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Goose Creek Friends

Newsletter February 2020

Goose Creek Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Lincoln, Virginia

Queries for First Month: Education and improvements completed in 2019 and the list
to be done in 2020. This includes repairs to stone
• How can we most effectively foster a spirit of
walls, steps, and walkways, refinishing the First Day
inquiry with a loving and understanding attitude?
School room floor, and painting the Meeting Room.
• What effort are we making to be better acquainted Friends discussed the reasons for delays in making
with Quaker faith and practices and the beliefs of property repairs. These vary from lengthy permit
other faiths? processes to the importance of making repairs to our
• Do we take an active and supportive interest in historic properties with care.
schools, libraries, and other educational resources Ed Devinney presented a budget overview for 2020.
in our communities and elsewhere? The annual budget is funded by returns on our
• How do we prepare ourselves and our children to investments and by our donations to Meeting. This
play active roles in a changing world? overview was approved with thanks.
Sue McCollum presented a notebook that members
of the Meeting Cares Committee have created. It
Monthly Meeting for Worship with a contains a great deal of information about community
Concern for Business: Second Month services and resources of all kinds. Additions will
Friends approved with thanks the 2019 financial be made to the book, and suggestions are welcome.
report of the Trustees. The Trustees act as stewards The book will be placed in the Meeting library. A
in safeguarding and investing the two capital funds suggestion was made that this information be placed
of the Meeting – the General Fund and the Burying in some form on our website. This is intended to be
Ground Fund. Returns on our investments were larger a resource for the community, not just Goose Creek
for both funds than they were in 2018. Meeting. Friends offered their thanks.
Friends approved with thanks the annual report of A soup lunch and a Quakerism 101 session will be
the Property Committee. The report listed repairs offered on March 8. Facilitators will be Sheila Kryston
and Chuck Hough. Child care will be provided and a
Friendly Adult Presence will be needed.
The Friends Committee on National Legislation
requests input from Friends on what FCNL’s priorities
should be in 2021-22. A discussion of this will be
held at the rise of Meeting on March 15. Our Peace
and Social Concerns Committee will forward our
suggestions to FCNL.
Committee clerks and co-clerks will meet at the rise
of Meeting on February 16. Everyone is invited to
attend. Allen Cochran asked that suggestions for the
agenda be sent to him by February 13.

Goose Creek group at the Martin Luther King, Jr. march from
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Meeting approved May 17 as the date for a session

on the Baltimore Yearly Meeting’s camping Upcoming First Day Activities
programs. This is intended for families of campers (after the rise of Meeting)
and campers themselves, as well as for anyone
interested in our camps. February 16
Meeting approved June 7 as the date for this year’s Committee clerks meeting
Book Sunday and ice cream social. The Sixth March 8
Month Meeting for Worship with a Concern for
Quakerism 101 discussion
Business will follow these events.
and a soup lunch
Friends approved a request from the Unity with
Nature Committee to show a film called “The March 15
Pollinators” after the rise of Meeting on April 19. Discussion of priorities of
The film will be followed by a soup lunch. Friends Committee on National
The Clerk read a letter drafted by Patricia Barber Legislation (FCNL)
sent on behalf of Goose Creek Meeting to the
FCNL lobbies Congress and the administration
Innocence Project in support of Joseph Evans of to advance peace, justice, opportunity, and
the Maryland Correctional Institution, Hagerstown, environmental stewardship.
Maryland. The letter offers our help to the Innocence
Project as it works towards freeing Joe from prison.
Sheila Kryston, Chuck Hedges, and Randy Ihara plan Climate Change: Act for Our Future
to launch an interfaith advocacy team in Loudoun
County. This will not be under care of the Meeting,
A Conversation for Head and Heart
but under the guidance of the Friends Committee on Saturday, February 22nd, Noon to 4:30 PM
National Legislation. There are currently 123 such Langley Hill Friends Meeting
FCNL advocacy teams around the nation. A training 6410 Georgetown Pike, McLean, VA 22101
workshop is to be held at the Baha’i Center for
 The Friends Wilderness Center is focusing its 2020
people who are interested on April 18, 1-4pm.
programs on connecting with nature and living
The team’s focus this year will be on legislation
sustainably.  Its February 22nd program to be held
to end war.
at Langley Hill Friends Meeting will promote
dialogue on global climate disruption and how
Parent Get Together each of us can take action to mitigate it.  Structured
Saturday, February 29th to both educate and inspire, this 3-part program
10:30-12:00 pm will inspire you to add your voice, your heart, and
This will be a great time and occasion your talents to shaping a sustainable future for
future generations and the planet they will inhabit.
to support each other as parents. Please
As Kallan Benson, our youngest presenter, noted
come with an open mind and open heart. in her September 2019 speech to the gathered
This is open to all parents and guardians environmental delegates at the United Nations in
of all ages and stages of parenting. There New York, “Giving up is not an option.”   Lunch is
will not be childcare provided during this available for $10 with advance reservation or you
time but if there is a need in the future, can brown bag.  Please RSVP to Sheila Bach by
Monday, February 17th at naturesheila@gmail.
we can consider it.
com or (571)271-6267 and let her know if you
For more information contact Cameron would like a meal. 
Hughes at
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Goose Creek Friends Newsletter | February 2020 | Page 3

From Baltimore Yearly Meeting: News and Notes:

February 22 – Deadline for Annual Session 2020 GCFM was well represented at the Virginia
Workshop Proposals Interfaith Center for Public Policy’s Day For All
Want to lead a Workshop at Annual Session (July People in Richmond on January 22.  Bobbi Block,
27-August 2)? If you, or a committee you are part Eric Carlson, Susan French, Sheila Kryston,
of, wants to lead a workshop, please submit this Jeanne Smith, and Will McCabe advocated with
form ( lawmakers and their legislative aides on VICPP
workshopprop.html) not later than February 22. priority issues including passing a paid sick day
Workshops are held Thursday, Friday, and Saturday standard for Virginia’s workers, minimum wage
afternoons, and typically cover a range of topics legislation, wage theft reform, driver’s licenses
that relate to the theme of Annual Session (Courage, for all, in-state tuition for non-citizens, and
Faith, and Hope to Love Across Our Differences), predatory lending reform.  They also participated
and other topics of interest to Friends. Interest in workshops including Standing with Immigrants.
group times are also available for those that want Sheila brought home the words of Pastor Rodney
to converse with others on a topic, without the Hunter to share with us: “We may worship
preparation needed for a full workshop. Interest differently, but when it comes down to the truth of
group requests can be made any time before or the matter, it’s all about how we treat each other.”
during Annual Session.
February 29 – Religious Education Retreat at
Adelphi Friends Meeting
Quakers strive with joy to welcome people of diverse
spiritual journeys, beliefs and life experiences. How
do we nurture each other’s growth, in the midst of
great diversity? Such an ideal can be challenging.
Our morning speaker will present current issues and
remind us of times in Quaker history when increased
diversity presented similar dilemmas. A panel will
facilitate an audience discussion. Following lunch,
we will divide into three workshops:
• Continuing discussion of morning’s theme
Most of the team from Goose Creek Friends
• Nurturing our youth’s individual spirituality at the Virginia State Capitol building
within the group setting (i.e., Quaker
classroom management) Jeanne Smith and Scott Ferguson welcomed a
• Teaching history through story telling new granddaughter, Clara Grace Ferguson, on
After our workshops, we will gather in the large January 22, 2020. Clara joins her sisters Eila and
group to share highlights, and take part in a Mae and parents Eric and Kristyn in Potomac,
“mystery book game.” The retreat will begin MD. Congratulations to them all!
at 10am-3pm (refreshment and sign-in 9:30- Lee and Paul Lawrence’s granddaughter
10). If there are any questions or to register, Gwendolyn Lee was born on November 30,
please contact Ellen Arginteanu (ellenandjules@ 2019, to Eva and Will Tracy who live in, 814-206-6712). Brooklyn, NY. Congratulations!

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Page 4 | February 2020 | Goose Creek Friends Newsletter

Sundays Facing Bench

Meeting for worship at 9:45 a.m. FEBRUARY
First Day School at 10:00 a.m. Catherine Cox
Fellowship at 10:45 a.m. MARCH
Sheila Kryston
Discussion Group at 7:00 p.m. First Day School
Calendar Equality & Fairness
FEBRUARY (elementary group)
2.16 Sunday 11am Meeting of committee clerks and co-clerks Winter Bird Feeders
2.19 Wed. 6 pm Religious Education Committee Meeting (teen group)
2.23 Sunday 11am Ministry & Oversight Committee meeting 02/09/20
2.29 Saturday 10:30-12 Parent Get Together The World We Seek
MARCH (teens & elem.)
3.1 Sunday 11am Meeting for Worship with a Concern 02/16/20
for Business Integrity
3.8 Sunday 11 am Quakerism 101 and a soup lunch (teens & elem.)
3.15 Sunday 11 am What should FCNL’s priorities be? 02/23/20
3.18 Wed. 6 pm Religious Education Committee Meeting SPICES Superheroes
3.29 Sunday 11 am Ministry & Oversight Committee meeting (elementary group)
Simplicity in Poetry
CHANGE OF ADDRESS (teen group)
Maria Nicklin and Cris Collins, 33679 Snickersville Turnpike, *elem. = elementary age group
Bluemont, VA 20135
The Goose Creek Friends Newsletter
“It would go a great way to caution and direct People in their is published monthly by the
Goose Creek Friends Meeting,
Use of the World, that they were better studied and known in 18204 Lincoln Road, P.O. Box 105,
the Creation of it.  For how could Man find the Confidence to Lincoln, VA 20160.
abuse it, while they should see the Great Creator stare them in CLERK
Rich Weidner, 540.554.2747
the Face, in all and every part thereof?”
– William Penn, Fruits of Solitude, 1682 ASSISTANT CLERK
Allen Cochran, 540.338.6485
Quaker Jargon of the Month Brian Burgher
Sense of the Meeting: “Friends approach decisions in Meeting for
Business in a spirit of searching and listening rather than a determination to be Catherine Cox, 301-471-5330
heard as an individual voice. In each decision, we are seeking to discern the
will of God for us as a community … The unity which underlies Sense of the WEBSITE & FACEBOOK
Meeting is not synonymous with consensus. Consensus is a widely used and
valuable secular process characterized by a search for general agreement largely
through rational discussion and compromise. The Quaker Meeting for Business 150892438287560/?rc=p
depends on a religious process characterized by listening for and trusting in DONATIONS
God. Both unity and consensus result in a course of action agreed to by all of the Please direct donations for
participants, but the Sense of the Meeting relies consciously on the Spirit.” Goose Creek Friends Meeting to
Brian Burgher, P.O. Box 105
– from the Stony Run Friends (Baltimore) website Lincoln, Virginia 20160