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I don't see the logic of
giving four hours when in Interior SecretarY Eduardo rx)
fact we'don't even know ino tott DailY ltribmre \hal'
when it will erupt' the DILG is treaiing the
irirrnlementation of totat lockdown
orr the villages seriously as
By Francis T. Wakcfield
end l0istlna Maralit
there are barangays within
tfie l4-kilometer radius of the
volcano'S crater which had b€en
The Department ofthe Interior
declared ba"fe ea'ilier.
ard Local Government (DILG) on
'ln all the 199 barangaYs
Monday ordered a total lockdown issued bY Phivolcs'' Ano
on 199 barangays identified confirmed when asked if no
by the Phitippine Institute of human niovement is allo$red in
Volcanology and SeismologY areas affected bY the eruption'
(Phivolcs) as high-risk areas. as
There will no longer be
iaal Volcano continues with its fun tu Page A2
dangerous rumbling.
Nexr PAq€ PLd
Lockd {rwn on t99 vl I h ges


Phivolcs has provided the list of 199 barangays for mandatory evacuation and "Based on our latest report, mandatory evacuation, " Afro other government agencies
98 percent of ihe residents in pointed out. have aheady released a total
hence all businesses are also closed
the barangays located wiihin the of P17,227,950.61 worth of
14km high risk danger zon€ have More goverlunent aid assistance.
ftom page Al added. fund fbr their livestock. been fully cvacuabed and the rest Meanwhile, President Rod go The NDRRMC als o said
This deyeloped as President are undergoing evacuation," Aio Dutefie ordered the release of that the number of individuals
window hours for residents to Rodrigo Duterte also asked No n{ore window hours said dudng iln event in Camp P50 miUion as cash assistance affected by the Taal Volcano
attend to their livelihood or Congress to expedite release "Idontb see the logic ofgiving Crame. to Batangas province and eight eruption has increase dto 215,7i3.
retrieve belongings, including of P30 biuion to supplement four hours when in fact we don,t municipalities and cities affected In its 12 noon situation repori,
livestock, for th€ duation ofthe funds for the rehabilitation , even know when it will erupt... Presidert Rodrigo Iluterte fouowing Taal Volcano's €ruption the NDRRMC stated that this'.
lockdown. and assistance called for j$\ ana in a matter ef minuies, also asked Congpess to on 12 January. nuftber is equivalent io 53,716
The DILG chief did not identi$, lhp .onsrruclion of massive *o,T cvplybudy qill die, .tuio said. expedite release of P30 In a text message, Sen. families from the provinces of
the particular barangays but pvacualion renters in ""- Tlris, ;rs some b/sinesses in billion to supplement flmds Christopher Lawren€e 'Bong' Go Batangas, Lagxna, Quezon and
stressed that they are ideniified disasler prone proyinces acro\s Taga),trv ci[ have reopened even for the rehabilitation and said that the Chief Executive will Cavite,
by Phivolcs as high-dsk areas the Philippines. vrhilc phivolrs is "till obset-ving assistance called for the giYe eight Taal'affected LGU P5 The NDRRMC said of that
within the 14 kilometer danger "There should be massive ruert Level 4 which means that eonstruction of massiye million each whil€ ihe proyincial number, 29,474 famili es ot 112,7b7
zolte. evacuation centers in provinces a hazardous erTlosive eruption eracuaf,ion certers in government of Batangas will indiyiduals are taking temporary,
"Phivolcs has provided iacing the PaciJic 0cean," Mr. is still possible wiihin hou_rs or disaster-prone provinces receive P10 million. . shelter in a loial of416 enacrrAlion
ihe list of 199 barangays for Dulprte said, reitFrating his dats. across the Philippines. The recipients of Mr, Dutefte's centers; up from 26,76? families
mandatory evacuation and hence of
earlier call for the construction Caviie Rep, Bambol Tolentino, cash assistance were the cities on Sunday.
all businesses aie also closed,' -
cvacuation centcrs nationwidc. .lrrring a broadcast intervicw, The DILG chicf earlier of Lipa and Batangas and the
Ano said. The President said among defended the decision of soine appealed to those cvacuated to towns of Agoncillo, Tanauan, Acts of Con€lless
'There are areas in Tagattay the provinces where massivc business o\rnen to rcopen shessing no longer return to Tctl !blcano Mabin| San Luis, Sto. Tomas and The Senate is prepared to
that are locaied on the edges evacuation centers are needed thiri it,s the prerogative ofthe LGLI Island as the situation in bhe San Jose. pass a supplemental budget if
af l4kilometer radius, but ihey are Samar, Isabela, Cagayan, to irilow siich move. area is still dangerous. The ban The National Disaster Risk the P16 billion calamity fund
ue declared saie because of iis and Batangas. He said he willask As of press time yesterday, is effectiye until government Reduction and Management and agencies' savings are not
higher ridge altitude. We will leave Congress to pass a supplemental ,\r10 said that almost all residents makes official its decision ho lilt Council (NDRRMC) reported sufncient to atteld to the effects
it to the LGU (local goyernment the
budget wofth P30 biilion for livirg within the 14 kilometer the order. thai the Department of Social of the eruption, Senate Majority
nnit) to decide whether to allow government's tesponse to the danger zone have been evacu:1ted ".{s long as we have alert level, trVe lfar e and Deveiopment, Floor Leader Juan X{iguel Zubiri
the establishments to open," he Taal Volcan0 eruption, including lo safer grounds. 1ve will impose the lockdolyn and Department of Health and said.

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