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TtJE5DAY JANUARY 21", 2020

First NVSU
alumni building
By Ben Moses Ebreo
BAMBANC, Nueva Vizcaya*The fint
alumni building of the Nueva Vizcaya
State Unive$ity campus here has been
The Pl.3 mjllion, rwo-slory building
withiri the univetsity compound will
:en< as the opeEtinns and management
center o{ the NVSU Alumn:Association
Il;rnrba-ng Chapter.
"'l his is a significant pmject consid-
ering ouf plans to rcach out to our alum-
ni rnembers in the country -and abroad
inorder to further insritu'liona'liz'e our or-
panizatior for the initiarion of develop-
inem projects. programs and activities,"
said Deomedes Ranio, president of the
NVSU Fedefbtion of Alumni Associa-
N',/SU-!]AA consists of gBduates
ftom the Bayombong main and Bam-
bang campuses.
Ranio said Lhe NVSU Alumni Build-
ing lr'as construcred using an initial
P600,000 in tunds raisedby the IWSU'
AABC through donations, among other
The fund used was further comPle-
meuted tfuough the initiative of Nueva
Vizcaya Rep. Luisa Cuafesma.
"We are working out the Processes
needed for the NVSU Alumni Build-
ins's DroDer turrl-over so that we can
cr;ri mori $orks that are needed lor its
full occupanct operations and manage-.
ment, Ranjo said.
The NVSU Alumni Building was
imolemented bv the DeParttnelt of
Public Works a;d Hishw;ys lst Dis-
tricr Ensineerins Oflice under its Local
i;fr";i;";;. P?ogram consmrcrion of
Multi-Prirpose Buildings regutar fund.

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