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Rajiv Ranjan NEW JERSEY, USA Ph: 201 665 4877


Senior Technical Architect: Multi-Cloud | Java/Nodejs | Integration | Security (CISSP/CCSP)

Analytical and self-motivated technical professional with more than 2 decades of wide-spread experience. Repeated
success in IT industry driving tactical projects and strategic programs from the early initiating stages to planning,
execution and finally close. Guide cross-functional teams through Java platform implementations and cloud-centric
applications with a focus on multi-cloud and hybrid cloud portability, tackling integration and security aspects along
the way. Accomplished cost savings, established ROI and innovative solutions and workarounds while negotiating
complex scenarios in many a time.
 Hands-on experience in 3 competing and cross-pollinating paradigms of microservices – Spring Boot,
JEE(Micorprofile) and Nodejs – as well as their Reactive offshoots (Spring 5 WebFlux) and event-driven
variants ( Kafka / Akka )
 In the security domain, has worked for the onboarding of new security standards of OAuth2/OIDC/JWT in the
legacy landscape of AD/SAML/Kerberos.
 Implementation of a few Kafka use cases – CDC data integration, Asynch microservices for payment systems
(Event Sourcing), conversion of file feeds assets management system into Kafka based real-time data flow for
multiple downstream consumers
 Has worked on enterprise initiatives for migration of legacy integration technologies to hybrid integration and
iPaaS products.
 Enterprise Architecture forays in Application Portfolio Management, Open Source Governance, Technology
Stack and Risk Management.
 Financial domains exposure includes Open Banking API, Asset Management, Card Operations, SWIFT.
Highlights of Expertise
 Multi-Cloud: AWS, Azure, OpenShift, GCP, Cloud  IT Security Architecture
Foundry(Pivotal/IBM)  Domain Driven Design (Bounded
 Full Life Cycle Application Architecture and development Context/CQRS/EDA/Event Sourcing)

Core Technical Skills

Java/JEE: Spring Cloud, JEE 6/7 (IBM WAS/OpenLiberty, JBoss Wildfly, Weblogic).
JavaScript: Nodejs, Expressjs, TypeScript, Sailsjs, Seneca µservices.
Backends: MySQL, Oracle, DB2, JCA, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Informix, Sybase.
Web API: JAX-RS, Spring REST, apigee, Swagger 2.0
Security: OpenID Connect / SAML (IBM ISAM, PingFederate, Okta), Kerberos/Spnego, Passportjs, Spring Security, JAAS
Login Modules, WAS TAI, Kafka Security, OWASP.
APM: New Relic /AppDynamics/Dynatrace for legacy as well as cloud native and containerized Java/Nodejs applications.
ESB/SOA: Web API (RESTful) Design/Development, IBM IIB 9/WMB 7, WMQ, roboMQ, Solace
Patterns: Cloud-native patterns, 12-factor app, Integration Patterns, ELK stack, Limited forays in SMACK stack.
Presentation Tier: Angular 1.x, JSF 2.x, Portlet v2.0, IBM WCM.
IDEs: Eclipse, Intellij Pro.
Occasional Forays: Hadoop MapReduce/HDFS/Spark , DC/OS, Terraform, Ansible, Vagrant, WAS/WebSphere MQ
admin/config, jQuery, HTML5, ES6, Fortify, Parasoft, IBM /MobileFirst, Nexus,Sonatype, LeanIX.
Soft Skills: Microsoft Office, UML, Jira, Confluence, Visio.

Container Orchestration / Multi-Cloud / DevOps In-depth experience in Kubernetes and associated ecosystem
(Ingress Controller, Helm, Prometheus Service Mesh, Istio) on multiple platforms.

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Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India
Master in Computer Science & Data Processing

Professional Certifications: Oracle Certified Java Enterprise Architect | IBM Certified System Administrator for WebSphere
Network Deployment | IBM Certified Integration Bus Solution Developer | IBM Certified Integration Bus System
Administrator | IBM Certified MQ Solutions Expert

Past Skills:UNIX & Windows: C/C++ (STL | RogueWave Tools | h++ and DBTools.h++) | Shell Script | Tuxedo | Informix |
Sybase | ARM 2.0 API (C and Java) | HPUX Measureware | Tibco RENDEZVOUS &MessageBroker | OpenVMS | IBM
OS/390: COBOL | CICS | DB2 | IDMS | VSAM | JCL | Clist | Rexx | ISPF.

Career Experience
Leading multinational consulting Firm, New Jersey, USA :
Senior Technology Architect (Aug. 2018 to Present)
 Led the security architecture remediation for the Service and Portfolio Rationalization of a leading European
multinational financial group, New Jersey (Client site role: Security Architect).
o Service design with 3-tier architecture, REST best practices and Open Banking API standards
o Apigee as the service gateway and policy enforcement point (PEP)
o JWT for Security context propagation
 Participation in Digital Transformation Blueprint preparation of US no. 1 Insurance Company (Chicago).
Contributed to second and third bullets below.
o Customer 360 view by breaking organization silos
o Use of cloud-ready, mulit-tier microservices architecture
o Highly scalable and performant session management for omnichannel and personalized services
o Transition from monolithic workflow products to lightweight cloud-ready workflow engine(Camunda)
 Conversion of legacy InvestOne system (Portfolio/Holdings management) into a cloud-native Kafka data
streaming system for premier Investment Bank (Boston) on AWS platform (dockerized microservices on EC2
instances)– taking the dual role of Application Architect and a developer.
o The project targets to increase the speed of daily funds and trading data flow by order of magnitude
and align it to concurrent big data and analytics initiatives of the organization.
o The design and development exercise included unraveling of complex financial reconciliation logic
and multiple custom serialization/deseralization of data in the pipleline.
o Design and implementation of async microservices for varied QoS requirements –

Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto, Canada

Led Java and middleware standardization and governance activities across Bank’s different business groups and cross-
border sister concerns (RBC Capital Markets, New York/RBC Wealth Management, Minnesota/RBC Investor Services,
Ireland), Perform integration projects and develop new verification and validation procedures, coordinate continuous
improvement activities and successfully navigate enterprise application architecture and various infrastructure domains.
Integration Middleware Specialist (2007 to Aug 2018)
Partner with corporate and external resources to develop, install and maintain middleware applications..
 Drove integration of OpenID Connect/ JWT / SAML with Nodejs and JEE apps for IBM ISAM
V9/PingFederate/Okta using PassportJS and Spring Security respectively; facilitated onboarding of new Mobile
and Web API applications with new security standards.
 Design and development of event-driven business processes for re-engineered Payment system using Kafka for
messaging and Elasticsearch as data store.
 Set up from scratch and single-handedly a Nodejs COE as an extension of existing Java COE (under Enterprise
Architecture Group) – saved the organization from costly consultancy expenses in onboarding a new technology.
 Designed and deployed the Investment Advisory Application, based on Restful microservices, utilizing multiple
integration requirements (Spring Boot on IBM Cloud/WAS Liberty Profile/Cloud Foundry).
 Led the first AWS application architecture POC (AWS VPC/EC2/Route 63/public & private subnets/bastion host)
 POCs for uniform Java/Nodejs application deployment on multiple platforms - GCP, Azure, OpenShift – using K8
orchestration. Also exercised CoreOS managed K8 on AWS EC2.
 Design and development of an enterprise security services framework for JEE platforms using web services and
SPML standards. Integration of services for multifactor authentication using IBM ISAM/EAI (External
Authentication Interface) and Entrust H/W Tokens. Initial design for SPML to SCIM conversion. The single
application developed by the small team was adopted by a number of different business groups in the bank and
established a substantial ROI for the time and effort.
 Managed the security integration of IBM WP portlet application with z/OS using JAAS custom login module (AD to
RACF integration) – obviating the need for costly vendor consultancy procurement.
 Conducted integration of OAuth 2.0 (grant type password) with mobile applications using IBM ISAM v8 and
customization with legacy security requirements for downstream services.
 Identified, tracked, and resolved unique technical issues, including enhancement of Capital Markets global
message hub for newer interfaces (Kafka for stream processing, Nodejs for newer systems of engagement).

Bank of America, Delaware, US

Senior Consultant(2001 to 2007)
Supported the Data Access Component, a framework built on JDBC, accessing diverse databases and providing
troubleshooting and production support to nearly 20 different complex application groups.
 Developed a Web Services based Strategic Rewards System for the Bank’s Credit Card Rewards system,
resulting in improved retention and greater client relations.
 Recognized as the Subject Matter Expert and Developer of XML Configuration file based generic data access
framework for J2EE applications, supporting DB2, Informix , Sybase and Oracle.
 Developed a C++ wrapper API for ARM 2.0; captured performance data in HPUX Measureware.
 SME for genaccess component for Tuxedo services for accessing diverse databases and providing
troubleshooting and production support to nearly 20 different complex application groups.
 Development and maintenance of distributed Tuxedo applications for connectivity to Credit Unions using Socket
 Maintained RSA and LDAP based authentication and authorization services for both C++ code base and Java
code base.

Perot Systems, Dallas, Texas

Managed client accounts and delivered projects according to schedule and budget requirements. Captured client
expectations and proposed solutions to complex issues and processing systems.
Software Engineer(1998 to2001)
Oversaw financial and technical projects throughout the world and for various clienteles:
 E Trade Corporation, Palo Alto, California: Re-engineered monotlithic legacy Stock Trading Application into
client-server architecture using C/Java.
 Tibco Corporation, Palo Alto, California: Development of file-to-message and message-to-file adapters and
Conversion of SAP R/3 Data transformation module.
 Cedel Global Services, an IT wing of Cedel Bank, Luxembourg: SWIFT - 98 Messages Processing System
 SBC WDR, Stamford (USA): LU6.2 to MQI Migration
 Swiss Bank Corporation, London: Euro Reconciliation - • Developed CICS transaction for capturing and
maintaining changes in Bank’s NOSTRO currency details.
 Tenet Healthsystems, Dallas, TX: Migration of IDMS COBOL batch systems to DB2
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