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Colegio Monseñor Miguel Castillejo. Fund.

Vera Cruz Dpto de Idiomas

C/ Principado de Asturias s/n ACTIVIDADES DE REFUERZO
23009 Jaén 3º E.S.O.



1.- Complete with HOW MUCH o HOW MANY.

-________________________________ students are there in your class?
-______________________ bread is there in the cupboard
- _________________________ languages do you speak?
-_________________________people are there in the party
-__________________________is a ticket to Berlin?
-_________________________________ books do you need every day?

2.- Complete with SOME or ANY.

1.- I would like _______________ water.
2.- There aren’t _____________ letters for you.
3.- We needn’t ________________ milk.
4.- She’s got _______________ interesting friends.
5.- Are there __________________ restaurants?
6.- Do you know ___________________ foreign people?
7- Have you got ______________________ time free on Wednesday afternoon?
8.- ___________________ of Laura’s friends were at the party last night?
9.- I have three sets of house keys, and I can’t find _________________ of them now.
10.- I never do _______________ revision for the exam!

3.- Complete the following sentences with MUCH or MANY.

- She doesn’t speak _____________ English.
- She doesn’t buy _____________ clothes.
- I haven’t got ____________ time.
- Do you play __________ football?
- There aren’t __________ people here
- Are there ____________Americans in your company?
- We don’t have ___________ rain in summer.
- I don’t eat _________ meat
- Have you travelled to ____________ countries?
- We don’t go to ___________ films
- Was there __________ traffic on the road? -
- Not __________ tourists visit our city

4.- Complete the following sentences with MUCH, MANY or A LOT OF.
-We bought ___________________ souvenirs when we were in Italy.
-Did you drink _________________ beer tomorrow night?
-She doesn´t eat _______________________ sweets because she gets fat.
-We haven´t bought _______________ presents for Christmas yet.
-She didn´t have _________________ fish and _______________ chips for dinner.
-They are reading ___________________ books this term.
5.- Complete with TOO or ENOUGH.
-John isn´t tall ________________ to be a model.
-We don´t have _____________eggs to make a cake.
-Peter can´ t run very fast because he is ________________ fat.
-They can´t go to the party because they don´t have ________________ money to buy the ticket.
-Sally isn´t rich ____________________ to buy that car.

6.- Complete with gerund or to infinitive.

-We decided _________________________ (go) to the cinema yesterday.
-She wants ___________________ (be) a nurse.
-They like ______________________ (read) in bed.
- ____________________ (practise) sports is healthy.
-My sister went to the library _____________________ (borrow) a book.
-It´s difficult ______________________ (find) a good job.
-We enjoy _______________ (cook) at weekends.
-I really hate ___________________ (get) up early in the morning.
-The baby is learning____________________ (speak).
-Harry chose _________________ (buy) the blue car.

7.- Rewrite the sentences. Use TOO, ENOUGH or NOT ENOUGH and the adjectives in brackets.
-The car is too small.
-The exam isn´t easy enough.
-The car isn´t quick enough.
-Peter is too short to be a soldier.
-It is too cold to swim in the sea.
-The house isn´t cheap enough for me to buy.