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Daikin Tools Help Document

Daikin Tools Login Help

October 2013

Obtaining Login Credentials

Daikin Tools for Engineers Users

Daikin Tools for Engineers login credentials are supplied by an engineer’s sponsoring rep office. If you
don’t have your login credentials, contact your sponsoring rep office. Specify whether you want to
authenticate via the Internet or via a license key. See the “Logging into Daikin Tools” section below for
more information on choosing an authentication method.

All Other Daikin Tools Users

Principals of each Daikin Applied sales rep office will request Daikin Tools login credentials for the
salespeople in their office. Daikin Applied employees should use the Daikin Tools self-registration
process. All Daikin Tools users, except engineer version users, must login using Internet authentication.
See the “Logging into Daikin Tools” section below for more information regarding Internet authentication.

Logging Into Daikin Tools

Daikin Tools for Engineers software is secured by one of two methods of user authentication. When you
start Daikin Tools for the first time, you are prompted for which authentication method you want to use.
Standard Daikin Tools software is secured by Internet authentication only. No choice of authentication
method will be presented.

Authentication via the Internet (Preferred)

All Daikin Tools users should select this authentication method when an Internet connection is available
to them. When using Internet authentication, you must enter a login ID and password each time you
use Daikin Tools. After logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to change their password.

When a user logs into Daikin Tools, the application briefly attempts to establish a connection to
Daikin Applied’s web server to validate a user’s ID and obtain the permissions an ID has for using
Daikin Tools.

User validation via an Internet connection is required at least once every 14 days. If Internet user
validation does not occur within 14 days, you will be locked out of the software until Internet user
validation can occur. Once Internet user validation has occurred, you can access the software without an
Internet connection for another 14 days.

See the “Configuring Daikin Tools for Authentication via the Internet” section below for details on how to
ensure that Daikin Tools can adequately communicate via the Internet from your location.

Authentication via a License Key (Daikin Tools for Engineer Users Only)

Daikin Tools for Engineer users should select this authentication method when an Internet connection is
not available to them. When using license key authentication, you must enter a login ID and a license
key the first time you log into Daikin Tools. Once the Daikin Tools login process has authenticated the
license keyyou will not need to reenter the license key again until it expires.

The license key is provided by an engineer’s sponsoring rep office. Engineer users can select their own

Daikin Tools Help Document

Daikin Tools login ID, but it is recommended that the following standard be used: first 6 characters of
user’s last name followed by first and middle initials. Avoid special characters. The login ID is used to
identify a user’s jobs, so it is important to create an ID that is meaningful to the user.

Engineer users will be required to obtain a new license key from their sponsoring rep office every 6
months to keep using the program. Software updates will have to be obtained via CD from the sponsoring
rep office as well.

Configuring Daikin Tools For Authentication via the Internet

If your location has a PC support staff or network administrator that maintains your PC’s access to the
Internet and/or firewall configurations, contact them for assistance.

General Considerations
Daikin Tools uses the Internet to perform various functions, including validating the user ID, checking for
software and drawing updates and providing an Internet browser window for access to or

Workstations/users that need Daikin Tools must be allowed to access at least the Domains and IP
addresses that are required by Daikin Tools as follows:

Domain IP Address

Firewall Considerations
Daikin Tools uses Internet web services as the means for user ID validation and to check for software
updates. The web services use Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) as the means for communication
between the Daikin Tools client and the Daikin web servers. SOAP uses the port you have configured
for HTTP traffic. Typically, the default HTTP traffic port is 80. However, the SOAP transaction headers are
different than the HTTP transaction headers. As a result, firewalls may need to be configured to allow the
SOAP headers.

The following transaction headers should be allowed by firewalls for Daikin Tools to function correctly:
 X-Powered-By
 X-AspNet-Version
 SOAPAction

Where to Go for Additional Assistance

Daikin Tools for Engineers should first contact their sponsoring rep office. Otherwise, contact the Daikin
Rep Help Desk at or 763-553-5483.