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General Direction: This is a 55-item test, read and follow each direction written in every type of test.
Avoid erasure. God bless.

I. Choose the letter of your answer from the choices given. Write your answers on the space
provided before each number.

_______1. Phrase that possesses a separate meaning from its literal definition.
a. Figurative Language b. Literal language c. Proverbs d. Story
_______2. Has basic meaning or no other meaning.
a. Figurative Language b. Idiomatic Expression c. Proverbs d.Literal language
_______3. It is why something happened.
a. Cause B. Conflict c. Effect d. Resolution
_______4. It is the result of what happened.
a. Cause B. Conflict c. Effect d. Resolution
_______5. The act of solving a problem or finding a way to improve a difficult situation.
a. Cause B. Conflict c. Effect d. Resolution
_______6. What do we call the problem in a story?
a. Climax b. Conflict c. Resolution d. setting
_______7. What do you call the conflict between two characters in a story?
a. Man v. Man b. Man vs. Nature c. Man vs. Society d. Man vs. Technology
_______8. If a person can not make up her mind about which movie to see, what type of conflict is this?
a. Man vs. Nature b. Man vs. Self c. Man vs. Society d. Man vs. Technology
_______9. If a character is bitten by a dog, what type of conflict is this?
a. Man vs. Nature b. Man vs. Self c. Man vs. Society d. Man vs. Supernatural
_______10. What type of conflict is man vs. Self?
a. Eternal b. External c. Fraternal d. Internal

II. Figurative Language

Identify the type of figures of speech shown in each sentence. Choose the answer inside the box

simile Personification metaphor

irony alliteration anaphora
onomatopoeia hyperbole
____________________11. My alarm clock yells at me to get out of bed every morning.
____________________12. I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.
____________________13. He looks like a fish out of water.
____________________14. Every day, every night, in every way, I am getting better and better.
____________________15. The best part about music class is that you can bang on the drum.
____________________16. Her lovely voice was music to my ears.
____________________17. Greedy goats gobbled up gooseberries, getting good at grabbing goodies.
____________________18. Our peaceful dinner ended when the phone began to ringing.
____________________19. My life is my purpose. My life is my goal. My life is my inspiration.
____________________20. Looking at her son’s messy room, Mom says, “Wow, you could win an
award of cleanliness”.
III. Literal or Figurative
Write LIT if the statement is under literal language and write FIG if the statement is under
Figurative Language.
______21. Berto was tasked by Delia to kill Berto’s adopted dog.
______22. Centipede often scare people because of how they look.
______23. Delia’s resentment towards Eddie could be traced back from their mother’s death.
______24. Eddie saw his sister as a thorn on his side – something which should be plucked.
______25. Eddies’s feelings towards his sister could be compared to that of an overheated kettle.

IV. Noun Phrase and Verb Phrase

Underline the phrases in each sentence. Write NP if it is a noun phrase or VP if it is a verb phrase
before the number.
____26. Rose could have worked on that project today.
____27. I tried on a beautiful red dress during the drama rehearsal.
____28. My teacher is a true hero.
____29. David and Rex have been chosen as finalists in the contest.
____30. Anthony will be playing his guitar at the recital.

V. Prepositional phrase
Underline the Prepositional phrase in the sentence. Encircle the preposition and put an
arrow from the preposition to the object of the preposition.

31. No one except John has been in touch with the people in the registrar’s office since yesterday.
32. During the month of May, Brigada Eskwela is usually launched in different schools.
33. The teachers sat under the tarp and hoped for the rain to stop.
34. The girl looked behind the door for her friend who was sitting under the tree.
35. The man sat on top of the historic rock.
VI. Card Catalogue
Write the information written in the card catalogue. Choose your answer from the box

Author’s year of Birth System of classification Tracing

Title of the Book Imprint Series Notes
Collation Author’s Name Notes

Z675 Using your High School Library 2nd ed. 1910-

Rossof. Martin,
New York H. W. Wilson/1964/
110 p. illus
ISBN 978-971-581 201 3

School Libraries ( High school)

I. Title

VII. Parts of the Book

Match Column A with the correct answer on Column B. write only the letter of your answer on
the space provided before the number.

Column A Column B
______41. It tells to whom the author dedicates the book. A. Acknowledgment
______42. It expresses gratitude to person who help/s the author. B. Appendix
______43. It gives the author’s purpose in writing the book. C. Dedication page
______44. The topics were divided in chapters or units. D. Preface
______45. It contains added information to the books. E. Dedication page
J. Table of contents
VIII. Cause and Effect ( 45 -50)
Read through the following passage, identify the cause, effect and the signal words used.
Write your answer in the table below.
I woke up late this morning because my alarm clock did not ring. As a result, I had to rush to get
ready for school and I made a huge mess all over the house. I missed the bus because I had to go back
home to fetch my cellphone. Consequently, I was late for school, and my lecturer was not pleased with
me at all. Due to the fact that my day had been going so badly, I was in a bad mood and I shouted at my
friends. Since I was in such a bad mood, they didn’t want to hang out with me and they left. After they
left, my day only got worse. In view of all that happened today, I’ve decided that I need two alarm clocks
instead of one, to make sure I wake up on time in the mornings.


VIX. Explanation (50 -55)

Content - 3pts
Grammar -2 pts
5 pts

Why books play a very important role in our lives?

Good Luck and God Bless….