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‘CHECKLIST FOR MATERIAL SUBMISSION “Material Description : DI. Manhole Covers & Frames for Mechanical & Electrical Manholes iar era bl Gone ve te Commenter 1 Index / Relevant Contract 8 Shop Drawing v a ats en ae te 2 ‘Area of Applications v ‘For Mechanical & Electrical Manhotes. sac frie Seton. is 2 Contract Specfication / 800 Copy v ‘subenital 4 | souneetorenand caine of en v saa Nabe ian le 5 ‘Technical Data Sheet & Catalogue a, v ‘submit 6 | reine commen compas a) * neko > sence stument sac Refr inde Sco. fis compe ¥ cai : reo Apron rest v Ad rn ce : opesontesin - ‘ce ern Seton is ” Steyomnsee v “submittalNot Applicable aL [Method Statement Brie Headlines, v stink Var niemmmantes x a waranty wal be sit at 7 erent * Project Hand Over Stage » Aegiraton Docent tac le nde 1 (Trade Ucense & 150 Certificates} v ‘submittal " ste * ot opel 1s ‘Others v Company Profile & Project References TECHNICAL SUBMITTAL D.1. MANHOLE COVERS & FRAMES FOR MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL MANEIOLES PROJECT NAME: CONSTRUCTION WORKS FOR THE FOURTH PHASE OF AL MUSHRIF CAMP- ABU DHABI ALi yoy Presidential Guards CLIENT: PRESIDENTIAL GUARD COMMAND (PGC) (CONSULTANT: AL SALAAM CONSULTING ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS & PLANNERS ‘MEP CONTRACTOR: ZENER ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS SERVICES LLC > pusAST MANUFACTURER: DUCAST FACTORY LLC » pusasT SUPPLIER: DUCAST FACTORY LLC Index/Relevant Contract & Shop Drawing Area of Applications Contract Specification/BOQ Copy Source of Origin and Certificate of Origin Technical Data Sheet & Catalogue Previous Comments Compliance (If Code “C”) Compliance Statement Previous Approval & Test Reports Inspection Test Plan |. Safety Data Sheet . Method Statement Brief Headlines . Corporate Warranty . Registration Documents (Trade License & ISO Certificates) . Samples . Others. 15.1 Company Profile 15.2 Project References ~Zaur.,) 4. Index/Relevant Contract & Shop Drawing ry ® sl i BS ‘DESCRIPTION i eo oescrnon | om oer BoB 2 | ree a ne 57 ero a ceo HS A AT FST [eae era noe wa ae wr 7 eo Tat set io ES TH P| a BOW BLK CE SNE COMET ATW EL | ore rece "9 wn eee ROH Wr eer RAD rt | rane 7 [soneornenmoanenemameme| (oer Te | cy a SP ee ao [ree Saws or we S| see won SS sci ooo [mots oF ee Tae NBT [pase Pe TRAD Rn LEGEND FOR SATELLITE WASTER ANTENNA TV SYSTEM syweot| DESCRIPTIONS (BE Tr FoR AY (ne) SSH [et en 75 Om cone sa avr [ek es ar COM sway (RONSON OH as wire | aoa IE BSS CARE WH FD_FoL URE => | en 17ND BOX LORDS civi.power|@ 2. Area of Applications For Mechanical & Electrical Manholes 3. Contract Specification/BOQ Copy STAN @ | es US ECSU } | ® a RT & SSL Mr ior cose Tapa egroneg Ud ‘Sai odor eowin CoLGOTESH i 5 i a] rqsepannsnttags | — nn ‘Gowen pre SrSTONs HELEN Hosa) | Pe Gs Gp i Veg mae Gn Tel ed Ve TY er Som avi vee PPO FAVA AVE TARE LT. SET Tey Soh ty Vigna Gl 7 Tate Va TT ai en SS rater Tear Ga 7 PUTIN EERE ale 4. Source of Origin and Certificate of Origin DUCAST To Whom So Ever It May Concern This is to certify that we M/s. Ducast factory LLC , manufactures Manhole Covers, Gratings and Surface Boxes in accordance with standard EN 124-2015 , in Dubai UAE. ur Quality Control System complies with the requirement of ISO 9001:2008. For Ducast Factory LLC . DUCAST FACTORY LLC. Wicd S99 gina 9714 367077, 974 3470707 Reon eee 0.00% 28480, BUBAL URE pose ee etre 5. Technical Data Sheet & Catalogue PRUPUSED MATERIAL LIS 1 Sa invrout DRAINAGE mAh En ihc sing aie Se Kym nn Cte inerout DRABAGE nace ng Nat ang ating See ttn cy Peet Img ith tage on I I Kerr st gh wt Pg fener [paw caring rine Ones finned as ein ca ang Pe Dobe ed inept Cao fst toe ernest Eo teen Mc SVE ‘Data Sheet of 600X600mm_Clear Opening Loading Class D 400 ‘Solid Top Cover & Frame Tem Description Unie ‘Data tobe filled 1. | Dostile Won Top Solid Top Cover & Frame, 11 | Manutseturer ‘Name of Menufictarer DDucast Factory LLC Place of Manufacturer (City & County) Duta, UAE + Name of Local Agent NA ‘+ Phone/Fax No.of agent NA 12. | applicable Standards EN 1242015, Ductile rn Heavy Duty / 13. | Materia dutyonding cascode ‘lass D 400 /DESA-1A, 14 | Clear Opening dimensions mm | 600X600 mm 15 | marking POUL DRAINAGE in 8A) 1.6 | Corosion protection + Type Solvent Free Epoxy + Thickness 380 microns Coste. Data Sheet of (600mm _Clear Opening Loading Class C 2: ‘Solid Top Cover & Frame Tem Description Unit Data tobe filled 1, | Dacile ron Top Solid Top Cover & Fame. 11 | Manufacturer ‘Name of Manufacturer Ducast Factory LLC 1 Place of Manufacturer (City & County) Dubai, UAE ‘+ Name of Local Agent, NA ‘Phone Fax No.of agent WA 12. | Applicable Standards EN 1242015, Ductile ron / Medium Dury / 13 | wateria dutyeading clasleode Clas €250 /DL-ID 14 | clear Opening dimensions mm | 60600 mm 15) | Marking POUL DRAINAGE in (E&A) 1.6 | Corrosion protection + Type son | SIEM Free Epoxy * Thickness | 350 microns Contd, Data Sheet of 600X600mm_ Clear Opening Loading Class D 400 ‘Solid Top Cover & Frame Tem Deseription Unit Data to be filled 1. | Docile Won Top Solid Top Cover & Fame, 11 | Manufacturer ‘© Name of Menufsturee Ducat Factory LLC + Plce of Manufacturer (City & Couns) Dubai, UAE 4 Name of Local Agent NA Phone Fax No.of agent NA 12. | applicable Standards EN 1242015, Ductile ron / Heavy Duty / 13 | terial duy/loading lasscode (Class D 400 DI-SA-1A, 14 | clear Opening dimensions mm | eo0x600 mm 1S | sacking WATER SUPPLY in (E&A) 1.6 | comosion protection + Type Solvent Pree Epoxy ‘microns | 350 microns Coated, Thickness Data Sheet of 600X600mm_Clear Opening Loading Class D 400 lid Te rame Tem Description Tait Data tobe filled 1. | Docile on Top Solid Top Cover & Fane 11 | Manutacurer ‘Name of Manufiturer Ducast Factory LLC 4 Place of Manufactures (City & Couns) Dubai, UAE Name of Local Agent WA + Phone Fax No. of agent WA 12 | applicable Standands EN 1242015, Duatile ron / Heavy Duty / 13 | materia duy/toading claslede Class D 400 /DI-SA-LA \4- | Clear Opening dimensions sm | 0x00 mm 1S) | Marking FIRE FIGHTING in (R&A) 1.6 | Corosion protestion + Type microns | SEM Fee Epoxy Thickness 380 microns Coated, Data Sheet of 300X300mm_Clear Opening Loadin; B12: Solid Top Cover & Frame Tem Description Unit Data to be filled | Dacile Toa Top Sold Top Cover & Frame. La | Manutaeturer ‘Name of Manufacturer Ducast Factory LLC 1 Place of Manufacturer (City County) Dubat, UAE 4 Name of Local Agent NA ‘+ Phone/Fax No.of agent WA 12 | applicable Standards EN 242015, Ductile ron / Medium Duty / 13 | aerial uryoading classlode Class B 125 (D123 1.4 | clear Opening dimensions ‘mm | 390X300 mm 15) | arking GULLY RAP. in (ENG) 1.6 | Corrosion protection + Type Solvent Free Epoxy microns | 350 microns Coated + Thickness Data Sheet of 800X800mm Clear Opening Loading Class B 125 ‘Solid Top Cover & Frame Tem Description Unit Data tobe filled 1. | Ducile on Top Solid Top Cover & Frame. 11 | Manutaewrer ‘ Nameof Manuficturer cast Factory LLC 4 Place of Manufacturer (Ciy & County) Dube UAE’ + Name of Local Agent NA * Phone Fax No. of agent NA 12 | applicable Standards EN 1242015, Ductile ron / Medium Duty/ 13 | aerial fut/loading clasode ‘Class B 125 DI-SDSB 1.4 | clear Opening dimensions mm | 500X800 mm 15) | Marking TELEPHONE in (R&A) 1.6 | Corrosion protection + Type Solvent Free Epoxy © Thickness 5330 microns Coated, Data Sheet of 600X600mm Clear Opening Loading Class C250 Solid Top Cover & Frame Tem ‘Description Unit Data tobe filled T. | Dacile Won Top Solid Top Cover & Frame. 1 | Manufacturer ‘+ Name of Manufaeturer DBucast Factory LLC 4 Place of Manufacturer (City & County) ital, UAE 4 Name of Local Agent NA Phone/Fax No.of agent NA 12. | Applicable Standards EN 1242015, ust ron / Medium Duty / 13 | aera /euryonding clasleode lass €250 /D11D 14 | cles Opening dimensions mm | 690x600 mm 1S) | starking SECURITY in (F&A) Corrosion protection + Type Solvent Free Epoxy + Thickness ‘microns | 350 microns Cosed Data Sheet of 1X600mm ening Loadin; Da ‘Solid Top Cover & Frame Tem Description Unit Data to be Filled | Ductile Won Top Solid Top Cover & Fran. La | Manuteturer ‘Name of Manuficturer| Dust Factory LLC Place of Manufacturer (City & County) Dubai, UAE 4 Name of Local Agent NA + Phone/Fax No, of agent NA 12 | appliable Standards EN 1242015, Ductile ron / Heavy Duty / 13. | Merial /éuyVlosding cascode ‘Cats D400 DI-SA-IA 1.4 | clear Opening dimensions mm | 60X00 mm 1S | parking (CHILLED WATER SUPPY in G&A) 1.6 | corrosion protection + Type Solvent Free Epoxy + Thickness 540 microns Coated. DUBAI. UAE. z ] } (2 BS £6 6 elo | ooo05 westooog io yee c L Googoo0og Oooogo0000 Oooo000000 © 600 x 600 puciteL O eni26-20400 OOP Bate ene Genet Ooooogooog ol rf SECTION- CC’ [Note With GRP seal plate provision, PRODUCT | CLEAR OPENING | OVER BASE | DEPTH |LOADING| STANDARD cone AXB (mm) | CXD (mm) _| E(mm)| kN DI-SA-1A | 600X600 7eox760 | 80 | 400 | EN 124-201! DATE: 05-06-18 | DESCRIPTION : Rev: 0 DRAWN BY: GK | 600X600 MM CLEAR OPENING DUCTILE | SCALE: NTS IRON LOADING CLASS D400 SINGLE | ALUDIENSTONS ARE Hm ‘SEAL SOLID TOP COVER & FRAME | ion: «an acconoecTo 5 DUCAST ‘Note:~ With GRP seal plate provision, > o |§00 wwe oD oo DUBAI. UA. ‘orducastcorn OXRIOIIo Moora | O00 wastooon oooocowooooo ooooocooooog| Four prainace OO ooooo00gG 900X600 DUCTILE eat OO en 124.2250 foooo0 pooog oir 8 Oooooooogo o 6 J = a wo "i th a é he Loo = c PLAN VIEW OF COVER & FRAME Le x0, SECTION CODE |CLEAR OPENING] OVER BASE | DEPTH | LOADING] STANDARD | ‘AXB (mm) | CxO (mm) | E(mm) | RN brio | so0x600 | 735x735 | 41 250 [EN 124-2015 DATE: 60017 [DESCRIPTION Reo DRAWN AY? GC 500x800 wi GEAR oPeuING DucrLE [SCALE NTS IRON EN 124-2015 CLASS © 250 SOLID TOF aut DIMENSIONS ARE creo or DOUBLE SEAL COVER & FRAME APPS: AB 1 Mm PRODUCT CODE :~DI-10 DUBAI. UAE. oooo000 Soles Smet water suppcy 0 oooo0o0o00 gooooooo0 © 600 x 600 puctieD O €N 12420400 OO | IRON LOADING CLASS 0-400 SINGLE ‘SEAL SOLID TOP COVER & FRAME PRODUCT | CLEAR OPENING cone | Ace tm) | DI-SA-1A | 600X600 ‘760X760 80 400 | EN 124-201! onTe oboe | BESCRPTION + we ORAWGY: Gx | 600X600 MM CLEAR OPENING DUCTILE [scale WS @ DUCAST ‘ DUBAI. UAE. 0 Sooo000n ESS aGeeao Do wasto ooo ooofooooog Ooooooooon, oo o o o ooooooom dati O00 FIRE FIGHTINGL] (JC DoooooouH oooooooooR oooooo0o0o00m 600 x 600 pucriteL) O e EN 124220400 OD PG ERE ES (GEG S46 Oa BEEK MooogogoocgdaG mooooo SECTON-CC___ Note GRP i prion Famer | COMERS) GARE | aM [RG] GAME toee | “gee” | oem | een [one [Taken [7 evanese, — | rare ican [sons fea a one? epee] DESCRIPTION: aart DRAWN BY cK ‘600X600 MM CLEAR OPENING DUCTILE | SCALE: NTS (CHECKED BY: KM ‘APP. 48 IRON LOADING CLASS D-400 SINGLE | ALOmESICRS mE wm] SEAL SOLID TOP COVER & FRAME | ‘215ine somvacconone To ® =, DUCAST (3 _oucast_300x300_|[] Ooo000o0o0000 OO Gutty trae OO OOo00000000 0000 O000 O000 OoO000 OOOO0000000 Oooooo0o0000 OoO00000000 OO evi4-2en5 OO PLAN OF COVER & FRAME oom [Note With GRP seal plate provision (CLEAR OPENING | OVER BASE] DEH | LOADING “AXB (om) ever | kN ‘cove Got | pres | s00x00 | seoxseo | 32 | a5 pare: 210719 | pescalerion: Rev: ot ‘DRAWN BY; GK | 300X300MM CLEAR OPENING DUCTILE | ScALE: NTS TRON LOADING CLASS 8-125 SINGLE (CHECKED BY: KM ‘ALL DIMENSIONS ARE ‘SEAL SOLID TOP COVER & FRAME prey: AB 18 MM DUBAL, UAE. www a oo oo rising ses Dooooooooooo 2Nos al aaseea) ao oo zz oo A oo oo o PLAN VIEW OF COVER & FRAME “GRP Sealing Plate -SECTION-AA. Seating lip ‘CODE | CLEAR OPENING] OVER BASE | FRAME | LOADING | STANDARD xB (mm) | xD (mm) | HEIGHT | kn DI-DSB} 800x800 1000x1000] 75 | 8125 | EN 124-2015 DATE: 13-01-19 | DESCRIPTION: REV: 00 DRAWN BY: MKC | 800X800 MM CLEAR OPENING LOADING ‘SCALE: NTS GieceED By aap | CLASS B 125 DUCTILE IRON DOUBLE SEAL! > paznSTONS ARE SOLID TOP COVER & FRAME ‘hv on APF PC Note:~ With GRP DUBAI. UAE, Info@eucestcom ‘ww ducastom PLAN VIEW OF COVER & FRAME SECTION al plate provision ‘CODE [CLEAR OPENING] OVER BASE] DEPTH | LOADING] STANDARD |AXB (mm) | CxO (mm) | E(mm) | kN prio | 600x600 | 735x735 | 41 | 250 _ [en 124-2015 DATE: —iooea7 [DESCRIPTION avo DRAWN EY? Gk 600x600 me cLeAR opens DUCTILE | SCALE: NTS: IRON EW 126-2015 CLASS C 250 SOLD TOF SCHED BY:_ Kot DOUBLE SEAL COVER & FRAME sone ve PRODUCT CODE =~ DI-1D een DUBAI. UAE. Soo Oooo ~estqoo0 4 PLAN VIEW OF COVER & FRAME JEST T2215 SECTION: cc" Note: With GRP seal plate provision. PRODUCT | CLEAR OPENING | OVER BASE | DEFT [LOADING] STANDARD cope | AX (mm) | xo (mm) | E(mm| kw ‘Br-SA-1A | 600X600 7s0x760 | 80 | 400 [eN12¢-2015 DATE: _ 05-06-16] DESCRIPTION = Rev: ‘DRAWN BY: Gk | 600X600 MM CLEAR OPENING DUCTILE | SCALE: NTS GakcxeD avs eM | IRON LOADING CLASS 0-400 SINGLE [ RUBEN pear am | SEALSOLID TOP COVER & FRAME | ons pcoensr0 > DUCAST " r » Bb DESIGN Na SUPIAILY invunvL rw Sluymonos aut ut pasmzesnuew ase stonposd jo salves aio OU, SGYVGNWLS = tuoysAs Aajenb jo quauissasse snomunue), SGUVONVLS ALNWNO =a O > Nout 311.300 8 Now! sya NBM! 38 NOISIEWAINO9 isa > ary cas os = eae) a) ‘aww}s 9 ¥9NOD ANDY doL ANOS Now TDN wanoddo1anos ana4s 8 YINOD BUNS dOL ANOS NOY! TLLING i ee | tha Tp} |) hvala) hye 37anod vis 8 ¥3n0D BY INONVRAL THaNGD > a ononviananco lee eae eee EPRI SONUWUO ATINO ALN OL a anand. [ TMNT vena HH AA VA a Ne ‘tive wave 8 ONLUD TaNNYHD ri [a suo 6 ee tN ‘3074s BBNOD ANIND ABLNA 3S AnnDAwNa acs alee ale ‘Nuun 139M! end nvis 8 YSNOD NISVE HOLY EG sonsvainn i b=}: yo) W03313L ans ¥BNOD 03553034 WOTTAL suanodwo2313. =f} HHH Fela 83 BEVED[o Teeny Syu3A03 (oe hb} -) il | ! folate} z jelefele)s/ee\alafel8 3) NEA SENESE > ‘ans ¥9N0D 03553934 HTD, aassaauuvinowd =f ays 8 uano a2ss302u suanoza3ss3734 F< E)\Xop) t-\valae}-| 2) Pree} avs 3¥aN0D KOITING wanodxXogTInd =f a Be amie SS = RK SS ty, 1WaN0D34AL3ONI uano2adAL39NIH fl PEC E LEN Teal] Sy¥3A0) LINE} BG i ee an shafele}e| 2}z|8}8/8| j2/8)8|8) (8/a}s 8} - selma} fas salle eR Eh a{sislsle|alellafe]\sleslal} falas ‘543A0D HON3EL THINI31389NOD ¥3N02 HINSYL @ 3:03} @3SS3934 ONIGGW13 133.LS oNoaW 1D SS HLM SuaNO 03530034 Lev LIN oniaqvi1aais = fi S¥3A0) THISNI 3L3YINOD @ouaiowara us /NBININO NOUY TWAS CI ‘S¥3N03 THINI3L342NOI (wonensya 301s) uon295 xoqTEM — ‘nya DAMON seus Coenen renee ‘SWtd 8 U3ND LUVELLINW HOS 3aIN5 NOLWTIVISNI anano NOUYTAWASN ri eg ey veiw wea eacy os P.0.B0x: 26480 ‘DUB United Arab Emirates Te +9714 347077 FAX: 497143470 707 Email infoaducastcom wo. ducastcom 6. Previous Comments Compliance (If Code “C") Not Applicable 7. Compliance Statement ‘sudo 1092 covers aun pu we ets 90.04 6 9 ms ng sige na “sen 0 9, p09 pon on pone 980 (5-721 NBGH 2 duo Soul pue io La ARNG IY seq 80k on 9 ed eR mdsalis vm OM A eos yansioensa Wa ets patos nthe 898003 24 SOT | ang gap sions °ev'50 A Shipncaeahenmapa tess aeang ee = sa sweuwcg | 00 | woneouzeds mumen psodia unuespbou vone2us965 fed sovuni scores O71 Sag soquaaer @ 124N90 19v07 SM HOIPEAVODANS JM ‘71 Burenuog 9409 food AD“ Ho} HEN neva nay ut sven y Jo as64a wrod 030) som wonanNRUeS oN SauOS WRIA _Soweld @ $19109 S]WEW NOS TWALINGNS WOINHOAL ‘UI WALINENS | INAWALVIS SONVIANNOD. 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Previous Approvals & Test Reports | Reser URE ARIES FORCES ara eS — MTS 1M 022 |commano oF MUTARY WORKS ya gaan si] 2 revit ome gIS ly ee] as 00 33-Mar-19 MATERIAL SUBMITTAL 0. 37029-C001-NTS M022 —— or 17028 at fates gat aout oe eae rel wen Sins START NORE T_T TORSTEN anno as HEL SST — a a nn SAN Sm Oo on, 0813 me Ned ry ane cm _cnammes wos = otc Ee a aa aU sr Te oa a TES i “| “Soemrabernee paneer gees 7 ieee aE ; SE Sa a a ra re emer cen en eee a aS io fee | ut Rober sme am a ‘ne (blz cient AEN ese codnne gies Fa os - ‘eat nee Seca emer | o oO won gitense ah kesh saan Se a O=REIECTED —__COREVSERRESUOMIT._F=NDCREEINISNOT —AungUICTION _Mecingpnt = = = om as Ae Ot tr OUT ti aro cee Sree _$__ ter ZOE Be ata ARs gO os tha, awe sorocve Nemes EcmIUTy 2.9 DEC 2016 ‘oes crane ard te ol Pa rete 7a ct Tj Beso S| | ata eee ae ‘cnet tt stain Gomtmcnmsscne aks One MA} sae S some” “Sd Saas aa z= nF 7 Pn = eer apo Fade be att at ce ee a MUR. es —— as vad a (-Ealhee Aft, stadelran Homad | Rae SARE RORDTORET aE Mis P0005 [onan oF aan wore =) Se = eee co_sesep16 MATERIAL SUBMITTAL So) Fp Rt rien ie aT A = waa —a| ae te ey Ti oa TOA O Geena a ai sO Gre Sa mare cas “=alloese 7 SST SETI = SE eee pee — a ra Boe by see 5 ope ple dP Of end ke Cott “sree aS} bbe Pe edo ee (¢//roe | Se oe Feryseres fal gle EE TaT eaten ae wee calgon ad a 7 oe _ er SS lye & oF esl Wace aesnarvanonoa pratensis ¥ RS [AERA ORS c Jcoummroen Ge nau Wome ys as fas) ome ronceiol ar | seroma ORO Coe, eit Lore] we Tamm A asidevanenyy any ee — 4 Pr econ i srl ae band Peete, peccrousaeamise ‘sont cen on mse {tec ed Sti ron tise Coes HO ls ped Bote cme Mana sey ey ‘arisen hl ert ane an en Sa RASTA aga opr ogo 2 ons rode 3. 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Sts Serves ge Conan a Tame La er eaeriomaertane Ducast Approved a noted = D approved for any duty, deuble seated od Oak ones Sd dened ate tet aga ad Title) fo ae TE ape et oe ee mee, Dee w. Teme ase ont, | — Sass TRL mace — see pe nee Se ae Tl RN camemsara-e O16 ‘mommaneanomast ereerane wires wanes SORTEDER Paseo PRUE eri [mesa | romencomnenm __ avert a ee een ome ls wo shes MATERIAL SUBMITTAL RETR gaa pabgeccnies OL a Bios St oan TST one tO “ERE HAL Coe os OTTER raat asd 1 Rae sienna 2 Pitter ee moti be opprek. options inagproved As Per atacked coment, Sheek Tamsat ae Te Maclin ot Te a em pyprow 4 a5 nsad Ae] | Saghe mo S Bugs Ae taal Dales Patel Ae dogs Duss eed oa ne O Zeus ec pit apm 1 eehsaogmn Eh ewan a “ oe oe a sehanndceforunaan ring slbe slasel eisai Material Approval Form ‘peptcaton Nunber 221300380 ate 05-09-2018 Peja Nae Cerin of i HousngNoghbaos, Sanh, 250 iss ata ‘eet No PovcarnsyomRATeea6I0R SSS su, ‘corrector "National Projets & Const pital al ieitant ‘McathineraioralErgnee SS SS*SC*~*« ‘Gent ‘Masenada as Sa i tl pana ngh | Cl Ann a ep ll cag Boge |L__rtaflDespton On! make, motel) ‘Seqrea & Subd Bye voure | S206 Biers ne Sus Spce= nse 17 Chars & Pash Cog ~O40~s0000 Cex opera) (ovo cons). (ch bone —cain eo, | Porhankics Sit Ssinaeeo =r aes paemreees en anon es eee TET eee 1 cen thea att ec 8 ria 1) ret compari abe Suppor 1s had Sa Mail ss Jae Sd Agaane Selon Teeancar ons at Sor omelets Gey Sorgen snes sata ct ‘a #501265 70 Eeaahey ederim a tora atySocton cli ge at te Ante ‘a a Cy hase seomncaes eh Infasewcue & Municip! Asse Sector atrotkal Grviautcemt Set pat aan il Aull lesley M pl / Infrastructure Materia Approval System PSE Serra ‘opicaton No ‘Version ‘sue Date ation 2 |The Tanacon has bon eS on 0272018 (sooeanis —] Mie Proje nae Construction of Emit Housing Neghbrnond, A Sah, 250 Vilas ean a co | porcwersiounier236 20168 aut) cntncsr “Natonal Poets 8 Cana. LLC I at nal ‘Cmte (Atari Engnee er) Gent unas | tat Mouse Type OME Meri sates al ena it at a a oa ‘Cn ins alo a ag ‘eh coher (tal eston nema, model) orm swt Se ve Sanaon.e ltcoms rane [sete aso (Genta cab -ceasioea Pee) J [Slime pros fee win) “too20c0. 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BE ERENT ‘eat. soto os ReowDeveroeess |e sxotan8 P Kez | EXE MATERIAL APPROVAL REQUEST (MAR) ea Deion ype ae ‘ADM. Divon 2 809 Re i Ne Section Cain Sean 226071210 | alten ABR. EON. eat tpletion ‘Sep nated ae get peo Shpment i Pen = ea aa Cae TA A aT RST a NT TE os a ‘memste mona Sggtoene nonce Serene ee eer hea wining desist sienna: ne croapacats eon aasi8s GRRE eee, ome aaa ETT —————— “ae oor Ed as =< aisnure a ae ear opening Heavy Duty Class D400 SES" | smanamnse | pgp Par) sold Top Cover & Frame Sa Se Te te nae aa odamadetorunate nates sb seals Mae! po For etcemaninoe 3600082 oe 28102007 sre totine comete aE ~ a, contador ‘GunrooT Tans acoA batt comme THLE s = me os atone ee wae Shepgeatst | the noma snn| Santo a Oi aon ser a ner arn Sn ai Oo PS CLNSEaD sseeacsoe el 7) comaerrawan tst Sp o¢ 8 ss 2) Teka eng abe rates rd O/C Ces (D) meaner wees ee Sita ss Approved As Nola eco ASO ESAT tral uy Sean age at Since spe ge zs ope ‘ear ee cer comnts Ge See sass sobidenaesy — ata Cay Son Staatasheetni Artin ‘Ab Dab Cy Mn sooner eae ee masiy Sanaeseaagus Sal lig alas ig lbs / Isr Matra Aprval stem ‘epleaionNo Verso a ate oom jE) som tg reece = coma i ata, ito sas BN et an a gat ot | ~ (alse tain alll ep) lad ag sen sie vor me a vowieancania———asenccne ioe aren araaen peters Semone Siar omar react (TOR TENNER Ait coat Imma’ ince cain Seotigacar ADTRAN. ecrcd SS a shai shacti6307) Teo e pinay trl soa ar Cer & Frame fe Sor Water ‘Goat od crc al ear tale conten spol putes rie fone aes te, ‘is ogroval sale way reve a aoa & autor tom yo eng ro eponcoes oe nes ered oh te shal esr by he mance QA reper nchng ich hal ropes Da pee catng tide menses casing sda Ce {Ban cy ers hl perm onc se aa stringed otra a ‘eited preted ener eaplanes wth cnn etn, ‘Thess, cog ai, On the coves oer fhe cot eal berth creas of the end Be and pp ep rouge ot QQ proces hl epee en ae by the conn covactr, gu? ag SS Musanada VFL Or MATERIAL SUBMITTAL (MS) [Pa Pn Beer omnes Pele Kane | Se TROIS Tass [SAT a ene ——ft Enameer | taicomutoe BEET comes cena | SSC oRENATEREGTEGS — HSE a Pa ard Smit Din none [sha —_— TS aco [TT acne 5 maces was 1 |S a : Pest Materia etal Deseripion | a (ek al provides stochmets) Page vss 00.08 - sone pt copy terest penn Denny rt, {siTiBcrsworasisirsct ow. een TOIBCISW-C HIER SHOECTSW-C- | cay ete ree ang, ‘arin et owes | D1COVERS A FRAMS eno wh sons cor |S once Seas emcameriee | munerrera rnc coe, ome (efter ie” Cen Cn a iadectemcgeere —— (oe ball baal ‘Shot aatty Onta eet teraataton, vse [goer Tone fee prs sae fa |e os Tn agama : Re || aay Ng wioclcatatea cee Rene ans TOF a sa DR (Ba emg ee eet Par 0: Employer Engineer Review and Approval | Cadena Sudethal, Covers 4 Frames aaron en bor [planta flac He Hackaol- Gomrmeant sited fax Hs hades | ‘Engineer Empiord [a [A Approves [25 Aepoved with Comments ‘ppv! || C:Revise& Resort [Reece Employer Engineer Approval Nae Forage age el 2hom Bt WSC. CONS. O08 Ra a OF evoneen's Review ‘CPRI-JS63-MAT- STW-SUP-0005Rev.01 | Ms. Ren © Gonstrton of internat Roads nd Series in MBZ Cy Sector Be ” ‘Ductile von Cover aFrames, arulactare& Supplier by 61 ‘Sebrita Tite Deca actor Dub UAE-Cnting Apple rs We caumena guaneaumet Er SLs pct oro aia ated Em ABT Da Catal —— | | patina hat “acto undec maintenance foro 6 mentns maximus”) for uette | {Ton Cover BFrames, lanfacture Suppbe: by Mls Ducast Factor (LC Oubal UAE- | ‘Coting Appiatr hcl teatal Coating LLC ALAN. shal not relieve the | onuactor tram his oblgstion anda the contact eaure compliance fa contact Specieton Authorty approval requirments, basing eve st. Theconautent hal ensure al the contanal approval parameters ire ful for the materi elvered te st 2 Ragas Rene Va acon peace rang a TES 3 | Onaetvery, ha consutat sat pertorm veut ingpecton, an random samples shal | | Se coleaed fortertng te conti al parameter fhe Piers samples wih projet -ADIVEA specticction. " [ites cera, aiging ai nei on caver an our at — | ‘he 40 yar orginal watoncecricatencudng sovrocing eb role Upoa mafia! detery ‘Gating thickness shall ot as Wa We RInOn Seine eGUaIE ATO “Ta eonsigameat euivereat the sts shal bs secampaed by be manufactur in house QAI test reports thr pry tat report ncnsing machania!/enemied | properties, est prof, costing thikness, owing adhesion, se ‘Toi covers & names eimansion lass eal comply wih approved Sop TANG Area | eappeation& project epeefiatin 9 | Approval subject to autnorty acceptance mpprovl &handing over requirements, Stas: Approved wih comment, ye niente al ie SE SOS Heo T os Ae Penosaey atime et | aig Jeorieubis esebag tit ae pean rece Piva a9 oa mie wa] Seer ‘Ponvond 390 gheoheuen aio weak oy | = a ons aman ET OR BaP OEY | =e am or a ue} 7 8809 OH PND HEED = Peter ega suse gaa ne30y| 2 * ws ey (patacecont |, smnandceeimamnecee| apy warunnoannan Saree ae = Aan reaeg = ea ce = ‘syria 9 R09 Fa wes Ora ON TH A sosd | meecrenepenes sadernimnnens © element Seems. ume poet Talhao TEST CERTIFICATE — “come Ducoat Farry .c BrportnbenaneTos ame 2 Por Bove 25480 Tet ia fle: ube PS ne: 7208 NTE Aras eminares Boers” Gararia Date Fortes 20/8 Ate al om : Top Mantole Cave anc fame Fim SER 1202088 Cans Bio (Gian REBUC Speccaion Cent Requtement Former Size Qyle ibd Tet cad is seat eta trace eres Perret deflection efter CC Totiog~ 0. jet lead = 20 of tet abd. Pera aoction seared 0 wire cote of sale, ollvrg§ eli ead mptiestos Ccenteat Comment Test results meet the requirements of 8S EN 124-1:2015 Class D400. 2 1 15 now Element Materials Technology HE Froygedgegyapy Orabt 15 now Elenent Hat logy End of Text, Oxi Teslodct Umm ALNoar ABU DHABI et ny asin “ptemgiaemacrcase xan HUE of SSSR” Retna eehnotogy @©clement ogee tcinnd Ramat ousnorAuowcineansenins Some” Test Certificate Ducogt Faery Lc enon NumberAp3208 tase 1 Bey tee: Bs sae cy under PS io: 2398 He Aras emeares Bet acod Sat Bate Reps 2708 sn: Me, Bal tem 0 600g Sie Top Cove 8 Fae ec AES ret Conetcte of Emel sing Nechrhod, AL Samia, 250 Eisen NPC Spocteaton —- nt Roaurement Ferser Sie QyeNe load Test Landis tseratien tw tacos sbered sowie entre of ample. falacing 5 ee Toe eo, Cortese Comments Test results met the requirenents of BS EN 121-1:2016 Class C250. Frorehiniteg, aby Onobs 1s now Elenent Hetertals Technology ME ++ End of Text rg Tested! aes Forand on aunoty of —— © DUCAST DUCAST FACTORYLLC Phono: +971-4- 3470777 P.O Box 28480 Fax :4971-4- 3470 707 Dubai, E-mail United Arab Emirates Website : MATERIAL CONFORMITY AND LOAD TEST REPORT [SAMPLENO : 08 ‘Our Ref: IN FOUSE TEST ‘YourRef __: SUBMITTAL PURPOSE ISSUED DATE: 08.12.2018 ‘We,Ducast Factory LLC, hereby certly thatthe following manhole coversigratings supplied to yo comply with the specication of your purchase order and material test specificatons, DESCRIPTION: [DUCTILE IRON 800x800mmLOADING CLASS B - 125 CIRCULAR SOLID TOP COVER & FRAM-01 SET [BADGING : ZONES CORP STORM WATER (DI-37) INTERNAL LOAD TEST: ‘Testis conducted for one specimeniCover as per our quali pian, test performed as per EN124-1-2015 and passed results are tabulated below. 5-125 T ‘Load applied | Number of 2! | applied duration Remarks Load (kN) | "Cycles a m7 os ‘Permissible = PASSED | 2s 2 3% : ‘Sustained load wehout cocks F_ manent set = 2/3 ofthe design load, permanent deflection is measured atthe geometric center of the sample, following 5 cycic load application. Note: Tested results specimen meets the requirements of the EN124-2.2015 Product Standards Design, Test standard ENI26-1-2015 | Spheroidal Graphite Cast iron Standard : ISO 1083 (Grade 50077) Micro-Structure of Graphite 180.945 “Tis secon epares,ged & stampe ocunent Deca MCLTROT2017 Rar Independent Testing Laboratories Lunia aed Sipe and Mstarils Consutanss ipa sais ALHOTY STANGER LABORATORIES Bz pBi pbg all ol pike TEST REPORT DUCAST FACTORY LLC. LOAD TEST FOR GULLY TOPS AND MANHOLE TOPS FOR VEHICULAR AND PEDESTRIAN AREAS TBS EN 124: 1994 Report date: 21.03.15, Report amber Dis=aonsa3____—[Soare Ducast Fastors LLC) Projet somber Noten Sempeoeton Stk | Troet ae Ma Ring Rid Sampled by a 1 [elect cation KSA Samping atime i 1 (eon Netghen Tees Sate (easter ‘Vision Einand (Sud a aa) ‘Chest re EPO SS dated 1.15 | Sampling med 1 ‘Sampedscion sy 1 rb ana Ci D0 [Datoine ree [Titiaty ecient trawtaoirts were [pees Er Tonle Does Faery CE Tee, ae CQUAGLTOXE Inerptomoncaver "pai ss Duc [Tapered ten yD Set TERE 400 Namper | Daraton aa | Permanent com ‘applied tor | st me fegetes | “Geeonds) | cam Conta oe garewentof | 5 ; 9s | BSEN 14984 Case a 0 80 fur permanent set 5 : 2 + [SEEN TESse Dearie at Remarks: None ‘Test method variation : None ‘This report relates only to the sample ested ly be reproduced in ull nd with the wren approval of AHS Laboratories. eS finan ia Pe For Al Hoty-Stangér LabUratories “Joseph Mathew Head of Physica/Mechanical Dept. 9. Inspection Test Plan Ducast Factory LLC ul ua 16 meat aoa Famer Soar inion tmpeion irpscion | ranton poe (aie [aor Fctantee se nay [er ce [ose sper sare [er oo [ones ways [nc [eer ee [se ons trnousucone (ureters ote ve see seca Emery [ar irae cant ioe ES jwnranone Rene [ver Fs resin naa wean eso weinas os re ssi oo [ver [crecten etree [ahs co ven ny gr fsoroesecen souans [Tot brane a learreraeram ears sit ler en ca eon smo ie cl avaer soe [sooo beer > Fas smo res cl ese han re eta Ba Co) rs [soma ovens a enseniytesen) [et {om free teow) a {omc Horeen fe Hes Tevet er Tes ime) tain” ve Ti atraen,Pcag Nan Coreg Peer ie ata wine [Sato te ovr [ve nn ecie feet crete [ori jr vee oe leven rar fsa Feo E [fev corms neces rca os [ae DeFaroTRorer hscsaoe Letts | 10. Safety Data Sheet Product Manufactured by ‘upped by Sura protection Fedo epteation Heras Handing Ducast Factory LLC PO Box 28490, Dub, UAE 15716-3470 777, Fax: +99714-3470 707 ‘emai: Safety data sheet anno Cove Ducat Factory LLC vcs Factory LL Dub UAE Duct ron Epoxy Coates ‘Aa ecco covers for mane fe ferent service ‘ppleatons “Thee it no heath or nvronmentn hazard ses win the ‘rode! or human exposure ene the produ made ou ot ‘eres mea “Tors no hazard.on huran contac the ret since the Baton the un i re and cures before spp made ths purchaser ‘Te covers are supplied in patted ard stapled conion trough ucts eaters th mac grees Wo por fate Tonto #260 Tn each Pale to be un osded rom the tucks any by frie rane ‘Alte posenna hanaing the covers and ames shoud wear propa safety wears ke Pomel, Sat shoe end Mord gloves Before iting he dvi units assess re weight Covers shut be ite ram te fame ony wi iting kay. The fey shut be sted int th hey ney atu te sme through 90 Defoe tying ti Ener the hays are in 90 led postions ding haning Falure odo soi ead te tig kay leased ram he Koy ‘rey and overtating com Prope ar fo be akon during hang to ensure hepsi on te uns nt damaged or coped of. Paget of2 ‘GR Seal patos (Fappteabi) Instaition Assembly of cover and frame “The purl GRP seal plates wth the ruber gasket toe in {othe fame propery ensure no fu eorex fen the pt nd ares any laud seepage n tothe manhole Aoi splat of heavy oF shocks onthe GRP plates that ‘may cause te plat racks aa beaks. Person shouts nt stand ver be GAP plats ater ‘ison to avo the GRP pat beaks ana the preornal fang ino the manhole. ‘no caso of sales manila covers a mare of grass and arte paste be applied nse tho soaing grove of fe {fame to sest any dor leakage ae sstor 3 Ensure to apy ie grease onthe sel wal before ing of ro- fing or rotacig th uber gastel nd ensure prope ment ofthe same, (he unt sipped with eter gasket). Ena intl tho proper losing cs ofthe cove and ame ‘opending up on the acs ofnctalaion as ated a class 5 of the elandard BS EN (24094 ‘Wherover hres dou the stronger class shoul be soled Double angular cover shoul not bo instaled without the ouping bts fo localy coupling bo the covers, Faire foo so wl loa he cover ton side he manhole ‘honing ofthe cover fom tho rare. Ensure the locating register on th cover fs nto the recess proved onthe fame curing assemby to ald the cover sting ‘nine top fhe ame lacing o mpper seine Loken the cover witha picing tol othe pcg slot provided ‘nie Fame bette aterping to open te cover ater ‘uniaton Before reassembling the cover ensue he seal pockets re {fom enrappes sang, dust crany ote frelgn ators naar the proper ment of oven fame Use appropiate face mask and goog along wth other saety wea before removing the cove fom tbe ame dung Srv. Page2ot2 Cra treat ‘Senice temperatures: Corns /apprenas oseston meta Fats mee HEMPADUR®MULTI-STRENGTH®35530 eMbbua MULT TRENT. 3530 i sal ae, component, Nihal ‘hain sony Par rnc seo we aie an ea ay Mr a tn ever 4g noon on steel end ain en Tse te ite coe, HEMPAOUR MULTESTRENGTH! 45750 2, Shiseb vrtsema 25 RBTESTON CSMBHIONS overt teeta dootet — MORA EERE aeg erences ane ener ath SE ce ten coun tan mom re BE ney amy tr tte Pa of Group Aesormen, Ls aalbtysubet a conan. (40500-1220 ‘Sembee Serrytue 900 miren Pao Bons ergo oo eee are ENE ee ares pence ‘Sec REMWIKS ovoea and separate APPLICA ON INSTRUCTIONS arate nce. ty eng, ht aay el on aca rwrrmert Solan wolves seas re oe at afeuae eee ‘Eo sxe wien sory Sorter poco thos co fire Eso sussequent com: enerner ocoatne: ‘Eiave hosting min Su Stato surace arene poh i ei 500 misron/< ms” axiun 80 merry mls prenondngto 80 Comper Conse (Gh con eos stb rovoved wih uta eer sabe ana oe! errs OY (repeat teat ea rots Aten. ean soc ae) rel tl stars Tong tee tose ab wt, eave sours fst ress Gy agen Gosng oan. Aerie, wot ng be sed Sod ea eo flaeasy he sutie ren descted soo. onerte ems np get on cease crams by enon maing flowed Srhgh ssi hota win tes nat forove sum yer and oe maver'a aha, ‘ug and uniform arac, peso anv ast, psoby eet mana! {dinette ang oars thn Sea ste wh sete geaor og ACHR [SEALER 05070 farrumor, oc oe osu Dats St or 05370, se cy we apetn aed eying an recone a erpacs sbovo0°C/ 20 ‘he temoertr ne pt east mast tows 26°) or poe pt, vow othe part shoud peteraby be bw 25°07 ‘Snr ny recor sce te temourtr sbovee dw oro aod ‘Soanaai, Rete hanya fetappiesten rar mate, eerADUR MLLTSTRENGTH 25780 may rea rece ‘to apg s8650 ohne uy con, or nt re seer None, MEVPADUR or HENPRTIANE gales ape seston Certeats nave been sud unter he omer sty umber 3553. ‘avr twrdenay of samy Sore toast aso eeponse and cae more ‘eres etna Gracy canal gone ies persone nae sa uaa ater arena, ISeeserac nae AAAS nennen sy card ot ns consort la ve cr aioe wash pit i easy {brute move oy saps equeses i exgouret unos, t ie resammeded {etopeoat ming HENPAIFANE FEAT oa ott et aka sve tere the cat rope aa When ed ut etre ih nue tc ah isles ‘ans era aly as wa anh meet hss down wh wa Fes gee SSE Sagat maton enero NEMPADUR MULTI STRENGTH 28590 pts ey. ‘tay 2000: ass20tos00c0002 eres iene Pans WS HEMPADUR® 15590 Ao umbonione of ear, ae L/S a ‘eee tompertane! ai yng rs 10/287 ator Pat ous esomart a nay jet ec oenion EREASSETRI™ —asees0 (hoe soe ae Baba Sect woee [iain soa 9s en Phere Lie wget Shai: Spee — apie on strat conto, Saas oe HEMPEL Tae tomer aoe ato Product Data Shoot ‘Songer sce Aaron crane sures cuca fe sbshee eS {etiam al hme pose ise lowe tyson bine. Aone SPERMS ptnmsaat tek or teea tee a hy ‘ase tates pueanon sey eno near mt trom te en ata no SEmomons: Serene, Nama anpeste er asosin sey ely a C/O ‘acetate ef Thtorgom pao ayo betenn 1/2 wt 2/7 intone sas nos some oon omen ay seo ast. snow eA MISE Ar, yt Fintcvoes: Sy beaouoes in ane fice ban etd Sven cna and of, ‘eh ater smn ard may eacence gt sr neon an hoa ange Sy eee _ Thi tamaton bos bon of ens aut aed wet ny sy eae ESS. Sie heen. en seemomencroecornes i BERS Mesa oa oe eere ea eee eee 41. Method Statement Brief Headlines METHOD STATEMENT OF COATING ‘A. VISUAL INSPECTION + Coverand Frames Separated and Ready for Blasting 1 Romove Sharp Edges and Prtruslons A. ‘8. BLASTING & PREPERATION: + Shot Blast to Swedish Standard SA 25 Using Shot Blasting Machine wth toe! Shot + Whe Brushing and A Wash to Remove Residual Dust 1 Check The Profle and Transfer to Pant Area ©. Coating, ‘+ Applied by Airless Spray Equipment, Coating with Primer Hempadur 15590 50uM Followed by ‘38530 Hempadur 300uM Solvent Free Epoxy to achieve the Total DFT of @350 microns. civiLpoweR| @ Zaza, 12, Corporate Warranty Original Warranty Will Be Submitted at Project Handover Stage 13. Registration Documents (Trade License & ISO Certificates) ahi SESS ppd plat sl ?| a Busal economy P, en souk Lesa Coping S52) ca ine MGS pa ‘emit yeast eAcTORY LC) Gest cali giae hahaa deine UST ETORVOLLED Leese nd ity ome) Bpetiiect Joules ‘nye were at gu mee re cumoumseme strenght intimate a omar 10) stat ane as Saris romoee ios 305 sae aie ets GS dea a) 6S JL ch alec BSE Sy a ag td eyeing mans) Sn yore moe 68 ( ek arc payne Veen bates SID Ha aD Pap il LRN HFM “oro eee are ned aay re arr Coop oi ae bsi. Certificate of Registration QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - ISO 9001:2015 8y Royal Charter ‘Tris catty that: Ducast Factory LLC PO Box 28480 ‘A-Quoz Industrial Area Dubai Unite arab Emiates Hols caret No FM 58162 and operates a Quaty Management Sjstem which complies withthe requirements of $0 9001:2035 forthe follosing scope: Manufacturing and sls of duct on and rey ron casting guy tops, mane tops for velcar and peestien areas, Manufacturing a sles of seal casings Induang jack ‘as, prop nuts, wedge plates ad any es For and on bealf of 8: ‘ree Laur EMER Stas Careaon DIRE ‘origina Registration Date: 2001-03-20, ctv Date: 2019-02-20, Latest Reson Date: 2019:02-07 iy Dee: 2022-42-19 % Page: 1 & et | making excellence a habit” mt so 25, Rea Cn ay KM pe MES, 4 69 0 ae Lite pt kn er mer 5 308 Hh en adn A bsi. By Rot Crare Kitemark™ Certificate “Ti crt tha Ducast Factory Lc ‘ArQuor Industral Estate Duta! Unt Arab Emirates os Cortes Nunbor: 10439858 Inrepectet sen s24 ‘uy tops and manhole tops for vehicular and pedestrian areas. “swt gt nt ean fo ws eter nent th ar Tems a ans nvrang aus nar ay testa rm sy BS Beans UK a “Cen. ‘ita tems ths Carts sal tee sare mesg as nthe Gdn “The use of he anak athrn in respect of heeds) dette on is Cita rove tr rm te Rov aioe rsttened 19560618 ta at: 20180515 (ote ve: 2018-05-15 ery Oates 2021-05-18 Pose 1085 y i making excellence a habit” Kitemark™ Certificate No, KM 39854 1s 21 324-2:2015 ~ Gul tape and manhole tops for vehicular and patatin areas, ‘art 2 Gul Tope and manhole ope made of astron ‘Buc tron Manhole Tps and Gully Tops rina Reference Description ‘lar Opening | Frame Depth on ‘wom ont ‘Sele WH Cover Frame 0 x00 100 a Sats W Cover rare ‘0x60 % oe Ss WH Cover rane ‘0600 7% ct Doe Coe & ae 0600 0 L Dawe Coe & rae 0600 0 cE Said IH Cone & Fae 730x600 100 OF Double nga cove ase ame | i000 xi000| 300 OF Dove TH Wt Cover Fe 675x675 100 Et Seid Wi Cover Fame 7503 100 Er Sed Wi Cover Fame 0.0 100 a See Wi cover Fae 5090 0. EF Dou Targus ane an use ae | 730x730 “0. or Deut Tngus cer ad use fame | — 750 0. 00 a ged Kr Gl Top and Rectang | — ano ans me 5 oe a Ga Toad Raa aps a cen Tirge Recon Gly pad Tse i = 1-46-01 Fanged Sous re eoxm oy One 2021-058 roe: 265 Kitemark"™ Certificate No, KM 39854 1s en 124.2:2015 — Gul tops and manhole tops fr vehicular and pedesbian areas. Part 2: Guy Tops and manhole tops made of cast ron Ductile Ton Manhole Tops and Gully Tops ‘tas D400 (continued) = es =e ae at a eae ee =a peers ze} s a So a sets = me = Spring Loaded Hinge uae Sarees | Se ‘are | Se ae =}—s = i ae Se Se So aeee = = = Se eee oe eeornene see : Se | oon = ora a me |e So = = Shes ava es a a of aaa ee Ft aed: 19980618 etecve Dt: 2028455 oy Dae: 202-05.18 ots eset ct fs an a a Ee Kitemark™ Certificate No, Ko 39854 [85 En 124-2205 — Guly tops and manhole tops for vehicular and pedestrian areas. Pare 2: Gull Tops and manhole tops made of ast hon ctl tron Manhole Tops and Gully Tops lass 400 (continued) oninal Reference | Description ‘ier Opaing | Fame Depth ‘om om). Dni00 | Dobie ngur cove ant aaae ane | sax 10 100 De Grace ad Foe 30008 100 Deiat Sure cover ad ae oxo 75 DN Sure cova eng fa eo 70 100 ‘eisai Doub rang coms and sure fsa | 675x673 100 ESN Dole Wangubr cover ands ferne | 750 08 100 135 Double rags cove and sue rene | 750750 100 can nile gute pl top and euare fai | 65615 00 A Recessed sar Cover an fae 3005300 0 Frat ec 1550-0618 fete Date: 20180515 ata ve: 208-0515 pry One 2021-0544 age: 4ot5 Kitemark™ Certificate No, KM 39854 ‘85 EN 124-2:2085 ~ Guly tops and manhole tps for vehicular and pada areas. Pare 2: Gully Tops and manhole tope made of xs ron Ductile on Manhole Tops and Gully Tops has 25 Hominal Reference | Deseript ‘iat Opening | Frame Depth ‘com ‘enn oe Saw Co ae 08 a or ante Cover Frame 0x0 7 — eckng Manlove Fama wih Sh yp at 70x70 105 Da. ‘ube cove a ae aoxeo | a as 8125 Nominal faterence | Description espn | Frome eth ‘om om Bee Sa Coe Fae ox ‘= Or Sold NUH Gove Fae 90 = 3 Sok MH Coe Fae 7500 7 51-155 Daub Tangulr Coe wit Sane aie | 6750. ot B= ‘Sale Sold Wi Caer 8 Fra 10 75 8 Said Wp Cover & Fe ato 75 aoa Hinged oda crear cove onde | on op, 3 frame : Por Redan ear fae ax o ota: rt efi B60 ad EL — 77 are aude under sree ith Fond (Sie Spec Lampert SAL Tis preament dtd 0° Soper 200 rationed: 19960618 eve at: 20160515 (ute ne: 2018-05415 yO 2025-95-44 Page: of erg pn et nh a 44, Samples re Not Applicable 15. 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