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What Did He Reveal

1930 To 1934

The Title & Deeds of the Universe

By Rasheed L. Muhammad
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Preface .............................................................................................. 3
FBI Big Lie Exposed ................................................................................ 7
Written Signature of Master Fard Muhammad ............................ 12
Rothschild’s (Red Dragon) In Heaven ............................................. 16
Year 1877 (1293 Islamic Calendar) ................................................. 23
Kinsmen Redeemer Is God In Person .............................................. 27
What Master Fard Muhammad Reveal? ............................................ 31
Section I......................................................................................... 34
Section II ....................................................................................... 39
Section III...................................................................................... 40
Section IV...................................................................................... 43
Section V ....................................................................................... 47
Section VI...................................................................................... 48
Section VII .................................................................................... 48
Teachers of Master Fard Muhammad ........................................... 50
Appendix I ........................................................................................... 57
I Am The Divine Supreme Being ...................................................... 57
Appendix II .......................................................................................... 59
Public Ministry of Jesus ................................................................... 59
Appendix III ......................................................................................... 63
Body of Allah ................................................................................... 63
Appendix IV ......................................................................................... 65
Detroit Longitude 44.3148° North .................................................. 65
Latitude 85.6024° West ......................................................... 65
Section VIII ......................................................................... 66
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Master Fard Muhammad revealed

to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and
members of the Nation of Islam that the
original scripture given to western
civilization was a warning book.

“…But remember that the same devils who

enslaved our forefathers and ourselves
when they translated it out of the Greek
tongues into the English language. It was
originally given to the Hebrews by the
Ethiopians (Moslems).1

When you see the word Ethiopian,

it originally meant black faced people as
far back as 300 BC as recognized by the
Greek/Egyptian priest, Manetho.
“The Egyptian priest Manetho (c. 300 BC)
listed Kushite (25th) dynasty, calling it the
"Aethiopian dynasty". Moreover, when
the Hebrew Bible was translated into Greek
August 18, 1934, the second addition of a newspaper Published by
Elijah Muhammad called “The Final Call To Islam”
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(c. 200 BC), the Hebrew appellation "Kush,

Kushite" became in Greek "Aethiopia,
Aethiopians", appearing as "Ethiopia,
Ethiopians" in the English King James
The 1934 Final Call Islam article
further elucidates:
“The Asiatic Moslems knew that they would
have a lost brother somewhere on the Planet
Earth. But the Holy Quran did not say where
he would be. But they all believed that in the
devil’s civilization was where their lost
brother would be. So they gave this warning
book (Bible) to the Jews (devils) that
perchance if the lost brother would see it and
read and understand its contents… when
our enemies understood that the Book was
for us they slew every one of the Translators
of the Bible.
“They finally got a bunch of translators and
through them they took out some of the
truth and added lies to some parts of it. And
that part which they did publish was put in
Symbolic words. So obscure is the truth in
the American Bible that it took no less than
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the Saviour of the Lost Brother of Asia to

unfold its contents.”3

A study of ancient Egyptian

(Aethiopian) civilization is a study that
begs the question: Why were our mother
and fathers preoccupied with producing
a King of men, a God of men to rule over
both man and mankind? What prophecy
did the Jews misinterpret from what was
imparted to them by our Translators?
Answer: The great prophecy was
that the Black Nation would produce the
Supreme Being or God in Person. By the
time Black people of America received
the warning book, its prophecies were
misinterpreted, and millions were
pointed in the wrong direction to believe
God in Person was born 2,000 years ago
in Palestine.4

August 18, 1934, the second addition of a newspaper Published by
Elijah Muhammad called “The Final Call To Islam”
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A plan to deceive Black people out

of our salvation occurred thousands of
years before we were dragged into
slavery by the British Empire and the
United States Government. And by so
doing, the Black Nation have produced
the prophesied The King of men; The
God of men to usher in the final
Judgement in the high places of this
contemporary world order.

Rasheed L. Muhammad
San Diego, California
November 2, 2018
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FBI Big Lie Exposed

The true history of our ancient
civilizations’ north, south, east and west
has all been reduced to myth by
Caucasian explorers, archeologists and
Jewish/Christian religious scholars. One
of the greatest historical truths broken
into myth was the production of the
Christ figure, the Blood-Avenger or God
in Person—The Destroyer of Satan’s old-
world order.
More myth, symbolic language,
simile, metaphor, figure of speech or
parables is useless. What the Honorable
Elijah Muhammad taught about God, in
plain language, Allah (God) came in the
Person of Master Fard Muhammad (the
Divine Supreme Being). Do these words
align with what our Aethiopian
interpreters taught to the Greeks?
The person on the cover of this book
is Master Fard Muhammad, “the man
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from the east” as he was called in 1930-31.

He is totally responsible for the
foundation of the Nation of Islam in
North America. He was born in Mecca,
Arabia on a Monday, February 26, 1877.
Around the age 33, he traveled in and out
of North America for 20 years until
finally establishing the Nation of Islam’s
first settlement in Detroit, Michigan on
July 4th, 1930. To recount his footsteps,
before arriving in North America by
Himself, only adds clarity as to why
Islam had to rise in the West under the
leadership former Black slaves and
✓ Date of Birth: February 26, 1877
✓ 1888: Age thirteen began studying for black people
of America what he meant to teach to reform us.
✓ 1910: Age thirty-three began traveling in and out of
✓ July 4, 1930: Age fifty-four founded Lost and Found
Nation of Islam in the West four-years after the
Rothschild-British were handed control over
Mecca, Arabia on January 8, 1926 by the Saud clan.5

King Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul-Rahman (Ibn-Saud) courted the British
unashamedly, showing sublime affection toward Britain’s envoys. He
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The old Christian tale about Jesus

of Palestine, 2,000 ago, beginning his
ministry at age 30 actually corresponds
to the year July 4th, 1930 with the ministry
of Master Fard Muhammad.”6 He asked no
one’s permission to raise the new flag of
Islam in North America. He acted
independent of all known religious
orders, sects, secret societies and what
have you. He came as the Kinsmen
Redeemer of his father’s lost brother,
black men and woman, of America and
Caribbean. By his authority, a new Islam
commenced in the WEST after the old
world of Mecca, Arabia all but
surrendered as a British-Rothschild
protectorate in 1926.7 For this, he was
arrested. (See Appendix I)

offered to put Arabia under their control…[Sources] Ibn Saud:

Founder of a Kingdom, by Leslie McLouglin, St. Martin's Press,
1993…The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by David E. Long, University
of Florida Press, 1997
(19) ÷ 570 (birth of Prophet Muhammad of Arabia) = (30)
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by David E. Long, University of
Florida Press, 1997
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When Elijah Poole (Elijah

Muhammad) attended his first Temple of
Islam meeting, in 1931, to hear Master
Fard Muhammad, speak, he recognized
the speaker as the One whom the bible
prophesied to come. Thereafter, he was
taught face to face for a little over 3 years
directly under the tutelage of “the man
from the east” from 1931 to 1934. Here
again, the old Christian tale concerning
the three-year ministry of Jesus
corresponds with the three-year ministry
between “the man from the east” and the
lost brother whom he came to raise up
from the mentally dead. (See Appendix
Elijah Poole was later renamed
Muhammad and is ultimately
responsible for referring to “the man from
the east” as Allah (God) in the Person of
Master Fard Muhammad. For instance,
on July 7, 1937 Elijah Muhammad sent a
letter to Muslim Girls Training and
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General Civilization Class clarifying the

finder and deliverer by name ad Title. He
“In the name of Our Saviour Allah’ Finder and
Deliverer of We the Once Lost, Blind, Deaf and
Dumb Nation of Islam In the Wilderness of North
America; the devils hell. All Holy Praises Due to
Our SAVIOUR Who have come to Us Concealing
His Omnipotent, and Omniscient Power Under
Humiliation, and Through Many Names; The same
was Known to us As Mr. WALLACE FARD
MOHAMMED. (Signed; Mr. W. F. Mohammed)
and the first; (i.e., Wallace) means Saint while the
middle; (i.e., Fard) means the Opening; and the First
Duty of a Moslem (morning prayer or the Service to
Allah in the Mosque). The Last; (i.e., Mohammed)
Means the Praised one. And One that is Worth of
Much Praising.

“I Bear witness that this Same Mr. W. F.

Mohammed is the ALMIGHTY GOD ALLAH
HIMSELF. Whom all the Prophets from Abraham
to Jesus, Prophesied Under Divine Inspirations; that
in the Last days (end of Satan Rule) That God
Himself would come from the East (Heaven) and
Search until he find the lost brother…8”

[Source] Warning & Instructions To The MGT & GCC From The
Honorable Elijah Muhammad: Mothers of the Faithful, Soldiers For
Muhammad 1930’s – 1940’s.
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What revelation, wisdom and

knowledge did Master Fard Muhammad
teach Black people from 1930 to 1934?
The Bible book of Isaiah prophesied “See,
I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up;
do you not perceive it? I am making a way in
the wilderness and streams in the
wasteland.” (Isaiah 43:19)
Written Signature of Master Fard Muhammad
In 2006, Attorney Gregory
Reed unveiled more than 1,000
documents discovered in Detroit,
Michigan in an attic of a home once
owned by a Muslim family. One
document contained an original
signature of Master W. Fard
Muhammad. When one compares his
signature to the signature concocted by
the FBI, the question is why has the U.S.
Government gone through great lengths
to deceive the world about Master
Wallace Fard Muhammad’s true history
and work among Black people?
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1947 FBI Vault Exhibit A

Fake Signature
See letters W, D and F
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1930 Signature Exhibit B

Original Signature

See letters W, D and F

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1930’s Master Wallace Fard Muhammad

1947 Wallace Dodd Ford

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By comparing the two photos;

exhibit signatures (a) to (a); and numbers
(b) to (b), verifies the FBI’s ineptitude in
attempting to classify Wallace Dodd
Ford to be Wallace Fard Muhammad.9
Only a small portion of a revelation
was delivered to Black America by Him
whom embodies the Title and Deeds of
the Universe as foretold by the old
prophets. What was revealed to the
Nation of Islam, no other nation on earth
has claimed before the coming of Allah
in the Personage10 of Master W. Fard
Muhammad. (See Appendix III).
Rothschild’s (Red Dragon) In Heaven
The reason why Bible Revelator
12:1-2 said: “And there appeared a great
wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with
the sun, and the moon under her feet, and
upon her head a crown of twelve stars:
And she being with child cried, travailing in
Person of distinction
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birth, and pained to be delivered” was due

to (a) location of Master Fard
Muhammad’s birth place (b)
astronomical factors and (c) his parents.

To begin, let’s deal with the term

“wonder in heaven,” which represents
Mecca, Arabia—a city in the land of the
old biblical Garden of Eden; otherwise
root of civilization. (See biblical map



“A river watering the garden flowed from Eden; from there it was
separated into four headwaters…. River Pishon,… land of Havilah, land of
Gold… river is the Gihon;… entire land of Cush... River Tigris; it runs along
the east side of Ashur…. River Euphrates.” Genesis 2:10-15
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Second, “…a woman clothed with

the sun, and the moon under her feet…”
represents the 1877 astronomical event
(total eclipse or sun standing on the
moon) initiating on February 26 and
ending on February 27.

In the year 1877 there will be five Eclipses, three of the Sun and two of the Moon.

I. A Total Eclipse of the Moon, February 26-27, 1877 invisible at

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Third, the 12 stars around the head

of the women’s head represented the
men of the Exalted Assembly11 of Allah
or 12 Holy Scientist (Imams) of Islam.
They were all awaiting the birth of the
child born on February 26, 1877. Aware
of his destiny as The Ruler or God in
Person, they protected the mother and
child as war was erupting on the Arabian
Peninsula by British-Rothschild12 agents;
including zealous Arab tribes under
Western influence.

Therefore, the bible revelation 12,

said: “And there appeared another
wonder in heaven; and behold a great red
dragon, having seven heads and ten
horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
And his tail drew the third part of the stars of
heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and
the dragon stood before the woman
which was ready to be delivered, for to
devour her child as soon as it was born.

Highly Gifted men given knowledge of the Plan and Will of Allah.
Rothschild means Red Shield.
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And she brought forth a man child, who was

to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her
child was caught up unto God, and to his

A Great Red Dragon represents the

Zionist powers of the British-Rothschild
Trust, whose family shield of protection
is RED. This color is the coat of arms of
the city of Frankfurt, Germany, adapted
by Mayer Amschel Bauer (1744-1812).
Changing his name from Bauer
to Rothschild (Red Shield)13 says it all.
This Caucasian family financed the first
1814 British settlement in Aden,
Arabia—the Biblical land of Havilah.14
Their settlement inside the holy land
placed the great red dragon in heaven.
Later, certain Arab tribes fulfilled the
Revelators prophetic words, “And his tail
drew the third part of the stars of heaven,
and did cast them to the earth…” This third
part of the holy land mentioned
Account of The British Settlement of Aden In Arabia, compliled by
Captain F. M. Hunter
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represented the tribes of the Nejd area of

Arabia. (See map below)
“Najd or Nejd is a geographical central
region of Arabia
that alone
accounts for
almost a third of Mecca
the population of
the country. Aden
Najd consists of
modern administrative regions of Riyadh,
Al-Qassim, and Ha'il.”15

Centuries before the British-

Rothschild settlement in Aden, the last
Prophet of Islam, Mohammad Ibn
Abdullah, referred to the leaders of the
Nejd as the side of the head of Satan.16 In
other words, "One who follows the
advice of Shaitaan." How did these
prophetic words manifest?
“…the Al-Saud family and the head of the
A’nnza tribe, Abdul-Azziz Mohammed

(Book #17, Hadith #147, Bukhari)
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were protected by the British soldiers in

Jedda, Arabia.”17

In 1788, an Arab leader; namely,

Abdul-Aziz Mohammed, joined his
military forces with Rothschild-British
forces and begin attacking the Islamic
leadership of Mecca to establish a new
brand of Islam called Wahhabism.18 By
1791, the red dragon (British-Rothschild
Trust) gained access into Medina,
Damascus, Iraq and Kuwait19 along with
the Wahabi, Abdul Aziz. The war that
was taking place in heaven (Holy Land)
was about overthrowing the holy
precincts of Mecca, Arabia and its ruling
political family—the last descendants of
Prophet Mohammed Ibn Abdullah.
By 1818, however, the Ottoman
Turkish Empires Islamic Khalifah,
Ibraheem Paasha, gained the upper hand

Proclaimers of true Islam by those who follow the teachings
of Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab born in 1703.
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in a battle to keep Mecca out of British-

Rothschild control. For a moment, the
Ottoman Empire held off the
Wahabi/British-Rothschild agenda and
regained Medina, Damascus, Iraq and

Of course, the British-Rothschild

Protectorates lived for another day.
Eventually regrouping, 1864, tribal
warfare on the Arabian Peninsula
erupted for the worst. It was Arab vs
Arab vs Ottoman Empire. The British-
Rothschild goal had not changed.
Overthrowing Mecca’s holy precincts
was their ultimate agenda.
Year 1877 (1293 Islamic Calendar)
So now we shall conclude the
reality behind the Bible Revelators
cryptic warning using these words: “and
the dragon stood before the woman which
was ready to be delivered, for to devour her
child as soon as it was born. And she
brought forth a man child, who was to rule
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all nations with a rod of iron: and her child

was caught up unto God, and to his throne.”
Although tribal warfare and death was
riddling the Arabian Peninsula, Mecca,
in 1877, had not yet been harmed due to
the war. Fortunately, for her, she was still
protected by the power of the Ottoman
Empire and governed under Hussein ibn
Ali al-Hashimi, the 37th-generation direct
descendant of Prophet Mohammed.21
Therefore, the woman with child
mentioned by the bible revelator was
able to give birth to the said man child
“who was to rule all nations with a rod of
iron… caught up unto God, and to his
throne” February 26, 1877. Surrounded
by enemy’s, the child was born. You ask,
who that woman with child was; and,
who was the father of such a child!
“We are taught by the Most Honorable Elijah
Muhammad that this genealogy of both
parents combined produced the special
characteristics and preparation for his

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Coming and Finding of his Father’s lost

people in America. His father’s name is
Alphonso and he is a Black man from the
Original Nation. His mother was chosen
from among the Caucasian or White Race
living in the Caucasus Mountains of Russia.
Her name is Bebi-G, or perhaps is spelled as
Baba-G, which we pronounced as Baby-

As stated earlier, the father of

Master Fard Muhammad reigned among
the 12 Holy Imams of Islam (Angles)
who are also referred to as reapers in the
Old Testament. His father’s strength
within and sharp mind about how to
apply the prophecy to produce The
Destined Ruler was written in the pages
of the original Old Testament. You’ll find
it written in the relationship between
Boaz and Ruth. Jewish commentaries
rewrote about it too in that said Ruth was
a heathen, but a noble status was
especially recognized by the Godly man,
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“The pious and kind language between Boaz

and his reapers shows that there were godly
persons in Israel. Such language as this is
seldom heard in our field; too often, on the
contrary, what is immoral and corrupt. A
stranger would form a very different
opinion of our land, from that which Ruth
would form of Israel from the converse and
conduct of Boaz and his reapers…

“The question which he [Boaz] put to the

overseer is not who but whose is that young
woman! She had not the gait or air of an
ordinary pauper, and hence he wondered if
she could belong to any of the families in

Once you finish decoding the

relationship between Boaz and Ruth,
you’ll come to realize that the child they
produced was a blueprint for the
relationship between the father of Master
Fard Muhammad and his mother to
produce. The man child they produced is
God in Person, the prophesied kinsmen
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Kinsmen Redeemer Is God In Person

I have provided a sample of some
questions answered about Master Fard
Muhammad, his mother and father by
Elijah Muhammad from a book James L
Conyers wrote entitled “Africana Islamic

[Source: Africana Islamic Studies edited by James L Conyers Jr., Abul Pitre]
Page 28 of 67

Of course, Mr. James L. Conyers

does not give total justice to how Elijah
Muhammad answered some the
questions as he recounts in his book.
Especially concerning the mother of
Master Fard Muhammad. However, to
hear Mr. Muhammad’s direct answerers,
watch 7thJewelProductions on Youtube for
more in-depth answers he provided from
his Phoenix, Arizona home in 1964.
I simply presented a segment of
James L Conyers Jr’s book because Mr.
Muhammad mentions the mother of
Master Fard Muhammad as a “white
women” from the Caucus Mountains
and that his father was a jet-black man
from among the circle of the Gods. These
revelatory words align with why Boaz, a
non-Israelite (black man), married Ruth,
(Caucasian women), a member of the
heathen race. According to Jewish
“Ruth, the Moabitess, who as a heathen
could not have any right amidst the people
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of God (according to the law) takes refuge

with the God of Israel and is received into
His people by His grace. By her marriage
with Boaz the redeemer (hebrew. go'el) she
receives a place in King David's genealogy
and by it also in the Messiah's (Jesus of
Nazareth) genealogy (Ruth 4:22; Matthew

As you have read, the genealogy of

Jesus (Messiah) is mentioned in the Old
Testament warning book covering Boaz
and Ruth’s relationship. In their child’s
blood-line was heathen blood mixed
with the blood of the ancient holy people
of God. Understanding the science
surrounding the birth of Master Fard
Muhammad, and what he said He would
do at six years old confirms why the old
prophets saw him as the Avenger of
Blood concerning the lost brother of his
“The Avenger of Blood, then, was regarded
as the representative, not only of the
murdered man's family, but of Yhwh (God)
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Himself, who was the highest avenger.”

(Psalms 9:11- 13)25

The murdered man is none other

than America’s former slaves. Reading
further along, Avenger of Blood is also
referred to as kinsman redeemer.
“The nearest of kin had the responsibility of
redeeming his kinsman's lost opportunities.
If a person was forced into slavery, his
redeemer purchased his freedom. When
debt threatened to overwhelm him, the
kinsman stepped in to redeem his
homestead and let the family live. If a family
member died without an heir the kinsman
gave his name by marrying the widow and
rearing a son to hand down his name
(Deuteronomy 25:5; Genesis 38:8; Ruth 3-4).
When death came at the hands of another
man the redeemer acted as the avenger of
blood and pursued the killer. (Numbers
35:12-34; Deuteronomy 19:1-3).”26
In summary, “the woman with a
crown of 12 stars around her head,”
represents the mother of Master Fard
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Muhammad. She was written in

prophecy like one, clothed in the sun,
protected, cleaned up and purified
before “she brought forth a man child, who
was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and
her child was caught up unto God, and to his
throne.” (Revelation 12:5) This scripture
did not apply to Mary 2,000 years ago. It
applied to Beba G, mother of the man
child born in heaven. In the mist of this
unusual event was the presence of the
Red Dragon (Rothschild-British agents)
and its protectorate war machine.

What Master Fard Muhammad Reveal?

To understand the history of the
Nation of Islam removes all myth and
fairytales imposed upon the original
divine scripts that the devils mystified
regarding the birth of The Living
Saviour. Fact is, he referred to black
people of America as his uncle at the time
when he introduced Himself during the
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1930’s. He wrote of Himself and his

1. My name is W. F. MUHAMMAD
2. I came to North America by myself.
3. My uncle was brought over here by
the Trader three hundred seventy-
nine years ago.
4. My uncle cannot talk his own
5. He does not know that he is my
6. He likes the Devil because the Devil
gives him nothing.
7. Why does he like the Devil?
8. Because the Devil put fear in him
when he was a little boy. 27

One of books he wrote and left

behind was specifically for registered
Muslims only. It’s called “The Supreme
Wisdom Book” comprising of six sets of
lessons. I will only use bullet points, a
few Biblical and Quranic verses and
some World Almanac28 measurements

English Lesson C-1, Supreme Wisdom Lesson
From 1864 to 1930
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recorded by the U.S. Government to

demonstrate that Master Fard
Muhammad was given the Title and
Deeds of the Universe mentioned in
Genesis, chapters 12 through 18.
So what you are about to witness in
the upcoming sections provide insight
into what He revealed to the lost and
found members of the Nation of Islam
from 1930 to 1934. Furthermore, it
demonstrates the Supreme mental
capacity of Master Fard Muhammad
thus corresponding to prophet Job 28:24-
25 an Isaiah 40:26:
• “For He looks to the ends of the
earth and sees everything under
the heavens.”
• “To make a weight for the wind;
yea, he meted out the waters by
measure of the sea.”
• “Lift up your eyes on high, and
behold who hath created
these things, that bringeth out their
host by number: he calleth them all
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by names by the greatness of his

might, for that he is strong in
power; not one faileth.”
Section I
Master Fard Muhammad, 1930 - 1934
• The total Area of the Land and Water of
the planet Earth 196,940,000 square
• The Hills and Mountains cover
14,000,000 square miles.30

Prophet Isaiah’s inquiry 8th Century BC

• Isaiah 40:12 12Who has measured the
waters in the hollow of his hand, or with
the scale of his hand marked off the
heavens? Who has held the dust of the
earth in a basket, or weighed the
mountains on the scales and the hills in a
Master Fard Muhammad, 1930 – 1934
• The Earth weights six sextillion tons (a
unit followed by 21 ciphers)31

Supreme Wisdom Book, Actual Facts
Supreme Wisdom Book, Actual Facts

Supreme Wisdom Book, Actual Facts
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• The Circumference of the planet Earth is

24,896 square miles.32
• The Diameter of the Earth is 7,926

Prophet Job’s inquiry 1473 BC

• Job 38:5 “Who marked off its
dimensions? Surely you know! Who
stretched a measuring line across it?”

The Actual Facts he wrote, plus

more measurements concerning the
earth and universe reveal further the true
attributes manifested by Master W. Fard
Muhammad. Before he arrived in North
America, the Supreme Wisdom Book of
facts and figure were in his head. He
began his studies to redeem us in 1888
when he was around 12 years old. When
one compares his Supreme Wisdom
Lessons to the information released by
the World Almanac in 1899-1930,
including dimensions measured by

Supreme Wisdom Book, Actual Facts
Supreme Wisdom Book, Actual Facts
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German, French, English, Italian,

Chinese and Japanese scientists none of
them altogether manifested the mental
capacity manifested by Master W. Fard
Muhammad. His wisdom initiated an
early phase of the resurrection process
for America’s former slaves with whom
he shared the Deeds34 of the Universe
first and foremost.
Thirty-one (31) years after the
Master Teacher left the Honorable Elijah
Muhammad in charge of the Nation of
Islam, a major media misinformation
campaign was unleashed in 1963. It was
led by an American businessman,
politician, and newspaper publisher; Mr.
William R. Hearst. His newspaper,
Herald Examiner, headlined in bold print,
“Black Muslim Founder Exposed As A
White.” This fake news report of 1963

A deed (anciently "an evidence") is any legal instrument in writing
which passes, affirms or confirms an interest, right, or property and
that is signed, attested, delivered, and in some jurisdictions, sealed.
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was an attempt to misinterpret the true

history of Master
Fard Muhammad.
Perhaps follow-up
to 1932 newspaper
reports released by
the Detroit Free
Press. At that time,
not only did the
press propagate the
Nation of Islam a
“Voodoo Cult,”
they also printed that Master Fard
Muhammad was an Arab. expect than
he was identified as an Arab.
Detroit Free Press, Tuesday Nov 29, 1932

“Checking names in the register book of Detroit's

voodoo cult Monday revealed that although the
bulk of the group's membership of 8,000 is made up
of Detroit Negroes, many converts were gained in
outlying districts of the City, such as Hamtramck,
Highland Park and Mt. Clemens….35

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“Race Not Responsible

"The Negro race cannot, as such, be held responsible

for the actions and teachings of fanatics. Their
'Arabian' leader is solely to blame. There must be
quick and just punishment of those who come
among us and, for personal gain, lead us astray.

"The Islamic 'Bible' and the Nation of Islam must


“The Rev. Father E.W. Daniel, pastor of St.

Matthew's Episcopal Church, decried the attitude
for unthinking and uninformed persons who hold
the Negro race responsible for the development of
the cult. He drew a parallel between the exposure of
the House of David in Benton Harbor several years
ago and the cult of Islamism in this city.36

On the
next pages
you’ll read N.W.

some of what
Master Fard
from 1930 –
1934. He began raising the mentally dead lost
Black Nation in the North-West corner of
America. (See Appendix IV)

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Section II
Master Fard Muhammad, 1930 - 1934
• The Original Man is the Asiatic Black
man, the maker; the owner; the cream of
the Planet Earth - God of the Universe.37

Holy Quran Passage 1,400 AD

• “Behold! thy Lord said to the angels: “I am

about to create man, from sounding clay from
black mud mounded into shape…” (H.Q. 15:28)

Up to this day, elite Caucasian PHD

degree scholars and scientist yet promote
that human evolution began with apes.
Rather than teach all humans descend
from a Black man and women – mother
and father of civilization, they charge
high fees for students to learn that:
“Human evolution is the evolutionary process that
led to the emergence of anatomically modern
humans, beginning with the evolutionary
history of primates – in particular genus Homo –
and leading to the emergence of Homo sapiens as a
distinct species of the hominid family, the great
apes. This process involved the gradual

Supreme Wisdom Book, Student Enrollment (Rules of Islam)
Page 40 of 67

development of traits such as human

bipedalism and language, as well as interbreeding
with other hominins, which indicate that human
evolution was not linear but a web.”38
Section III
Master Fard Muhammad, 1930 - 1934
• The Colored man is the Caucasian white man.
Or, Yacub’s Grafted devil - the skunk of the
planet Earth.39

Holy Quran Passage 1,400 AD

• “O children of Adam, let not Satan tempt you as
he removed your parents from Paradise,
stripping them of their clothing to show them
their private parts. Indeed, he sees you, he and
his tribe, from where you do not see them.
Indeed, We have made the devils allies to those
who do not believe.” (H.Q. 7:27)

In no uncertain terms, Master Fard

Muhammad exposed to the world who is
Satan and/or the Devil. All myths and
symbolic language left aside!

The Hybrid Origin of "Modern" Humans. Alex Mackay. Evolutionary
Biology, October 2015. doi:10.1007/s11692-015-9348-1
Supreme Wisdom Book. Student Enrollment (Rules of Islam)
Page 41 of 67

On the next page is copy of the

March 14, 1930 New York Times article
announcing the discovery of Pluto. Take
note how Pluto’s measurements,
distance, rotation around the sun and its
size was not yet known. by World
Almanac scientists of the Caucasians
world order.

Page 42 of 67

Pluto’s dimensions broadcasted by

the Caucasian world’s brightest
astronomers on March 14, 1930, at best,
were sketchy. In fact, notice how the
article also mentions that Neptune’s
measurements were “not” fully known
along with many other miscalculations
written in the 1930 article. In addition,
take note in column 1; it was predicted
Pluto to be larger than Jupiter. However,
85 years later, 2015, after a spacecraft
probe finally reached Pluto, today
astronomers announced Pluto’s
diameter is only 1,473 miles.
Of course, this is a far cry from the
measurement revealed by Master W.
Fard Muhammad’s measurement that
Pluto’s diameter is 67,000 miles. What
were western astronomers instructed to
hide concerning Pluto’s true size? What
of that 1930 size prediction mentioned in
the New York Times?
Page 43 of 67

Section IV
Master Fard Muhammad, 1930 - 1934
• Platoon (Pluto) is four billion, six
hundred million miles (4,600,000,000
miles) from the Sun, and she travels the
same rate around the Sun as the rest of
the Planets. It takes her three hundred
forty-five (345) years to make one
complete circle around the Sun. Her
diameter is six-seven (67,000) thousand
miles. Find out the square mileage and
number of miles she travels in three
hundred and forty-five years.40

Master Fard Muhammad, 1930 - 1934

• Jupiter is four hundred eighty-three million
(4,830,000,000) miles from the Sun. She takes
eleven years and nine months (11.9) to make
one complete circle around the Sun. Its diameter
is eighty-eight thousand seven hundred
(88,700,000) miles.41

Master Fard Muhammad, 1930 - 1934

• Neptune is two billion, seven hundred ninety-
three million (2,793,000,000) miles from the Sun.

Problem 24 of the Supreme Wisdom Problem Book
Page 44 of 67

She travels around the Sun in one hundred

sixty-five (165) years. Her diameter is thirty-
three thousand (33,000) miles…”42

On the next two pages, I have

included a copy of the 1899 World
Almanac released twenty-two (22) years
after the birth of Master Fard
Muhammad. I provide it to further
demonstrate why holds the Title and
Deeds of the Universe as He was
produced to achieve. What you’ll
discover after comparing His facts,
figures, hidden history, measurements of
the nine heavenly bodies, geological land
scape, human population and area of the
waters, in every aspect, compared to
measurements and history assumed by
Europe’s best minds confirms: There is
no competition. Moreover, there is no
God but Allah, the Divine Supreme

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Page 46 of 67
Page 47 of 67

Section V
Master Fard Muhammad, 1930 - 1934
• Why did we run Yacob and his made
Devil from the Root of Civilization, over
the hot desert, into the caves of West
Asia, as they now call it – Europe…?
• Answer: Because they had started
making trouble among the righteous
people telling lies. They accused the
righteous people causing them to fight
and kill one another…43

Jewish religious scholars hid this

actual history in their rewrite of the Bible
Genesis 3:24 with following words:
“When he drove the man out, he placed on the
eastern side of the orchard in Eden angelic
guards who used the flame of a whirling
sword to guard the way to the tree of
life.” The question posed by Master Fard
Muhammad and the answer provided
removes the myth behind Genesis 3:24.

Supreme Wisdom Book: Lost and Found Lesson No. 1
Page 48 of 67

Section VI
Master Fard Muhammad, 1930 - 1934
• The Universe Diameter equals seventy-
six quintillion miles…44

According to Simon Milton author

of “The Oxford Book of Astronomy” New
York, 1998, the Diameter of the universe
is 1026 (Septillion to Octillion) miles.
Section VII
Master Fard Muhammad, 1930 - 1934
• Four quintillion pounds equal the total
amount of Atoms. One one-hundredth of
a square inch equals two hundred
million Atoms. Extract the cube root of
three-fourths of a cracked Atom...45
• The total Atoms equal 10,000,000,
• 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,
• If one one-hundredth of a cubic inch
contains two hundred million Atoms, the

Supreme Wisdom Book: Problem No. 27
Supreme Wisdom Book: Problem No. 8
Ibid Problem No.26
Page 49 of 67

total Atmosphere weighs eleven and

two-thirds quintillion pounds.47

According Friedmann’s 1922

equations, the cosmological estimation
of the number of atoms in the observable
universe is 1079 (less than Centillion miles).
In 1963, Academic Press published
a book written by Fleagle, Robert G. &
Joost A. Businger entitled “An
Introduction to Atmospheric Physics.”
These scientists proclaim the weight of
the atmosphere is 5 x 1018 lb. (or 5
quintillion pounds).
One might ask, who taught men
and women like Simon Milton,
Friedmann, Joost, Fleagle and Robert G?
What courses did they study from grade
school through college? Who were their
parents and teachers? What were they
trying to prove or say of themselves by
studying and measuring heavenly

Supreme Wisdom Book: Problem No. 7
Page 50 of 67

unseen elements of the universe and

terrains of the planet earth? Has their
figures and measurements helped
advance Western civilization? If so, how
and why? For what purpose? Has Simon
Milton, Friedmann, Joost, Fleagle and
persons of their ilk come among Black
America to uplift state of existance? Or
must Black men and women attend
western colleges and universities to gain
such knowledge?
Teachers of Master Fard Muhammad
According to the Swiss born
European, Johann Ludwig Burckhardt,
he surveyed Mecca, Arabia in 1814.
However, to do so, he changed his name
to a Muslim name thus enabling him to
enter the ancient Holy City.
• Learning and science cannot be expected
to flourish in a place [Mecca] where
every mind is occupied in search of gain,
or paradise…
Page 51 of 67

• Mecca is at present much inferior in

Mohammedan learning…
• …the ancient libraries have all
disappeared…Mecca is equally destitute
of private libraries, with exception to
those of the rich merchants who exhibit a
few books to distinguish them from the
• The Wahhabis, according to report,
carried off many loads of books
• Not a books-shop or a book-binder found
in Mecca…48

No school in Mecca, Arabia nor

high school of the Ottoman Empire49 or
college and university of America,
Europe, Asia, Africa/Mideast can claim
to have educated Master Fard
Muhammad. So, the question is: Where
did he learn to measure heavenly bodies,
including the land and sea. Not to
mention the dimensions of the outer
space and well-kept secret histories

Burckhardt 1829: 211-233)
Lyěe Imperial Ottoman De Galata-Seria
Page 52 of 67

dating back trillions of years. Again, who

cultivated his mind to access such
knowledge? Who reared him from a
Although Master Fard
Muhammad’s father chose Mecca,
Arabia as his birth place, it has never
been taught he was educated there
during the latter part of the 1800’s.50
History tells us Arabia was still at
war with itself during the year 1877 up to
at least 1926 due to the influence of the
British-Rothschild agenda to create a
technopolitical world order among Arab
tribes.51 So why was Mecca, Arabia
chosen as the birth place of the “child
caught up unto God, and to his throne?”

Fromkin, David. A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman
Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East. New York: H.
Holt, 2001. Hourani, Albert Habib. A History Of The Arab Peoples. New
York: Mjf Books, 1997. Print. Ochsenwald, William, and Sydney
Fisher. The Middle East: A History. 6th. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2003.
Page 53 of 67

Answer: To honor what the

prophets predicted or foresaw in
Revelations 12. Then again, as this world
trouble began in the heaven—Garden of
Eden—so will the solution come from the
same land and territory from an old
ancient people.
According to the teachings of the
Honorable Elijah Muhammad, [I’m
paraphrasing what I recall Brother Jabril
Muhammad52 divulging to us during the

He first heard the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in 1954 and
became a registered member of the Nation Of Islam in January of 1955. His first
minister in the Nation of Islam was Malcolm X who was over Temple # 7 in New
York City at the time Minister Jabril Muhammad joined the Nation. He would
meet Minister Farrakhan, for the first time, in that very same year, 1955.
Later, when he would move to the Lansing, Michigan area, Minister Jabril
Muhammad would be appointed to his first laboring position in the Nation of
Islam, as a captain, under Malcolm's older brother, by two years and was
confirmed as such in July 1956, by none other than the Honorable Elijah
Muhammad himself. He became an assistant minister to Minister Philbert the
next year. After an appointment in Los Angeles as secretary and Riverside
California, as a minister, in 1958 and 1959, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad
appointed him as his minister in the Bay Area (San Francisco and Oakland) and
in Sacramento, California.

In 1965, Minister Muhammad would become the Honorable Elijah

Muhammad's Minister in Phoenix, Arizona. It would be in these years, on the
West coast, several of which were spent living in the Phoenix home of the
Muslim leader, that Minister Muhammad would undergo much of his study and
receive much of his training, as a theologian, directly from the Honorable Elijah
Muhammad. [Source]
Page 54 of 67

early 1980’s] Master Fard Muhammad

was taught by 12 out of the 24 Scientists
(Angels) of the original Black Nation.
“And if We had made him angel, We would
certainly have made him a man, and We
would certainly have made confused to
them what they make confused.” (Holy
Quran 6:8-9)
These men whom had concealed
the secrets of God and the mechanics of
the universe passed on their knowledge
from father to son for eons. They choose
to remain unseen and acted as ONE up
to the birth of Master Fard Muhammad.
Each man held his own office over a
specific realm of power and force
governing some aspect of the universe
and forces of nature.
I reiterate, their lineage has
remained pure in an unbroken chain to
Page 55 of 67

conceal Allah’s Throne of Power until the

birth of the Holy Child in Arabia. Then
after he was born, each Angel taught
him. All that they knew, maintained and
kept secret over the eons of time anointed
the specially prepared body of the child.
"thou hast clothed me with a body"; and that he might
dwell in, and in it do the will of God, and perform the
work of man's redemption. (Syriac Bible Hebrew 10:5)

As the child grow in understanding

wisdom, knowledge and understanding
taught to him, he eventually superseded
all of those who came before him. By the
time he turned 12 years old, his teachers
were amazed by his question and answer
examination as it was written: “After
three days they found him in the temple
courts, sitting among the teachers, listening
to them and asking them questions. Everyone
who heard him was amazed at his
understanding and his answers.” (Luke 2:46-
Page 56 of 67

“Attempts to identify the elders have fallen

into two broad categories, one saying that
they are men and the other that they are
angels. Each category has three variations,
the former one saying that the men are either
representatives of Israel, representatives of
the church, or representatives of both. The
latter category sees the angels as
representatives either of the OT priestly
order or of the faithful of all ages…”53

As you can see, Jewish and

Christian religious scholars offered
many different explanations regarding
the elders, angels or teachers whom the
child amazed at age 12. But they missed
the mark in trying to interpret the reality
about the teachers (angels) that prepared
the child whom would grow to become
the will of God. Unto us, the child is a
product of the mind of the Black Nation.

Robert L. Thomas, Revelation 1-7 (Chicago, IL: Moody
Press, 1992), 344.
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Appendix I
I Am The Divine Supreme Being

An early registered Muslim sister,

Burnsteen Sharrief, wrote about what
Master Fard Muhammad did and said
while standing before a court Judge after
being arrested for teaching Islam to Black
people of America. In fact, sister
Burnsteen was the Secretary, Treasurer
and Personal Secretary to Master Fard
Muhammad. She typed all literature,
letters, lessons, Problem Book, Actual
Facts, etc. Of the 9 Laborers chosen by
Master Fard Muhammad, he was the
only female Laborer.
In bullet points only, she narrates the
following observation:
• Old Satan got shaky when at last
they found this man in jail was God
they had bound
• They brought Him before justice
and when He they had seen, Asked
Page 58 of 67

His Authority Asked what did He

• He opened the Holy Quran so it
could be seen then boldly declared,

[Source[] I Am Burnsteen Sharrieff Mohammed Reformer and
Secretary To Master W.D. Mohammed…..
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Appendix II
Public Ministry of Jesus

What is being presented below is a

Christian version of events written in
symbolic language regarding what we
should expect upon the production of
God in Person and two other men under
name of Jesus. Due to the limitation of
time, I will not go into placing the time
and events from its past tense, present
tense to future perfect tense.
But, I will say no matter how
confused people have become due to the
manner in which Caucasian Gentile
devils and Jews misrepresented our
forefathers prophecy thousands of years
ago, the reality is that portions of Jesus
history interchanges with the history of
Prophet Mohammed of Arabia which
interchanges with what has taken place
in North America with respect to the
public ministry of these three men, i.e.,
Page 60 of 67

Master Fard Muhammad, the Honorable

Elijah Muhammad and Minster Louis
For now, all I can suggest is that you
learn the true history of Jesus 2,000 and a
detailed history of the Nation of Islam in
North America and Prophet Mohammed
after the hejira. Then you shall unravel
the riddle of the three-year public
ministry as follows:
The First Year Of Jesus' Ministry
The Event in Christ’s Life and Ministry:

1. Baptism of Jesus
2. Jesus’ temptations in the wilderness
3. Jesus begins gathering his first disciples.
4. Jesus’ brief visit to Galilee where he performed
his first miracle in Cana and stopped in
5. Jesus’ early Judean ministry, which included
his first cleansing of the temple and his talk
with Nicodemus.
6. Jesus’ return to Galilee. Enroute he speaks
with the woman of Samaria at the well. He
returns to Cana where he performed his
second miracle.
Page 61 of 67

7. Jesus’ return to Judea to attend an unnamed

feast in Jerusalem where he heals the man at
the pool of Bethesda on the Sabbath that
provokes the anger of the Jewish leaders.

The Second Year Of Jesus' Ministry

The Event in Christ’s Life and Ministry:

1. Jesus begins his great Galilean ministry of

preaching repentance and that the kingdom of
God is at hand.
2. Jesus’ rejection in his hometown of Nazareth of
Galilee and makes Capernaum in Galilee the
headquarters for his great Galilean ministry.
3. Jesus calls his disciples to begin following him
full time.
4. Jesus chooses but 12 of his disciples to be his
5. Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount
6. Jesus sends out his 12 apostles on their first
ministry mission and instructs them.
7. The story of John the Baptist’s murder by
Herod, which occurred sometime earlier in
Jesus’ 2nd year of ministry
Page 62 of 67

The Third Year Of Jesus' Ministry

The Event in Christ’s Life and Ministry:

1. The four periods of Jesus’ retirements with his

12 disciples begins the third year of his
2. Jesus feeds the 5,000
3. Jesus refused to have the crowds make him
their bread king and preaches he is the bread
of life. Many disciples then turn away from
4. Jesus’ transfiguration
5. Jesus closes his Galilean ministry and conducts
his later Judean and Perean ministry while
enroute to Jerusalem to be crucified.
6. Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead and the
Jewish religious leaders plot Jesus’ murder to
save their own positions.
7. Jesus’ final journey to Jerusalem and his
entrance into the city on Palm Sunday, which
began Holy Week
8. Holy Week of Jesus’ passion and resurrection
9. Jesus’ last appearances to his disciples and his
ascension into heaven55

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Appendix III
Body of Allah
“…in the Indo-European languages, the term personal
or person actually mean, in the theological sense,
absolute perfection, and I give you the reference for
that (I have a reference for it), which is precisely what
the Quran really teaches, as one Western writer
indicated (Encyclopedia of Islam). But in the Arabic
language, the equivalent of person is known as shakhs.
In the Arabic language, the term has not undergone the
transformation which it did in Indo-European
languages. So when you ask a Muslim, you say ‘Is
Allah shakhs,’ he’ll say no because shakhs in Arabic has
ONLY one meaning, a person, a human being,
physical, limited being…

“This statement is rather incriminating since Badawi

forgot to mention, or he may have never read, the
hadiths which clearly describe Allah as a shakhs!”

“Saad bin Ubada said, ‘If I saw a man with my wife, I

would have struck her by the sword with no
forgiveness.’ When this reached the prophet of Allah,
he (the prophet) said: ‘Are you amazed at Sa'd's
jealousy” By Allah, I am more jealous than Sa'd, and
Allah is more jealous than I. Because of Allah’s jealousy
He (Allah) forbade immorality whether it is done in the
open or in secret. And there is no PERSON (shakhs)
who is more jealous than Allah, and nothing is more
loved by him (by Allah) than to ask for forgiveness, for
this reason He sent the prophets to share the good
news and to warn. And there is no PERSON (shakhs)
Page 64 of 67

who likes a praise more than Allah, and for this

reason, he (Allah) promised heaven.’” (Musnad Ahmad,
Number 17703)

“The statements of Muhammad and his followers that

there is no shakhs or person that is more jealous [over
honoring women folk] than Allah presupposes that the
Muslim deity is a shakhs himself; otherwise, it would
make absolutely no sense to say that Allah is more
jealous or has more honor than any other shakhs if he
weren’t one.”56

Lastly, the last Prophet of Islam, Muhammad Ibn

Abdullah, understood that one day Allah would make
Himself manifest clearly in human form during what
is called the day of resurrection.

“We said, “O Allah’s Messenger (‫ !)ﷺ‬Shall we see our

Lord on the Day of Resurrection?” He said, “Do you
have any difficulty in seeing the sun and the moon
when the sky is clear?” We said, “No.” He said, “So
you will have no difficulty in seeing your Lord on that
Day as you have no difficulty in seeing the sun and the
moon (in a clear sky).”57


Sahih al-Bukhari, The Book of Tawheed, Hadith 7439 Narrated Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri:
Page 65 of 67

Appendix IV
Detroit Longitude 44.3148° North
Latitude 85.6024° West

Some people want to know why

Master Fard Muhammad went to Detroit
Michigan to find his father’s lost brother,
Elijah Poole. What did he know about the
year in which he would meet Elijah in the
North-West corner of the United States?
How did he know, what geometric
formula did he apply?
Simply put: By calculating the
longitude and latitude of the Earth,
you’ll arrive to the year Master Fard
Muhammad met Elijah Muhammad and
began revealing what He revealed to him
face to face for 3.5 years.
85.6024 (longitude)
44.3148 (latitude)
= 1931….
Page 66 of 67

Section VIII
Master Fard Muhammad, 1930 - 1934
• According to the Holy Quran 59:7; the
Muslims were very poor when they first
started to Teach ISLAM and all
contribution was given to ALLAH’s
Apostle for him and his Family’s
Support. And what the Apostle could
spare, he gave to help take car of the Poor
Muslims that were unable to help
themselves and the other part was given
to those who were confined to the Labor
• And soon, there arose an argument
among the Hypocrites about the use of
the money because they thought that
they should share equally with the
• ….The enemy, then tried to stop every
Muslim from helping the Apostle and
said he should be killed. Then ALLAH
Challenged the enemy to do so – to leave
not a stone unturned in trying.
• This is in the 34 Problems that you have,
if you understand….58

Supreme Wisdom Book: Instructions To the Laborers
Page 67 of 67

In summary, Master Fard

Muhammad’s Instructions Given to the
Laborers of Nation of Islam during the
1930’s foretold of a death plot upon the
life of the Apostle (meaning the
Honorable Elijah Muhammad) over the
use of money. Of course, this was the
same excuse the hypocrites around Jesus
2,000 years stoked up.
Nevertheless, Master Fard
Muhammad challenged the hypocrites to
try and kill His Apostle, Elijah
Muhammad. Why did the Master say,
“This is in the 34 Problems that you have, if
you understand.” Understand what? To
understand exactly what happened
February 25, 1975, twenty years after
Minister Louis Farrakhan came to the
Nation of Islam to Help the Apostle of
ALLAH on February 26, 1955!