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Magazine of Dispuut Geo-Engineering “De Ondergrondse”

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De Ondergrondse has been working together with the Dutch engineering association “KIVI
Geotechniek” for quite some time now. In order to make this cooperation even better, KIVI
Geotechniek is offering the students of the Geo-Engineering section the possibility to join the
activities hosted by KIVI Geotechniek. These activities include excursions to conferences and more!
For most activities you need to be a member of KIVI Geotechniek and most are organized in Dutch.


If you would like to become a member of KIVI Geotechniek, send an email to
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From the Board
Dianne about Alex
By the Board
well. On the other side, Sybren knows how to
Alex already joined the board in April 2019. At party. Sometimes a little bit too much, he might
that time he was still a Civil Engineering bache- headbutt a glass at the Ruif then. If Sybren
lor student, but he already knew that he wanted wears his glasses in the morning, you’ll instant-
to do Geo Engineering. He started as treasurer ly know he has a hangover. All in all, the social
of De Ondergrondse, but decided to become skills -which come with the partying attitude-
Vice-Chairman when the new board members along with his serious side makes him a very
came on. Little people know that Alex came all capable board member. I have no doubt that he
the way to Delft from Romania, to learn Dutch will do great this year.
for a year so he could study Civil Engineering
at the TU Delft. And if you would think doing Sybren about Dianne
a master Geo Engineering and being a board Coming from Enschede, Dianne learned that
member is already busy enough, think again, some things in Delft are different, the hard way.
because Alex is also a TA for Soil Mechanics! For example, an education quarter in Dutch
called a “kwartaal” and not a “kwartiel”. Also,
Alex about Emy the city plan of Delft is different from that of
Emy will be the new Treasurer of ‘De Onde- Enschede and Dianne’s sense of direction hasn’t
grondse’ for the coming year. After completing really adapted to Delft yet, which would cause
her master’s in China, Emy decided to embark her to get lost quite some times if it weren’t for
on a new journey and study Geo Engineering at her other board members ;). What Dianne did
the TU Delft. Emy is a hardworking person that learn is to stand her ground. When our pitcher
smiles all the time. The Treasurer is playing an in the Ruif was stolen she didn’t hesitate for a
important role in our Dispuut, she must com- moment and threw the whole can in his face!
plete the exploitation forms on a weekly basis As chair of the board she can be strict but is
and gather all the invoices. Also, Emy will be re- always fair. She keeps an eye on things and
sponsible for the GETA this year. So, stay tuned knows everything that is going on with the
for updates from her! dispuut. With Dianne as chair we have a great
year ahead of us in which we will organise some
Emy about Frode great events!
Frode is a board member that is not easily
missed. If not for his height (which comes in
handy for his basketball career), then for his
dedication and enthusiasm for everything in
which he partakes. These are some very use-
ful qualities of our commissioner of activities.
Apart from organizing activities, he is also in
charge of our magazine ‘de Mol’. Will Frode lay
low this year or take the center stage of our

Frode about Sybren

Sybren is a guy who has two sides to his person-
ality. On one side, Sybren can really be a serious
guy. He gets things done, which makes him the
perfect fit for the Commissioner of Education. Fltr: Sybren, Emy, Dianne, Alex, Frode
He will be the perfect leader of the GEEC as
3 From the board
From the Board 3
Internship in Japan 5
Junior at Crux Eng. 8
Multidisciplinary project 9 11
International Geo Corner 11
Upcoming Activities 14

Internship in Japan By Bart Verstijnen
In January 2019, I applied for an internship chamber gets excavated and when the self-
Oriental Shiraishi Corp.

position at Oriental Shiraishi Corporation. weight is bigger than the bearing capacity of
The internship allowed me to experience life the soil it starts to sink. The bearing capacity
abroad whilst working for a highly special- used to be determined using Terzaghi’s bear-
ized company. During the next few months ing capacity equation. However, the results
everything was arranged Japanese style: are becoming more unrealistic due to the
well-planned and executed. In August I left increasing size of the pneumatic caisson.
for three months to live in Tokyo.
Numerical simulations in Plaxis 2D are per-
Oriental Shiraishi Corporation is a Japanese formed to create a more accurate view of the
engineering firm and contractor. They are bearing capacity. Using the Plaxis Remote
renown for their state-of-the-art knowledge Scripting for Python Wrapper, it was possible
of pre-stressed and prefab concrete technol- to automate the process of determining the
ogy for bridge construction and pneumatic bearing capacity. 32 individual cases using
caissons. The company was founded in 1952 variable strength parameters were deter-
and has approximately 670 employees. The mined using the script. An additional set of
company is one of the three largest compa- correction factors was created using statistical
nies who design and construct pneumatic regression analyses to take account of the
caissons in Japan. The R&D-departments characteristics of the caisson.
of the company are constantly developing
and refining their technologies in order to During my stay in Japan, Paul, a 29-year-old
maintain their top position. My internship French guy was my guide in Tokyo. He was
was part of a three-year project where three living in Japan and had been working for ORSC
students come to Tokyo for a duration of 2 for almost 4 years. He showed me around in
months each. the enormous city, the packed metros and
unreadable words. I lived in a quiet subur-
The internship is focused on the bearing ca- ban area of Tokyo, but the core regions of
pacity of the soil related to pneumatic cais- Shibuya, Shinjuku and Chiba seemed to be
sons during the initial conditions of the con- composed of skyscrapers and neon-lights.
struction. The work chamber is constructed Still, the traditional culture with its impressive
at the surface. The first concrete layer with temples, monks and kimonos fuses effort-
the cutting edges is poured around the work lessly with the neon skyscrapers, white-collar
chamber. After completion, the working works and suits.
The average workday starts at 8 o’clock in take shelter from the biggest typhoon that hit
the morning when the morning commute Japan since 1958.
starts during rush hour. I travelled 40 min-
utes by metro together with 2.5 million I visited colleagues throughout Japan with
other commuters to get to the office. Public Paul where we were warmly received and
transportation is chaos compared to the oth- had great food and drinks. Welcome/goodbye
er, more organized aspects of life in Tokyo. parties organized by my colleagues were cha-
The workday starts at 9 a.m. when the first otic but very amusing. Lots of beer and high-
bell rings. Everybody is dressed in business balls(whisky+soda) were ordered and with
attire. Until the first of October it is allowed them delicious food.
to ‘dress cool’, so no jacket or tie. Lunch is
between 12 a.m. and 1 p.m. It is encouraged I spent another two weeks of holiday with my
to take a break as the light dim down and girlfriend throughout the Tokyo and Kansai
a lot of colleagues take a nap after some regions after the two months of internship.
lunch. Many parts of Japan seem to be colored red
because of koyo momiji, or autumn colors.
I am working on my project and have meet- The phenomenon is barely to be seen in
ings with Mr. Terasaki and Dr. Oishi. Japanese Tokyo, but nature around Mt. Fuji is beautiful
people speak little English, so Mr. Terasaki and a huge contrast to the nightlife of Shibuya
acts as a translator for my technical super- and Shinjuku, where the streets are colored
visor, Dr. Oishi. The last bell rings at 5.30 neon-blue, green and yellow.
p.m. and indicates the end of the day. Some
people leave, others keep working overtime. The last 1.5 weeks we spent tasting sake,
Luckily, the extreme overtime associated eating ramen in tiny restaurants and strolling
with the Japanese working culture was not through many temples before returning to the
present here. However, people did structur- Netherlands.
ally work small amounts of overtime. At 7
p.m. I was back at my apartment in Kasai.

During the weekends, I tried to visit as many

places around Tokyo as possible. Typhoon
season made this difficult sometimes, but
the Japanese are very helpful, and friend-
ships are quickly formed. Together with
Yuichiro, I bypassed storm damage and visit-
ed the Valley of Death and the Ishi-Daibutsu
(Great Stone Buddha). I was eating sushi
when I got invited to eat takoyaki (octopus
balls) at Mayuko and Takeshi’s place and to
6 Internship in Japan

Geotechnical Surroundings Ground

Engineering – Improvement
– –
Soil Investigation Adjacencies research Permeation grouting
Foundations and ground structures Vibration predictions Jet grouting
Construction pits Deformation analysis Mixed-in-place
Bored tunnels and trenchless tech. Damage predictions Compensation grouting (compaction)
State-of-the-art dike verification Monitoring plans Compensation grouting (fracture)
Low Subsidence or sub. free systems Monitoring and supervising Ground freezing
Dynamics and earthquakes Damage investigations

Hydrogeology Environmental Internship/

– – graduation

Pumping systems Environmental soil and water studies CRUX 2019 achievements:
Model studies (Re)usability of soil and construction - Finalist Cobouw Awards Best
Statistical groundwater analysis materials Employer
Hydrogeological effect studies Working in contaminated soil - Great Place to Work Certified
Ground energy systems (ATES) Environmental supervising - Finalist Schreudersprijs
Pump tests Consulting on asbestos remediation ... and much more!

Are you an enthusias-

tic and driven student
of Civil Engineering or
Structural Engineering
and interested in an
at CRUX? Send your CV
and motivation to

©2019 / 2020

CRUX Engineering BV +31 (0)20 4943070
I am Jay Srigopal (25) and one of the ten junior geotechnical
advisors at CRUX Engineering BV. I would like to offer you an
insight on the working experience of a junior geotechnical
advisor after finishing your Masters. Between my green
light and defence meeting I applied at multiple different
companies, which consisted of contractors and engineering
offices. At that moment I did not know yet what sort of
company would be a better fit for me.
Jay Srigopal

Three qualities of CRUX pulled me over the edge to Furthermore this year I was asked to join the GPTW
sign for them: team (Great Place To work), which consisted of bring-
ing input opinions about the company policies and
• The immense knowledge at CRUX. Today we are with processes to get licensed as a Great Place To Work.
45 advisors with diverse specialties for different This gave me a whole new perspective about the
kinds of projects, such as building pits, dikes and company and made me feel involved in which direc-
embankments, hydrogeology, environmental engi- tion the company is heading.
neering, risk analysis for surroundings, earthquake
engineering, ground improvement and many others. Next to our work activities, CRUX tries to promote
• Personal care. At CRUX you get treated as a person the non-work related activities which create better
and not as a pawn. You can pass through your pref- relations between co-workers. I really enjoy these
erences in projects and they make sure you do not activities, as you better get to know your co-workers
get overloaded in work. Furthermore the manage- and you can interact in a more casual environment
ment team is active on the work floor, which caus-
es that hierarchy is not noticeable. So, yes, I am still happy with my choice for CRUX and
• CRUX is the perfect mixture of theory and practice. would not have done it differently if I had the chance.
For many projects CRUX is hired by the contractor
to design the geotechnical solutions. Therefore it is If someone has any questions about my working ex-
common to be part of the execution part and per- perience at CRUX or CRUX itself, feel free to contact
form site engineering or to observe the execution me on my LinkedIn or my email
of the design.

As a junior you are guided by medior or senior advi-

sors during projects. At first they will lead the proj-
ects for you. But once you get the hang of it, they will
let you lead your own project. At CRUX the projects
diverse from small to complex and rare specials. The
diversity in projects is one of the things that keeps
me motivated, as every project brings me new knowl-
edge to obtain.

Another activity within CRUX, is the new CRUX acad-

emy that is starting in January 2020. These are in-
house courses provided by seniors and specialists
for different specialties.
Multidisciplinary Project By Steve van Adrichem and Jelle Zijlstra

In the year of worldwide climate protests and emotional speeches of Greta Grumberg, we're five
Civil Engineers in Ecuador trying to add their part to a greener world. Daily, there was mailing with
“Juan en alleman”, model building and preparations of presentations. Between 8:30 and 17:00
everything was pointing towards the one goal: the feasibility of floating solar panels on the Gala-
pagos Islands. Outside the office we worked hard to broaden our cultural experience. We'll gladly
tell you more about the life we had in Ecuador!

We got the idea to do an MDP almost 8 months went.

before we went to Ecuador. It seemed really
cool to us to use our free elective space by do- We went to Ecuador in the first period, which
ing research on the other side of the world with had the advantage that we could go traveling
friends. After a group was formed with students during the summer holiday and meet after-
from different master tracks within Civil Engi- wards in Ecuador. The Ecuadorian university
neering the hardest part could start; finding a did not have master students and on the inter-
project. We all agreed that we wanted a warm national day only 15 students were present. You
and Spanish speaking country. We called many could imagine that five Dutch guys stood out of
old contacts, friends who are graduating at the crowd when we joined the other students
companies and spoke to several companies. for the daily lunch with rice at the canteen. We
tried to spend our working time wisely and not
Eventually we got into contact with Oceans of sit behind our computers, gathering data all the
Energy, who put the first floating solar panel on time. Instead, we went to many professors and
the sea in December 2019. This source of ener- other students on the university to present our
gy is great for places which are scarce in land, idea. They could put us into contact with other
have high solar intensity and high energy prices. people that had knowledge about the subject
The Galapagos Islands seemed to be a really and in that way we could quickly gather the info
interesting spot for this technology! We found a needed before going to the Galapagos.
supervisor who supported us and Oceans of En-
ergy were glad to have us. In the months before The Galapagos are 1000km off the coast from
we went to Ecuador we requested funds, took a Ecuador and a flight is expensive. Because we
Spanish course together and organized contact were ‘Ecuadorian students’, we could go for a
with a local university, through which we got in lower price.
contact through a professor. We spoke with our
Ecuadorian supervisor through skype and off we
We went to the islands for two weeks and had most of Ecuador and had a great time.
20 meetings there. With environmentalists, spe-
cialists from the energy company, national park, One weekend we stayed in Guayaguil, when the
WWF and several with governmental authori- greatest football match of the year took place.
ties. Our presentation was adjusted somewhat El Classico: Barcelona vs Emelec. For me it was
every time we did one, but you can imagine that on the top of the list. The quality of football
we could pitch it by heart. More than 80% of was disappointing, but the atmosphere was
electricity is generated by diesel generators in definitely not. We went to the football match
the Galapagos and they cannot build on 97% of with our supervisor from the university, which
the land, because it is a national park. So, many was a really nice professor. He helped us with
of them were very interested in this new tech- the Spanish language and with the culture dif-
nology these foreigners brought. In the mean- ference. We learned Spanish really quickly due
while there was more than enough time for to the fact that nobody spoke English in Quay-
snorkeling and going around the islands. After aquil and also at the university Spanish was
all, we went to broaden our cultural experience preferred. So we integrated very fast in to the
as well. way they live in Ecuador with one thing being
important in this culture, the music: Salsa and
We did our research in Guayaguil, the largest Reggeaton.
city in Ecuador. Here we lived in an AirBnB half
an hour walking from our office on the univer- During the day at our office and during the
sity. We called each other ‘Guayaco’s, street night when we were at the bar or local clubs,
language for an citizen of Guayaguil. we listened to the same music all the time.
The difference between poor and rich is ex- After a few weeks we could sing along with the
treme in Guayaguil and criminality is very com- music of the local superstars: Becky G, Manuel
mon. Because of the safety, not many tourist Turizo and Piso21. We even got to a concert of
visit the industrial city. Luckily we made friends the above superstars, which was really fun. We
during parties and at the university. They could all are really tall, so everything was pretty good
show us some really local places and parties, visible for us and there even was an empty
in that way we could see the city in a very nice space behind us, because no one could see a
way. In our office we made a list on the wall of thing there.
all things we wanted to do in Ecuador. Every
weekend we would take the bus to a different After this experience I would advise everyone
city to cross something of the list. This included to do a Multidisciplinary project in their master.
surfing, spotting wales, rafting in the rainforest You have to start early and it is more work than
and visiting some cultural hotspots. The night the 10 credits you’ll get for it. But the experi-
bus took away much of our sleep, but we saw ence is definitely worth it!
MDP in Ecuador 10
I am currently a master student in the a Finite Element Model of the steel frame
Geo – Engineering master since September which support the whole silo structure.
2019, at the TU Delft. Before arriving in the
Netherlands, I graduated at the Hong Kong All my colleagues came from different parts
Polytechnic University (2016) and worked as of the world, such as Israel, Italy, Spain and
a graduate engineer for 2 years at the air- Siri Lanka. They were really nice and provid-
ports third runway project on Lantau Island, ed extra support to me because it was my
Hong Kong. first time staying abroad. I still have contact
with them and they became my pen friends.
To be a competent engineer, it is vital to be One of the colleagues from Israel even visit-
a member of the civil engineering associa- ed me twice in Hong Kong when she trav-
tion in Hong Kong (HKIE) or UK (ICE). Howev- elled through south east Asia three years

er, it required 3 years of relevant experience ago. We visited many tourist spots in Hong
in construction design and site manage- Kong, such as the Ladies Market, Victoria
ment. Harbor and the Historical Temple. This has
encouraged me to study abroad and make
In Hong Kong, many companies cannot pro- more friends around the world.
vide job rotation in different departments
and therefore, it is hard to obtain all those In September 2016, I start working as a
experiences. I always believed that further graduate engineer in China Harbour Engi-
studies can improve my personal growth neering Company, which is responsible for
and technical knowledge. Therefore, I finally the reclamation works at the third airport
decided to study at the TU Delft to learn runway in Hong Kong. 0.1 billion cubic
more about geotechnical engineering. meters of sand has to be moved in this
project. There are a number of restrictions
My student life was full of joy and challeng- from the licensing department. To avoid the
es at HK Polyu. In the summer of 2015, I obstruction of telecommunication signal at
worked as a summer intern in Peter und the airport control center, there is a height
Lochner, a structural consultant in Stuttgart, restriction of the working barge in different
Germany. I was responsible for carrying out

11 International Geo-Corner By Kwok Kam Ting
work locations. Once the barges exceed the
required height, construction work will stop
until a work resume permission is given by the
marine department. Also, a silt curtain has to be
installed around the whole construction area,
which can reduce the pollution of suspended
solid to the open sea. I finally realized that the
environmental and quality assurance concerns
are equally important as the works progress.

The whole reclamation can roughly be divided

into two main construction sub parts, which are
sand fill and ground treatment work. Since the
site area is situated in the pearl delta region, a
20m thick alluvium layer at the seabed of the
works area. Therefore, ground treatment is nec-
essary to turn the normally consolidated clay to week. In construction industries, people usu-
over consolidated clay. ally work for 10 to 12 hours a day and some of
them even work in public holidays. In some spe-
There are three main methods to achieve the cial occasion, I had to finish all the paper work
result, they are prefabricated vertical drains in the official working hour and inspect the site
(PVD), stone columns and deep cement mixed at night. All those experiences improved my
(DCM). PVD and stone columns can facilitate the stress management skills and make me more
rate of consolidation because it can reduce the determined to be a competent geotechnical
drainage path. Deep cement mixed can increase engineer.
the strength of clay and hence provide greater
support to the building. Before the commence- After 2 years of working at a contractor, I
ment of ground treatment, a 2m layer of sand have decided to use all my savings to study at
blanket was laid on the seabed and provided a the TU Delft. All the lectures and the campus
drainage path for the ground treatment. environment are fascinating, and most of the
classmates are very helpful and friendly. It is my
Working in the reclamation project is a bitter- wish to experience different cultures and hope
sweet experience. Hong Kong is well known as that it will become one of the most unforgetta-
a place with the longest working hours in the ble memories in my entire life.
world. Most of the people work for 60 hours a

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de eeuwige roem
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Voor meer informatie, neem contact op met
Ellen van Eijk: of 085-4862410

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Thijs Niemeijer
Stichting A.M. Schreuders reikt om
het jaar de Schreudersstudieprijs uit
aan twee studenten die zijn afgestudeerd
aan een HBO of universiteit op het gebied
van ondergronds bouwen. Met de prijs
wil de stichting vernieuwend ondergronds
ruimtegebruik stimuleren, om zo een bijdrage
te leveren aan het oplossen van ruimtelijke
problemen in ons dichtbebouwde land.
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