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Richard Prince - High Times

Gagosian Gallery 2019 ISBN 9781938748653 Acqn 29679
Hb 27x32cm 168pp 100col ills £95

Mining images from mass media, advertising and entertainment since the late 1970s, Richard
Prince has redefined the concepts of authorship, ownership, and aura. Applying his
understanding of the complex transactions of representation to the making of art, he evolved a
unique signature filled with echoes of other signatures yet that is unquestionably his own. An avid
collector and perceptive chronicler of American subcultures and vernaculars and their role in the
construction of American identity, he has probed the depths of racism, sexism, and psychosis in
mainstream humor; the mythical status of cowboys, bikers, customized cars, and celebrities; and
most recently, the push-pull allure of pulp fiction and soft porn, producing such unlikely icons as
the highly coveted Nurse paintings.

Glenn Brown - Come to Dust

Gagosian Gallery 2019 ISBN 9781938748639 Acqn 29680
Hb 25x30cm 210pp 150col ills £96

For Brown, one of Britain's most renowned contemporary artists, the past and present are
treasuries of raw material, offering countless images, titles, and techniques to be combined,
appropriated, and deconstructed. Mining an extensive knowledge of art history, as well as of
literature, music, and popular culture, Brown creates complex and sensuous works of art that are
resolutely of our time.

Cezanne, Morandi and Sanyu

Gagosian Gallery 2019 ISBN 9781938748820 Acqn 30163
Hb 29x29cm 104pp 66col ills £77

I have always believed that painting is concerned with visual observation-a process that primarily
relies on seeing and feeling rather than on language. I hope that viewers can become aware of
this process and that they themselves are able to understand painting through observation, in the
process unlocking their own unique perspectives.
-Zeng Fanzhi

While there are many artists that I like, Cezanne, Morandi, and Sanyu have consistently
stimulated my love for painting and also helped me to resolve many problems in my own work. In
my opinion, colour, form, and subject are tightly intertwined in Cezanne's work, and this is what
separates his perspective from that of his predecessors. Morandi further developed this
technique, through his use of both the horizon line and purposefully pale colours to blur the
boundaries between the abstract and the figurative, geometry and flesh. Sanyu's approach to
painting is remarkably similar to both Cezanne's and Morandi's; however, his method is inherently
Eastern-he uses oils to paint the inks in his heart. A fascinating visual trajectory can be traced
between these three formidable artists' works. It not only inspires subsequent artists, but also
continually challenges the viewer to interpret painting anew. Curated by Zeng Fanzhi

Harmony Korine - Young Twitchy

Gagosian Gallery 2019 ISBN 9781938748875 Acqn 30164
Pb 23x29cm 80pp 37col ills £38.50

The works were re-created in oil paint on canvas from images I constructed on my iPhone. I
usually took these photographs around my home in Florida, and then painted over them with
different characters. These light creatures hang out with the dogs, or dance on the abandoned
boat dock. I would sit outside alone by the water and create alien-like friends on a low-key cosmic
tropical playground. - Harmony Korine.

Albert Oehlen - New Paintings

Gagosian Gallery 2019 ISBN 9781938748882 Acqn 30165
Pb 28x34cm 52pp 38col ills £29

Oehlen approaches painting as a perceptual challenge, a puzzle set within the unpredictable
arena of the picture plane. He often imposes specific rules or limitations on his work-keeping to a
certain palette or beginning with a straight line-as a way to interrogate the infinite possibilities that
the act of painting presents. By continuously flipping between chaos and control, he opens up
new relationships between pictorial space, colour, and gesture.

In these new paintings, Oehlen emphasizes the importance of spontaneity within his artistic
method. Diverging from his recent works created with oil or lacquer on aluminium or the
aluminium composite Dibond, Oehlen's decision to use watercolour in this series marks a stylistic
return to his hazy, blended, almost impressionistic oil paintings dating from 2016 and earlier.

Sterling Ruby - Acts & Table

Gagosian Gallery 2019 ISBN 9781938748899 Acqn 30166
Pb 29x25cm 80pp 125col ills £96

In an oeuvre spanning sculpture, ceramics, painting, drawing, collage, video, and garments, Ruby
continually returns to themes of societal and art historical friction, generating feelings of anxiety
and agitation by contrasting clean lines and recognizable objects with coarse and uncanny forms.
ACTS + TABLE lays out Ruby's critique of the authoritarian, exclusionary ideological
underpinnings of Minimalism. He begins with familiar shapes valued by the Minimalists-simple
tables and rectilinear blocks-but subverts them by defacing their smooth surfaces and exposing
their physical means of production.

Brice Marden – Workbook

Gagosian Gallery 2019 ISBN 9781938748851 Acqn 30167
Pb 29x38cm 100pp 48col ills £58

Brice Marden continuously refines and extends the traditions of lyrical abstraction. Experimenting
with self-imposed rules, limits, and processes, and drawing inspiration from his extensive travels,
Marden brings together the diagrammatic formulations of Minimalism, the immediacy of Abstract
Expressionism, and the intuitive gesture of calligraphy in his exploration of gesture, line, and
colour. This publication includes 48 artworks that were once contained in a workbook, reproduced
at actual size.

Anselm Kiefer – Uraeus

Gagosian Gallery 2019 ISBN 9781938748738 Acqn 30168
Hb 25x32cm 48pp 35col ills £48

Uraeus is Anselm Kiefer's first US site-specific public sculpture. Commissioned by Public Art
Fund and Tishman Speyer, and presented by Gagosian, the work consists of a gigantic open
book with eagle's wings 30 feet in span, both made of lead, on top of a 20-foot-tall lead-clad
stainless-steel column. Clustered around the base are further outsize lead books, while a large
snake coils up the column. Lead is one of the artist's preferred materials owing to its soft, fluid
properties traditionally associated with alchemical transformation, especially its second stage:

Helen Frankenthaler - Sea Change - A decade of Paintings 1974-1983

Gagosian Gallery 2019 ISBN 9781938748806 Acqn 30169
Hb 28x33cm 72pp 47ills 43col £77

In the summer of 1974, Frankenthaler rented a house at Shippan Point in Stamford, Connecticut,
facing the waters of Long Island Sound, marking the beginning of an important period of change
for her work. Sea Change comprises eleven canvases that Frankenthaler painted between 1974
and 1983, which reflect her responses to the changing appearance of the wide vistas and moving

Helen Frankenthaler - Pittura / Panorama

Gagosian Gallery 2019 ISBN 9781938748813 Acqn 30170
Hb 28x33cm 92pp 62ills 53 col £77

Curated by John Elderfield, Pittura/Panorama features fourteen paintings covering a forty-year

span of Helen Frankenthaler's career. The exhibition focuses on the artist's development of the
pittura (painting) and the panorama: the interplay between works like easel paintings, although
made on the floor, and large, horizontal paintings that open onto shallow but expansive spaces, in
the way that panoramas do. This exhibition is organized by the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation
and Venetian Heritage, in association with Gagosian. Foreword by Elizabeth Smith and Toto
Bergamo Rossi; Preface by John Elderfield; Text by Pepe Karmel.

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