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How Do Gadgets Affect Students’ Achievements?

Grade 10 – St. La Salle

Joaquin Lorenzo Catubag

Yya Gabrielle Pangan

Cherry Alliah Gonzales

Benedict Bautista

October 13, 2019




In the year where electronic gadgets are not yet invented like computers, students are not

yet engaged in activities using technologies. Students rely on books and visit library facilities to

study, read their notes and review their lessons. During those years, despite the lack of computers

and high-tech gadgets, students still achieve high and good grades; the students are still focused

on their studies. They strive hard just to attain higher and better grades in their education. We

now live in a society where students are so engaged in gadgets that it became a part of their daily

lives. Students tend to involve gadgets in their studies and it either results into a positive or in a

negative way. This apparently affects the students’ studying habits and academic performance.

Gadgets helped us a lot by doing things easier and faster, it has helped students by doing their

school works more productive and progressive. However, gadgets also serve as a distraction that

prevents the students from doing what they really need to do. Most commonly seen, students get

addicted to gaming, texting or talking on phone or online. Now everything is dependent on the

students themselves, whether they develop poor education habits and lazy attitude or learn useful

things available. Moreover, it also makes students forget their basic learning, instead of referring

to books and asking for assistance from their teachers, they base everything on the internet.

Nowadays, gadgets are a basic need for students; it gave a big impact into the history of

humanity because of its use. And because of this impact we now question ourselves, how do

gadgets affect students' achievements?

Gadgets have always been advancing throughout the years. It is very useful in our everyday

lives, especially in our school works that makes our works easier. It has made a huge impact to a

lot of us, especially on one’s lifestyle. Almost every student used their gadgets for their academic

works and we all know that gadgets are reliable for every student because they know that it can

help them in doing their works. In today’s modern generation, students are obsessed in using

gadgets. So, as a result, students tend to use up their time on their gadgets rather than studying.

In this livelihood of the students where they use their gadgets in their academic performance, this

agenda in the campus concerns the well-being of the students wondering if they are too

dependent with their gadgets. This apparently affects the student’s academic performance as well

as its studying habits.

The importance of the study is to help make people's lives easier and to improve

their way of life, especially the students. But we need to use the gadgets for a good reason and

not for the bad things. Why are gadgets so important in this generation? What makes a gadget

important? The purpose of the gadgets makes them important. They are very useful, they help us

connect to each other, they make us learn and discover new things. The reason why computer

technologies are invented is to help make people’s life easier and to improve their way of life,

especially the students. Modern computer technologies make studying easier and fun for all of

the students. Gadgets play a vital role in the educational field in order to improve their skills and

knowledge. It is very important for them since they need to improve their knowledge power to

gain success in the future. Through the use of gadgets, teachers can also enhance their teaching

skills and strategies. In short, this technology is very important for both students and teachers. In

this age of modern technology, no part of life is deprived from the impact it has created on life

pattern and so education is no exception. Education has undergone a revolutionary change with
students being seen with laptops, tablets and other gadgets. Online education is the biggest proof

of how education has been impacted with technology, no region in this world has remained aloof

from this new form of education.

Let this study be the key to determine if it is important to have our personal gadget, how

gadgets affect students’ achievements, and if gadgets are really helpful. If we observe carefully,

gadgets have a big contribution in our study life and each student who uses gadgets are affected

differently, for we don't use gadgets the same way as others use it. What motivated us to do this

is the fact that gadgets affect us and we don't even notice it. Gadgets are so influential that it can

control us in every possible way. It doesn’t only affect our achievements as students, it affects

everyone and everything.

This study aims to help the people to understand the complex and the relationship

between gadgets and students' achievements. The objective of this is to make sure that we are

aware of how the gadgets affect us, to give us answers and to give us proper knowledge with the

outcomes of our own doings, to know if the gadgets affect the achievements of the student, to

explain how these gadgets on the achievements of the gadgets, and to determine the positive and

negative effects of using gadgets. What are the advantages and disadvantages of students using

gadgets in their academic performance? In this objective, it questions the advantages and

disadvantages of a student using gadgets in their academic performance. Gadgets are useful for

the students in their academic performance. In every agenda discussed, there are advantages and

disadvantages to the student’s usage of gadgets in his/her academic performance. In the end of

the research, this objective should be answered through the responses given by the respondents

themselves. In what way do gadgets affect the academic performance of a student? In this

objective, it questions how do the gadgets, which are being used daily, affect the academic
performance of a student. Now, there are different ways on how the student will use their gadgets

that will affect their academic performance. In the end of this research, this objective should be

answered with each student having their own opinion on what way will their gadgets affect their

academic performance.

Statement of the problem

This study entitled “How do gadgets affect students’ achievements in school?” seeks to

determine the relation of gadgets and students’ performance inside of the school.

This study seeks to answer the following questions:

1. Are gadgets really essential for students to have?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having gadgets as students?

3. How big of a help do gadgets give in classes, student and educator wise?

Significance of the study

The findings of this study are deemed significance to the following.

To the Students, the results of this research will show them how the using of gadgets

affect them in their academic performances, achievements in competitions, and events organized

inside the school. It can greatly benefit them to help create a better mindset about accomplishing

their workloads as gadgets can aid them in doing so. The results will also show how big of an

impact the gadgets are to students positively and negatively for them to weigh and control how
the gadgets should be used. On the other hand, it will also show how their skills can still be

shown with and without the gadgets. And lastly, how their achievements can be acquired through

the help of it.

To the Educators, School Administrators, result to this research will cater them

information that the using of gadgets can either make or break students. Also, as we live in a

modern age, teachers as well, use the gadgets to serve visual aids, to conduct their reports, and

lessons to their students’ classes, therefore the results will show them how it affects students’

understanding. The results would also help them conclude on how they could incorporate the use

of gadgets in their lessons, or in the written works, assignments, or projects they will give their

students. This will make them better understand how the use of gadgets are beneficial and not, as

they can reinforce their classes about how gadgets should be used, and what are the limits in

using it, especially in projects that needs researching. This research could also aid the problem of

living in the modern age especially in students as gadgets can also serve as distraction in

reaching their goals and what they want to achieve outside and especially inside the school.

To the future Researchers, the study is limited with the students of Grade 9- St. Peter of

San Benildo Integrated School Foundation Baliuag Incorporated, and some of their teachers.

Similar studies, with larger samples of different groups and different statistical methods and

variables can contribute to your research paper.

Scope and delimitation

This is for the teachers, parents, and especially student’s, to know how gadgets affect

student’s achievement in school. This focused on the implication of gadgets to the study habits of
students. This can be also a guide to every parent if gadgets truly help their children in their

studies. This topic is all about how gadgets affect students’ achievement in school. Anything

beyond this topic is considered a limitation.