica – 200
Nux Vomica is especially suited to all problems caused by the so-called modern stressful life. It is
more suited to men. It will work on most of the acute symptoms arising from a life on the fast track. it
is specifically suited for problems like indigestion, sleeplessness, headache, urinary problems, loss of
appetite, constipation or piles - in other words, for most commonly encountered acute and chronic

Nature of patient: The typical Nux patient is rather thin, spare, quick, active, nervous and irritable. Does
great deal of mental work and leads a sedentary life. Seeks stimulants as well as sedation such as
coffee, wine tobacco etc. Keeps late hours and has problems in the morning – heavy head, dyspepsia
irritability etc. In all, the person is hypersensitive and overimpressionable, has constipation and
digestive problems and may be a hypochondriac.

Mind: Very irritable and sensitive to all impressions. Cannot bear noises, odours, light etc. Does not want to be
touched. Time passes too slowly. Malicious, fault finding and disposed to reproach others.

Headache: There is pain at the back of head and above the eyes. Headache is caused by overwork, or
consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and coffee, or cold breeze. It generally starts at sunrise. The patient also
feels giddy and may have a momentary loss of consciousness.
Epilepsy: Every muscle is contracted during the attack. The face turns black and the patient is out of breath. Is
conscious during the attack, and well aware of the ugliness of the situation.

Cold: The patient catches a cold during cold and dry weather. The nose gets stuffed up at night or in the open
air. There is copious discharge in the morning. Despite discharge the stuffed up feeling remains. The patient
feels worse in a warm room.

Nose: Nose bleeds in the morning. Odours may cause fainting.

Throat: Irritation in the throat, it feels raw, there is a feeling of tightness and the trachea feels constricted. The
uvula is swollen. Pain radiates from the throat to the ear.

Vomiting: Bitter vomit immediately after breakfast. Stomach feels heavy. Nausea and vomiting with much
retching. Stomach tender. Wants to vomit but is unable to.

Indigestion: Bloating of the abdomen, cramping and pain. The patient is unable to digest food for many hours,
has a craving for fatty foods and for intoxicating drinks. Suffers from sour eructation.

Constipation: A constant desire to evacuate bowels, but dos not get the feeling of complete bowel movement
and hence remains dissatisfied.

Piles: Piles bleed and itch a lot .

Urine: The patient wants to pass urine but is unable to do so due to a constriction in the urethra. Urine comes
out in drops. There is pain in the kidney region that spreads to the genitalia.

Kidney stone: Pain starts in the right kidney and goes right down to the genitalia. Accompanied by backache.

Paralysis and muscular problems: Cramps in any muscle or in the whole body accompanied by weakness.
Rectum or urethra is paralyzed. There is facial paralysis.

Back: Pain in the lumber region. Burning in the spine. Must sit up even to turn sides in the bed. Sitting is

Skin: Touch and cold air make the problems worse. The patient has urticaria accompanied by indigestion. Red
blotches on the face due to acne and pimples.

Fever: High fever with chills. Chill starts in the limbs and the back, the patient then feels hot, and sweats.
Jaundice during fever. Wants to remain covered.

Anti-dote: Nux Vomica acts as an anti-dote to other medicines.

Sleep: The patient wakes up very early, between 3 am to 4 am, feels wretched. Is unable to fall asleep after
that, is drowsy after meals. Can manage without enough sleep. Better from a nap.

Women’s reproductive system: Menses are frequent, prolonged, painful and irregular. The discharge is dark.
There is headache and constipation. Feels better with hot fomentation. Pain in the vagina and itching on the
labia. A heightened desire to urinate or defecate during periods or labour. Constipation during pregnancy.
Ineffectual labour pain extending up to the rectum. Excessive sweating during menopause. Prolapse of uterus.

Men’s reproductive system: Erection in the morning but the penis is limp during intercourse. Easily excitable.

Aggravation: The complaints are worse in the morning, after mental labour and meals, on touch, in dry
weather, on eating spicy food, from intoxicating and stimulating drinks, in the warmth of bed or from movement.

Amelioration: The patient gets relief in the evening, from a nap or resting and in hot and humid weather.

Pulsatilla - 200
Pulsatilla is especially useful in colds, digestive problems, earache, diarrhoea, leucorrhoea, irregular
periods, inflammation in the breasts, arthritis, mumps and labour pains particularly in those cases
where the symptoms keep changing. It is well suited to women.

Physical makeup and nature of the patient: A woman who responds to Pulsatilla is normally plump.
She is shy, polite, soft hearted and prone to crying even in small matters, feels better when consoled,
trends to brood a lot over issues of propriety. Mental symptoms keep changing, she is sometimes
happy, sometimes irritable and at other times unhappy. Does not like to be alone in the evenings, is
afraid of the dark and of ghosts. She is scared of men’s company and dislikes marriage. Is easily
discouraged. Has many friends. Avoids confrontation. Always seeks open air.

Headache: Pain from the head immediately spreads to the mouth and the teeth. Eye problems cause vertigo.
Lying down, sitting quietly, rolling the eyes and bending forward increases the pain. Pressure and cold
compresses make the patient better. Headaches among adolescents accompanied by amenorrhoea.
Headache before or after periods. Headaches from overwork. Pain over the right temple with scalding watering
of the eyes.

One sided complaints: All complaints relate to one side of the body only, i.e., one sided headache, migraine,
either the left or the right side of the body sweats, one leg or arm is hot and the other is cold, shivering only on
one side of the face, etc.

Eyes: Lids are stuck together on account of a sticky discharge. Burning, watering and itching in the eyes.
Recurrent sties especially on the upper lid.

Ears: Earache in children accompanied by thick yellowish green discharge. The pain increases at night.
Reduces in the open air. The eardrum is ruptured.

Cold: Repeated bouts of cold. The right nostril is blocked. There is profuse discharge in the morning and the
nose gets blocked at night. The discharge is thick and yellow. The nose is full of greenish dry deposit.

Mouth: No thirst even when the mouth is dry. The tongue is coated white. Foul odour from the mouth. Wants
to clean the mouth repeatedly. Crack in the middle of the lower lip.

Toothache: Toothache reduces on keeping cold water in the mouth.

Digestion: Heavy food, ice cream, pastry or fruit cause indigestion and diarrhoea that is worse in the morning.
Such bloating in abdomen after eating that clothing has to be loosened. Taste of food remains for a long time.
Vomiting of food eaten hours before. Bitter taste.
Changeability of symptoms: The symptoms keep fluctuating. They may fluctuate between diarrhoea and
constipation. Even in diarrhoea the stool may keep changing, sometimes watery, sometimes thick, and
sometimes frothy. The colour may turn from green to yellow, to white and so on.

Piles: Piles are itchy and very painful. Discomfort increases on lying down and in the warmth of the bed. The
patient is better walking about and in open air. Passes two to three normal stools every day.

Urine: Repeated desire to urinate but the urethra is so constricted that only a few drops come out. Urination
causes pain and there is blood in the urine. The patient is worse on lying down. Involuntary urination at night,
while coughing or passing flatus.

Respiration: Dry cough in the evening and at night. Must sit up in bed for relief. Copious expectoration in the
morning with cough. Chest sore from cough.

Arthritis: Pain moves from joint to joint. Chill accompanies pain. As the pain increases, the chills get worse.

Extremities: Pain in the hip. The knees are swollen. Pain in the heel in the evening. Hanging the legs down
increases the problems. The veins of hands and feet are swollen. The feet are red, hot and swollen. Varicose

Sciatica: Sciatic pain increases in the evening and reduces on walking around slowly.

Skin: The skin is hot to touch. Even in winter the patient prefers to be lightly clad. Clothes make the patient
feel hot and bothered. Woollens itch. Acne at puberty.

Measles: Pulsatilla acts as a prophylactic against measles. The patient has watery eyes and a dry throat.

Chicken pox: The patient has papules and a dry throat along with fever. Is better in the open or in cold breeze
and not thirsty at all.

Women’s reproductive system: Periods are delayed and scanty, irregular or stop all together. The discharge
is dark red, thick and clotted. Pain before and during the periods and the woman doubles up in pain. She has
nausea with pain that may lead to vomiting. Water retention during the periods especially on the face, around
the eyes, feet and the breasts. Diarrhoea during periods. Cramps in the uterus during menopause. Uterine
prolapse. Leucorrhoea is profuse, thick, yellow, whitish or greenish, sticky and excoriating and leaves yellow
stains. Labour pains are irregular, absent or not strong enough. The woman desires fresh air. Bleeding. Delay
in expulsion of the placenta and sepsis. It is helpful in cases of threatened miscarriage due to uterine

Men’s reproductive system: Sexual desire is heightened. Erection till late in the morning. Sexual excesses
lead to body ache and headache. Swelling, burning and pain in the testes. It is particularly useful in
gonorrhoea. Pain from abdomen to the testes, inflammation in the prostrate gland, itching and burning in the
prepuce. Symptoms are worse at night. There is relief from washing with cold water.

Aggravation: Hot breeze, hot room, warmth of the bed, lying on the left side or the unaffected side, sitting with
legs hanging down, and fried food make the patient worse.

Amelioration: Cold breeze, standing up, walking around, open air, lying on the affected side, cold fomentation,
and consumption of cold drinks and food make the patient better.

Rhus Toxicodendron
Rhus Toxicodendron (Rhus Tox) – 200

It relieves pain. It is used in all kinds of pain including pain in the joints, sprains, backache etc. It is
also useful in skin problems and restlessness, colds, fever and inflammation of muscles, mucous
membranes and glands. Works well on septic conditions.

Mind: The patient is restless, sad and pessimistic. Cannot sit still. Thinks of committing suicide. Is afraid at
night and unable to remain in bed. Is afraid of being poisoned. Is in delirium.

Headache: The patient feels waves of pain in the head, as if someone is putting pressure. Muscles of the head
are also painful. Is restless and can hear humming in the ears. Bending backward relieves.

Eyes: The eyes and the eyelids are inflamed. Corneal ulcers. Photophobia. Yellow discharge from the eyes.
The eyes are stuck together because of swelling. There is paralysis in the muscles of the eye or eyeballs. The
complaints are worse in the morning.

Ears: There is earache and a feeling of a foreign body inside. There is pus and blood-mixed discharge from
the ear.

Cold: Cold results from getting wet while sweating or being exposed to a vast swing in temperature. There is
sneezing and the tip of the nose turns red.

Mouth: The teeth feel long and loose. Gums are painful. The tongue is furred and black at the back. The tip of
the tongue is red and cracked. Bony protrusions on the face, particularly the cheek bones, are sore. The jaw
loses its flexibility and is painful while chewing. Ulcers on the corner of the mouth. Bitter taste.

Face: The jaw loses its flexibility and is painful while chewing. It is dislocated and creates a crackling sound
while eating.

Appetite: Hungry but has no desire to eat. Mouth is dry and the patient is very thirsty particularly at night. Has
a desire for milk. Bloated abdomen and drowsiness after eating.

Liver: There is pain and swelling in the liver. The patient is unable to rest on his right side.

Diarrhoea: The stool is frothy and has blood, slime and mucus in it. There is no control over passing stools,
which have a cadaverous odour. The patient has dysentery. Possibility of infection at the anus.

Cough: Dry cough from midnight to morning.

Heart: The heart is enlarged or has a hole in it. The left arm feels numb and the pulse is fast and irregular.
Palpitations while sitting still.

Backache: Back hurts due to cold weather, from getting drenched and due to a cold water bath, or from a
sprain. The patient feels better on lying down on a hard surface and from movement. Rest makes it
worse.Extremities: The joints are hot, inflamed and painful. Pain starts in the limbs but extends to the neck

and the back. Hands and feet become stiff and numb. Pain increases when the patient moves after being in
one position but goes on decreasing on continuing motion. The skin becomes painful. Pain increases at night
and in cold and humid weather. The patient cannot bear cold breeze. Sprain in the ankle or any other part of
the body. It is very effective in rheumatism.

Sciatica: Pain in the left leg caused by lifting a heavy weight or from exposure to cold. The leg feels numb.
Pain increases upon rest and reduces when the patient walks around.

Paralysis: With paralysis there is numbness. Paralysis can affect just the limbs or the whole body. The patient
is very restless. Rhus Tox works well on paralysis in children.

Restlessness: The patient is unable to sit in one place. Keeps changing position.

Skin: The skin is red, inflamed and itchy. The patient has boils, eczema or urticaria, which become better with
hot fomentation and heat.

Fever: Continuous fever characterized by shivering, uneasiness, diarrhoea, and a dry, brown coating on the
tongue. In case of intermittent fever, the patient is chilly and has urticaria when the temperature rises and dry
cough when it comes down. There is uneasiness and a need to stretch the body.

Urine: The urine is not clear. It is thick, dark coloured and scanty. If kept around, white sediment settles at the

Chicken Pox: To limit papule formation and in healing them.

Measles: Restlessness during measles.

Sleep: Gets tired from dreams in which he is physically active. Has trouble falling asleep during the first half of
the night but the latter sleep is quite sound.

Women’s reproductive system: There is itching, ulcers and swelling on the vulva. Menses are frequent,
heavy, prolonged and excoriating. During pregnancy there is blood-mixed discharge from the uterus along with
backache. After childbirth the lochia is foul-smelling and prolonged. Prolapse of uterus.

Men’s reproductive system: Swelling in the glans and prepuce. Dark red papules on the glans. Scrotum is
swollen. There is intense itching. Desire to urinate leads to erection.

Aggravation: The patient is worse on lying down on the back or on the right side, in cold and humid weather
or on getting wet in rainy season, upon rest and at night.

Amelioration: The patient is better on stretching out, on turning over, with hot fomentation and in hot and dry
weather. Constant movement of the affected part also makes the patient feel better.

Spigelia – 200
This medicine is especially useful in cases of worms, heart disease, headache, eye problems and

Mind: The patient is afraid of sharp objects such as pins, needles etc.

Headache: When the pain starts at sunrise and ends at sunset. The pain starts at the back of the head and
travels through the top of the head to the left temple and reaches the eyes. Headache with stiffness in the neck
and shoulders. Pain is worse on bending.

Eyes: The eyes feel large and hurt on movement. Pain in and around the eyes. The patient has photophobia.
Looking down causes giddiness. Pressure brings relief. The eyes are red and feel full. Vision is impaired but
prescription glasses fail to rectify the complaint.

Face: Spigelia is good in cases of facial paralysis.

Neuralgia: This medicine is especially useful in cases of neuralgia whether on the head, face or eyes.

Toothache: The tooth hurts a lot. The pain increases with cold and on eating. The mouth has a foul smell.

Worms: It works well against worms, especially when there is itching in the anus and a feeling of something
crawling around it.

Heart: Heartbeat is irregular. Palpitations with foul odour from the mouth. The heart can be seen beating even
through the patient’s clothes. The whole chest seems to be shaking. The heartbeat can even be heard from a
short distance. The pain starts from the chest and extends to the neck, shoulder and the left arm. Worse on
movement. Spigelia gives relief in valve related heart problems. Dyspnea, must lie on the right side with head
kept high.

Aggravation: There is aggravation on touch, movement, noise and turning.

Amelioration: The patient feels better on being still, on lying down on the right side with the head raised high.

How to take Homeopathic remedies and dosage
Use of Medicines
1. Rinse your mouth with water. Do not take anything orally half an hour before or after taking the
2. If you are taking the remedy in the form of pills, do not touch them with your hand. Put it straight on a
piece of paper and then in the mouth.
3. Do not chew pills. Suck them or better still keep them under the tongue and let them dissolve on their

Care of medicines
1. Do not keep the medicines in a place where there is strong odour.
2. Close the cap of the bottle immediately after taking the medicine.
3. Keep the medicines in a cool and dry place.

Quantity, dose and interval between doses

1. Take 4-5 pills of the medicine three times a day.
2. For acute and particularly difficult situations, dissolve 10 pills of the medicine in half a cup of water and
give a teaspoonful every fifteen minutes. When the patient is better, reduce to 2 hour and then a four-
hour interval.
3. In acute conditions give the medicine till the patient recovers.

Abbreviations used on this page:

Aconite = Aconitum Napellus – 30

Apis Mel = Apis Mellifica - 6
Arnica = Arnica Montana – 200
Arsen Alb = Arsenicum Album - 30
Belladonna = Belladonna 30
Carbo Veg = Carbo Vegetabilis– 200
Chamomilla = Chamomilla – 30
China = Cinchona Officinalis – 30
Colocynth = Colocynthis – 200
Hepar Sulph = Hepar Sulphuris – 200
Ipecac = Ipecacuanha - 200
Merc Sol = Mercurius Solubilis – 200
Nux Vomica = Nux Vomica 200
Rescue = Rescue Remedy – 200
Rhus Tox = Rhus Toxicodendron - 200

Ailments and their Remedies
 Sour eructation after eating, excessive salivation. Better after belching but
worse after passing gas. Carbo Veg
 Gas and the burning in the stomach after consuming rich food. The patient
Acidity is not thirsty and feels better in the open. Pulsatilla
 Indigestion and sour eructation after overeating. Vomiting and nausea. Nux
 Sour eructation and heartburn. Echinacea
 From consumption of cold leftovers, raw food or from cold drinks. Arsenic
 From ice creams, pastries or other rich and fried food. Pulsatilla
Allergy  From coffee. Nux Vomica
 For urticaria and for allergy due to consumption of fish oil,. Hepar Sulph
 From mosquito bites. Apis Mel
 Sudden loss of memory. Carbo Veg
 Weak memory and will power. Merc Sol
 Excessive blood loss leads to weakness, eyes are sunken with dark
circles under them. China
 Great weakness and debility with Anaemia. Arsenic Alb
Note: If the above do not work give Lecithin 30
 Anger due to disagreements. Irritable when responding to any
question. Nux Vomica
 Quick tempered. Fights with everyone. Hepar Sulph
 Angry by nature. Has no control over temper and is insensitive to
others. Ready to fight any time. Chamomilla
 Attacks those who take care of him. Belladonna
 Loses temper, gets physically violent, and throws things and hits
people. Rescue
 For anti-doting the reaction to any medicine. Nux Vomica
Antidote  To recover from any adverse reaction. Rescue
 Blood poisoning. Echinacea
 For extreme pain. Arnica
 In the first stages of infection, when the patient has intolerable pain.
(Not to be given later). Echinacea
 For relief of sudden intolerable pain. Rescue
 Sudden intolerable pain. The patient cannot tolerate the spot being
touched. High fever. Face turns red or pale. The pain increases in the
Appendicitis afternoon. Abdomen feels hot. Legs hurt. Cannot sleep
well. Belladonna
 Pain and inflammation as if there is a wound. Hot fomentation gives
relief. Arsenic Alb
 Shifting pain with shivering. Pain in the right side of the abdomen.
Touch increases the pain. The patient sweats a lot and is unable to lie
on his back. Merc Sol
 Foul odour from the mouth, excessive salivation, thirst and painful red
ulcers. Merc Sol
Aphthae (Ulcer in
 White painful ulcers that bleed. The mouth is red, dry and hot. Borax
Burning in ulcers. The tongue feels burnt. Mouth red. The patient
wants frequent sips of water. Arsenic Alb

 Abdomen is bloated. Hot food and drinks make the patient better.
There is inflammation and swelling in the liver and spleen. Arsenic
Ascites  Abdomen is bloated and painful, touching or pressure makes it
worse. Belladonna
 No thirst. Scanty urine. The skin is yellow and stretched. Bothered by
heat. Cannot bear to be touched. Stinging and burning. Apis Mel
 Cough with every breath, nausea, phlegm stuck inside. Rattling and
rasping sound while breathing. The patient is unable to lie
down. Ipecac
 Old case of asthma. Patient is very sensitive to cold, likes to be well
clad and wants to sleep in a warm room. Feels worse in dry weather.
Cough accompanies asthma. The phlegm is loose but cannot be
easily expelled. Coughing fits tire the patient out. Hepar Sulph
 Pressure on the left side of the chest. Inhalation is more difficult and
the trouble increases at midnight. Movement makes breathing
difficult. Patient is better in the open and worse inside a warm
room. Aconite
 Patient is worse at night. Unable to lie down. Likes to press the chest
with hands and lean forward while seated. Unable to expel phlegm.
Worse in cold weather and with cold food. Arsenic Alb
 Attack in warm and humid weather. Rattling and whistling from the
chest. Face turns blue. Limbs are cold. Wants to be under a
fan. Carbo Veg
 Difficult, rapid and shallow breathing. Patient feels that each breath is
the last. Bout of dry cough. Apis Mel
 Attack after a fit of anger the patient feels suffocated. Chamomilla
 Averse to rich foods, fats, fruits, hot drinks, pastries and
spices. Pulsatilla
 Averse to all food including bread. China
 Averse to brandy, cabbage and any nourishing food. Carbo Veg
Aversion to food
 Averse to cold drinks. Arsenic Alb
 Averse to meat, brandy and dry fruit. Merc Sol
 Averse to food and beer. Nux Vomica
 Averse to food and soups. Rhus Tox
 Pain due to exposure to cold or on getting wet or due to a sprain.
Movement and lying down on a hard surface reduces pain, but rest
makes it worse. Rhus Tox
 Injury or overwork causes pain. Arnica
 Back is stiff and numb. Bruised feeling between scapulae. Patient is
Backache better after resting and being in the open but worse in a warm room
or on exposure to dry and cold winds. Aconite
 Unbearable pain. Rescue
Pain extends to hips and thighs. Belladonna
 Backache accompanied by pain in the extremities or
sciatica. Glonoine
 As soon as bedsores appear and are very painful. Arnica
 When the sores are so painful that the patient cannot bear to be
touched. Hepar Sulph
 Bedsores with very low vitality in the patient. Carbo Veg
Note: Dress the sore with Calendula Q for better result
 The person is grieving the death of a near one or is in a shock due to
Bereavement and a big financial loss or for any other reason. Rescue
Shock  Shock of financial loss. Arnica
 Shock due to fear or tension. Aconite
 Due to overwork. Arnica
 The muscles of arms and legs become stiff. The person is unable to
tolerate cold breeze. Rest makes it worse while movement reduces
pain. Rhus Tox
 Drawing pain in the limbs. Pain in the upper portion of the left
arm. Glonoine
Drawing pain in the lower back and hips. Cramps in the calves and
feet. Nux Vomica
 Pain in the hips. Knees are swollen. Pain in the ankle in the evening.
Pain worse from hanging the leg down. Pulsatilla
Note: If the above do not give relief and the pain is accompanied by
fever give Eupatorium Perf. 30
 Extremely smelly. Sticky perspiration which leaves yellow stains on
the clothes. Merc Sol
Body odour  Smell of rotten cheese from the body. The skin is sensitive. Hepar
Smell of urine in perspiration. Colocynth
 Head begins to form on the boil. The area is hot and swollen and the
boil is filled with blood-mixed foul smelling pus. The patient cannot
bear touch. Hepar Sulph
 Useful when the boil is new. Blood filled boils with very fast pus
formation. Belladonna
Boils and abscess
 When the head does not form readily. Arnica
 The boil is red, hot and swollen. The skin is dry. Pain and burning in
the boil. The patient is restless and worse at night. Aconite
 When there is throbbing pain and pus formation. Merc Sol
 Boils on the scalp. Carbo Veg
 Inflammation and pain due to injury. The affected part turns
blue. Arnica
 If the injured site becomes green, blue or black give 5 pills of Ledum
Pal-200 twice a day for 10 days
 To reduce pain give 5 pills of Hypericum-200 four times a day for 5
 Acute inflammation in the bones, particularly at the joints which are
swollen and painful. Worse in cold dry weather and at night. Aconite
 The inflamed part is red, hot and shiny. The pain spreads to the
limbs. There is shooting pain in the lower back. Belladonna
 Give immediately when the suffering is intolerable. Rescue
 Give 5 pills of Cantharis-30 every three hours
 Restlessness due to burns, associated with a fear of death. Burnt part
Burns feels hot and the patient develops fever. Aconite
 Pus and extreme discomfort at the spot and it is very sensitive to cold
and to touch. Hepar Sulph
Note: apply Cantharis ointment on the burn immediately.
Cancer  To increase the strength of a cancer patient. Arsenic Alb
 For pain relief. Apis Mel
 For abdominal cancers. Unbearable pain and suffering in any
cancer. Rescue
For pain relief in the advanced stage of cancer. Echinacea
 Papules are red and itchy. Rhus Tox
 Fever along with papules and the face turns hot and red. Belladonna
Chicken Pox
 Dry throat associated with fever and papules. Better in open air.
Thirstless. Pulsatilla
 Frequent vomiting. Watery stools. Patient is very weak and
restless. Arsenic Alb
 The first stage of cholera when the patient has vomiting and
diarrhoea. Ipecac
 Abdominal pain and burning with diarrhoea and vomiting. Cold sweat
on the forehead. The body turns blue. The patient occasionally loses
consciousness. Wants the windows open and would like to be
fanned. Carbo Veg
Note: If the above do not work and the patient has frequent motions
and vomiting and is ready to collapse give Veratrum Alb 30
 Watery and excoriating discharge. Nose blocked. Continuous
sneezing. Burning in chest. Better indoors but worse in open
air. Arsenic Alb
 Cold due to exposure to cold dry wind. Watery discharge. Headache
and the eyes water. Sneezing. Restlessness and fever. Aconite
 Sneezing and insufferable itching and burning in the nose. Nose
blocked. Pain in the bridge of the nose. Thick yellow or green
discharge. Merc Sol
 Cold due to exposure to cold wind. Runny nose. Sneezing, or thick
Cold discharge, which smells of rotten cheese. Hepar Sulph
 Right nostril is blocked in the evening with foul-smelling yellowish
green mucous. Loss of sense of smell. The patient is not thirsty and
feels good in open air. Pulsatilla
 Cold from alternate exposure to hot and cold. There is lot of sneezing
and the tip of the nose turns red. Rhus Tox
 Nose is filled with thick mucus that comes out only with a lot of
effort. Ipecac
 Runny nose during the day and blocked at night. Worse in a warm
room. Nux Vomica
 Patient has repeated desire to pass motion but does not feel that full
evacuation has taken place. Nux Vomica
 Heaviness in the rectum and stools do not pass easily. Constipation
during pregnancy. Arnica
 Sudden dry cough due to exposure to dry and cold winds. The patient
feels suffocated. Whistling sounds from the throat. Aconite
 When the phlegm is loose and rattles. Cold air and movement make it
worse. The patient feels worse in the morning. Moist weather and
Cough covering ameliorate. Swelling in the larynx and trachea due to
whooping cough. Hepar Sulph
 Cough associated with nausea. Noisy breathing. The tongue is clean.
Rattling of phlegm in the chest. Ipecac
 Dry cough and irritation in the throat. Rattling in the chest. Worse at
night. Apis Mel
 Dry cough at night. Face turns red due to continuous
coughing. Belladonna
 Whooping cough aggravated by movement, burning in the chest,
which increases in the evening, in open air, after food and with
talking. Rattling and whistling in the chest. Blood-mixed sticky
phlegm. Carbo Veg
 Whooping cough. Expectoration of dark blood on coughing. Blood
particles in the phlegm. Arnica
Note; In case the above do not work give Baryta Carb 200 for dry
 Cramps in the calves due to cold water or at night. Rhus Tox
Cramps  Cramps in the calves or the soles. Nux Vomica
 Cramps in the hips and the pain radiates to the knee. Colocynth
 Intolerable itching with a layer of dandruff on the scalp. Arsenic Alb
Dandruff Note: if it does not work give Thuja 200 when the hair is lifeless and
the dandruff is scaly.
 Depression and restlessness when alone. Arsenic Alb
 Irritability and depression after eating. Nux Vomica
Depression  Being in a warm room and anger makes the person
depressed. Pulsatilla
 Depression at home and while resting. Rhus Tox
 Black foul-smelling loose motions after eating. When there is nausea
and vomitting and the patient is weal, restless and irritable. Arsenic
 Watery light coloured and copious motions, along with nausea and
copious vomiting The colour of the stools keeps changing 5 pills
of Veratum Alb-30 every half an hour till improvemet, continue thrice
a day till total recovery
If loose motions are after consuming rich oily food and the stomach
feels heavy Pulsatilla-200 every two hours thrice.
 Stools are green, watery and mixed with blood. Abdominal pain
increases at night. Along with pain the frequency of loose motions
also goes up. Merc Sol
 Intolerable abdominal pain accompanied by green, watery, foul-
Diarrhoea / smelling motions. The pain reduces with pressure, after passing stool
Dysentery and by bending forward. Colocynth
 Diarrhoea of old people. Frequent stools with cadaverous odour and
much flatulence. Burning at the rectum after stool. Carbo Veg
 Stools are foul-smelling, frothy, yellow, watery and contain undigested
matter. China
 Stools are like crushed grass or leaves - green, slimy and frothy. At
times, black blood is also mixed in the stools. Ipecac
 Stools are black or green, watery, and mixed with blood and mucus.
Very frequent motions with abdominal pain. Aconite
 Frequent motions, particularly at night. Passes a motion unknowingly
in sleep. The stool has undigested food in it and a rotten smell,
contains blood and mucus, and is thin and black. Vomit is also
black. Arnica
 Watery and profuse diarrhoea during typhoid. Rhus Tox
 Severe earache due to exposure to dry and cold winds. The outer ear
is red, hot and swollen. Aconite
 Bruised feeling in the ear. The ear is red, hot and swollen. Cannot
stand noise. Belladonna
 Exposure to cold or teething causes intolerable pain in the ear. The
pain increases at night and on exposure to cold breeze. Chamomilla
 Intolerable pain and foul-smelling discharge. The patient cannot stand
cold. Hepar Sulph
Ears  Pain in the ear with thick yellowish-green discharge. Pain increases at
night. The patient likes to be in the open. Pulsatilla
 The ear tube become raw. The discharge is mixed with blood. Merc
 Feeling of foreign body in the ear with earache and blood-mixed
discharge. Rhus Tox
 Foul-smelling and blood-mixed discharge. China
Note: When there is whistling in the ear and the hearing is
impaired Kali Mur 3x will work well.
 Weeping eczema on the joints of knees and elbows. Merc Sol
 There are thick scales on the eczema. There is smelly discharge,
itching, and the skin turns red. Rhus Tox
Eczema  Itchy circular red patches of papules on the skin. Echinacea
Note: If the above do not work Natrum Mur 30 for raw, red and
inflamed cases of eczema, it also works well on dry eruptions on the
bends of the limbs.
 Eyes roll up. The limbs jerk. Fist is tightened and the body is bent
backwards. Chamomilla
 The head is hot and the feet are cold. Febrile
convulsions. Belladonna
 Every muscle is affected. The face turns black and the patient is out
of breath. Remains conscious and aware of the situation. Nux
 When the patient loses all control over mind and body. Rescue
 For any type of bleeding. Rescue
 Bright red blood loss from anywhere. The blood has a tendency to
clot very fast. Blood loss is so heavy that the patient turns
pale. China
 Bright red blood from any natural orifice in the body accompanied by
Excessive bleeding nausea. The body is swollen. Ipecac
 Oozing of dark blood over a long time even when the flow is not
copious. Haemorrhage from any mucus surface. Carbo Veg
Note: If these remedies fail to arrest the bleeding use Hammamalis Q
15 drops in water half hourly. Continue for three days thrice daily after the
bleeding stops
 Sudden redness and inflammation in the eyes due to cold weather.
Eyes are hot and dry. Gritty feeling. Aconite
 Pain and swelling in the eyes. The eyes as well as the face turn
Eyes red. Belladonna
 Eyes are red and feel full. Rolling of the eyes causes pain. Vision is
impaired but prescription glasses fail to rectify it. Pain in and around
the eyes. Looking down causes giddiness. Spigelia
 Matted eyelashes that turn inward. Vision of bright waves. Eyelids are
inflamed and cut against the eye balls. Borax
 Inflammation in the eyes during fever. Ulcer on the cornea.
Photophobia. Thick discharge from the eyes. Paralysis of eye
muscles. Rhus Tox
 Dark circles around the eyes. The eyes are yellow and feel gritty.
Night blindness. Photophobia. Diminished vision. China
 Eyes red. Lids dry and stick to the eye. Sparkles before the eyes.
Letters seem small. Half of the field of vision seems well lit and the
other half seems dark. Glonoine
 Eyelids are red, thick and swollen. Excessive excoriating discharge.
Ulcer on the cornea. Merc Sol
 Burning in the eyes with bitter watery discharge. Arsenic Alb
 Dark spots before the eyes. Burning, painful and tired eyes. Carbo
 Due to any reason. Rescue
 Fainting because of excessive reading or alcohol consumption. Nux
 Fainting at the smallest of complaints. Hepar Sulph
 Fainting out of fear or tension or excessive exposure to cold
air. Aconite
 High fever following chills. The patient is very thirsty and repeatedly
drinks a lot of water. Restless and scared. The fever goes down as
fast as it rises. Aconite
 Sudden high fever after exposure to cold. No thirst. Eyes and face
turn red. Appetite is maintained. Belladonna
 High fever at a set hour. Cold sweat. Restlessness. The patient is
thirsty but drinks only a little water at a time. Arsenic Alb
 Fever every second or third day. Fever with chills. Before chills start
the patient is very thirsty but while the temperature is rising there is
no thirst. After the temperature has risen the patient is thirsty once
again. Fever rises before midday. China
Fever  Fever at three in the afternoon accompanied by chills and thirst. Once
the fever has risen the patient is not thirsty any more. Even during
chills the patient does not like to be covered. Apis Mel
 Continuous fever and restlessness, rigours and diarrhoea. The
tongue is dry and brown. Intermittent fever with chills. When the
temperature comes down the patient has dry cough. When it goes up
there is urticaria and restlessness. Rhus Tox
 Fever like typhoid where the whole body feels bruised. The patient
keeps turning in bed. Arnica
 High fever with chills. Chills begin at the back and in the limbs. The
patient has to cover himself. Then he feels hot and sweats. Jaundice
during fever. Nux Vomica
 The anus turns red. There is throbbing pain and pus begins to
Fistula (anus) form. Belladonna
Splinter like pain with pus formation. Hepar Sulph
 Illness due to consumption of poisonous or spoilt food, rotten meat or
Food poisoning
overripe fruits. Arsenic Alb
Gangrene  Gangrene any where in the body. Echinacea
 Gangrene with foul-smelling discharge. The body is cold. The skin
itches and burns. Arsenic Alb
 Wounds do not heal and the body has no energy. Carbo Veg
Note: If the above do not work give Gun Powder 3x.
 Giddiness on looking down. Spigelia
 Giddiness on turning the head to the left. Colocynth
Giddiness  Giddiness with a transient loss of consciousness. Nux Vomica
 Giddiness that reduces in the open air. Pulsatilla
 Giddiness with headache and high blood pressure. Belladonna
 Pain in the eyes relieved by pressure. The patient feels that bending
Glaucoma will make his eyes fall out. Glaucoma following pain in the
eyes. Colocynth
 The patient is oversensitive and unable to tolerate cold. The right side
Goitre is worse affected. Hepar Sulph
 When eyes also start bulging out in goitre. Echinacea
 Gums are swollen, unhealthy and bleed easily. Excess salivation.
Teeth become loose. Problems worse at night. Merc Sol
 Gums recede and bleed. Carbo Veg
 Pain in the gums with discharge of blood-mixed pus. Hepar Sulph
Gums  Pain in the gums. Teeth feel elongated. Chewing increases
pain. Rhus Tox
 Pain in the gums. Bleeding after tooth extraction. Arnica
 Bleeding gums and foul odour ion the mouth. Arsenic Alb
 Gums swollen and white, and bleed easily. Nux Vomica
 Excessive hair fall. Arnica
 Hair falls in clumps. Carbo Veg
 Hair falls in clumps, primarily on one side. Gets matted and difficult to
comb. Borax
 Throbbing pain. Face and eyes are red and hot. Right-sided
headache, which increases on lying down but the patient feels better
on bending forward and sideways. Belladonna
 Severe headache from exposure to sun or working in very strong
light. The pain radiates from the back of the head to the forehead.
Comes on suddenly and becomes intense very fast but reduces
equally fast. Movement and exposure to sun aggravate. Better lying
down. Long sleep helps. The patient may vomit. Glonoine
 Left-sided headache. Starts from the back of the head and spreads to
the eye. Starts at sunrise and ends with the sunset. Spigelia
 Headache, heaviness and burning due to exposure to cold and dry
wind. It feels as if head is churning in hot water. Aconite
 Intense pain, as though the head will burst. Head feels as if it is being
hammered. The scalp is so sensitive that the person does not even
like to comb the hair. Pain shifts from one temple to the other. It
increases in open air but reduces in a warm room and on being
pressed. China
 Pain in the back of the head and above the eyes. Along with
giddiness the patient may faint for a few moments. Headache in the
morning after consuming alcohol. Nux Vomica
 Pain radiates to the mouth and the teeth. Giddiness. Pain increases
with overwork. Pain on the right side. Lying down, sitting quietly,
turning the eyes and bending forward makes the pain worse. Cold air,
cold compress and pressure make the patient better. Pulsatilla
 When the pain is unbearable. Rescue
 Intense pain and restlessness. Better on bending backwards. Rhus
 Headache at definite intervals accompanied by burning and extreme
restlessness. The skin is cold. Patient feels better when cold water is
applied. Arsenic Alb
 Headache during a cold. Pain in nape fo the neck. It feels as if
someone is hammering the head. Head feels heavy and there is
burning in the eyes and head. Carbo Veg
 Pain in the region of the heart, which radiates to the left shoulder and
arm. Spigelia
Heart (cardiac pain)  Pulse slow and irregular. Maximum pain at the left elbow with tearing
pain in the heart. Arnica
Note: If the above do not work give Arjuna Q
 Excessive nausea and vomiting. The patient can feel the heartbeat.
Headache. The patient falls unconscious while walking. Glonoine
 Face turns red and there is severe headache. Belladonna
 Fever and with unbearable headache.Unconsciousness. Rescue
 Pain in the heels. The balls of the toes are inflamed. Borax
 Pain in the heels. Hands and feet are swollen. Hanging the legs down
Heels (pain in) makes the patient worse. Pulsatilla
 Pain in the heel that increases on walking. Arnica
Note: Give Hekla Lava 3x in case the above do not give relief.
 Hiccups caused by gas. The patient does not tolerate cold. Nux
 To stop all kinds of hiccups. Rescue
 Hiccups with belching. China
 Hiccups with retching and vomiting. Merc Sol
Note: Ignatia 30 taken every ten minutes will give immediate results.
 The head feels heavy and the patient cannot withstand heat.
Standing causes giddiness. Rise in blood pressure and the headache
with light, and in hot sun. Glonoine
 Useful in high blood pressure. Rise in heartbeat along with rise in
High Blood Pressure blood pressure. The patient is giddy. Belladonna
 High blood pressure along with pain in the chest that radiates to the
left arm. Arnica
Note: if the above do not work and the heartbeat is also fast along
with high blood pressure give Baryta Carb 30
 Chronic case of indigestion. Sour eructation after meals. The upper
part of the abdomen is bloated. Feels heavy. Nausea in the morning.
Aversion to nutritious food. Burning in stomach and tightness in the
chest. Worse while lying down. Carbo Veg
 Overeating and inactivity cause indigestion. Vomiting with cramps
soon after eating. Likes fried food. Can even digest it. The abdomen
is bloated with difficulty in belching. Pressure is unbearable. Desires
stimulating drinks like coffee, alcohol etc. Nux Vomica
 Bloating after eating rich food. Sour eructation. The patient likes to
loosen the clothes after eating. No thirst. Worse at night. Pulsatilla
 Pain and bloating in the abdomen. Sour eructation. Feels full even
after passing gas. Vomits undigested food. China
 Vegetables or preserved food lead to excessive burning, uneasiness
and unquenchable thirst. Arsenic Alb
 Nausea and vomiting. Weakness and an empty feeling in the
stomach, abnormal excessive hunger. Glonoine
 Sour eructation. Burning in chest and nausea. Better lying
down. Echinacea
 Injured part is bruised and swollen, painful to touch. The injury turns
blue. Concussion on the head. Arnica
Injury  Weakness in muscles and tendons due to sprain or strain. Rhus Tox
 Pain or bleeding due to injury. Rescue
 Bruising in any part of the body due to injury. Echinacea
 Insect bite which stings and burns like the sting of a honeybee. Apis
 Burning and swelling on the skin from an insect bite or a snake
Insect Bite
bite. Echinacea
 Burning due to bites. Symptoms of poisoning. Arsenic Alb
 Any kind of insect bite. Rescue
 Tingling sensation in fingers. Restlessness. Faint or irregular
heartbeat. Occasional missing of heartbeat. Aconite
 Heaviness in the heart. Palpitations and throbbing in the whole body
up to the fingertips. It feels as if the chest will burst with the force of
Irregular heartbeat the heartbeat. Strong burning sensation in the chest. Glonoine
 The heartbeat is so strong that it is visible even when the patient is
fully clothed. Spigelia
 Numbness in the left arm and irregular pulse. Rhus Tox
 Pulse feeble and irregular. Extremities feel bruised and sore. Arnica
 In the beginning of the ailment, when there is stabbing pain in the
kidney. Aconite
 Inflammation in the kidney. Albumin, pus and blood in the urine. Merc
Kidney inflammation
Albumin, fats, fibrin and blood in the urine. The patient is tired and
restless. Arsenic Alb
 Pain near the kidneys that radiates to the urethra. Urine is
red. Belladonna
 Pain in the right kidney which radiates to the leg. The patient also has
a backache. Nux Vomica
Kidney Stones
 Note: If this does not work give Berberis Vulagris Q thrice a day,
twenty drops in half a cup of water.
 Hoarseness or complete loss of voice due to exposure to cold.
Swallowing causes stinging pain, which radiates to the ear. The
patient is worse in the morning. Hepar Sulph
 Hoarseness along with inflammation. The larynx is dry, burning and
Laryngitis painful. Belladonna
 Fever accompanies inflammation. Touching the larynx and breathing
are painful. The voice becomes hoarse. Aconite
 Constant desire to swallow. Change of weather causes inflammation.
Burning in the throat and loss of voice. Merc Sol
Loss of Appetite  Indigestion leads to loss of appetite. The taste is bitter. Back of the
tongue is thickly coated. Nux Vomica
 The person has no appetite or thirst. Likes to be in cold
breeze. Pulsatilla
 Digestion is weak and hence the person is not hungry. China
 Liver problems leading to loss of appetite. Merc Sol
 High fever. Eyes red. Dry cough. Burning in papules. Restlessness
and the patient is in anguish. Aconite
 Papules red and shiny. Skin is hot and dry. The face is flushed and
pain in the throat. Belladonna
 Attack of sneezing. Watery or thick discharge from the nose. Tonsils
enlarged and burning in the chest. Merc Sol
 Continuous watering of the eyes. Mouth dry but thirst is absent. The
patient feels better in the open. Pulsatilla
 Fever and restlessness. The tip of the tongue is red. Movement
makes the patient better. Rhus Tox
 Weakened memory and willpower. Merc Sol
 Sudden loss of memory. Carbo Veg
 Very high fever. Headache as if the head would burst. Difficulty in
bending the neck forward. Nausea and vomiting. Head hot but the
Meningitis limbs are cold. Face very hot, red and shiny but the eyes are
shrunken. Epileptic fits. Glonoine
 When the spine is also affected along with the brain. Echinacea
 Patient is high strung, irritable and restless. Beats up people and
throws things around. Loses his cool. Abuses people. Beats his head
against the wall. Is deeply depressed. Wants to die. Has no hope.
Ready to sleep any time. Falls asleep even while talking. Tired from a
long illness. Does not wish to work. Stops speaking. Contemplates
murder or suicide. Panics easily. Rescue
 Fear of death: Afraid of doing anything. Cannot even cross a road or
a bridge. Fear that leads to abortion, fainting, unconsciousness,
restlessness and loose motions. Face breaks out in cold sweat.
Tendency to get startled. Music is intolerable. Unable to distinguish
between dream and reality. Aconite
 The brain becomes weak slowly. The patient is unable to express
properly and unable to find the right words. Keeps awake at night
building castles in the air. In the morning, has better sense and is
surprised by the flight of imagination and views life more evenly.
Tendency to hurt others. Adamant. Mind is overcrowded with thought
preventing sleep. Sudden fit of crying resulting in great
sadness. China
 Nightmares. Is afraid at night. Sudden fear of death and hence keeps
awake. He clutches his heart. Arnica
 The patient is afraid of death. Has no hope of recovery. Death seems
inevitable hence reluctance in taking any medicines. Afraid of being
alone. Fear increases in the dark. Is restless on account of weakness
and tiredness. Loathes disorder. Financial insecurity. May turn
suicidal. Arsenic Alb
 The patient is irritable, highly pessimistic but excited and ready to
fight. Hypochondria. Bright lights, sounds, music and even mild
breeze are intolerable. Finds fault with others. Seeks stimulants. Nux
 The patient is worried, excited and extremely sensitive. Small things
like noise, music, or unexpected news cause deep worry. Fear and
suspicion. Fear of downward motion. All symptoms worse at 11:00
p.m. Borax
 Aggressive. Tries to run away. Bites and spits at his caretakers and
attacks them. Hallucinates and sees demons. Eating a little makes
the patient better. Does not like to talk. Mood swings. Belladonna
 The patient is shy, mild, polite and given to crying easily. Mental
symptoms also keep changing. Thinks a lot about propriety of
matters. Likes sympathy. Does not like to be alone in the evening. Is
afraid of ghosts and darkness. Women are afraid of marriage and do
not like male company. Easily discouraged. Pulsatlla
 Dislikes the dark. Afraid of ghosts. Likes and dislikes are weak. The
brain is weak and the patient only wants to lie around and
sleep. Carbo Veg
 Irritable and short-tempered. Insensitive to the feelings of others. No
control over anger. Is ready to fight any time. Always complaining.
Impatient and gets irritated even on being spoken to. Chamomilla
 Cries continuously day and night without any reason. Movement
awkward, drops things. No enthusiasm. Suspicious and jealous
nature. Sad and has fear of death. Apis Mel
 Very irritable. Gets irritated if anyone even asks a question. Wants to
be left alone. Very foul tempered and restless. Colocynth
 Slow to respond to questions. Memory is weak. No will power. Tired
of life. Suspicious and feels the loss of power of reasoning. Merc Sol
 Pain in the right side of the head. Cannot stand light or noise. Pain
increases in the afternoon and the patient gets relief from
pressure. Belladonna
 Left-sided headache. Pain increases as the sun goes up. Ends at
sunset. The pain moves from the back of the head to the left eye and
settles there. Spigelia.
 Tension. Attack due to exposure to the sun or a heatstroke. The pain
Migraine comes on suddenly and becomes intense very fast but reduces
equally fast. Lying down quietly reduces pain. In the evening the
patient gets relief. Glonoine.
 Pain on the right side. Pain extends to the mouth and the teeth.
Giddiness. Worse while working. Better in cold air. Pulsatilla
Note: In case the above do not work give Sanguinaria 30 for right-
sided pain. Bio-chemic combination no. 12 will work during an
episode and will also give long term relief.
 Parotid gland is swollen, shiny and red. Right side worse
affected. Belladonna
 Swelling in the throat along with burning. Swallowing is painful. High
fever. Restlessness and fear. Desires cold water. Aconite
 Parotid gland on the left side is affected. Sticking pain on
swallowing. Rhus Tox
 Pus on the outer edges of the fingers and the roots of the nails. The
Nails nails become loose and fall off. Something sharp seems to be stuck
inside and the nails become brittle and break easily. Hepar Sulph
 Nails fall due to eczema and there is throbbing pain on the
thumb. Borax
 The nail turns black. There is burning in the nail which is better with
heat. Arsenic Alb
 Neuralgia of the left side. Unbearable stinging and burning. Spigelia
 Stiffness with neuralgia. Rhus Tox
Neuralgia  Neuralgia on both side of the face with tearing pain due to exposure
to cold air. Aconite
 Unbearable pain. Rescue
 Patient has frightening dreams, starts screaming. Afraid of falling
down and clutches the bed. Borax
Nightmares  The patient gets frightened in sleep. Weeps and wails. Chamomilla
 Dreams of death and horrors. Arnica
 Dreams of arson. Belladonna
 Nosebleed due to excessive work or injury. There is pain in the nose
and the blood is dark black. Arnica
 Bright red blood. The face is red and hot. Aconite
 When the nose bleeds daily. Carbo Veg
 Nose bleeds on rising. China
 Nose bleeds at night. Merc Sol
 Limbs feel heavy and there is paralysis with restlessness. Loss of
sensation in the affected parts. Rhus Tox
 Paralysis on the left side of the body. The fingers are numb and the
face is also affected. Aconite
 Partial paralysis in the limbs from overexertion. Nux Vomica
 Paralysis of the lower limbs with emaciation. Arsenic alb
 Paralysis of any one side of the body with stiffness of the other
side. Apis Mel
 Painful and burning piles. Heat relieves the burning. Arsenic Alb
 Stinging pain and burning. Bleeding from the rectum. Itching at the
anus. Apis Mel
 Constipation. Sitting for a long time causes stinging. Constant desire
to defecate. Nux Vomica
 Extremely painful and burning. Cannot bear touch. The patient can
only lie down with legs spread out. Belladonna
 Piercing pain. Aconite
Note: In case the above do not give relief give Aesculus Hip 6 for
bleeding piles.
 Due to rich and spicy food. Pulsatilla
 Pimples are filled with pus and sensitive to touch. Hepar Sulph
 Initial stage of pimples. Belladonna
 Red coloured pimples. Borax
 Pimples worse in summer. Itching and inflammation. Rhus Tox
 Painful pimples. Arnica
Note: If pimples extend to shoulders and the above do not give relief
give Kali Brom 30
 Plueral cavity is filled with water. Difficulty in breathing. Blood-mixed
Pleurisy phlegm on coughing. Aconite
 Plueral cavity is filled with water. Apis Mel
Pneumonia  Phlegm in the chest. Rattling sound with breathing. Skin turns blue
and the face becomes pale. Ipecac
 Sudden exposure to cold and dry winds causes high fever, cold,
cough and restlessness. The patient is worse at night. The phlegm
contains blood. Aconite
 Due to hot winds. Glonoine
 Papules appear with burning and stinging. Papules increase with heat
and the person is not thirsty. Apis Mel
Prickly Heat  Red coloured papules. Belladonna
 Papules which itch and increase at night. The patient feels hot and
perspires. Merc Sol
 Close crop of papules that are very painful. Arnica
 Given at the start of any acute condition it can abort the problem.
Protects against colds. Aconite
 Prevents against cholera, intermittent fever and measles. Arsenic
Prophylaxis  Prevents any acute inflammation. Given in the very beginning it
aborts the problem. Belladonna
 Prevents infection and sepsis. Arnica
 Protects against measles. Pulsatilla
 Protects against jaundice. Merc Sol
 Severe crushing pain, feels bruised. Cannot bear to be touched. Bed
appears too hard. The joints are swollen and feel weak. Pain starts in
the lower extremities and moves up. Arnica
 Pain increases on getting wet and working in water, in cold weather
and at night. The pain spreads to the neck, the back, and the arms
and legs. Stiffness and pain when the patient first begins to move
which reduces on continuing movement. Arms and legs are numb
and stiff. Rhus Tox
 Cramping pain in the buttocks, which radiates to the knees. The joints
are stiff and the muscles are contracted. Movement makes the patient
worse. Better on resting, hot fomentation and pressure. Colocynth
 Pain and swelling in the joints of legs and the hips due to dry cold
winds that is worse at night. Fever, tingling and numbness in the
Rheumatism/Arthritis joints. Crackling sound from the joints. Aconite
 Pain and swelling in the joints. Pain in the back and limbs. Tiredness.
Pain like
 hat of injury. Knees are swollen with stinging pain. Apis Mel
 All joints are red, swollen and burning. Movement and touch cause
extreme pain. Exposure to wind leading to inflammation. Belladonna
 Pain and swelling in the limbs and joints as if sprained. Touch
increases pain but pressure reduces it. China
 Pain in the hip. Swollen knees and feet. Pain shifts from joint to joint.
Chill accompanies pain. Hanging legs down makes it worse. Hot
room, heat, night and rest also aggravate the pain. Cold weather,
walking and being in the open reduces it. Pulsatilla
 Pain and numbness in the limbs. The patient is irritable and unable
walk even a little. Chamomilla
 Spurts of pain like electric shocks in the left leg. The pain radiates
Sciatica right up to the heel. Better with hot fomentation and
pressure. Colocynth
 Pain in the left leg from getting wet or lifting heavy objects. The leg is
numb. Pain increases with rest and reduces on moving around. Rhus
 Pain in the right leg with burning. The patient is better with application
of heat. Arsenic Alb
Note: When there is numbness alongwith pain Naphthalin 30 will
give good result.
 Temperature rises to 105 degree due to infection. Infection in the
uterus after childbirth. Echinacea
 Septic fever, hysteria, restlessness and foul-smelling urine and
stool. Arsenic Alb
 When the condition of the patient becomes serious due to
infection. Rescue
 Old cold. Difficulty in breathing from the nose. Amelioration from
heat. Arsenic Alb
 Headache due to cold. Yellow fetid and pus-like discharge from the
nose. Worse in a warm room. Merc Sol
 Sneezes with every exposure to cold and has a runny nose. Later
Sinusitis thick and offensive discharge. Stopped up feeling worse in cold
air. Hepar Sulph
 Cold after exposure to cold air. Severe headache. Pain and
inflammation in the nose. Blood-mixed discharge. Aconite
Nose is stopped up. Is filled with yellowish green deposit. Loss of
sense of smell. Pulsatilla
 Boils and papules on the skin. Papules itch. Unbearable itching from
allergy due to insect bite or contact with poisonous plants. Echincea
 Skin swollen and red. Intense itching. Boils, eczema, urticaria etc.
that are relieved by hot fomentation or heat. Rhus Tox
 Small papules on the skin, which cannot be seen but can be felt.
Urticaria on the body which is relieved by cold. Apis Mel
 Skin dry, rough and scaly. Burning in pus-filled infected boils.
Wrinkling prematurely. Such itching that scratching leads to open
wounds. Itching becomes worse with cold or from scratching but is
relieved by heat. Arsenic Alb
Skin Problems
 Even a small injury leads to infection. Repeated boils between the
testes and legs. Urticaria and profuse sweat. Herpes. Hepar Sulph
 Skin is dry hot and swollen. It alternates between looking red and
yellow. Burning in papules on the skin. Belladonna
 Vesicular eruption especially on the elbow joint aggravated by heat
and at night. Herpes. Merc Sol
 Even in cold weather likes to wear light clothes. Woollens cause
itching. Pulsatilla
 Skin is cold. Even the lightest scratch causes bleeding. Wounds do
not heal easily but start oozing. Carbo Veg
 Wakes up at 3 or 4 am feeling wretched and then unable to sleep.
Feels sleepy after meals. Feels good even with a few hours of
sleep. Nux Vomica
 When the patient is unable to sleep due to extreme tiredness. Arnica
 Such worry accompanies sleep that the patient is tired even at the
end of it. Fear, nightmares and seeing ghosts in sleep. Wakes up
feeling anxious and full of sweat. Panics in dark and feels suffocated.
Afraid of sleeping. Carbo Veg
 Restlessness due to fear and the patient keeps turning in
bed. Aconite
 Hysteria during sleep. Nightmares. Sees arson. The patient is not still
while asleep, but screams and talks. Wakes up frightened. Gritting of
teeth. Sleeplessness with drowsiness. Belladonna
 Unable to sleep. Wakes up agitated as if from a nightmare. Sleeps at
the wrong time. Unable to sleep in the early part of the night. Effort to
sleep tires him leading to nightmares. Chamomilla
 Dreams are tiring. Unable to fall asleep till midnight but sleep is very
deep after that. Rhus Tox
 Sleepwalking. Apis Mel
 Sleepy at the wrong time but sleepless in bed. Nightmares. Starts
walking in sleep. Rescue
 Immediately, give Arnica. The spine is very sensitive. Stiffness in the
neck and back muscles and the patient feels bruised. Movement
makes the pain worse. Arnica
 Bending backwards reduces the pain. Rest aggravates and
Slipped Disc
movement ameliorates. Rhus Tox
 Exposure to cold dry winds causes sudden pain, irritability and
restlessness. Worse at night and on movement. Aconite
 Stinging and burning in the back. Painful like an injury. Apis Mel
 Unable to tolerate pain. The sprained part turns black and
blue. Arnica
Sprain  Pain increases with cold but reduces with application of heat and on
moving around. Weakness in joints and sluggishness of
muscles. Rhus Tox
 Sour eructation after food. The stomach is heavy, painful and bloated.
Chest feels stiff due to gas. Belching brings relief for a while. Worse
on lying down. Carbo Veg
 Gas and constipation along with pain from overeating and
inactivity. Nux Vomica
 Chill along with pain. It feels as if someone has put a heavy stone on
the belly. Rumbling in the stomach. The patient feels cold. Rich food
makes it worse. Pulsatilla
 Sharp pain in the region of the navel. Better from movement and
pressure. Stomachache accompanied by vomiting, and loose
motions. Mouth is bitter. Colocynth
 Fluctuations in the intensity of pain. Pressure as well as touch,
increase the pain. The patient wants to drink cold water but is afraid
of vomiting. Belladonna
 Pain due to food poisoning. The patient is very thirsty, but drinks only
a little water at a time. Extremely agitated and restless. Arsenic Alb
 The patient is irritable and angry. Gas in the intestines causes pain
that intensifies with anger. Cramps in the region of the navel. The
patient doubles up in pain. Chamomilla
 Gas and sour eructation. Even after passing gas the abdomen feels
full. Fruits make the pain worse. China
 Sudden severe abdominal pain. Rescue
 Colicky abdominal pain with bloating of the abdomen due to gas. The
patient vomits bile. Ipecac
 Neck is stiff and the person feels better on moving it. Rest makes it
worse. Cold and humidity also make it worse. Rhus Tox
Stiff neck  Exposure to cold causes a stiff neck. Aconite
 Neck is stiff and glands are swollen. Such pain as if the neck will
break. Belladonna
 Sty with swollen and red eyes. Cold breeze and cold compress feel
good. Lower lid swollen with stinging pain. Apis Mel
Sty  Sty in the upper lid. Recurrent styes. Pulsatilla
Note: If the above do not work and the person gets styes repeatedly
give Staphysagria 30.
 If there is a blood clot in the brain or a possibility of a clot
Stroke forming. Glonoine
 Heavy, pulsating, hot, bursting sensation in the head. Aconite
Suicide  In deep depression the patient wants commit suicide. Rescue
 To be given before and after surgery to prevent shock, pain, bleeding
and swelling. Rescue
 Give before surgery to prevent shock and after surgery to heal the
wound and to prevent any ill effects of the surgery and pain. Arnica
 After the surgery when the abdomen feels full of gas. China
 For infection after surgery if the skin turns blue and black. Carbo Veg
 Swelling in the whole body. The lower eyelids become like bags of
water. Apis Mel
 Swelling under the eyes, on the face and on the limbs. Pitting
Swelling / Oedema
oedema. Arsenic Alb
 Feet are swollen and hanging them down makes them
worse. Pulsatilla
 Any kind of physical or mental tension. Aconite
 Any type of tension. Rescue
 Swelling in the throat and severe pain which radiates to the ear. The
patient feels as if a thorn is stuck inside. Tonsils are infected. Hepar
 Hoarseness. Pain and irritation in the throat due to dry cold winds.
tonsils are red, dry, swollen and painful. Aconite
 Throat is hot and red. There is burning and swelling. Patient feels
worse on drinking anything. Difficulty in swallowing. High fever. Red
and enlarged tonsils. Belladonna
 Throat is dry and burns. Insatiable thirst. Patient feels better with hot
Throat and Tonsils
fomentation. Arsenic Alb
 Throat turns blue and red. Swelling and a constant desire to swallow.
Left side is more affected. Unable to speak. Tongue and the throat
burn. Merc Sol
 Stinging in the throat. Swelling inside as well as outside and on the
uvula. Tonsils are red and swollen. Patient feels as if a thorn is stuck
in his throat. Apis Mel
 Sore throat due to speaking too much. Arnica
 Tonsils turn black and purple. Irritation in the throat. Echinacea
 Pain increases with warm food or drink. Excess salivation and pain at
night. Chamomilla
 Pain at night. Teeth feel long and loose. Gums are swollen and bleed.
Root of the tooth is separated from the gums. Eating as well as touch
is painful. Merc Sol
 Toothache due to exposure to cold; eating something cold. Gums are
swollen. Aconite
 Touch makes the pain worse but pressing teeth against each other
reduces it. China
 To stop bleeding and pain after extraction. Arnica
 Intense pain that increases on eating and exposure to cold. Bad
odour from the mouth. Spigelia
 When there is intense and unbearable pain and no other medicine
helps. Rescue
 Tooth decays at the crown. Teeth become loose and painful to touch.
Tooth decay They are sensitive to very hot or cold things and the pain is worse at
night. Merc Sol
 The patient is unconscious due to fear or worry. Aconite
 Unconsciousness due to physical as well as mental weakness. Carbo
Unconsciousness Veg
 The patient becomes unconscious and is in a very serious
condition. Rescue
 Burning and pain while urinating. The urine is dark and loaded with
casts. Severe burning and stinging pain towards the end.
Incontinence. Apis Mel
 Infection in the urinary tract and scanty but frequent urination. Only
comes out in drops. The patient cannot bear to be touched.
Incontinence and blood in the urine. Belladonna
 Difficulty in urination due to irritable bladder and constricted sphincter.
Frequent ineffectual calls. Urine comes out in drops. Pain in the
kidneys, which extends to genitalia. Nux Vomica
 Urine is red. Feels hot and comes out only in drops. Burning in the
Urinary problems urethra. Fear while urinating. Aconite
 No force in urine. Weakness in the bladder. Does not get an empty
feeling after urination. Hepar Sulph
 Desire to urinate. Burning in the beginning. Urine is dark and has
blood and Albumin. Scanty. Merc Sol
 Frequent desire to urinate. Pain while urinating. Blood in urine. Worse
at night. Pulsatilla
 Albumin in urine. Urine scanty and the flow is not
continuous. Echinacea
Note: If the above do not work give Cantharis 30

 Insect bite causing stinging pain, burning and swelling. Allergic rash
on the body. Cold gives relief. Apis Mel
 Insect bite or contact with poisonous plants causes urticaria, burning
and itching. Echinacea
 Urticaria with burning and restlessness. Arsenic Alb
Note: If the above do not work give Urtica Urens 6.

Acidity 40 High Blood Pressure 48
Allergy 40 Indigestion 48
Amnesia 40 Injury 49
Anaemia 40 Insect Bite 49
Anger 40 Irregular heartbeat 49
Antidote 40 Kidney inflammation 49
Appendicitis 40 Kidney Stones 49
Aphthae (Ulcer in mouth) 40 Laryngitis 49
Ascites 41 Loss of Appetite 50
Asthma 41 Measles 50
Aversion to food 41 Memory 50
Backache 41 Meningitis 50
Bedsores 41 Mind 50
Bereavement and Shock 42 Migraine 51
Bodyache 42 Mumps 51
Body odour 42 Nails 51
Boils and abscess 42 Neuralgia 52
Bones 42 Nightmares 52
Burns 42 Nosebleed 52
Cancer 43 Paralysis 52
Chicken Pox 43 Piles 52
Cholera 43 Pimples 52
Cold 43 Pleurisy 52
Constipation 43 Pneumonia 53
Cough 43 Prickly Heat 53
Cramps 44 Prophylaxis 53
Dandruff 44 Rheumatism/Arthritis 53
Depression 44 Sciatica 53
Diarrhoea / Dysentery 44 Septicemia 54
Ears 45 Sinusitis 54
Eczema 45 Skin Problems 54
Epilepsy 45 Sleep 54
Excessive bleeding 45 Slipped Disc 55
Eyes 45 Sprain 55
Fainting 46 Stomach-ache 55
Fever 46 Stiff neck 56
Fistula (anus) 46 Sty 56
Food poisoning 46 Stroke 56
Gangrene 47 Suicide 56
Giddiness 47 Surgery 56
Glaucoma 47 Swelling / Oedema 56
Goitre 47 Tension 56
Gums 47 Throat and Tonsils 56
Hair 47 Toothache 56
Headache 47 Tooth decay 57
Heart (cardiac pain) 48 Unconsciousness 57
Heatstroke 48 Urinary problems 57
Heels (pain in) 48 Urticaria 57
Hiccups 48

Rescue Remedy
Rescue Remedy (Bach Flower Remedy)-200

Rescue Remedy is a type of Bach Flower Remedy, a line of flower essences developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the
1920s and 1930s. The English physician believed that illnesses caused by negative emotions, like stress and
depression, could be alleviated with flower essences, which are herbal infusions that are said to carry the
vibrational energy and healing power of the infused flower.

Rescue Remedy is composite remedy consisting of Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum and
Clementis; for emergencies to combat fear, panic, shock and fear of losing control. It is for people who
find themselves in emergency stress situations.
It is the only combination of essences (Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star of
Bethlehem) formulated and calm those who have received serious news, severe upset, startling
experiences consequently falling into a numbed, bemused state of mind. Rescue Remedy can also be
used just before bed to calm a troubled mind or before any stressful situation such as exams, doctor
or dentist appointments and public speaking. It helps to balance emotional state and is commonly
recommended by practitioners for psychological problems and pain.

Rescue is used to deal with any emergency. Fainting, pain, bleeding, shock, burn, shock, it protects
the patient in every terrible condition.

Nature of the patient: : When the patient is distracted, irritable and impatient. Fight and throw things. Lose
temper and become abusive. Bang his head on the wall. Always ready to sleep. Sleep while talking. Highly
anxious. Wishing to die due to complete disappointed. Tired of prolonged illness. Disinterested in work. Stop
talking and thinks to commit suicide or killing someone..

Sleep: Sleep at the wrong time, can’t sleep at right time. See scary dreams at night. Walks in the sleep.

Cancer: Rescue works in stomach cancer.

Insect bite: In any problem of insect bite.

Burns: Rescue will eliminate the pain from burns and will help in healing the wounds quickly.

Pain: Prevents all types of pain such as headache, joint pain, pain of injury. When patient is dead tired due to
suffering from pain.

Stomach ache: When stomachache starts due to anger.

Restlessness: When restlessness is caused by any problem, such as hiccups, fever, pain, cough, breathing
problem, then Rescue relieves from restlessness and physical discomfort.

Unconsciousness: By dissolving it in water, applying its drops, lips, gums, behind the ears and on the wrist of
the patient brings back the consciousness..

Epilepsy attack: When the patient loose complete control over body and mind.

Heat and stroke: When someone has the setback due to someone’s death or in shock by any due to major
Injury and accident: Rescue will give immediate benefit in any injury and also cure the mental trauma in case
of accident.
Female Special: Giving Rescue before and after the delivery makes the delivery process easier and helps fast
recovery to normalcy.