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2/2/2020 Troubleshoot Amazon Alexa Not Responding Issues | Supportey

Troubleshoot Amazon Alexa Not Responding

By Supportey - November 27, 2019

What are the reasons my Amazon Alexa Not Responding

and their solutions
Let’s find the quick solutions to get Alexa working appropriately (troubleshooting) and recover
your Amazon Echo.

1. Amazon Alexa is Not Responding To Voice: 

On the off chance that you state your gadget’s wake word; however, Alexa doesn’t react, it is
likely one of a couple of fundamental issues. Before you start investigating, ensure your 1/5
2/2/2020 Troubleshoot Amazon Alexa Not Responding Issues | Supportey

gadget has power and an internet connection to get going. An unplugged Alexa/Amazon Echo
or internet blackout could be the main problem. Alexa Customer Service

In case you have a bright red light ring or bar rather than a blue one, the mic is off. Press the
mic button on the top of the gadget to turn it on once again.

2. Amazon Alexa Echo is Not Responding, but Another Echo is:

If you have different Alexa or Amazon Echo gadgets, another one may hear and react to the
wake word. Although Amazon uses Echo Spatial Perception to figure out which Alexa/Amazon
Echo gadget is nearest to you, the inaccurate Alexa/Amazon Echo gadget may react.

1. Check the Alexa application to ensure all gadgets are set up on a single Amazon account.
For example, if you have a different account on Amazon and a different application for
Alexa, they probably would not cooperate appropriately.
2. Move one of the two Alexa/Amazon Echo gadgets with the goal that the one you need to
react is nearer to where you are talking.
3. If another Alexa/Amazon Echo gadget still reacts, you can change the wake word for one
of the Echo gadgets.

3. Amazon Alexa Stops Responding and Starts Playing Music On The

Wrong Device: 
What if you ask Alexa to play music in one room yet it starts playing in another room on a
totally different Alexa/Amazon Echo gadget?

The issue emerges out when these Alexa/Amazon Echo gadgets are synchronized together.
The system default gets confused, and Alexa winds up sending music to any gadget in this
synchronized circle.

To determine the issue, you have to ungroup gadgets and after that regroup them. Here’s the
ticket: 2/5
2/2/2020 Troubleshoot Amazon Alexa Not Responding Issues | Supportey

1. Start with opening the Amazon Alexa application on your phone or another device.
2. Select the option ‘Devices’.
3. Select the Group of Amazon Echo gadgets you want to ungroup.
4. Now click on ‘Edit’.
5. Then click ‘Delete’. (The trash can symbol.)

When you ungroup the culpable gadgets, again you can regroup them. The motive is to
guarantee that no default speaker gets chosen. Otherwise, the issue will keep arising.

4. Amazon Alexa Echo Stops Streaming Music Suddenly

The most widely recognized explanation that Alexa won’t play music is irregular internet
access or low bandwidth speed. The accompanying Amazon Echo troubleshooter can help
interpret this issue and resolve it. 3/5
2/2/2020 Troubleshoot Amazon Alexa Not Responding Issues | Supportey

1. Turn off unused Alexa/Amazon Echo gadgets that are additionally associated with Wi-Fi.
2. Move the Amazon Echo nearer to the wireless router and move it away from metal items,
walls or other obstructions that might interfere.
3. Turn off the Wi-Fi modem and Wi-Fi router.
4. Wait for another 30 seconds.
5. Now turn On the Wi-Fi modem.
6. Then turn On the Wi-Fi router.
7. Turn the Alexa/Amazon Echo gadget off and then turn it On again.

5. Amazon Alexa Echo Is not responding to Wi-Fi or internet connection

You may find that your Alexa/Amazon Echo gadget is not interfacing with your Wi-Fi network
by any means. This issue can be fixed by troubleshooting in Alexa’s settings.

If your Alexa/Amazon Echo gadget has a screen, check the light on the gadget. On the off
chance that it is orange, the Wi-Fi connection is not working appropriately.

1. First, go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Wi-Fi’.

2. Enter the key network password. That is not the same password as that of your Amazon
3. Now turn off the Wi-Fi modem and Wi-Fi router.
4. Wait for another 30 seconds.
5. Then restart the Wi-Fi modem.
6. Again restart the Wi-Fi router.
7. Turn the Alexa/Amazon Echo gadget off and after that turn it on.
8. Ultimately, check for updates for your Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi modem firmware.

6. Alexa/Amazon Echo Not Responding to Tele Calling

Amazon Echo gadgets can replace a home telephone. On the off chance that approaching
Alexa isn’t working and you have ensured you have a stable Wi-Fi connection, attempt these
investigating steps. 4/5
2/2/2020 Troubleshoot Amazon Alexa Not Responding Issues | Supportey

1. Check your contacts. If you included a contact late, Alexa probably wouldn’t have
refreshed to incorporate it yet.
2. Close and open the Alexa application.
3. Open the Conversations tab and check for the get in touch with you are attempting to
4. If Alexa notes the contact, ensure the telephone number is complete and right.
5. You can sign out of the application and sign back in if the issue is as yet not settled.
6. Go to the menu of the Alexa application and select Settings.
7. Choose Sign Out.
8. Sign back in and take a shot at making a call.

7. Alexa Not Responding On Fire Tablet

To enable Alexa on your Amazon Fire tablet, hold the gadget Home button till a blue line
appears. When you see the blue line, Alexa is preparing, and you can give a command or act a
request. To become familiar with Alexa, see the Alexa and Alexa Device FAQs.

Alexa here and there showcases a visual on your Fire tablet’s screen. To reject the visual, tap
the back catch.

On the off chance that you need to turn the Alexa include on or off, swipe down from the
highest point of the screen, tap the Settings (gear) symbol, tap Alexa, then tap the switch for

Note: Alexa is disabled as a matter of course on Kid’s Edition tablets or on the off chance that
you have any Parental Controls turned on your Fire tablet. Alexa doesn’t work inside children’s
profile or secondary adult profiles.

We hope now your Amazon Alexa Echo is working perfectly fine. Indeed, even virtual
assistants need a little help occasionally. Please share the amazon Alexa not responding
issues guide to other social platforms so that it reaches the users which are in problem.

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