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llouse Gloate$ sleoial commifte efor PWI issues

THE House of Representatives has created a new sues, pertaining to PWDS. tiat have been overlooked
special committee that will focus on the issues ofthe in the past.
persons with disability (pWD). "Since_i{ is a newly estab[shed committe€, the re-
,, f,egros^Occigglral R;p. Ma. Lourd es Aroyo, cha} o t
the HouseSpecial ComJniheeon lWDs, will overseeaJJ
organi"ation of the committee i5 Lrnderway, and the
oFficial committee meetings that *iU a"[i,"iui" Lf,u
measurec addressing the weifare of the pWDs.
currenl measures referred to the committee on social
Arroyo stressed that the creation ofthespecial com_ services which used to handle the bills for pWDs wii
mittee is !ery timelv becauseofseveral meaiurespend_
start in February," Arroyo said.
ljlg m the House seek to ensur.e Lhe welfa re and concems
her a ppoin hnAn t, Arroyo hds fil ed
of PWDs. _
- -P-riorto H ouse Bil I
2224 or the PI D-friend ly a nd Saie Traruportation Aci
"The PWDS sector is one oI the most ovedooked that aims to institutionalize a pWD hienhly hanspor_
seclors in thecounhy. Forsucha long time, pl4Ds ha ve
tation program in order to addtess the coircems'ard
bee enduring difficulty compoLrnded by additional
rights of PWDs as commuters.
setbacks rn the built-in inJrastructure of our civic
and ptopgt"d pub [c U tili ty ve
>ocial services that havenotprogressenough Lo include -, ^^Ul.1"J
Lres Ll'uvJF"operators mea s Lfe, a lJ hi-
PWDS and lake into accourit th?ir needs,Yshe dnd owners are mandated lo
said. u pgrade their lUVs by provid ing pdsseneers
/\rroyosdrd shervas grateful to the Houseleadership boardinp
. trustrng her to lead the
ramps or lifts, spdces lor wheelihair, ad-other safetV
committee. dccessones.such as seafbelts, clamps. and grab
The lady solon urderscored the need to have a bars t6
provrdeSafety and comJorr for pliD commuters.
separaLe cornrnittee for the pWDs since rhjrV
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