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The Grip of Technology

Expediter 310
The Expediter 310 is the newest member of our towbarless Like other Expediter models the Expediter 310 offers:
tractor family. It is designed to provide aircraft pushback, • Automatic aircraft recognition
repositioning and high speed maintenance towing for aircraft • Patented fail safe pick-up system that opens and closes
types ranging from the A320, B737 to the A340-300 and without moving the aircraft
B777. • Jack knifing preventative system that automatically adjusts
oversteer limits, tractive and braking forces
Expediter 310 Standard Features
Operating Performance Axles
Starting Tractive Effort (maximum) 115 kN (25,800 lbf) Front - Suspended Drive/Steer Axle

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Towing Speed (maximum) 32 km/hr (20 mph) Rear - Fixed Mounted Wheel Hubs with Hydraulic Motors
Turning Radius (outside) 9.6 m (378 in) Hydraulic Front Axle Power Steering
Weight and Dimensions Service - Hydraulically Actuated Split Circuit Brakes
Gross Vehicle Weight Front Wheels - Drum Brakes, Rear Wheels - Disk Brakes
Standard 14,878 kg (32,800 lb) Hydrostatic - Wear Free Braking on all Wheels
w/GPU 18,500 kg (40,786 lb) Parking - Spring Applied with Hydraulic Release
Length 8.04 m (317 in) Operator's Cab
Width 3.92 m (155 in) Enclosed Cab
Height 1.87 m (74 in) Seats (3) – Rotating Drivers Seat and (2) Passenger Seats
Wheelbase 3.52 m (139 in) Forward and Rear Facing Drive Controls
Ground Clearance 136 mm (5.4 in) Joystick Control for NLG Pick-up
Emergency Aircraft Release
Engine Cabin Heating
Standard Cummins QSB6.7, 194 kW (260 hp) @2200 rpm Electrical
w/GPU Deutz 2015 V06, 360 kW (480 hp) @2100 rpm 24-Volt DC
Alternator - 80 Amps
Fuel Capacity Battery - 2 x 12V 925 CCA
246 L (65 gal) Electro-hydraulic Pump for Auxiliary Power Supply
Drive System
Airplane Retention Equipment 4 Wheel Drive, Closed Loop Hydrostatic Drive System
Sturdy Modular Construction with few Moving Parts Anti-spin Device Incorporated
Hydraulically Actuated by 6 Cylinders Automatic Adjustment of Traction and Brake Forces Based on NLG
PLC Controlled Size
Tilting to Accommodate Raked NLG Tires
Front /Rear – 385/65 R22.5
Monitoring Devices
Oversteer Alert Device (OAD)
PDM Screen with Detailed Operating Status and Error Message
Ground Power Unit Laser Pointer Device
90 – 120 KVA Hydraulically Powered with Cables and Connectors Instrumentation
Includes Deutz 2015, 360 kW (480 hp) engine Intercom Jacks and Cable System

Lights Fire Extinguishers

Aircraft Illumination Strobe Lights Various Fire Extinguisher Options

Operator’s Cab Cold Weather

Air Conditioning Radio Rack Winterization
Electric Powered Mirrors Heated Mirrors
For the complete range of options available please
Electrical contact your Sales Representative
External Power Supply Plug 24 VDC/12 VDC

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