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Swiggy, the country’s first online food ordering platform

Swiggy is a food ordering and delivery company based out of Bangalore, India.
Swiggy was inspired by the thought of providing a complete food ordering and
delivery solution from the best neighborhood restaurants to the urban foodie. A single
window for ordering from a wide range of restaurants

 Started by Nandan Reddy (29) and Sriharsha Majety (31,) both alumni of Birla
Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani

 Back in 2014, Swiggy was founded in an office space in Koramangala, Bangalore.

One neighbourhood, six delivery executives and 25 partner restaurants is what
Swiggy started off with in the beginning.

 In 2015 received $2 mn from accel and Saif partners, In 2016 swiggy raised $ 15
mn from other investorsand in 2017 Naspers put in $ 80 mn funding in swiggy.
then later a string of investments took the company's valuation to over a $1

 Swiggy acquired Bengaluru-based Asian food start-up 48East in 2017. Swiggy

later acquired Mumbai-based Scootsy Logistics, a struggling food and fashion
delivery service. In 2019, the company invested Rs 31 crore in Mumbai-based
ready-to-eat food brand Fingerlix

 Swiggy makes money by charging a commission from the restaurant based on the
order value. The commissions earned from restaurants form the primary source
of revenue for the company.

Workflow After Food Ordering Process In Swiggy

 After Consumer Placing Order:

As soon as online food order is placed by the consumer, the order list is notified to the
restaurants through “Restaurant Partnership App” by Swiggy. Parallely search of the
driver, who is near to restaurant and customer are determined through some specific
algorithm. The selected driver is notified about the order.

 Ordered Is Prepared:

The order from the customer is given to restaurant through Swiggy’s restaurant
partnership app. The restaurant checks out the ingredients and prepares the tasty food
quickly if the restaurant is running out with the ingredients or the dish consumer
ordered is completely sold out, the restaurant immediately reports to the Swiggy team.
Then Swiggy requests the consumer to order another dish. Once the final order is
placed, the restaurant starts with the cooking process.

Simultaneously, notifications are sent to some driver who is in nearer to restaurants and
consumers. The task will be assigned to the driver who accepts it and directions to
restaurants are notified.

Especially in Swiggy if restaurant or driver did not respond to the order notification
within 3 minutes, the Swiggy team get in touch for immediate response.

 Order Is Almost Ready:

Here the order given by consumer is almost ready, now it is ready to deliver as the driver
approaches closely to the restaurant. The consumer, who is waiting eagerly for their
dish, can track the driver assigned also can call to the driver, about their arrival, or chat
with dedicated Customer care executive on Swiggy’s help section.

 Order Is On The Way!! :

Now, your order is well packed and ready to move out. The driver who is assigned to this
trip takes the parcel with delivery address details such as directions, navigations.

 Order Received:

For a flawless delivery, the driver has to navigate the routes given, with fully equipped
with a temperature and topple-proof compartmentalized bag to ensure the food is hot or
cold also fresh. The driver arrival can be viewed through the map shown in the app..