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Discovering your constitution

Place a check next to the choice which best describes you, Occasionally more than one choice
may need to made.

Vata Pitha Kapha

Thin, and usually have been, can Medium, well proportioned Tend to be ample in build
be unusually tall or short frame
Thin as a child Medium build as a child Plump or a little chunky as a child
Light bones and , or prominent Medium bone structure Heavy bone structure
Have a hard time gaining weight Can gain or lose weight relatively Gain weight easily, have a hard
easily, if you put your mind to it. time losing it.
Small, active , dark eyes Penetrating light green, grey or Large attractive eyes with thick
amber eyes eyelashes
Dry skin, chaps easily Oily skin and hair Thick skin, cool, well – lubricated
Dark complexion relative to the Fair skin, sunburn easily relative Tan slowly but usually evenly,
rest of your family, tan easily to the rest of your family skin stays cool longer than most
Dark, rough , wiry or kinky hair Fine light oily hair, blond , red or Thick wavy hair, a little oily, dark
early grey or light.
Prefer warm climate, sunshine, Prefer cool, well- ventilated Any climate is fine, as long as it is
moisture. places. not too humid.
Variable appetite, can get very Irritable if you miss a meal or Like to eat, fine appetite, but you
hungry, but may find your “eyes can’t eat when you are hungry: can skip meals without physical
were bigger than your stomach. good appetite problems if you have to(not that
you like to)
Bowel movements can be Easy and regular bowel Regular daily bowel movements,
irregular, hard dry or constipated movements, if anything , soft, steady thick and heavy
oily, loose stools at least once to
twice a day
Digestion sometimes good Usually good digestion Digestion fine, sometimes a little
sometimes not good slow
Dislike routine Enjoy planning and like routine, Work well with routine
especially if you create it
Creative thinker Good initiator and leader Good at keeping organization or
project running smoothly
Like to stay physically active Enjoy physical activities, Love leisurely activities most
especially competitive ones
You feel more mentally relaxing Exercise helps keep emotions Exercise keeps your weight down
when you are exercising from going out of control from in a way diet alone wont
Change your mind easily Have opinions and like to share Change opinions and ideas
them slowly
Tend toward fear or anxiety Tend towards anger frustration Tend to avoid difficult situation
under stress or irritability under stress
Often dream, but rarely Relatively easy to remember Generally remember dreams
remember your dreams your dreams, dream in colour only if they are especially intense
or significant
Changeable moods and ideas Forceful about expressing your Steady, reliable, slow to change
ideas and feelings
Like to snack, nibble Like high protein foods, like Love fatty food, bread , starch
chicken, fish, eggs, beans.
If ill, nervous disorders or sharp If ill, fevers , rashes, If ill excess fluid retention or
pain more likely inflammation more likely mucus more likely.
Light sleeper Usually sleep well Sound, heavy sleeper
You think that money is there to You think that money is best Money is easy to save for you
be spent spent on special items or on
purchases which will advance
Sexual interest variable, fantasy Ready sexual interest and drive Steady sexual interest and drive
life active
Brittle nails Flexible nails, but pretty strong Strong thick nails
Cold hands and feet, little Good circulation , perspire Moderate perspiration
perspiration frequently
Thin fast variable pulse, hands Strong full pulse, hands warm Steady slow rhythmic pulse,
cold hands cool
Variable thirst Usually thirsty Rarely thirsty

Add up all your checks. The constitution with the most checks generally indicates your primary
constitution. If you have marked two constitutions nearly as often you may be a dual dosha :-vata-pitha,
vata-kapha and kapha-pitha. Rarely , all three will be relatively equal , in which a tridoshik(vata-pitha-
kapha) type results.

What is good for vata What is good for pitha What is good for kapha
predominant persons predominant persons predominant persons
Keep warm Keep cool Get plenty of physical activity
Choose warming foods and Avoid excess heat , steam and Keep your consumption of fat
spices humidity into a minimum, including fried
Avoid extreme cold, and cold or Avoid excess oils, fried foods, Avoid iced foods and drinks ,
frozen foods and drinks caffeine, salt , alcohol, red meat sweets and excessive amount of
and spices bread
Soup, hot drinks and rice with a Milk , cottage cheese and grains Warm light and dry foods.
little butter or oil is good. are good
Sweet sour and salty tastes are Sweet bitter and astringent Pungent bitter and astringent
good tastes are good tastes are good
Create a safe calm and secure Try to express your feelings in a Allow excitement change and
environment for yourself way which does not hurt others challenges into your life as much
as possible