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A Magazine #20 - Curated by Pierpaolo Piccioli - Roma Dolce Vita Art & Beauty
A Publisher 2019 ISBN 9789077745205 Acqn 30172
Pb 23x30cm 248pp col ills £22.50

Pierpaolo Piccioli curates this twentieth instalment. Based in Rome, the Italian fashion designer
was named the sole artistic director at Valentino in July 2016. He is known for reawakening the
extravagant spirit of haute couture in fashion, as well as for his advocation of fashion as a conduit
for optimism, diversity, and inclusivity. His vision for the magazine centres on an exploration of
the city of Rome and its dualities, approaching it as a longform visual essay that unfolds from a
still-life shoot by Joel Meyerowitz of the designer's own "mood books". Also included, a diarized
visual portfolio by Charles H. Traub, inspirational classical artworks, and a portrait series done by
Piccioli himself.

The Ghosts of Sunday Morning - 50 years of European Ceramic Work Centre

nai010 publishers 2019 ISBN 9789462084940 Acqn 29321
Pb 17x26cm 96pp 96col ills £26

In 2019, the European Ceramic Work Centre (EKWC) will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary.
Sculptors, architects, designers, and others have realized their (sometimes crazy) dreams at
EKWC, relying on the expert technicians and world-class facility there. Today, rebranded as
Sundaymorning@ekwc, it remains one of the most exciting places in the world for the encounter
between workmanship, art, engineering, and the imagination. The exhibition at Design Museum
Den Bosch will take a measure of this history, and capture its spirit, through a highly
unconventional method.

Saloua Raouda Choucair - Modern Arab Design

Khatt Books 2019 ISBN 9789490939175 Acqn 30185
Hb 17x24cm 174pp col ills £32

Saloua Raouda Choucair was a pioneer of abstract art in the Middle East. Fascinated by Sufi
geometry and the concept of infinity, the Lebanese painter and sculptor helped shape thinking
about design processes and production, creating artworks that are both modern and Arabic. Her
particular interest was in developing interlocking shapes and building modular forms while
exploring, manipulating, and combining new materials for both art objects and design products.
This monograph by art historian Yasmine Nachabe Taan is dedicated to Choucair's multifaceted
life and work; a career grounded in her Arab heritage which faced many challenges over a period
of five decades.

Kameel Hawa - The Art of Shaping Arabic Letters

Khatt Books 2019 ISBN 9789490939151 Acqn 30186
Hb 17x24cm 174pp col ills £32

Kameel Hawa is a graphic designer from Lebanon who early on found himself working in the
graphics departments of some of Beirut's progressive journals. In 1980 he relocated to Jeddah,
Saudi Arabia, where he founded his creative atelier, Al Mohtaraf. In his practice, Hawa blends his
inquisitive writer's talent with an innate love of drawing and creating innovative and modern
editorial content and visual structure. This book focuses on Hawa's Arabic handwriting, lettering,
and typeface designs, which break with rigid calligraphic rules, yet are also sensitive to Arab
heritage and reflect its contemporary culture, setting new aesthetic standards and inspiration for
designing with Arabic letterforms.

Emile Menhem - Invogorating Arab Journalism Through Graphic Design

Khatt Books 2019 ISBN 9789490939168 Acqn 30227
Hb 17x24cm 176pp col ills £32

Lebanese graphic designer, painter, art critic, and writer Emile Menhem became involved in
politics at a young age and joined the creative team at the United Palestinian Press in the late
1970s, where he designed and illustrated an impressive number of posters, books, and printed
matter. Following the invasion of Lebanon in 1982, he fled to Paris along with numerous other
Arab intellectuals, where his designs for various magazines contributed significantly to shaping
Arab thought during the 1980s and '90s. He has since remained a prolific graphic designer, which
is why this book offers a fascinating and extensive insight into his creative and political mind
through the years.

Graduation 2019 Design Academy Eindhoven

Design Academy Eindhoven 2019 ISBN 9789491400421 Acqn 30193
Pb 20x28cm 328pp col ills £41.75

The annual graduation show of the Design Academy Eindhoven has been a tradition since 1991.
Over the years the accompanying publication has evolved from a modest production to
something more like an encyclopaedia. This year, given the scale and ambition this undertaking
has reached, a curatorial team was commissioned to undertake a subjective exploration of the
work produced by its graduates, placing them in dialogue with one another according to a set of
topics, ideas, urgencies, and ambitions that traverse each other in unexpected ways. As such,
this year's catalogue is more like novel, but one in which readers are invited to find their own
narrative threads.

Do It Ourselves - A New Mentality in Dutch Design

nai010 publishers 2019 ISBN 9789462085206 Acqn 29889
Pb 21x29cm 288pp col ills £43.95

In recent years, Dutch Design has sharply diverged from its previous course. A generation of
designers trained in and shaped by the crisis years chose new values and starting points. The
focus is now on inquisitive and collaborative makers who strive for social relevance and, if
possible, impact. This 'post-crisis generation' is committed and optimistic, but also pragmatic and
in possession of an eye for beauty. Craftsmanship and local production are examined as realistic
alternatives to deadlocked systems of production and distribution. In addition to art and design,
science, technology, social studies and politics are also seen as design arenas. In short, the
latest generation of designers is looking to substantiate the content of the profession and make
positive contributions to social issues.

Goldilocks And The Three Bears

Corraini Editore 2019 ISBN 9788875708085 Acqn 29979
Hb 23x33cm 32pp col ills £27

A retelling of the traditional children's tale through the illustrations of Steven Guarnaccia,
associate professor of illustration at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City, who
has chosen to insert several internationally famous objects from 20th-century design into his
interpretation. Arne Jacobsen, George Nelson, Isamu Noguchi, Marianne Westman, Alvar Aalto,
Gio Ponti, Eva Zeisel, and Charles and Ray Eames are among the names that pop up in
Guarnaccia's mixed-media illustrations, depicted in clear lines and sharp, harmonious colours.
These bears certainly are hip.

The Emperor's New Clothes

Corraini Editore 2019 ISBN 9788875708030 Acqn 29980
Hb 23x30cm 31pp col ills £27

Steven Guarnaccia presents a reworked version of Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale with
illustrations that bring a touch of contemporaneity. The emperor and his courtiers wear garments
that will remind readers of those worn by Mick Jagger and the Beatles in the 1960s and '70s,
men's shoes by famous English and American brands, instantly recognisable hat styles, and
boots like those worn by Elton John during his glittering career. What does not change, however,
is the moral of the story. Here, too, a child is the first to exclaim, "The emperor has no clothes!"
The illustrations feature crisp lines and colourful drawings with Guarnaccia's unmistakable style
and vintage feel.

Indiennes - Material For A Thousand Stories

Christoph Merian Verlag 2019 ISBN 9783856168933 Acqn 30002
Hb 20x30cm 140pp col ills £38.50

Indiennes are printed or painted cotton textiles that made their way from India to Europe in the
16th century. French and Swiss manufacturers were soon imitating these fabrics, and in the 17th
and 18th centuries they became hugely popular throughout Europe, with a lasting impact on
society and fashion. The role of the many Swiss who helped to shape this highly profitable
industry is described here in detail for the first time. Published in conjunction with an exhibition at
the Landesmuseum Zurich, the volume also investigates the interwoven history of India and
Switzerland through the centuries, right up to Walter Bosshard's photographs of Ghandi's struggle
for independence.

What Is Chanoyu?
Tankosha 2019 ISBN 9784473034670 Acqn 30009
Pb 13x19cm 176pp ills £24

'What Is Chanoyu?' is an informative book about the Japanese tea ceremony. It was originally
conceived as an aid for any Japanese person who wants to know more about chanoyu and be
able to offer a solid, basic explanation to anyone who does not speak Japanese. The text is
written in a straightforward and enlightening way, opening up the often esoteric realm of chanoyu
to the familiar and stranger alike. Chanoyu requires a special space ('chashitsu') and a garden
('roji'), both of which incorporate numerous ingenious innovations within a limited physical space.
Many diagrams and photographs supplement a clearer understanding of this pillar of Japanese

What Is Zen?
Tankosha 2019 ISBN 9784473036483 Acqn 30010
Pb 13x19cm 160pp ills £24

Authored by Fujiwara Toen and Jeffrey Hunter, 'What Is Zen?' is an in-depth exploration of the
philosophy of Zen and its practice, cultural manifestations, and history. It is a guide intended to
gently bring the reader onto the path of Zen in everyday life, whereby actions and thoughts can
become more attuned to Zen and its meaning. Each of the four chapters is divided into sections
which answer a range of specific questions. How does one become a Zen monk? Are there set
answers to koans? How did Zen originate? The book also reminds the reader that, while the
intellectual study of Zen is admirable, Zen is not Zen unless it can be spontaneously manifested
in your actual life.

Mondo Mendini - The World of Alessandro Mendini

nai010 publishers 2019 ISBN 9789090323435 Acqn 30077
Hb 26x30cm 192pp col ills £32.50

Italian designer, architect, and theorist Alessandro Mendini played a crucial role in the
development of Italian, postmodern, and radical design. This book is published on the occasion of
a retrospective exhibition of his work at the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands, which he
helped to plan and curate in great detail prior to his passing in 2019. Mendini is also responsible
for the design of one of the museum's three main pavilions, making the exhibition a fitting tribute
to his influential legacy. Its catalogue therefore forms a map of the diverse cultural streams and
inspirations Mendini encountered and absorbed throughout his career, illuminating his
humanistic, utopian attitude.

Vegetable Teratology Colouring Book

K. Verlag 2019 ISBN 9783947858118 Acqn 30222
Pb 21x28cm 76pp ills £16.50

Based on Maxwell T. 'Master's Vegetable Teratology: An Account of the Principal Deviations from
the Usual Construction of Plants' (1869), this colouring book examines the morphological
potential of vegetables and fruits, plants and flowers. It gathers a selection of full-page botanical
illustrations, a glossary, and a short text by Robin Watkins. The historical images once served to
outline notions of what was to be considered acceptable growth behaviour; now they take on a
new role by subtly embracing the aberration of form in its various colourations and questioning
what is normal about normalcy.

Music Posters from Pre-Revolution Iran 1960's- '70s

Nazar Research Cultural Institute 2019 ISBN 9786001522994 Acqn 30228
Hb 22x28cm 186pp col ills £48

In 1960s Iran, modern posters announcing cultural events had already replaced simple
advertisements that were produced by printing shops. Following the cultural boom of that period
in Iran, the 1970s witnessed the heyday of cultural posters. A great number of the posters from
these decades were dedicated to performances of Iranian traditional and western classical and
modern music, opera, ballet, and dance.

Pierre Di Sciullo - The Afternoon of a Phoneme

Zeug 2019 ISBN 9791095902133 Acqn 30232
Hb 15x24cm 254pp col ills £45

Born in Paris, Pierre di Sciullo is a central figure in both French graphic design and typography.
At the international level, he is one of the pioneers who first designed digital typefaces. His
truculent, literary, and at times insolent work explores various paths, from an infinite taste for logic
and a total absence of presumption about letterforms and type history, to the glyph observed from
its geometry and colorimetry, or the permanent oscillations between a rigorous methodology and
poetic results. This monograph of Di Sciullo's work takes the form of an extensive, precisely
detailed and broadly illustrated interview.