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Chapter V


This chapter presents the summary of findings, the researcher’s conclusions and recommendations to

school, next to researchers and others.

Summary of Findings

The main purpose of this study was to evaluate the factor that causes poor performance of the students

in utilizing the English language in United Christian Academy based on the student’s perception on how to

deliver the right Grammatization, Reading comprehension, Synthax and Morphology.

Specifically, the study aimed to respond to the following questions:

1. How is English difficult in daily conversation?

2. Have you ever commit a mistake in grammar? If yes, which aspect of grammar is difficult and why do you

find it difficult?

A. Sentence Construction

B. Applying Subject Verb Agreement

C. Other Answers (please specify)

3. When English is used as a medium of communication, what facet of English do you find difficult the most

and why?

A. Grammar

B. Pronunciation

C. Spelling

D. Other Answers (please specify)

4. Reading is one of most useful tool for English skills to be developed, does reading difficult words affect your

skills? Or it helps you to explore more about your English Language skills? Please specify.

5. Do daily practices of English helped you in enhancing your skills? Please specify.

6. Which of this are easy to perform in English language? Is it Writing, Verbal and Others Then specific.

7. Are you agree English language is effective in your study? Yes or No? please elaborate

8. How do you think English language help to enhance your skills?

9. What method do you like the most enhancing your English skills?

A. Watching Movies

B. Reading Books

C. Others (please specify)

10. How it works English language in your everyday life?


Based on the findings of this study, the following conclusions were made:

That the causes of poor performance in English language among senior secondary school students in

United Christian Academy include the dominance of lack of practicing in English language and undergo

training. Inadequate teachers of English language, Inadequate facilities and instructional on how to construct a

words, teachers’ attitude toward innovation and use of example ideas, negative attitude of students toward

learning English language and improper use of methods of teaching by teachers.

That provision and appropriate use of instructional on how to construct a word/materials, provision of

qualified teachers of English language, use of proper methods of teaching, provision of language laboratory,
listening to English language programmers and engaging students in debating activity can improve the

performance of senior secondary school students in English language in United Christian Academy.

Findings in the problem encountered by the respondents are very evident. The highest problem

encountered by the respondents is the grammatization in reading materials for students’ exposure to different

high level of Education.


The following recommendations are hereby suggested in the light of the foregoing findings and


1. Qualified teachers of English language should always be employed to handle the course in all the

Senior high schools in United Christian Academy.

2. Learners from high-performing schools were very clear about the fact that their career prospect served

as motivation to work hard in English language.

3. Universities should work with school districts to develop comprehensive English language

4. Many of the learners and teachers from both high and low-performing schools demonstrated a need

for assistance in understanding career options as a tool for motivation for good performance.

5. it was clear that learners and teachers from high-performing schools have positive attitudes towards

English language.

6. Teachers from high-performing schools indicated that they continue with their professional

development in English language.