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Gurukula Mains

Social TGT/PGT Grand Test

1. Which of the following ports amounts for almost 50% of
India's iron ore exports?
a) Mangalore b) Marmagao
c) Mumbai d) Paradeep

2. Which among the following has the least population

a) Sikkim b) Arunachal pradesh
c) Mizoram d) Bihar

3. The belt extending famous for ?

a) silk industry b) jute industry
c) woollen industry d) cotton industry

4. Rivers that pass through Himachal pradesh are?

a) Beas, Chinab b) Beas, Raavi
c) Chinab, Raavi, Sutlej d) None

5. Which one of the following rivers originates at

a) Narmada b) Mahanadi
c) Damodar d) Tapi

6. Where are shevaroy hills located?

a) Telangana b) Karnatak
c) A.P d) Tamilnadu

7. Which one of the following is an essentially a spices

of Himalayan vegetatic?
a) Juniper b) Mahagani
c) Silver fir d) Sprues

8. In which one of the following places is the shompen

tribe found?
a) Nilagiri hills b) Nicobar islands
c) Spiti valley d) Lakshadeep

9. In India, which one of the following states has the

largest inland saline wetland?
a) Gujarat b) Haryana
c) Madhyapradesh d) Rajasthan

10. Which one of the following planets has largest

number of natural satellites or moons?
a) Jupiter b) Mars c) Saturn d) Venus

11. Top layer of the Earth is called?

a) crust b) mantle c) core d) None

12. The universe started?

a) 18.7 billion years ago
b) 13.7 billions years ago
c) 16.7 billion years ago
d) 15.7 billion years ago

13. We can locate places on the earth with help of ?

a) Latitudes b) Longitudes
c) Grid d) Equater

14. The earth divided into?

a) 36 b) 24 c) 30 d) 60

15. The realm of ... is called the biosphere.

a) air b) life c) rocks d) water

16. Gorges are formed by the walk of?

a) glaciers b) winds
c) rivers d) waves

17. Loess are colour ?

a) Black b) Red c) Yellow d) Pink
18. Coriolis effected is maximum at the?
a) equator b) poles
c) Tropic of cancer d) None

19. Any disturbance in life cycle is called?

a) Green house effect
b) Global warming
c) Ecological crisis d) None

20. The source of chloro fluoro carbons is?

a) Aerosols b) Fossil fuels
c) a, b d) None

21. Which one of the following is a rainy crop ...

a) Rice b) Millets
c) Wheat d) cotton
22. The term liberalism derives from ...
a) English b) Latin
c) French d) None

23. Spinsters were?

a) men b) children
c) women d) all the above

24. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity were slogans of ?

a) English revolution
b) American revolution
c) French revolution
d) Russian revolution

25. Russian revolution occurred in?

a) 1917 b) 1911 c) 1815 d) 1947

26. Koya, Konda Reddy, Kolam tribes belonged to?

a) Odisha b) Maharashtra
c) Telangana d) Bihar

27. The first factory act in 1881 specified the rules for the
welfare of ?
a) the male b) the female
c) the children d) None

28. Arab spring began in ?

a) Egypt b) Libya
c) Tunisia d) Yemen

29. The first large country to be given universal voting

rights was the?
a) USA b) Sweeden
c) Germany d) USSR

30. A democratic Government is a?

a) powerful b) fruitful
c) repressive d) legitimate

31. National Human Rights Commission was established

a) 1993 b) 1948 c) 1988 d) 1945

32. The punishment to the brothel house keepers is?

a) 1-2 years b) 3-4 years
c) 2-3 years d) 10 years

33. Mostly the disasters are caused because of human?

a) negligence b) intelligence
c) foolishers d) None

34. In case we see a victim in road accident, we may call

a) 100 b) 104 c) 101 d) 108
35. There was bomb blast in Hyderabad in 2013?
a) Ameerpet b) Borabanda
c) Dilsukhnagar d) Lumbini

36. We should not enter where we see ...

a) mandatory b) no entry
c) cautionary d) information

37. Age limit for transport vehicle is?

a) 20 years b) 18 years
c) 21 years d) 25 years

38. Plastic is used instead of ?

a) rubber b) copper
c) gold d) platinum

39. During the time of mughal emperors ... collected land

revenue from the peasants.
a) emperor b) revenue department
c) zamindars d) sirazdars

40. During the colonial period the peasants were forced

to do?
a) vetti b) cultivation
c) work d) donations

41. Kadambari Ganguli was the first woman graduated

a) Calcutta b) Chennai
c) Mumbai d) Tirupati

42. In Ahmedabad Gandhi led a successful will workers

strike in ... (b)
a) 1915 b) 1919 c) 1922 d) 1927

43. The Indian National Congress met at lahore in 1929

under the presidentship of ?
a) Gandhi b) Nehru
c) C.R. Das d) Bhagat singh

44. In march 1944, Indian flag was hoisted in kohima by?

a) Bhagat singh b) Rajguru
c) INA d) Sukhdev

45. Arya samaj was established in Hyderabad in?

a) 1891 b) 1892 c) 1893 d) 1894

46. The Telangana Armed Struggle happened between?

a) 1947-52 b) 1946-51
c) 1942-47 d) 1947-53

47. The ..... received the support of Doras, feudalism.

a) Hyderabad State Congress
b) Indian National Congress
c) Rajakars d) None
48. There were .... women members in our constituent
a) 14 b) 15 c) 16 d) 13

49. Mozilla Nehru & eight other Indian National Congress

leaders drafted a constitution for India in?
a) 1948 b) 1949 c) 1928 d) 1938

50. Loksabha TV Channel in Delhi telecasts the

discussing talking place in the house?
a) Prime minister b) Parliament
c) Presidents d) Speakers

51. If we want to lodge a complaint in police station, this

should be given...
a) Address b) Details c) FIR d) None

52. The law to abolish the zamindari system was passed

in ... by all state governments
a) 1960 b) 1950 c) 1940 d) 1980

53. 'Vetti' was abolished in the year ... (a)

a) 1927 b) 1928 c) 1929 d) 1930

54. Andhra Region was in ... state in 1950

a) Karnataka b) Odisha
c) Maharashtra d) Madras

55. The land ceiling Act came into force in?

a) 1975 b) 1976 c) 1977 d) 1978

56. The writer of 'Arthashastra' was?

a) Charaka b) Chandragupta
c) Bana d) Koutilya

57. Providing resources to the .... by government is a

fundamental right.
a) people b) poor people
c) rich d) foreigners

58. The .... don't withhold the information for a long

a) politicians b) opposition
c) agents d) government department

59. Gurukul kangri university is in?

a) Haridwar b) Rishikesh
c) Badrinath d) Kedarnath

60. 'Sati' was banned officially in?

a) 1821 b) 1820 c) 1829 d) 1825

61. Sharada sadan in Mumbai was set up by?

a) Ramabai b) Savithri bai
c) Sharada mother d) Jyothibai Phule

62. The person who said 'Daliths were Adihindus' ?

a) Narayanaguru
b) Bhagyareddy varma
c) Ambedkar d) Kandukuri

63. The Indian Constitution is destancing itself from?

a) Religion b) people
c) leaders d) parties

64. The Indian constitution is gives ... to religion

community educational institutions.
a) political right b) Financial support
c) moral support d) social right

65. Lambadi are a semi nomadic tribe in?

a) Madhyapradesh b) Telangana
c) Odisha d) Gujarat

66. Burrakatha is called ... in coastal Andhra.

a) Burrakatha b) Tambura katha
c) Thandhana katha d) Jangam katha

67. Natya sastra was written by?

a) Chraka b) Siddhendra yogi
c) Koutilya d) Bharatha

68. Progressive artister of the community party set up the

praja natya mandali in?
a) 1943 b) 1944 c) 1945 d) 1946

69. The first Talkie cinema released in 1931 was?

a) Alam Ara b) Bhishma Pratigne
c) Gandhi d) Malapilla

70. The first newspaper published in India in 1780 was

a) Mumbai b) Calcutta
c) Chennai d) Lucknow
71. Indian cricket was born in?
a) Calcutta b) Chennai
c) Bombay d) Hyderabad

72. The ICC headquarters was changed from london to?

a) America b) Dubai
c) Canada d) Moscow

73. An example for our Indian traditional game?

a) Khokho b) Cricket
c) Hockey d) Football

74. The region that experiences severs drought?

a) Andhra b) Rayalaseema
c) Kerala d) Karnataka

75. Find the odd one from the follows.

a) cyclone b) floods
c) Tsunami d) stamped

76. 'Tsunami' is a word of ?

a) India b) Srilanka
c) Japan d) Russia

77. The gas that was leaked in Bhopal accident?

a) Methane b) Oxigen
c) CO2 d) Nitrogen

78. These prepare symbols.

a) Politicians b) Map users
c) Map makers d) Archeologists

79. Earth acts like a powerful?

a) Magnet b) Atomic mineral
c) Satellite d) Star
80. These lines are all of the same length?
a) Longitudes b) Latitudes
c) Isohyets d) Isobars

81. The sea that is nearest to us is?

a) Arabian sea b) Bay of Bengal
c) Yellow sea d) Red sea

82. The shape of the earth is?

a) Oval b) Triangular
c) Square d) Spherical

83. There is a 'slight bulge' near the?

a) Tropic of capricorn
b) Tropic of cancer
c) North pole d) Equetro

84. The .... are level lands with very gentle slopes.
a) Plains b) Plateaus
c) Hills d) Mountains

85. The tribals worshipped ?

a) Plants & Animals b) The Gods
c) The Universal intelligence
d) Self

86. The shifting cultivation is also called?

a) Mixed Cultivation
b) Podu cultivation
c) Extensive cultivation
d) Intensive cultivation

87. Gonds are of .... district in Telangana State.

a) Karimnagar b) Adilabad
c) Nizamabad d) Warangal
88. Tribes were called 'Jana' in ....
a) Brahmi b) Sanskrit
c) pali d) Hindi

89. The other name of 'Kuru' was?

a) Puru b) Avanti
c) Kanpili d) Odisse

90. Maghada spread on both sides of the river?

a) Krishna b) Penna
c) Godavari d) Gange

91. Ashoke was inspired by the teaching of ?

a) Buddha b) Mahavira
c) Gurunanak d) Kabir

92. The present name of Kalinga is?

a) Bengal b) Bihar
c) Odissa d) Assam

93. Monasteries of Nagarjuna Konda were built by?

a) Ikshavakas b) Pallavas
c) Kakatiya d) Pandyas

94. The first citizen of the village is?

a) Sarpanch b) Village secretary
c) MDO d) VRO

5. Every voter in a ward votes .... times.
a) 1 b) 3 c) 5 d) 2

96. 1/3 of the village income comes from?

a) Curaction
b) Government Schemes
c) Taxes d) Crops

97. Sikkim became a Part of India in?

a) 1970 b) 1960 c) 1980 d) 1975

98. 'Lamas' are .... Buddhist monks.

a) India b) Chinese
c) Japanese d) Tibetan

99. The story of Bhakta Kannappa was in this Puranam?

a) Periya b) Vayu
c) Matsya d) Brahmanda

100. 'Vinaya' was the book of ?

a) Jainism b) Confucianism
c) Buddhism d) Hindu

101. The .... established Ashramas.

a) Vysyas b) Jainas
c) Kshatriyas d) Rishis

102. Guddi mallam is in?

a) Kurnool b) Chittur
c) Nellore d) Cudapa

103. St. Thomas propagated .... in south India.

a) Islam b) Christianity
c) Sikhism d) Hinduism

104. 'Cheraman' Mosque is in?

a) Goa b) Karnataka
c) Maharastra d) Kerala

105. Bhakti movement arose in?

a) Himachal pradesh
b) Madhya pradesh
c) Karnataka d) Tamilnadu

106. This is a Dravidian language?

a) Hindi b) Sanskrit
c) Telugu d) Nepali

107. .... is developed by a group of people living together.

a) Society b) Language
c) Relations d) Speech

108. Most of the scripts we use in India today developed

a) Sanskrit b) Devanagari
c) Brahmi d) Assami

109. Sangam literature was in?

a) Telugu b) Kannada
c) Tamil d) Malayalam
110. In south India people wrote on .... leaves.
a) Palm b) Peepal
c) Neem d) Amla

111. The animal in the Harappan seal was?

a) Horse b) Bull
c) Elephant d) Lion

112. Sanchi stupa is in?

a) Andhra pradesh b) Utter pradesh
c) Bihar d) Madhyapradesh

113. 'Nalagiri' was an?

a) Monkey b) Elephant
c) Horse d) Bull

114. Gandhara & Madhusa are the two?

a) Dances b) Universities
c) Sculptures d) vitaras

115. The University in Bihar is?

a) Taksha sila b) Nalanda
c) Gouthami d) Nagarjuna

116. The Unification of Italy was largely achieved by?

a) Bismarck b) Gari baldi
c) San martin d) Lenin

117.German confederation was dissolved in?

a) 1862 b) 1865 c) 1866 d) 1869

118. 1830 Revolution was also called this revolution?

a) July b) August
c) September d) October

119.It was amid-19th century Phenomenon?

a) Imperialism b) Socialism
c) Communalism d) Communism

120. This was rich for Negro slaves?

a) Asia b) Africa
c) America d) Australia

121. This was the first country in Asia to fall prey to the
a) Burma b) China
c) Indonesia d) India

122. The first world war occurred in?

a) January 1914 b) February 1914
c) March 1914 d) April 1914

123. The Royal place of the czars was at?

a) Moscow b) St.Petersburg
c) Constantinople d) Paris
124. The first world war came to an end with the Treaty of ?
a) Paris b) Utrecht
c) London d) Versailles

125. The elected body in Russia was called?

a) Reichstag b) Estates General
c) Duma d) Parliament

126. The treaty made by germans, Austric of Italy is called?

a) Triple entente
b) Triple alliance
c) Dual alliance
d) Single member alliance

127. He was the founder of the Nazi party?

a) Mussolini b) Hitler
c) Woodrow wilson d) Roosvelt
128. South Africa attained freedom from Britain in?
a) 1925 b) 1926 c) 1930 d) 1931

129. The Secretariat of the UNO is here?

a) Washington b) Vienna
c) Hague d) Newyork

130. Nato was organised by?

a) Soviet Russia b) France
c) Britain d) USA

131. This divided the world into two blocks?

a) Nuclear war b) cold war
c) Worldwar-2 d) World war-1

132. India had Successful campaign in East Pakisthan in?

a) 1962 b) 1965 c) 1971 d) 1977
133. The Easter or the Soviet Block had been on the
spread of ?
a) Socialism b) Capitalism
c) Communism d) Nazism

134. The treaty of Brussels took place in ?

a) 1947 b) 1948 c) 1949 d) 1950

135. Bundung confrence was held in this year?

a) 1949 b) 1950 c) 1951 d) 1955

136. Person responsible for the abolition of sati was?

a) Macauley b) Bentincle
c) Dalhousie d) William Kew

137. Navaratnas adorned the court of ?

a) Samudra Gupta
b) Harshavardhana
c) Ashoka
d) Chandra Gupta Vikramaditya

138. He interpreted vedanta Philosphy in Different ways?

a) Chaitanya b) Vallabha Charya
c) Ramanuja d) Rama krishna

139. Red fort was built by?

a) Akbar b) Shahjahan
c) Aurangzeb d) Humayun

140. The sepoy Revolt of 1857 began at?

a) Kanpur b) Luknow
c) Delhi d) Meerut

141. The National Movement was run by them till 1905?

a) Extremists b) Moderates
c) Zamindars d) Revolutioners
142. India is often called?
a) a continent b) a peninsula
c) a sub-continent d) an Island

143. Every one is equal before the?

a) Tradition b) Govt order
c) Law d) Religious bainty

144. There is no state religion in?

a) Nepal b) India
c) Pakisthan d) Bangladesh

145. Social Justice is to enable

backward classes to lead a?
a) Perfect life b) Good life
c) Dignified life d) Comfortable life
146. India is a vast country with tremendous?
a) Dignity b) Unity
c) Unity in diversity
d) Diversity in unit

147. The elected representative are responsible to (a)

a) The people b) The cabinet
c) The president d) The officers

148. Indian constitution was adopted in the year?

a) 1950 b) 1949
c) 1946 d) 1947

149. Dowry prohibition Act was launched in?

a) 1971 b) 1961
c) 1951 d) 1981

150. The organisation of SAARC was launched in? a)

Dec 1984 b) Dec 1985
c) Dec 1983 d) Dec 1991

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