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Brilliant. Wonderful. Masterful.

Now, this is what I call the perfect use of students’

opinions. Giving them solid 15 Mins to speak on an International platform, is
simply encouraging for all of us. They were marvelous and flawless, speaking in
front of many honourable dignitaries, and representing all the students. Their
points and opinions are undoubtedly perfect; and the efforts they and the people
involved, put into this must be highly appreciated.
Now, talking about their points, they spoke on the exact points, every student
wants to change or modify. From using the different colours to teachers’ role in
student setting his goals, every point is well covered and described. The current
education, focusing on simply remembering data, is called out. It perfectly makes
sense, on questioning why do we need to memorize some data of 500 years ago,
which absolutely in no way would affect, or influence a student’s life or his career?
I would say that getting into deep historic data would lead to many problems than
just getting a glance over them. We should know our history, no doubt about that,
but just learning history, just to memorize data, is of no use. It should be used to
analyze the situations and relate to those of today.
As rightly pointed out by one of them, it’s high time we changed our examination
style. This point could be linked with the use of digitalization. Why in the
goddamn world, are we taught to work like a computer or a machine? Why aren’t
we encouraged to be innovative, and most importantly, “be ourselves”. As the
young man precisely pointed out the importance of digitalization and the use of
libraries. They should be brought together- A Digital Library. A place where, every
student can open up his though process, learn, nurture and grow. Here, library
doesn’t mean a place to read books or something like that, it is a place of
knowledge. Thousands of points can be said regarding the modification of exams.
We all know that.
Coming to acts of kindness, these shouldn’t be treated as an extra- curricular
activity that a student does. It should be inculcated in every student’s, for that
matter, every person’s life. It shouldn’t be considered as an act of kindness; it is
basic human instinct and responsibility. Students shouldn’t be taught about how to
feed the poor or how to contribute to charity, rather, they should be taught to think
the ways to reduce the poverty. This is where our educational system failed. We
aren’t taught the useful things, which we use in our daily life, rather some useless
stuff is taught. Why aren’t students taught about the taxes, the student loans, the
job or employment process? Is it useful for a student to know that lava is called
magma when underground, than knowing how to pay taxes, how to get a job etc.
Basically, every student is directly ‘and’ indirectly forced into a few selected
streams. I am learning about taxes because I am going to be a Chartered
Accountant, but that doesn’t mean, only CAs should learn about taxes. Every
goddamn individual pays tax, at least basics should be taught. No, we won’t do
that. We want ranks, not knowledge to use in real life.
Teachers play a pivotal role in encouraging and influencing a student in deciding
his career path. Unfortunately, he is only provided with a few routes. Isn’t that the
reason for the high unemployment rates in India? Why are there many drop-outs in
Universities? Why is the rate of suicide very high in esteemed organizations like
the prestigious IITs? It’s high time we responded regarding this issue. Even when
students mock teachers or make fun of them, at the end of the day, we all look up
to those exact teachers as our inspiration. We all, collectively should be coming
forward to bring, even a peck of change in the system. With determination, we can
easily do that. Personally, I thank god every day, for providing me with the best
school I have ever been to, for blessing me with the best teachers and the best of
friends. Even though I was just there for merely a year, those memories would last
with me for my lifetime. Finally, great points by those young stars, many points to
retrospect, and act upon.