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Murugesan 1

Tarun Murugesan

Professor Granillo

English 101

12 January 2020

Writing Diagnostic

Like my character and hobbies, my musical interests are immensely varied and seemingly

have no recognizable pattern. Although this trait seems obvious and characteristic of anyone that

listens to music, I simply listen to anything that sounds good to me. In other words, I cannot

categorize my musical interests into any specific genres. From alternative hip hop, which is

already known for its refusal to conform to any stereotypical genres, to rock, I listen to any and

all music that pleases my ears. As a result, while I am a fan of EARTHGANG’s hiphop and funk

music, I have also come to appreciate the meaningful lyricism and music of Weezer, an

American rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1992. One particular song that struck

me was “Across the Sea” from their Pinkerton album.

I find myself listening to this song whenever I have my headphones on, whether that be

while I work on math homework, as I fall asleep for an afternoon nap, or during a peaceful, night

drive on my way home. While there are definitely characteristic rock music qualities of “Across

the Sea,” it is a peaceful and soothing tune coupled with meaningful lyrics that allowed it to

entrance me. I find this song to very enjoyable because regardless of what mood I am in,

listening to its tune momentarily clears the chaotic whirlpool of thoughts within in my mind and

allows me to truly unwind. As I navigate my busy workflow, the contagious energy of the drums

and electric guitar motivate me while the melodic tune allow me to set aside any internal conflict

or turmoil and singularly focus on the task before me. Its lyrics, void of profanity or aggressive
Murugesan 2

intentions, create an environment that soothes frustrations and radiates tranquility. If analyzed

further, its lyrics add to its complexity. Written by Rivers Cuomo, a member of the band, this

song represents a depressing winter during his time at Harvard University. Amongst the negative

emotions that he experienced during this period, Cuomo received a fan letter from a young girl in

Japan who simply asked him questions about his daily life. Despite a distance between them

spanning thousands of miles and a significant difference between their ages, her beautiful letter

caused Cuomo to instantly fall in love. Throughout the song, he simultaneously expresses his

longing for her and his understanding of the immorality of his love for her. In a time of despair

and hopelessness, this single and seemingly insignificant letter created immense happiness and

found its way to Cuomo’s heart. It is this simple and unexpected happiness amongst a sea of

darkness that resonates with me. There have been times throughout my life when I have

questioned my self-worth and existence, and despite it all, it has always been the small

compliment or act of compassion that has allowed me to move on.

This song may be misinterpreted as “just another rock song,” but I believe that anyone

who wants to be uplifted or simply find tranquility would greatly appreciate listening to this

song. It has a great balance between characteristic rock qualities, melodic tune, and meaningful

lyrics, and could find its way to many people’s hearts.

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Murugesan 3

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