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A Sense of Place
A Sense of Place 2019 no ISBN Acqn 29901
Pb 15x20cm col ills £20

'A Sense of Place' is a graphic art project exploring the idea of place and what it means. It reveals
how places can develop strong identities and culture, which are felt deeply by local people and
visitors alike. It is also a response to the current political climate, which has seen increasing
attempts to close borders, restrict our freedom of movement and regulate our 'sense of place'.

Modern technology can make our world feel increasingly small - and yet people's environments,
cultures and experiences remain vastly different. Countries experience extreme climates, exhibit
different political dynamics and face diverse social issues. Day-to-day experiences and
challenges can be wildly different. Cultures are often ingrained, and this can often shape people's

In aid of the DEC

CONTRIBUTORS: Athletics, Bunch, Believe In, Daily Dialogue, Estudio Pum, Monumento,
Lundgren+Lindqvist, Studio Round, Studio Colorado, Studio Muti, Tiago Galo.