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Pickleton Spring Show 2020

​Saturday 28​th​ March 2020

Scottish Equestrian Hotel, Lanark

**No Field Entries – Entries close @midnight on Thursday 26​th​ March**

Ring 1​- 9.00am

Judge – TBC

Class 1 - M&M Young Stock In Hand (3yrs and under) ​Sponsored by V&T McPhie 

Class 2 - M&M Small Breeds In Hand (4yrs and over) ​Sponsored by V&T McPhie

Class 3 - M&M Large Breeds In Hand (4yrs and over) ​Sponsored by V&T McPhie

Class 4 -M&M Novice Ridden (not to have won a 1​st​ prize in any open class) ​Sponsored by V&T McPhie

Class 5 - M&M Small Breeds Ridden ​Sponsored by V&T McPhie

Class 6 - M&M Large Breeds Ridden ​Sponsored by V&T McPhie

M&M Championship​ -​1st​ ​and 2​nd ​prize winners in classes 1-6 ​Sponsored by TOP SPEC

Not before 12 noon

Judge– Edith Gunn

Class 7- In hand Pony (14.2hh and under, any age) ​Sponsored by Pumpherston Autocentre 

Class 8- Lead Rein Pony (including M&M) ​Sponsored by Pumpherston Autocentre

Class 9- First Ridden Pony​ ​Sponsored by Pumpherston Autocentre 

Class 10- Novice Pony Ridden (14.2hh and under- not to have obtained a 1​st​ prize in any ridden
class) ​Sponsored by Pumpherston Autocentre

Class 11 - Open Ridden Pony (14.2hh and under) ​Sponsored by Pumpherston Autocentre

Class 12- Pony Club Pony (Includes a small jump) ​Sponsored by Pumpherston Autocentre

​ st​ ​and 2​nd​ Prize winners in classes 7 -12 S​ ponsored by TOP SPEC
Pony Championship​- 1
Ring 2-​ 9.00 am
Judge – Cheryl Robertson-McGee

Class 13 - Coloured Horse / Pony Young Stock (3yrs and under)

Class 14– Coloured Horse / Pony In Hand (4yrs and over) ​Sponsored by Brian’s Equine Taxis

Class 15 –Cob In hand

Class 16- Heavy Horse in hand

Class 17 - Coloured Pony / Horse Ridden (class may be split Traditional / Non Traditional if entries
allow) ​Sponsored by The Horse Empire

Class 18 - Cob Ridden ​Sponsored by A and A Equine Clipping Services

Class 19- Heavy Horse Ridden

Coloured & Cob Championship ​- 1

​ ​st​ and 2​nd​ Prize winners from classes 13-19 ​Sponsored by TOP SPEC

Class 20- Veteran In Hand ​Sponsored by Jumps 4 Fun

Class 21- Foreign/Rare Breeds In Hand ​(Rare breed must be on rare breeds register)​ ​Sponsored by It’s a
Dog’s Life

Class 22- Veteran Ridden ​Sponsored by In Memory Of Mintlaw

Class 23- Foreign/Rare Breeds Ridden ​(Rare breed must be on rare breeds register)​ ​Sponsored by Karyn

Veteran/Foreign Breeds Championship 1​st​ and 2​nd ​prize winners in classes 20-23 ​Sponsored by TOP SPEC

Not Before 12:00

Judge – TBC

Class 24- In hand horse young stock (3yrs and under)

Class 25 –In hand Horse over 14.2hh (any age)

Class 26- Novice Horse Ridden (not to have obtained a 1​st​ prize in any ridden class) ​Sponsored by Ltd

Class 27 - Ridden Hunter (14.2hh and over) ​Sponsored by Edderston Cross Country and Livery

Class 28- Riding/ Sports Horse Ridden (14.2hh and over) ​Sponsored by Teardrops Equine Memorial Jewellery

Class 29- Riding Club Horse (Includes Small Jump) ​Sponsored by Narnia Hair Design

Horse Championship - 1​st​ and 2​nd ​prize winners in classes 24-29 ​Sponsored by TOP SPEC
Not Before 13.30 - In the first available ring

30- Child Handler (children 12 years and under)

31- Potential Driving Horse/Pony in hand

32- Family Horse/Pony (To be ridden by both adult and child under 16 years of age)

33- Thelwell Pony (can be in fancy dress!)

Supreme Championship​ Sponsored by Top Spec

​*********​No Field Entries – Entries close Thursday 26​th​ March*******

The Caledonian Showing Championships are now well established in the showing calendar
and will once again give 2020 competitors the opportunity to compete at a top level
Championship Final in Scotland.

Evening Performances, loads of bling and razzmatazz .... everything an end of season
Championship should have!

This year’s show will be held on 17th/18th of October at Highfield at Howe Equestrian

This Show is a qualifier and every horse & pony placed 1st and 2nd in all Inhand, Ridden Showing
classes (not fun classes) will qualify to compete in any appropriate class at the Finals. Qualification
will be from placings, no qualification cards will be awarded in the ring, and no qualification can go
down the line. Qualification is for the Horse & Pony except for Adult/Young Handler classes, where
the Handler qualifies.

All qualified horses and ponies will be listed on the Caledonian Showing Show’s website where you will also find a regularly updated list of
qualifying shows and a wealth of other information.

Show Rules

1. The judges’ decision is final.

2. Any formal complaints can be lodged in writing with the secretary along with a £20 fee within 30mins of the
class finishing. The fee will only be returned if the complaint is upheld.
3. Organisers reserve the right to refuse entries, and split or amalgamate classes where required.
4. Although all efforts have been made, some classes may clash. It is up to the competitor to decide which
classes to compete in if this occurs. The judges will not hold up classes to wait for competitors.
5. It is the judge’s decision whether or not to let a late competitor into the ring after the gate is closed.
6. All competitors must be correctly attired and wear a hard hat which meets current safety standard PAS015
at all times when mounted. Under 16s must wear a hard hat when showing in hand.
7. The organisers of the show and Scottish Equestrian Hotel accept no liability for loss, damage or accident to
property or persons regardless of cause.
8. All kickers and stallions must wear the appropriate ribbons in their tails.
9. Riders must not exceed a Walk ​outside​ of the show rings ​except​ in designated warm up areas.
10. Any horses or riders/handlers deemed to be behaving inappropriately will be asked to leave.
11. Entry money for classes withdrawn by the competitor will NOT be refunded, but classes entered and paid
for may be swapped for another class.
12. Please note that there will be no entries on the day. Entries close on Thursday 26th March 2020
13. No Smoking anywhere in centre grounds. There is a designated area in the car park.

14. No skipping out Lorries/ Trailers. All muck should be taken home.

15. No Dogs allowed on show ground.

Entries £10.00 per class

Bank details for those who wish to make payment for

Show Entries by Bank Transfer
Account Number: 06862023
Sort Code: 90-78-68
Please can you emailed to let us know if and when you have made a payment
and details of your entries so we can send an Invoice / Receipt.

Email: ​
You can also send your payment via Paypal to​

Postal entries available to:

Ali Chaffe, 8 Forth View, Kirknewton, EH27 8AN. Cheques payable to: Ali Chaffe

Thanks to our Sponsors : Narnia Hair Design A and A Equine Clipping Services

TOP SPEC V&T McPhie Teardrops Equine Memorial Jewellery

Pumpherston Autocentre It’s A Dogs Life The Horse Empire

In Memory Of Mintlaw Karyn Hynd Jumps 4 Fun

Edderston Cross Country and Livery Brian’s Equine Taxis