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WEDN ESDAY January 1 5, 2020 MaritimelK?

Lawmaker seeks speedy creation

of disaster resilience agen cy
BY RAFFY AYENG tance, as muc.h as we can, to
rrhtiiiaiiiiti-t i$ nep.
those affected by the volcanic

I I ARINO party-list Rep. Sandro eruption. But we understand

that this assistance is short term
l\/l Gonzalez on Tuesday, fanuary in nature and we need a more
lVIr+, called on his fellow systematic way of dealing ryith
disasters, both natural and man-
lawmakers to fast-track the creation of made," said Gonzalez.
the Department of Disaster Resilience The Marino Party-list's hu-
and ensure that livelihood assistance manitarian efforts assisted more
than 19,000 Filipinos in its 6rst
for calamity victims is included as one six months in office, including
of the key provisions as the country those affected by the earthquakes
in Mindanao.
continues to brace itself forthe imminent "l think it's time we offer a
explosion of Taal Volcano. more concrete solution to people
The Philippine Insrirute of unwilling to leave due to their live-
"This is the second major
Volcanology and Seismology lihood and give thtm altematives.
disruptive event of 2020, where
(Phivolc$ raised Alert Level 4 for Not only will it increase coopera-
we have to consider not tust the said Gonzalez, apparently re- evacuation of Filipinos in the
Taal Volcano on Sunday evening. tion with disaster resilience initia-
safe;y ofour people, but ferring to the Iran crisis earlier Middle East. tives, it will also help us achieve
signifying that an eruption is "im- also I ,',we can assist them ro this year which caused the gov- 'As beforg the Tulong Madno
minent', the zero casualty goal we always
starid bn their own feet, " ernment to consider the mass Program is ready to give assis- aim for," said Gonzalez.
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