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Customization – Personalization

Burger King

1. New Year 2020 – 20% off on your order when you give us your new year resolution (via app
so it increases app registration & downloads) and get a personalized coupon code (eg Yash
20/ Yash 2020)
2. Body Positive Promotion (digital promotion)

Research shows 38% of resolutions are weight

related. Post showcasing that every body type you
are every one loves our burger and discount so
that customer takes the action.

3. Showcase all the bad stuff that has happened

in India in 2019 and campaign saying it’s been
a tough year lets step in a new year 4.

4. Things to leave behind in 2019:

Unhealthy Thoughts
Fear of not being enough
Mediocre friendships
Self-Inflicted Pain

But burger is enough take your burger to 2020

5. In malls where there are both Burger King and Mc Donald’s
Mark the floor that leads to Burger King with stickers King Walk This Path and the path that
leads to Mc D as fools walk this path

First 3 seconds shows a time-lapse of a person aging (can also add a story of him – user journey
mapping of the target audience) and focus is on white hair and someone pops out of the screen and
says You can skip this ad but not your white hair!!
Godrej Expert Colour Crème packet opens and the then person starts to age backwords in a slow
time-lapse shots and gets the girl.
The Body Shop:
After researching the Instagram handle of the body shop I have not mentioned the basic strategies
that they are already using and have given a list of few that they can use
1. Behind-the-scenes posts: Give followers a look at your office, or your manufacturing process.
You can use stories for this and then put it on highlights
2. Establish your brand’s “look” on Instagram (aesthetics)
Once you decide what type of content to publish, you need to decide how it’s going to look.
As we explain in our post on creating an Instagram aesthetic, colour influences buying
decisions and brand recognition.
Your Instagram look should be consistent across your posts, helping followers easily
recognize your content in their feeds.
Pick consistent colour or filters for editing the posts and space out your content
3. Usually 2 posts each day and when you want to announce or for special posts Use the right
time to post Personal care: Thursday and Friday, 1, 2, or 3 p.m. (as per a report by Hootsuite)
4. Motivational Posts encourage your audience and amplify your brand values.

5. Use all the tools Instagram has to offer(business account)

6. Day in the life story/ Guest host story – with employees or with celebs or with other partner
business units
7. Add CTA to your posts and captions to engage your audience in a conversation
8. Engage your audience via stories e.g. poll stickers, ask a question, etc
At the end of the day measure your strategies and know what works and what does not