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Assignment 0 .

Finding the Centrality & Rank of Directed & Undirected Graph

Name of student:
Rana Arbab Haider
Section W-B Fall 2019
January 26, 2020
Submitted to:
Respected Sir Dr. Mehtab.
In the following document, the description of implementation of two major

techniques of classification is elaborated with the help of a particular dataset.

There exist many classification techniques, here I have elaborated two of them which are

 KNN Classification

 Logistic Regression.

With the help of pictorial representation, each activity and each phase of classification is described with

a little bit explanation of steps.

Software used:
For above mentioned techniques of classification, there is a vast variety of

software’s that can be proved useful for accurate classification, I have used Weka 3.8 Software for

this purpose.

KNN Classification:
KNN Classification in Weka 3.8 Software is done in the following

phases which are mentioned and elaborated below:

Phase – 01:

 Run Weka 3.8 software and open the tab “explorer”.

 Load the dataset file, from the destination folder. Keep in mind that dataset should be of the
extension as “.arff” or “.csv”.
Img.01. Phase – 01

Img.02. Phase – 01
Img.03. Phase – 01

Phase – 02:

 After opening the file, img.04 – phase – 02 kind of window will be appeared on screen.

img.04 – phase – 02
 Now, select classify from the menu bar and choose the lazy category of classification which

actually denotes the KNN classification.

img.05 – phase – 02

img.06 – phase – 02
Phase – 03:

 After selecting the Lazy category of classification click on the start button that will show different
values in the Classifier Output Bar. (it is basically KNN with 1 nearest neighbour which is by default).

Observation 01: with the KNN value of 01.

img.07 – phase – 03

Observation 02: with the KNN value of 03.

img.08 – phase – 03
Observation 03: with the KNN value of 07.

img.09 – phase – 03

By ovserving the above work done, it is concluded that on giving the different values of K, we get
different result. Which actually changes the values of above mentioned attributes in the classifier output.

Logistic Regression Classification:

The second method of classification is the logistic regression, as
compared to the KNN classification, the logistic regression is used more because of it is faster than
that and it provides more accurate result.
Phase – 01:

 As I selected the dataset file for KNN in above portion, I Selected the dataset on which I

wanted to implement logistic regression,

 Than select the classifier tab given in the above menu bar of the Weka.

 Select the choose option and select the functions category from here.
img.01 – phase – 01

Phase – 02:

 After the selection of logistic from the menu bar, start the program. The program is run.

 A result of logistic regression appears on the classifier output screen.