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TO: All freedom-loving student councils, publications, organizations, teachers, and individuals

RE: September 21 Martial Law Commemoration gathering

Greetings of peace!

We are One La Salle for Human Rights and Democracy, an alliance for civil liberties and the
defense of democratic rights in the Lasallian community. These past few months have been
trying times for the integrity and dignity of our nation and of every Filipino. The current
regime’s policies have caused drastic changes to the daily lives of our fellow citizens.
Rampant killings and human rights violations have been reported as a “justified” result of
the administration’s War on Drugs throughout the country. Multiple regions in the
countryside are subjected to intense military operations with heavy deployment of state
forces in the military and police. While the Filipinos suffer from this tyrannical and
oppressive rule, drug lords, murderers, rapists, and plunderers walk free from their crimes,
making a mockery of the justice system of our land.

President Duterte has proven that he is not, and will never be, for the interest of the Filipino
masses. He has shown that for the sake of control and power, he is willing to launch an all-
out war against his critics and the Filipino people. Currently, the state has been using its
entire machinery to criminalize anyone who tries to stand by principles of truth and justice if
it gets in the way of the president’s self-serving interest. Trumped-up charges and sedition
cases are filed against opposition and progressive leaders. In particular, the youth, a strong
force against the government’s anti-people policies, have been the primary target of the
Duterte regime, using taxpayer-funded state forces not only to harass and intimidate them,
but more urgently, to exploit their familial conflicts to demonize the youth’s fervor for social
change. This is nothing but reminiscent of the dark days that plagued our land with violent
repression under former dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

The regime cannot hide its moribund state. We must prove to this administration that the
democracy and the integrity of our country lies with the people, and we must show
President Duterte the true pulse of the people’s power. This September, we will be
commemorating the atrocities committed by former dictator Marcos against the Filipino
people, but we will make sure that the lessons and victories of the past will be today’s
guide and inspiration.

In line with these, we would like to invite you and your office to attend the following
gatherings for this year’s commemoration of former dictator Marcos’ declaration of Martial
Law. All freedom-loving councils, publications, organizations, and personalities are
September 11 | Wednesday | Rise and Resist! Stand for rights, freedom, and democracy!
A Taft-wide All Youth Leaders Meeting
4 PM, venue TBA

The meeting will be convened in order to collate and discuss all aspirations our
organizations have formed to #NeverForget the grim realities imposed by Marcos’ Martial
Law. The following activities have also been tabled as part of the month-long
commemoration of one of the nation’s darkest times as well as a mobilization against the
return of violent and ruthless strongman rule.

September 16 | Monday | Martial Law Then and Now: Press Briefing

Time and venue TBA

September 16 | Monday | Stop The Attacks mobilization

4 PM, Mcdo Vito Cruz

September 19 | Thursday | Solemn Martial Law Commemoration

Time and venue TBA

September 20 | Wednesday | Laban Kabataan, Laban Bayan! Inhustisya diktadura

Time TBA, Mcdo Vito Cruz
4-7 PM, Luneta

Should you have questions, concerns, and proposals, you may contact us through
09173523981 or message us on our social media accounts. You may also confirm your
attendance through the aforementioned contact number.

Thank you for your favorable response on this matter! We hope to see you!

Sincerely yours,

Reeya Beatrice Magtalas

Convenor, One La Salle for Human Rights and Democracy