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Well met and welcome to the Collectors Checklist!

This is the d20 Collectors Checklist, your first aid when collecting d20 material.

I made this checklist for myself to keep track of what RPG products I own. Many times was I in the position to
photocopy (“Xerox”) a module or booklet that the owner didn’t wish to sell. So gradually my collection
expanded with not only genuine products but also with photocopies. Since the coming of the officially digitized
classic products (ESD’s) and hundreds of homemade scans it is even harder to keep track of what product you
own in what format. With the Collectors Checklist you will be able to sort your whole collection, no matter what
the format is!

The checklist is devided into several sections :

Stock № : The item’s publishing code

SubCode : When an item belongs to a specific group of items it carries this code
Title : The product’s title (dah!)

Copy : Check this if you have the original item

Xerox : Check this if you have a copy (Xeroxcopy for instance) of the original item
ESD : Check this if you have an official digital copy of the original item
Scan : Check this if you have a homemade scan of the original item

HINT: you can even write down the number when you own more than one copy of a product ; )

Feel free to copy/share/print this list. More Collectors Checklists can be found at our new website:

Have a nice day !


EVERY product, title,logo, name, picture, thingy, whatever! in this list is owned, trademarked, copyrighted, the lot! by TSR Inc/Wizards of
the Coast and every other company mentioned. Any use herein is not intended to constitute a challenge to their ownership.

Version 1.1 : Added ALL A tot Z items I could find on the web around september 2002.
Version 1.0 : PDF checklist with cover. Only Alderac Entertainment Group present at the moment.
Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

0one Games

Master Adventures

MA01 The Andwan Legacy

MA02 The Minotaur

Seven Avengers

The Living Legend Prestige Class

SA00 Heroes and Magic
SA00 Sourcebook Heroes & Magic Sourcebook (second edition)
SA01 The Legend Of The Steel General
SA02 The Siege Of Draman Del
SA03 The Twenty Sides Of The Evil
SA04 Brotherhoods

Abashima Press

Etherships & Dinosaurs

Adamant Entertainment

ADM2000 Skull & Bones - Core Rulebook

Adept Press

AP 1002 Sorcerer and Sword Sourcebook

Affinity Games


AFG 1000 Windhaven: City Campaign Guide

AFG 1001 Windhaven: Rivertown
AFG 1002 Windhaven: The Island City
AFG 1003 Windhaven: GM Screen / Wall Map Set
AFG 1004 Windhaven: Neighborhood - Book One

Agatha Blades

Shades of Yesterday

AirWeaver Games

AWR001 S1 The Goblin Fair

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Alderac Entertainment Group

Adventure Keep

AEG8301 Castle Zadrian

AEG8302 Sundered Faith
AEG8303 Tomb of the Overseers
AEG8304 Against the Barrow King
AEG8305 Jerimond's Orb
AEG8306 Out of Body, Out of Mind
AEG8307 The Crypt of St. Bethesda
AEG8308 Kurishan's Garden
AEG8309 The Last Gods
AEG8310 Bring Him Back Alive!
AEG8311 The Heart of Amun Khonshu
AEG8312 The Murder of the Seven Points
AEG8313 Dead Man's Cove
AEG8314 Garadon Manor
AEG8315 Servants of the Blood Moon
AEG8316 The Ice Caves of Azinth
AEG8317 Princes, Thieves, & Goblins
AEG8320 Dawn of the Serpent
AEG8321 The Red Isle
AEG8322 The Last Defender
AEG8323 The Illusionist's Daughter
AEG8324 The Lash of Malloc
AEG8325 Temple of the Iron Codex
AEG8326 Honor Among Thieves
AEG8328 Temple of Eternal Flame
AEG8329 The Lost King
AEG8330 Wreck of the Venerable Drake
AEG8331 Kin and Kinsman

City Series

AEG8336 Dark Elf City of Hosuth

AEG8337 Ogre City of Drahk'Suhl
AEG8338 Prison City of Hell's Reach
AEG8339 Caravan City of Azul

Dragons Series

AEG8502 Dragons
AEG8340 The Harbinger
AEG8341 In Cold Blood
AEG8342 Legacy of Madness
AEG8343 Bitter Waters

Evil Series

AEG8501 Evil
AEG8332 The Gauntlet
AEG8333 Folnar's Dagger
AEG8334 Fall From Grace
AEG8335 No Mercy

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Undead Series

AEG8504 Undead
AEG8319 Gottheit
AEG8344 Covenent Hill
AEG8345 That Which Does Not Die
AEG8346 The Flesh is Weak

Oriental Adventures (Legend of the Five Rings d20)

AEG3103 Rokugan™ Campaign Setting

AEG3104 Creatures of Rokugan™
AEG3105 Magic of Rokugan™
AEG3106 Way of the Samurai
AEG3107 Way of the Ninja
AEG3108 Way of the Shugenja
AEG3109 Fortunes & Winds
AEG8348 Treachery's Reward
AEG8349 Unspoken Shame
AEG8350 Blood on White Petals
AEG8351 The Daisho and the Ninja


AEG8327 Dungeons: A Guide to Survival in the Realms Below

AEG8506 River of Blood
AEG8507 7th Sea
AEG8508 War
AEG8509 Monster
AEG8510 Gods
AEG8511 Mercenaries
AEG8512 Magic
AEG8513 Good


AEG8200 Farscape Role-Playing Game

Spycraft (Espionage role-playing game)

Spycraft RPG Sourcebook: Season Book #1 Gentlemen's Agreement

AEG1800 Spycraft Roleplaying Game
AEG1801 Spycraft Control Screen
AEG1802 Modern Arms Guide
AEG1803 Spycraft RPG Sourcebook: Soldier/Wheelman Class Guide

Shadowforce Archer (for Spycraft Espionage rpg)

Threat Book: The Hand of Glory

Shadowforce Archer Campaign Setting
AEG1000 Shadowforce Archer World Book
AEG1001 The Archer Foundation

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Swashbuckling Adventures™ (7th Sea™ d20)

Cresent Empire
Magic of Théah
AEG7152 Swordsman's Guild
AEG8550 Swashbuckling Adventures
AEG8551 Swashbuckling Adventures: Heroes, Villains & Monsters of Théah

Ambient d20 Games

Portable Hole Full of Beer (this product contains no alcohol)

Librum Equitis volume 2
Librum Equitis volume 1 - Printed edition
Jungles of the Mind
deadEarth d20
AMB1001 Librum Equitis volume 1
AMB1002 Thee Compleat Librum ov Gar'Udok's Necromantic Artes
MYG0302 Necromancer's Legacy - Printed edition


The World of Aldor

0101 The Goy
0102 The Toad God's Treasure
0201 Office and Affairs of Love

Archangel Studios, LLC

AGL0001 Dramatis Personae: Campaign Ready NPC's

AGL 001 Dramatis Personae: d20 Sourcebook

Atlas Games

Penumbra (Medieval d20)

AG3200 Three Days to Kill

AG3201 Thieves in the Forest
AG3202 In the Belly of the Beast
AG3203 The Tide of Years
AG3204 Touched by the Gods: A Sourcebook of Cults and Cabals
AG3206 Maiden Voyage
AG3207 En Route
AG3208 The Last Dance
AG3209 Beyond the Veil
AG3210 Backdrops
AG3211 The Ebon Mirror
AG3212 Seven Strongholds
AG3213 Seven Cities
AG3214 Occult Lore
AG3215 Unhallowed Halls
AG 3216 Lean and Hungry

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Coriolis (d20 & other Atlas Games)

AG3400 Burning Shaolin [Feng Shui]

AG3401 The Ascension of the Magdalene [Unknown Armies]


Nyambe Player's Lorebook

AG3700 Nyambe: African Adventures

Auran Games

AUG1001 Dark Awakenings: Guardian

AUG1002 Dark Awakenings: Shadowland
AUG1003 Sanctuary
None Shades of Grey

Avalanche Press Ltd.

APL0901 The Last Days of Constantinople

APL0902 Ragnarok: Tales of the Norse Gods
APL0903 Greenland Saga: The Lost Norse Colony
APL0904 Jade and Steel: Roleplaying in Mythic China
APL0905 Twilight of Atlantis
APL0906 Face of the Divine
APL0907 Vlad the Impaler: Blood Prince of Walachia
APL0908 Doom of Odin: Tales of the Norse Gods
APL0909 Black Flags: Piracy in the Caribbean
APL0910 Sea & Foam: War In The Age Of Sail
APL0911 Nile Empire: War in Heliopolis
APL0912 I, Mordred: The Fall and Rise of Camelot
APL0915 Endless Sands: Arabian Adventures
APL0916 Terror of the Aztecs
APL0917 Reconquista: Battle for Medieval Iberia
APL0918 Celtic Age
APL0922 Noble Knights: A d20 Guide To Knightly Orders
APL0923 Green Martyrs
APL0924 Holy War: The Crusades In The Holy Land
APL0803 The Art Of Lorenzo Sperlonga 2003 Calendar

Badaxe Games

BA02101 Heroes of High Favor: Dwarves

BA02101 Heroes of High Favor: Half-Orcs

Bard’s Production

A Race for Retribution Part I

A Race for Retribution Part II
A Race for Retribution Part III
A Race for Retribution Part IV

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Series Town Information

BPR10001 Common Ground I
BPR10002 Common Ground II (Guard Towers, Thieves Guilds, Private Clubs)

Bastion Press

BAS 1000 Minions: Fearsome Foes

BAS 1001 Arms & Armor
BAS 1002 Villains
BAS 1003 Alchemy & Herbalists
BAS 1004 Spells & Magic
BAS 1005 Oathbound: Domains of the Forge
BAS 1006 Guildcraft
BAS 1007 Pale Designs: A Poisoner's Handbook
BAS 1008 Oathbound: Plains of Penance
BAS 1009 Airships
BAS 1010 Faeries


Arms & Armor: MasterScreen

Danger in Deadwood
Legacy of Akhirat
Where Dark Elves Rule


Sword of Wonder


Ink & Quill

Lore of the Gods series

Egyptian Gods
Norse Gods!
22589000 Greek Gods

Battlefield Press Inc.

Cityscape: City on the nexus of the Omniverse

Corporate Supers
Eternal Beings (A Priestly Guide to the City's Religions)
Powers of the Mind
BPI 1001 Cityscape: City on the Nexus of the Omniverse

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Trius Campaign Setting

Trius Campaign Setting Sourcebook

The Empire of Shodar

Pulp Fantasy: A Game of Pulp Heroes in the 1920s

Pulp Fantasy
The Mystic East
Savage Worlds
The Atlantis Connection

Sherwood: The Legend of Robin Hood

Sherwood: The Legend of Robin

Hood The Crusaders: A guide to the Crusades
The Great Dark Horde: A guide to the Mongols
The Table

Bizarro Games

The Kingdom of SpirosBlaak

The Book of Bizarre Magic

Black Arrow Games

BAG 001 The Heirloom adventure

BAG 20011 The Kalbrockian Empire
BAGFA 001 Hunters of the Realm sourcebook
BAGFA 002 Complete Guide to Orcs and 1/2 orcs
BAGIJ 001 Interstellar Journeys Main Rules
BAGIJ 002 Creatures of the Galaxy
BAGIJ 003 Starships and Vehicles
BAGIJ 004 The Intergalactic Web
BAGIJ 5000 Interstellar Journeys Compendium
BAGIJCD1 IJ Compendium Release

Black Magic Games

Entitled Nightfall in Eliador

The Cabil

CAB 601 MapAid: Dungeon Map

CAB 602 MapAid: Hex Map

Chainmail Bikini Games

Beyond Monks
Call of Duty

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Chaosium inc

d20 Cthulhu

CHA 8800 PULP CTHULHU: Reckless Adventures in the 1930's

CHA 8801 D20 Cthulhu GameMaster's Pack
CHA 8802 H.P. Lovecraft's Dunwich
CHA 8803 H.P. Lovecraft's Arkham
CHA 8804 H.P. Lovecraft's Kingsport

Dragon Lords of Melnibone

CHA 2017 Dragon Lords of Melnibone

CHA 2018 Slaves of Fate
CHA 2019 Worlds of the Eternal Champion: The Straits of Chaos
CHA 2020 Cults of Law & Chaos

Children of the Grave Press

Aten: City of Light

The Great Underground Cavern
Explorer's Almanac: The Forbidden Jungle
Dragons and Deities
Children of the Grave Campaign Setting

Citizen Games

Sidewinder: Wild West Adventure

CIT 300 Sidewinder: Wild West Adventure

Hero’s Journey

CIT 001 The Secret at Greenrock

CIT 002 Castle Dunmere
CIT 003 Beyond the Bundroch River
CIT 004 Tome of the Dragon
CIT 005 Journey to Blacks Keep


CIT 111 Way of the Witch

CIT 112 Path of the Magi
CIT 700 1000 Faces: Villains and Scoundrels. Book 1 of 4

Columbia Games Inc


COL 5071 Nasty, Brutish and Short: The Orcs of Hârn

COL 5072 Trobridge Inn: Pepper & Spice
COL 5081 Evael: Kingdom of the Elves

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan
Supplement to Nasty, Brutish and Short
d20 Hârn Guide
COL 5901 Web of the Widow (CD-ROM adventure)

Dark Nabulae

DNI 7101 Shadow Council Archives: Materia Magica

DNI7102 Shadow Council Archives: Passage into the Depths of
Montehallen (Monty Hall)

Dark Portal Games

The Lands of Arekoz

WR 2 Veil of Malice
WR 3 Yagzanoch Revealed


DPG 001 White Robes, Black Hearts: Enigma of the Arcanexus

Dark Quest


DQG 2000 Cyber Style: Biotech and Bionics

DQG 2001 Cyber Style: Wageslaves - printed version
DQG 2002 Cyber Style: Net of Dreams
DQG 2004 Cyber Style: Bang Bang (Firearms and Gearbook)
DQG 2005 Cyber Style: Grease Monkeys (Vehicle Guide)
DQG 2006 Cyber Style: Theme Book


DQG 1001 City Guide 1: Everyday Life

DQG 1002 City Guide 2: Nautical Necessities
DQG 1003 City Guide 3: Coffer of Coins
DQG 1101 City Guide Cultures 1: Moon Elves


DQG 1201 Guiding Light: Lady Pale

DQG 1301 Fur and Feather : In the Saddle
DQG 1401 Dweomercraft: Enchanters



1001 Maelstrom Fantasy Campaign Setting

2021 Evil's Heart: The Land of Blacksword
2041 Flawed Brilliance: The District of Calthayes

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

3001 Visira: Fantasy City Floorplans

3010 Visira: City of Sorrows
4001 Cityscape: Modern Era Floorplans
5011 Inns & Taverns Floorplans
5021 Castles & Keeps Floorplans
5031 Temples & Shrines Floorplans
5041 Mansions & Manors Floorplans

Dragon & Dice Studios

The Karanblade d20 Campaign Setting

Dragon Claw Games

DCG1 Danger at Darkwater


DD 101 The Temple of the Grand Fenge

DD 201 The Library of Altinum
DD 301 The Tomb of Lady Gasping


Dungeon Entrance
The Tumbuloz Mines

Dunham Studios

Elemental Lands

ELSB1 Elemental Powers: Elemental Lands Sourcebook I

ELSB2 Elemental Powers II: GM's Sourcebook


Tile Sets 1 & 2

DP1 By Cult & Dagger
DP2 By Tooth & Claw
DP3 Sword & Spell

Earth 1066

Earth 1066 Campaign

Earth 1066 Core Gaming System

Earth 1066 Celtic Ayrelund (Ireland) Supplement
Earth 1066 Angelund (England) Supplement

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Deities, Demigods, and Archons of Earth 1066

Pantheons of Earth 1066 (a web-based product)
Earth 1066 Imperiae Europa (Europe) Supplement
Emperors of Earth 1066
Regions for Emperor of Earth 1066
Battle Systems Earth 1066

Eden Studios Inc

Eden Odyssey

EDN 7000 Liber Beastarius: The Book of Beasts

EDN 7001 Akrasia: Thief of Time
EDN 7002 Wonders Out of Time
EDN 7003 Secrets pf the Ancients


EDN 7004 Waysides: The Book of Taverns

EDN 7005 Fields of Blood: The Book of War

Elmore Productions

ELM 8410 SnarfQuest d20' World Book

Fantasy Flight Games

Legends & Lairs

FFG DD01 The Hidden Vault

FFG DD02 Darkwoods' Secret
FFG DD03 Raid on Tonwell
FFG DD04 The Fifth Sepulchre
FFG DD05 Olenar's Heartstone
FFG DD06 Raven Mine
FFG DD07 The Broken Plain
FFG DD08 The Dragon's Wish
FFG DD09 The Tuggarth Gauntlet
FFG DD10 Lost Hunt
FFG DD11 The Dark Tribe
FFG DD12 The Black Stairs
FFG DD13 Voyage to Storm Isle
FFG DD14 The Thief's Gold
FFG DD15 Sign of the Skull
FFG DD16 The Wreyland Serpent
FFG DD17 Traps & Treachery
FFG DD18 Mythic Races
FFG DD19 Steam Dragon's Revenge
FFG DD20 The Sewer Fiend
FFG DD21 Darwell's Tower
FFG DD22 Daggers at Midnight
FFG DD23 Froderick's Tomb

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

FFG DD24 Spawn of Shurpanakha

FFG DD25 The Weeping Tree
FFG DD26 The Punishing Passage
FFG DD27 Seafarer's Handbook
FFG DD28 Spells & Spellcraft: Compendium of Mystic Lore
FFG DD29 Traps & Treachery II
FFG DD30 Path of the Sword


FFG DS01 Starfarer's Handbook

FFG DS02 Guide to the Galaxy

Call of Cthulhu

FFG CC01 Nocturnum: Modern-Day Horror Campaign

Far Future Enterprises


T20 - Ley Sector: Delta Quadrant

T20 - In The Black
T20 - Edge of Empire
QLI-T 200001 T20 - The Traveller's Handbook
QLI-T200001L T20 Lite

Fast Forward Entertainment

FAF 2004 The Encyclopedia of Demons & Devils

FAF 2005 Rings of Power
FAF 2006 Swords of Power
FAF 2007 Demonic Lairs
FAF 2008 Treasure Quests
FAF 2009 Wondrous Items of Power
FAF 2010 Dungeon World
FAF 2011 Enchanted Locations: d20 Fantasy Map Accessory
FAF 2012 Devilish Dens
FAF 2013 Swords of Evil
FAF 2014 Dungeon World: Secrets of the Enemy Capital
FAF 2015 Orcfest
FAF 2016 The Encyclopedia of Demons & Devils 2
FAF 2017 Occult Items of Power
FAF 2018 Enchanted Locations:Graveyards & Crypts
FAF 2019 Deep in the Troll Fens (Cancelled)
FAF 2020 Encyclopedia of Weaponry
FAF 2021 Cloud Warriors:Aerial Combat

Green Races Series

FAF 2500 Green Races Monstrous Campaign Setting

FAF 2501 BronzeMen
FAF 2001 Fortress of the Ogre Chieftain

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

FAF 2002 Temple of the Troll God

FAF 2003 Slave Pits of the Goblin King
FAF 5046 Ring of the Moon
FAF 5054 Ring of Scale
FAF 5055 Ring of Unwavering Perfection
FAF 5062 Ring of Misrule
FAF 5067 Nymph's Ring
FAF 5101 Sword of Magnificence

Metamorphosis Alpha

FAF 3000 Metamorphosis Alpha

Fiend Games

Galal's Digital Grave

Project Planeshifter: War of Thorns
Project Planeshifter: Fiends
Project Planeshifter: Angels
Project Planeshifter: Sadric Unbound

Fiery Dragon Productions

FDP 1000 NeMoren's Vault

FDP 1001 The Silver Summoning
FDP 2000 To Stand on Hallowed Ground
FDP 4000 Counter Pack 1: Demons & Devils
FDP 4001 Counter Pack 2: Tribes, Clans, & Cults
FDP 4002 Counter Pack 3: Dwellers in Dungeons & Darkness
FDP 4003 Counter Pack 4: Eldritch Horrors & Occult Investigators
FDP 4004 Counter Pack 5: Allies & Adversaries (d20 Supers)
FDP 4050 Gates of Oblivion
FDP 4051 Revivify the Vivid
FDP 4100 Atomic City d20 Supers Superheroes

Four Horsemen Games

Killer Crawls
Creepy Crawls

Gaslight Press

Sun & Scale

0001 Book One: Player's Guide

0002 Book Two: Western Sun Campaign
0003 Book Three: The Valdan Wilds
0004 Book Four: Timeline
GLP 1051 The Gryphon's Legacy
GLT 1052 The Zombie Wood

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Gold Rush Games

GRG 2301 Village Of Briarton

Starship Yakaze

GRG 2001 Starship Yakaze Vol. 1: Soul of the Shadow

Starship Yakaze Vol. 2: The Lady of Obelus
Starship Yakaze Vol. 3: Ad Astra per Aspera
Starship Yakaze Vol. 4: The Airships of Oeillade

Usagi Yojimbo

Usagi Yojimbo: Villains!

GRG U101 Usagi Yojimbo: Monsters!

Goodman Games

Dinosaur Planet: Broncosaurus Rex

Broncosaurus Rex campaign setting preview

Cretasus Worldbook
Raptor Sourcebook
GMG 1000 Dinosaur Planet: Broncosaurus Rex
GMG 1001 Dinosaur Planet: Broncosaurus Rex Cretasus Adventure Guide

The Complete Guide

GMG 1002 Complete Guide to Velociraptors

GMG 1003 Complete Guide to T-Rex
GMG 3000 Complete Guide to Doppelgangers

Aerial Adventure Guide

GMG 2000 Rulers of the Sky. Vol. 1

GMG 2001 Sellaine, Jewel of the Clouds. Vol. 2
GMG 2002 Monsters, Magic, and Sky Ships. Vol. 3

Green Ronin Publishing

GRR 1008 Character Record Folio

GRR 2001 Mutants & Masterminds RPG
GRR 1009 Jade Dragons and Hungry Ghosts


GRR 1002 Death in Freeport

GRR 1003 Terror in Freeport
GRR 1004 Madness in Freeport
GRR 1006 Hell in Freeport
GRR 1007 Freeport: The City of Adventure

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Book of Fiends

GRR 1005 Legions of Hell

GRR 1012 Armies of the Abyss


GRR 1011 Arcana: Societies of Magic

GRR 1014 Secret College of Necromancy
GRR 1015 The Book of the Righteous

Races of Renown

GRR 1101 Hammer and Helm: A Guidebook to Dwarves

GRR 1102 Wrath & Rage: A Guidebook to Orcs and Half-Orcs
GRR 1103 Plot & Poison: A guidebook to Drow

Pocket Grimoires

GRR 1201 Pocket Grimoire: Arcane

GRR 1202 Pocket Grimoire: Divine

d20 Master Class

GRR 1013 The Shaman's Handbook

GRR 1301 The Assassin's Handbook
GRR 1302 The Witch's Handbook

d20 Modern

GRR 1016 Ultramodern Firearms

Grey Ghost Games

GRG 4010 Gamemastering Secrets, 2nd Edition

Grinning Goblin

Starfall: terror in Sweetwater

Danger on Sizlara Isle
The Secret of Tallow Falls
The Flame of Arone
Legacy of Alistair
Thieves Folly
Blood Moon
The Torch of Arone
City Of Shadows
The Witchlord of Bargala Wood
A Touch of Chaos
Dark Shadows on the Isle of Breezes

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Guardians of Order, Inc

GOO 13-201 Silver Age Sentinels: Ultimate Superhero RPG

Guild Master Games

GMG 3001 Evil at Dunsmarch

GMG 3002 The Sunken Temple

Guildhouse Games

The Domains of Althios

GHS 1000 The Succubus Bride

GHS 1001 A Green Place to Die
GHS 1002 A Thief's Tale
GHS 1003 Red or White
GHS 1004 The Plague of Nyrathoth
GHS 1005 Dark & Stormy Night
GHS 1006 A Mage's Tale
GHS 1007 Quirks And Nuances
GHS 1010 Gatekeeper Adventure Bundle

Hammerdog Games

A Dark Knight in Darkspyre

BBA 0.1 A Mixture of Madness
BBA 1.0 Introduction to The Grande Temple of Jing
HDGBA1.1 The Grande Temple of Jing
HDGBA2.1 Assault on Darkspyre
HDG 2000 The Nearside Project
HDG 300 Beware the Bloodstorm

Hekaforge Productions

ICG 7203 Castle Wolfmoon

Hobgoblynn Press

HBG 1000 Godlike: Superhero Roleplaying in a World on Fire, 1936-1946

Holistic Design, Inc

Fading Suns

HDI 204 Fading Suns: Space-Fantasy Roleplaying

HDI 250 Heretics & Outsiders
HDI 251 Aliens & Deviltry
HDI 252 Fading Suns: Lord Erbian's Stellar Bestiary

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

HDI 253 Fading Suns: Worlds Of The Realm

HDI 254 Rogue Tech

Fantasy Encounters Miniature Sets (pre-painted with d20 stat cards)

HDI 700 Orcs

HDI 701 Dwarves
HDI 702 Undead
HDI 703 Elves
HDI 704 Painted Heroes With Stat Card Set

Real-Life Roleplaying

HDI 801 Afghanistan: d20

HDI 802 Somalia: d20

Inner Circle

Violet Dawn

INC 1000 Denizens of Avadnu

INC 1001 Weapons & Combat
INC 1002 Tome of the Arcane
INC 1003 Mysteries of the Mind
INC 1004 The World of Avadnu


Where Madness Dwells

Jagged Edge Games


Umbragia: Realm of Shadow


Volume I - People of the Realms v2.0.0

Volume II - Nations of Umbragia v2.0.1

Kismet Games

Patrons of Adventure
In a Secret Commonwealth


Narosia – Sea of Tears

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Limestone Publishing

Chain of Being

LSP 12101 Chain of Being: The Fantasy Roleplaying Game of Epic Absurdity

Living Imagination, Inc

Twin Crowns

Streets of Silver
LII 1450 Twin Crowns: Age of Exploration
LII 1500 Broadsides!: Naval Adventuring

Mongoose Publising

Slayer's Guides

MGP 0001 The Slayer's Guide to Hobgoblins

MGP 0002 The Slayer's Guide to Gnolls
MGP 0003 The Slayer's Guide to Centaurs
MGP 0004 The Slayer's Guide to Troglodytes
MGP 0005 The Slayer's Guide to Amazons
MGP 0006 The Slayer's Guide to Sahuagin
MGP 0007 The Slayer's Guide to Bugbears
MGP 0008 The Slayer's Guide to Trolls
MGP 0009 The Slayer's Guide to Dragons
MGP 0010 The Slayer's Guide to Orcs
MGP 0011 The Slayer's Guide to Rules Lawyers
MGP 0012 The Slayer's Guide to Medusas
MGP 0013 The Slayer's Guide to Female Gamers
MGP 0099 The Mini Slayer's Guide to Winter Wolves

Encyclopedia Arcane

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Enchantment - Fire in the Mind

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Star Magic - Wisdom of the Magi
Encyclopaedia Arcane: Illusionism
MGP 1001 Demonology: The Dark Road
MGP 1002 Necromancy: Beyond the Grave
MGP 1003 Chaos Magic: Wild Sorcery
MGP 1004 Constructs: It is Alive
MGP 1005 Battle Magic: The Eldritch Storm
MGP 1008 Elementalism: The Primordial Force
MGP 1009 Chronomancy: The Power of Time
MGP 1010 Enchantment
None Tzaretch family of demons

Encyclopedia Divine

MGP 1006 Shamans: The Call of the Wild

MGP 1007 Fey Magic: Dreaming the Reverie

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Traveller's Tales

MGP 3001 Seas of Blood: Fantasy on the High Seas

MGP 3002 Ships of the Goblinoids
MGP 3003 Ships of the Elves
MGP 3004 Ships of War
MGP 3005 Crusades of Valour: When Gods Collide

Quintessential Character Guides

MGP 4001 The Quintessential Fighter

MGP 4002 The Quintessential Rogue
MGP 4003 The Quintessential Cleric
MGP 4004 The Quintessential Wizard
MGP 4005 The Quintessential Elf
MGP 4006 The Quintessential Dwarf
MGP 4007 The Quintessential Monk
MGP 4008 The Quintessential Witch
The Quintessential Psychic Warrior
The Quintessential Druid

Cities of Fantasy

MGP 5001 Skraag: City of Orcs

MGP 5002 Stormhaven: City of a Thousand Seas
MGP 5003 Highthrone: City Above the Clouds

The Planes

MGP 6001 Feuerring: Gateway to Hell
MGP 6002 The Planes: Zahhak - Ashen Waste of the Abyss

Judge Dredd

MGP 7001 Judge Dredd Roleplaying Game

MGP 7002 The Rookie's Guide to the Justice Department
MGP 7003 The Rookie's Guide to Block Wars
MGP 7004 Mega-City One's Most Wanted
MGP 7005 Full Eagle Day
MGP 7006 The Rookie's Guide to Psi-Talent
MGP 7007 The Kazan Gambit - The Sleeping Kin
MGP 7008 The Kazan Gambit - Russian Roulette
MGP 7009 The Rookie's Guide to Criminal Organisations
MGP 7010 The Mega-Cities - Brit-Cit
MGP 7011 The Kazan Gambit - Target: Mega-City One
The Rookie's Guide to Crazes
Judge Dredd Counter Collection I


MGP 8001 Sláine - The Roleplaying Game of Celtic Heroes

MGP 8002 Tir Nan Og - The Land of the Young
MGP 8003 Horned Lord and Moon Sow Volume 1 - The Invulnerable King
MGP 8004 The Fir Domain - Tribe of the Growling Shields

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

MGP 8005 Horned Lord and Moon Sow Volume 2 - Teeth of the Moon Sow

Power Class Books

MGP 1101 Power Classes I: Assassin

MGP 1102 Power Classes Ii: Gladiator
MGP 1103 Power Classes Iii: Exorcist
MGP 1104 Power Classes Iv: Noble


MGP 2001 Gladiator: Sands of Death

MGP 9001 Ultimate Prestige Classes Volume 1
Power Classes - Noble, Gladiator, Assassin and Exorcist
Ultimate Feats, Volume I
Codename Veil RPG
Lethal Pursuit

MonkeyGod Enterprises

The Maze of Screaming Silence

The Hero Snare
Sword of Tears
MKY 1103 The Treasures of Elbard
MKY 1107 Tsar Rising
MKY 1108 Scourge of Raftport
MKY 1109 Shadows Under Thessalaine
MKY 1110 The Ruins of Rackfall
MKY 1111 Magic Dump
MKY 1112 The Sword of Justice
MKY 1113 Song of Storms
MKY 1114 All the King's Men
MKY 1115 At the Edge of Dreams
MKY 1117 Jade Magi Sewer Crawl
MKY 1118 Black Ice Well
MKY 1119 The Dancing Hut
MKY 1301 Frost & Fur
MKY 2100 From Stone to Steel

Tales from the Blood Plateau

MKY 1101 Caravan of Hope

MKY 1102 The Mask of Marruk
MKY 1104 The Last Initiate
MKY 1106 The Lost Outpost
MKY 1116 Race to the Yellow Lotus

Mystic Eye Games


MYG 1101 Raw Recruits

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Arcane Mysteries

Powers of The Flesh

MYG 0201 Blight Magic
MYG 0202 Tarot Magic
MYG 0401 Wild Spellcraft (together with Natural 20 Press)


AMB 1002 Thee Compleat Librum ov Gar'Udok's Necromantic Artes

MYG 0301 Librum Equitis, Volume 1
MYG 0302 Necromancer's Legacy - Printed edition

The Hunt: Rise of Evil

MYG 0001 The Hunt: Rise of Evil World Book

MYG 0002 The Pit of Loch-Durnan
MYG 0003 Nightmares & Dreams
MYG 0004 Mystic Warriors
MYG 0005 Of Places Most Foul
MYG 0006 Nightmares & Dreams II
MYG 0007 Guilds and Adventurers
MYG 0008 The Witch of Loch-Durnan
MYG 0009 The Pantheon & Pagan Faiths

Foul Locales

MYG 0101 Urban Blight

MYG 0102 Beyond The Walls
The Slum Lords
Behind the Gates

Natural 20 Press

Arcane Mysteries

MYG 0401 Wild Spellcraft (together with Mystic Eye Games)


Tournaments, Fairs, and Taverns

The Ultimate Superhero Toolkit
Death: Guardian at the Gate

Necromancer Games

The Wurst of Grimtooth's Traps

The Sword of Air
Vampires and Liches
Giants and Dragons
The Wrath of Orcus
Crypt of the Shadow Lord
Raise the Dead

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Chaos Rising
The Lost Menagerie
Caverns of Larin Karr
Reagents and Components
Treasure Maps and Lairs 1

Netherland Games

The Book of Broken Dreams

The Hero's Handbook
NG 1011 Primal Codex

Nightshift Games

CFE 2101 Eric Metcalf's The Foundation: A World in Black & White
CFE 2102 The Arcanus Gambit
CFE 4001 The Horror Beneath
CFE 4101 In the Depth of Blackwater
CFE 7101 Vampire Hunter$ Miniatures Set and Combat Box

OtherWorld Creations

Forbidden Kingdoms

Paris, the Spectral City

None Forbidden Kingdoms Intro Kit
OWC 3001 Forbidden Kingdoms


Outpost Qether
OWC 1001 Diomin Campaign Setting
OWC 1002 Gods of Diomin
OWC 1003 State of the Nations I - The Gadianti & Hearthom
OWC 1004 State of the Nations II - The Arak and The Gnolaum
OWC 1005 State of the Nations III- The Tirasim and The Zeredites
OWC 2001 Into the Darkness
OWC 2002 Acceptance of Fate


Solid!: The D20 Blaxploitation Experience

Pandahead Productions

The Xcrawl GM Screen
The Guild Handbook
The NAE Sourcebook

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Paradigm Concepts, Inc.


PCI 1002 Blood Reign of Nishanpur

PCI 1003 Fires of Insurrection
PCI 1004 The Bloody Sands of Sicaris
PCI 1101 Codex Arcanis


In the Shadow of the Devil

Eldest Sons: The Essential Guide to Elves
PCI 1001 Spear of the Lohgin
PCI 1005 Carnival of Swords: An Adventurer's Guide To Old Coryan
PCI 1102 Forged in Magic

Spell decks

PCI 1301 Mysteries of the Arcane

PCI 1302 Blessings of the Divine
PCI 1303 Songs of the Wild
PCI 1304 Mastery of the Mind

Pdabble Games


Amberdale 0: An Introduction to Amberdale

Amberdale 1: Something Askew in Amberdale
Gods and Deities of Gwent
Guilds & Societies of Gwent
Amberdale 2: One Orc, Two Orc, Red Orc, Blue Orc

Perpetrated Press

PTD 1000 Arsenal

Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc


DL 1035 The Weird West: The Great Weird North

DL 1040 Lone Stars: The Texas Rangers
DL 3003 The Epitaph #3
DL 3004 The Epitaph #4
DL20 1115 The Way of the Brave
DL20 1116 The Way of the Righteous
DL20 1117 The Way of the Dead
PIN 1037 Dead Presidents
PCE 1110 Deadlands: d20
PCE 1111 Horrors o' the Weird West

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

PCE 1112 The Way of the Gun

PCE 1113 The Way of the Huckster
PCE 1114 The Way of the New Science
PIN 1115 Class Book: The Way of the Brave

Hell on Earth

HOED20 6100 Hell on Earth: d20

HOED20 6107 Hell on Earth D20: Horrors of the Wasted West

Weird Wars

PCE 13001 Blood on the Rhine

PCE 13002 Hell in the Hedgerows
PCE 13003 Dead From Above
PCE 13004 Afrika Korpse
WW 13005 Hell Freezes Over "the Russian Front"
WW 13006 Land of the Rising Dead "the Pacific Front"
WW 13007 Horrors of Weird War Two

Hostile Climes

PCE HC01 The Depths of Despair

LC 2103 Banshee Screams
LC 4000 Lost Colony

Pinwheel Games, Inc

PWG 2001 Evil's Lesser Minions

Privateer Press

Iron Kingdoms

PIP 201 Monsternomicon 1

PIP 401 Guide to the Iron Kingdoms
PIP 501 Lock & Load: Character Primer

Witchfire Trilogy

PIP WF001 The Longest Night

PIP WF002 Shadow of the Exile
PIP WF003 The Legion of Lost Souls
PIP WF004 Fool's Errand


Cygnar Ironclad
Cygnar Gunner
Protectorate Crusader

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

QuickLink Interactive, Inc. / Judges Guild

QLI JG88 Dark Tower

QLI JG96 Treasury of Archaic Names


Dark Heaven Legends

REM 11001 The Eldest Son

Roc Games

Morrick's Mansion
Time Out
For Love of Money
Devil in Disguise
Olduvai's Test
Love Forlorn

RPG Objects

RPGO 0001 Darwin's World Core Rules

RPGO 0002 Terrors of The Twisted Earth 2002
RPGO 0003 Cave Of Life
RPGO 0004 The Lost City
RPGO 0005 Metal Gods
RPGO 0006 Scavengers of the Twisted Earth
RPGO 0007 Warriors of the Twisted Earth
RPGO 0008 The Foundationists
RPGO 0009 The Brotherhood of Radiation

Scarab Games

SGL 1001 Brotherhood of Prophecy

SGL 1002 The Castle

Second World Simulations

2WS 1000 The Second World Campaign Sourcebook

2WS 1100 Masters of Arms
2WSe 1101 Bodies and Souls: 20 Templates

Seeton Games

SET 0001 FRPing in Scotland

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Silver Oak Studios


The Abridged Argyle Lorebook

Hope and Ashes

Silverthorn Games

Realms of Evernor

Realms of Evernor Gazetteer: Eralon

A1 The Kobold Hoard
A2 Child of Destiny
A3 Lost City of Xilthrinak
BT1 The Book of Templates, Vol. I
NPC1 Subjects of the Kingdom I
PC1 Races of Evernor - Part I
PC2 Races of Evernor - Part II
PC3 Races of Evernor - Part III

Skald Books


MH 0001 Amazon Adventures

MH 0002 Maidenheim: The Age of Scorn Amazon Campaign Setting
MH 0003 Plunder and Murder: Pirate Queens of the Pelaegos

Sovereign press

Sovereign Stone

SVP 3001 Sovereign Stone Campaign Sourcebook hardcover

SVP 3002 Codex Mysterium hardcover
SVP 3003 Bestiary of Loerem hardcover
SVP 3006 The Taan
SVP 3007 Old Vinnengael City Of Sorrows
SVP 3008 Marauders Of The Wolf - The Dwarves
SVP 3301 Escape into Darkness
SVP 3302 Sanctuary

Stanton Industries

111-01 World of Amathast

134-01 The Void

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Steve Jackson Games


3401 Munchkin d20 Players Handbook

3402 Munchkin d20 Masters Guide
3403 Munchkin d20 Monster Manual

Sword & Sorcery Studios (White Wolf Publishing, ArtHaus,

Fiery Dragon, Malhavoc Press & Necromancer Games)

WW 8330 Vigil Watch: Warrens of the Ratmen

WW 8350 The Crucible of Freya
WW 8351 The Tomb of Abysthor
WW 8352 Bard's Gate
WW 8353 The Wrath of Orcus
WW 8354 Demons and Devils
WW 8360 Rappan Athuk I
WW 8361 Rappan Athuk II
WW 8362 Rappan Athuk III
WW 8370 G1 The Siege of Durgam's Folly
WW 8371 G2 What Evil Lurks
WW 8372 G3 Hall of the Rainbow Mage
WW 8373 G4 The Vault of Larin Karr
WW 8380 M1 Maze of Zayene: Prisoners of the Maze
WW 8381 M2 Maze of Zayene: Dimensions of Flight
WW 8382 M3 Maze of Zayene: Tower Chaos
WW 8383 M4 Maze of Zayene: The Eight Kings
WW 8387 Tome of Horrors
WW 8390 Gary Gygax's Necropolis
WW 16000 Nature's Fury
WW 16001 The Giant's Skull
WW 16005 Queen of Lies
WW 16006 Psionics Toolkit
WW 16010 Of Sound Mind
WW 16040 Counter Collection I: The Usual Suspects
WW 16041 Counter Collection II
WW 16100 The Book of Eldritch Might
WW 16101 The Book of Eldritch Might 2
WW 16110 Demon God's Fane
WW 16111 The Banewarrens
WW 16150 If Thoughts Could Kill
WW 16161 The Book of Eldritch Might
WW 16162 Demon God's Fane
WW 16163 If Thoughts Could Kill
WW 16164 The Book of Eldritch Might II: Songs and Souls of Power

Scarred Lands

WW 8300 Creature Collection

WW 8301 Creature Collection II: Dark Menagerie
WW 8310 Relics & Rituals
WW 8311 The Divine & the Defeated
WW 8312 The Wise & the Wicked

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

WW 8313 DM Screen & Companion

WW 8314 Relics & Rituals II : Lost Lore
WW 8315 Secrets & Societies
WW 8320 Scarred Lands Gazetteer: Ghelspad
WW 8321 Mithril: City of the Golem
WW 8322 Hollowfaust: City of Necromancers
WW 8323 Hornsaw Forest/Blood
WW 8324 Scarred Lands: Calastia -Throne Of The Black Dragon
WW 8325 Scarred Lands Campaign Setting: Ghelspad
WW 8326 Burok Torn: City Under Siege
WW 8330 Vigil Watch: Warrens of the Ratmen
WW 8331 Wilderness & Wasteland
WW 8332 Serpent In The Fold
WW 8340 Scarred Lands Gazetteer: Termana
WW 8399 Scarred Lands Dice
WW 9693 Scarred Lands Assortment 1
WW 9694 Scarred Lands Assortment 2
WW 11660 Champions of the Scarred Lands (novel)
WW 11661 Scarred Lands: Forsaken (Dead God Trilogy Book 1)
WW 11662 Scarred Lands: Forsworn (Dead God Trilogy Book 2)
Shelzar: City of Sin


WW 15000 Ravenloft Core Rulebook

WW 15001 Secrets of the Dread Realms
WW 15002 Denizens of Darkness
WW 15010 Van Richten's Arsenal, Volume 1
WW 15020 Ravenloft Gazetteer Volume I
WW 15099 Ravenloft Core Rulebook - Numbered Limited Edition


WW 16500 EverQuest Player's Handbook


Mindscapes - complete print edition

Skreyn's Register: The Bonds of Magic

The Bonds of Magic

Terra Ferax Innovations

Terra Ferax Gazetteer

TFI 2001 Guide To Map One

Terra Ferax Reference

TFI 4000 A Player's Guide to Terra Ferax

TFI 4001 Terra Ferax Wilderness Encounters

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Terra Ferax Naming Tables

TFI 3001 Dwarven Name Tables

TFI 3002 Elven Name Tables
TFI 3003 English Name Tables
TFI 3004 French Name Tables
TFI 3005 Gaelic Name Tables
TFI 3006 Gnomish Name Tables
TFI 3007 Halfling Name Tables
TFI 3008 Orcish Name Tables
TFI 3009 Dutch Name Tables

Thunderhead Games


Heart of the Machine


TGS 1001 Bluffside: City on the Edge

TGS 1004 Interludes: Brief Expeditions to Bluffside
TGS 1005 Interludes: Sands of Pain
TGS 1006 Dry Land: Empires of the Dragon Sands
The River Runs Deep - A Mini-Campaign
The d20 Players Archive

Triple Three

Player's Guide to Ledirak, Worldbook I

Troll Lord Games


Tactical Combat
Comrades: The RPG
TLG 6011 Vulcan's Cauldron

The World of Erde, After Winter Dark

TLG 1001 After Winter's Dark

TLG 1002 The Map for After Winter Dark
TLG 1101 The Mortality of Green
TLG 1010 Codex of Erde hardcover
TLG 1202 Dzeebagd
TLG 1203 Felsentheim: Dogs of War
TLG 1301 The Fantastic Adventure
TLG 1401 A Lion in the Ropes
TLG 1501 Galal's Grave
TLG 1601 The Malady of Kings
TLG 1650 The Imperial Hoard

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

TLG 1701 The Mortality of Green

TLG 1702 Vakhund: Into the Unknown
TLG 1703 The Fantastic Adventure
TLG 1801 The Heart of Glass
TLG 1901 St. Anton's Fire
TLG 2101 The Mortality of Green
TLG 2301 The Fantastic Adventure
TLG 2401 A Lion in the Ropes
TLG 2601 The Malady of Kings
TLG 4001 Lost City of Gaxmoor
TLG 5001 Codex Germania
TLG 5200 Dark Druids

Gygaxian Fantasy Worlds

TLG 3001 The Canting Crew

TLG 3002 Gary Gygax's World Builders
TLG 3010 The Hermit

Companion Books

TLG 1204 Bergholt:By Shadow of Night

TLG 1205 Raglesborg: The Black Moon
TLG 1206 Firstenfeld: Nefarious Tidings
TLG 1602 The Madness of Seasons
TLG 1603 Of the Horned God's Winter
TLG 1801 Heart of Glass

Tronen Games

World of Tronen

TGC 0101 The Tomb Of Tobin's Hills

TGC 0102 The Stone Crown Of Cladham Silvertongues
TGC 0103 The Keeper Of The Key
TGC 0104 The Lair Of The Remus Bull
TGC 0201 The Blight Of Monks ford.

Twin Rose

TNR 10000 Campaign Suite

TNR 10001 Nightmares and Dreams: A Creature Collection for Campaign Suite
TNR 10002 Wild Spellcraft
TNR 10003 Nightmares & Dreams II
TNR 10004 Nightmares and Dreams Data Collection
TNR 10005 MapPack 1
TNR 10006 Interludes: Brief Expeditions to Bluffside Data Expansion
TNR 10007 Librum Equitis, Volume 1 Data Expansion

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Tyranny Games

The End

TYG 0020 Lost Souls Edition

TYG 0021 Boston Massacre
TYG 0022 Salvation's Tears
TYG 0023 Dogs Of War, Washington, D.C.

Ubicorm IAC Game Company

NM 1 The Upside Down Tower

NM 2 Evil in the Heart

United Playtest

Gaming Frontiers, Premiere Issue

Gaming Frontiers, Volume 1
Gaming Frontiers, Volume 2
Gaming Frontiers, Volume 3

Vengeance Games

VNG 8001 Friday Night Six Pack Set 1

VNG 8002 Friday Night Six Pack Set 2
VNG 9001 Paper Passages Set #1 - Dungeon & Cavernscape

Vigilance Press

Vigilance: Absolute Power

Viking Games


VGC 0001E Axandar Campaign Setting

VGC 1101 A Distant Echo
VGC 1102 Raising Pyres
VGC 1103 Shadow's Keep


VGC 0101 Violence Shadows

VGC 1401 Death of a God
VGC 1801 Menagerie
VGC 1801e Monster Menagerie Preview
VGC 1806 Arm of the Tuatha de Danaan

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Vintyri Press

VPW1-0001 The Vintyri World

Wicked Press, Illustrations

WDP 2001 What's That Smell?


Wizards of the Coast

d20 Call of Cthulhu

88644 Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game

Star Wars

The Fall of Cloud City

TSR 11792 Star Wars Invasion of Theed Adventure Game
TSR 11793 Star Wars Roleplaying Game
TSR 11794 The Secrets of Naboo Campaign Pack
TSR 11795 Star Wars Character Record Sheets
TSR 11833 Star Wars Gamemaster Screen
TSR 11837 Rebellion Era Sourcebook
TSR 11839 Secrets of Tatooine
TSR 11849 The Dark Side
TSR 11859 Starships of the Galaxy
TSR 11963 Living Force Campaign Guide
TSR 12663 Alien Anthology
TSR 17650 Star Wars Roleplaying Game Revised Rulebook
TSR 88658 New Jedi Order Sourcebook
TSR 88659 Tempest Feud
TSR 88662 The Power of the Jedi
TSR 88664 Star Wars Arms & Equipment Guide

The Wheel of Time

88293 The Wheel of Time: Prophecies of the Dragon

WTC 11996 The Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game


88190 d20 Modern Roleplaying Game

APL 0913 All For One & One For All
APL 0917 Reconquista: The Battle For Medieval Iberia
TSR 92035 D20 Dice

Wyvern’s Claw Design

Minstrel 101

SB 1 Have Lute, Will Travel

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan

Thievery 101

MT 1 All the King's Men

SC 1 Devotion 101
SR 1-1 Joining the Watchers
SR 1-2 The Periapt of Famidon
SR 1-2 S A Thief Among Us

Stock № SubCode Product Title Copy Xerox ESD Scan