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Inn front are two standees: to my right is an emoticon showing folded hands and to

my left is an emoticon showing fist bump . I will be flashing some excerpts from actual
concept papers and please identify whether the excerpt is Religion or Politics.
2. If the excerpt is a Religion concept, fall in line to my right; if the excerpt is a Political concept, go
to my left.
3. In order to maximize the points, get ready to explain why the excerpt falls under either Political
or Religion. Make sure to mention word/s or phrase/s that led to their decision.
4. Each item is equivalent to three points. The total correct answers will be recorded as a
a. “Investments to mitigate disaster risk are often expensive and it is natural to expect that
poor countries, struggling to address mortality risks from many sources, would allocate
scarce resources away from disaster preparedness.”
b. “Obstacles to efficient private responses to disaster risk go beyond the standard
difficulties surrounding the private provision of public goods.”
c. “…. it is expected that the expert of forensic theology could help solving all conflicts in
determining the real Islamic terrorists within people who just revealed the case
sounding alike.”
d. “Evidence using a variety of governance indicators supports the claim that government
policy stances that create an uncertain environment for private sectors are associated
with higher disaster mortality.”
e. “Muslims and Christians take their religious duties seriously, but they have
misconceptions of the tenets and practices of other faiths.”
f. “Clarity about what is being referred to may allow researchers to identify interventions
that promote the sorts of spiritual experiences that lead to higher HRQI.”
g. “Failures in private markets do not automatically imply that public solutions will
improve outcomes.”
h. One impediment to private initiative, the behavioral biases of individuals confronted
with low-probability, high-cost events, also impedes government initiatives.
i. “This is due to obstacles originating in materialistic and nationalistic ideologies that
contradict the values of the person integrally considered in all his various dimensions,
material, spiritual, individual and community.”
j. “Anglicanism has sought the formation of social contexts in which pressures towards
liberty and towards order are both made to subserve a positive vision of human

Sources: Keefer, 2009

Christian- Muslim Summit Concept Paper