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“The Cask of Amontillado”

Rosenelle Andrea Molonias
Airene Caboverde
Loren Balladares
Clark Luis Bangalao
Ivan Jay Corpuz

Submitted to: Mr. Mateo Emmanuel N. Villafuerte, LPT

"The Cask of Amontillado"

The Cask of Amontillado is a very interesting, mysterious, deep, and intriguing story by

Edgar Allan Poe. When we were tasked to read this, it was quite hard because I personally had to

search up most of the words in the dictionary. Aside from its complication of words, I was also

troubled in understanding the personalities of the two main characters. So, I read it again and

again so that I could understand it more. And after that, I realized how enormous but interesting

the story was. Reading the story made me understand this story even more and even gave me

goose bumps because of how unusual the story is and how different the ending would be.

This was the first time that I have ever read "The Cask of Amontillado". This story some

consider that is a perfect murder, maybe it is, but I can assure you that it is not the best

vengeance. The story begins with the eagerness of Montresor to kill Fortunato. In my opinion,

Montresor was angry at Fortunato because of the insulting jokes that filled him up already and

Montresor wasn't happy about it. Montresor seems to be a brilliant person because he used the

strong expertise on wine of Fortunato to transformed it in own weakness of the victim. And at

the end, Montresor succeeds with his plan on killing Fortunato but instead of being happy he felt


I agree when the story stated about Montresor and how he was a really smart man. He had

devised this whole plan to murder his friend not only physically, but also mentally and

emotionally. It was fascinating to me how it all planned out so perfectly for him. And also I

agree that vengeance is not as sweet as it seems because after killing Fortunato, Montresor didn't

feel any good at all.

And finally after reading the story, I was able to know and appreciate the story even more.

I really enjoyed reading this story and I loved how Poe presented this work. The reader gets to

see how the murderer is thinking, planning, and scheming to achieve his goal. For me, it is a

great depiction of lies, murder, and perfectly planned but not a perfect vengeance. Overall, it was

a story that was well put and one that we will never forget.

In the first place vengeance is not ours its God, but we need to do bad things for the good

reason. In my point of view, the revenge of Montresor was just an effect of psychological trauma

because if we relate it to the reality, people always do the revenge because of injustices they've

experienced. Montresor did his revenge for the main reason that he have exploded already from

Fortunato. Technically speaking, we do not have the authority to do things just like Montresor

did. Montresor did the actions, which he thinks that what Fortunato deserve in his existence. In

this life we always suffer the consequences from our individual actions, sometimes there are

things that we can't control because of the solitude that drives us to make things become mad.

There are no impossible things that we cannot make especially if we are psychologically

disturbed. If i was Montresor i will also do what he did to Fortunato.

The terror of the Cask of Amontillado as the resides in the lack of evidence that

accompanies Montresor claims the Fortunato's "thousand injuries" and "insulted his family's

prestigious name". Interestingly, Montresor does not elaborate on how Fortunato harmed him a

thousand times, but we the reader can assume that Fortunato verbally insulted Montresor

publicly after analyzing Fortunato's character. The story features revenge and secret murder as a

way to avoid legal channels for punishments of doing something wrong. In the story, Law is

nowhere in Montresor and the continuing horror of the story is the fact of revenge without proof.

So, in this case Montresor doesn't have the right to kill Fortunato because he just uses his
subjective experience of Fortunato's insult to name himself judge and executioner in this story,

which also make his so unreliable narrator.

It was said that Montresor confesses this story fifty years after its occurrence and all we

know that Montresor or has some sort of gripe with Fortunato and wants to see the man dead

because of the unreliable particular occurrences of insult that would made the narrator to kill

Fortunato. He doesn't have the right to kill him without any considerable and valid reasons or

evidences that he invents an elaborate scenario in which to entomb him behind a wall forever.

Even if they strongly believed in their family motto that "No one harms me with impunity" and

still killing is not the right to make uses of revenge because it seems like he is the kind of person

who has no conscience and cares little about what he does to other people. He is just determined

on doing such a goal by revenge and takes the necessary precautions to make sure he gets his

revenge on Fortunato and we opposed to that scenario in the story "The Cask of Amontillado."

Revenge is wrong, Revenge is useless. The reasons of the revenge might not be enough to

warrant what is being done to the victim. Instead of keeping the problem within himself, they

can have a man to man conversation with the person you despise because they made something

to you that is not appropriate so that they can clarify things and it would not end up on planning

revenge. We should approach a person or a friend that is ready to listen with your dilemma that

gives an advice and accommodate your problems. We also not take down our pride for a moment

could open a new way towards dealing with the problem. The other way to fix the problems is to

know how to understand, forget and forgive when someone is accidentally or unintentionally

hurt us.