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AGY309 practice questions

1) These are crop that have a very short time a)biannual

2)The theory support South-east Asia for origin of Coconut is stronger because a)it
has been discovered 40 million years in new Zealand b)several disease and pest find
in that part of world c)About 85% of corpra production take place in South-east Asia
3) Coconut is typical low altitude ........a)>600mb)<600mc)<or>600md)600m
4) One this is feature of dwarf Coconut a)very strongb)greater than
50cmc)fragiled)mostly crossed
5)Dwarf Coconut produce..........Fruits per yeara)100-200b)>150c)150d)<150
6)Coffee canephoral also refer to a)tetraploidb)equitorial Africalc)>25%d)<25
7)Eucoffea refer to .........a)miquelb)exde wildc)K.shumomd)Charactine
8)Rubber trees produce latex of high alastic properties called
9)All these can be use in rubber coagulate except a)paparinb)formic acidc)aseptic
acidd)acetic acid
10)Termite is control in the rubber with aid of using.......a)Captain bordeauxb)Rogor
11)Coffee first germinate with.......a)Epigealb)sprout c)cormd)rizho
12)It take coffee........Weeks to germinate after skin removala)2b)3c)4d)12-15
13)Farmeted Coffee after dried passing through dehauling machine to
remove........a)Mesocarpb)Epimesocarp c)parchment skind)hard skin
14)In West Africa the most important coffee pest isa)Stephodere hampeib)
sphaerostillbe ripenc)Rhizoctonia sppd)Hemileia cffeicola
15)Citrus reticulata compose of about..........cultiversa)500b)110c)1100d) 10100
16)All these are method of vegetative propergation use in citrus excepta) normal T
methodb)inverted T methodc)plane T method)square method
17)The food value of colanut is negligible, so it has relatively large amount
of....a)Magnesium b)Casiumc)Sodiumd) Iron
18)Colanut seed covered with membranous tissue calleda)avil b)atvilc) avilb d)halfil
19)Australia musa originate from a)Pacific regionb)Humid regionc)Tropic
regiond)Arctic region
20)Triploid cultivers is about.....a)60b)100c)110d)101
21)The diploid cultivars mostly produce by a)Australiab)South-east Asiac)
22)Banana is herbaceous plant with rizhome calleda)conmb)cormc)com d)coum
23)Gross Nichel use to be the most important commercial in central America but is
very susceptible to......a)Zonatab)Gumosisc)Tristezad)Fusarium
24)Mango was later introduce to other part of world bya)India b)Portuguese
25)There are approximately 210 cultivars of mango out of which 77 cultivars were
from.... a)Indiab)Austriac)Ugandad)Ethiopia
26)The genus mangifera consist of about 62 species out of which......... has edible
27)Oil palm originated in humid West Africa and cultivated
between............a)Longitude 3°N and 7°Sb)latitude 3°N and 7°Sc)latitude 7°N and
3°Sd)Longitude 7°N and 3°S
28)The stem of palm oil tree are sawn into plank and used for........a)construction and
building b)staking yamc)source of potassium d)source of fuel
29)The Coconut tree grow at minimum temperature°c,27°c
30)All these are features of Pisifera excepta)large kernel b)Mainly Mesocarp c)shell
lessd)unviable embryo if present seed sterile
31)The pounding of palm oil fruit is to .....a)separate fruit from the bunchb) separate
mesocarp from nutc)kill pathogens d)remove nut from fibrous
32)The separation of oil from water and sludge involvesa)boiling and
skimmingb)boiling and sterilization c)sterilization and pressing d)boiling and pressing
33)One of this crop exhibit poly embryonic featuresa)Coffeeb)Rubberc)
34)Cocoa refer toa)drink made from it seedb)treec)aromad)chocolate
35)Cacao belong to family of.....a)malvaceaeb) sterculiaceaec) anacadiaceae
36)High oil production is dependent on harvesting at the....a) correct time harvesting
and efficient of extraction methodb)skiming and boilingc)moisture contentsd)
bleaching ability
37)This is a pump beaned, fine flavored cocoa type found
38)The average world corpra production is approximatel....a)4.7b)4.6c)5.8d)4.1
39)Tapping in rubber is carried out the stem has reached circumference of...a)45-
40)Colanut reach in alkaloids which is responsible for the....a)calciumb)red
wish u success without sorrow