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Venice B.

Department of Consumer and Hospitality Management (DCHM)
Visayas State University

Conference on Strengthening LGU-Academe-Industry Partnerships

9 August 2017
2/F Center for Continuing Education (CCE)
VSU, City of Baybay, Leyte
Table 1. Contribution of Travel and Tourism, 2015
Contribution World Asia and the South East Asia Philippines
Total contribution to 9.8 8.2a
Total contribution to 9.5 12.7
International tourism 1, 260 418.3 108.3 52.76
receipts (billion US $)
International Tourist 1, 186 279, 214 104, 629 5, 361
arrivals (1000) million

a Measured by the share of tourism direct gross value added (TDGVA) to total gross domestic product (GDP)
Sources of raw data: 2016 Economic Impact of Travel and Tourism, World Travel and Tourism Council; 2016 Tourism Highlights, United Nations World
Tourism Organization; Contribution of Tourism to the Economy, Philippine Statistics Authority
Source: 2016 Tourism Highlights, United Nations World Tourism Organization
Figure 1. Philippine International Tourism Arrivals and Receipts, 2010-2015

Source of raw data: UNWTO Tourism Highlights, 2016 Edition

Figure 2. Contribution of Tourism to the Philippine Economy, 2010-2016

Source of raw data: Philippine Statistics Authority

Source: NTDP, 2011-2016
Level Roles
National assist the LGUs in planning and law enforcement
Local prepare local tourism development plans that integrate zoning, land
use, infrastructure development, the national system of
standards for tourism enterprises, heritage and environmental
protection imperatives in a manner that encourages sustainable tourism
Shared Role prepare and implement tourism development plans, enforcement of
standards and collection of data for tourism purposes

Source: RA 9593
Pertinent Tourism Policies, Programs and Provisions in the Philippines
• RA No. 9593- The National Tourism Act • RR governing accreditation of Cave guide
• Rules and Regulations to Govern Accreditation of Hotels, • DOT Memorandum Circular No. 99-15, S. 1999-
Tourist Inns, Apartels, resorts, Pension Houses, and Other Amended Rules and Regulations to Govern the
Accommodation Establishments Accreditation of Mountain Guides
• DOT MC 2012-02: RR governing the operations of • RR governing the accreditation of ecoguides,
accommodation establishments ecotours, ecolodges, and ecotour facilities
• Rules and Regulations to Govern Accreditation of • DOT Memorandum Co. 2006-09- Adaptation of Safety
Tourism-Related Establishments (Restaurants, Shops, and Security Measures in Hotels, Resorts, and other
Department Stores, Museums, Training Centers, Similar accommodation Establishments
Homestays, Rest Areas in Gasoline Stations, Sports…) • RA 10816 Farm Tourism Development Act
• RR governing the operation of MICE facilities • EO No. 111: Establishing Guideline for Ecotourism
• Revised Rules and Regulations for Travel and Tour Development in the Philippines
Agencies • Primer in Tourism Investment in the Philippines
• Rules and Regulation to Govern Accreditation of • Travel Tax Primer (Phil. Tourism Authority)
Motorized Boat/Banca Engaged in Tourism Activities and • Guidelines in the selection of tourism infrastructure
Services projects to be funded by TIEZA
• MOA re: Joint Partnership with DENR, Bantay Kalikasan • DOT MC 2010-07: Expanded Senior Citizen Act
and Conservation Intl on the Development and • House Bill 4131: Free access to beach areas
Protection of ecotourism in the Country • RA 10066: Protection and Conservation of the
• Republic Act No. 7160 - Local Government Code National Cultural Heritage, etc (NCAA)
• RA 101211 Disaster Risk Reduction and Management • An Act Amending RA No. 7277, otherwise known as
System the "Magna Carta for Disabled Persons and for other
• An Act Amending RA No. 7277, otherwise known as the purposes"
"Magna Carta for Disabled Persons and for other
Eastern Samar

Tolosa, Leyte
Municipalit Type of Specific Resource Characteristic/Description Identified
y Resource Tourist
Salcedo Nature-based Mangrove Total mangrove area: 1, 791.05 Caridad
hectares Boardwalk
Species: 15 locally known true Tourism Project
mangroves and 9 associated
Sea weeds/ sea grass Area: 1, 419.69 hectares Jagnaya Beach
beds and lagoon,
Beach Long-stretched of white sand Asgad beach
Estimated length (Google Earth):
15.7 km
Islands and islets Surrounded by mangroves and Butig Island,
coral reefs Binabasalan,
With white sand beach and sea Diyo, Sisi, Can-
grass beds adag, Sandbar
Caves Caves have varied features which Camomocot
include: presence of wildlife, cave, Alog caves,
water pool, stalagmites and Jagnaya Caves,
stalactites Iberan caves
Culture and Church Buabua Church
Municipality Type of Specific Resource Characteristic/Description Identified
Resource Tourist
Tolosa Culture and Landmark Significant historical and Mt. Inapusong
heritage cultural landmark; used as and watch tower
look-out during pre-hispanic
time; old weather warning
station tower can be found;
Shrine Pilgrimage site; pathways are Sacred Heart
lined up with the Station of Shrine
the Cross which penitents
visited during Lent Season
Height: ___

Mausoleum Area: Imelda

European-inspired Mausoleum
architecture memorial park
of the family members of
Imelda Marcos
Nature-based Waterfalls Area: 500 sq.m San Roque Falls,
Reef A protected area with a total Hilapad Marine
area of 78.9 hectares; rich in Sanctuary
coral and marine species
• The economic, environmental,
and political conditions
affecting tourism
• Economic- 5th class
municipalities; limited
resources- financial,
technical, human
resource, etc.
• Environmental- hazard-
prone environment (storm
surge, typhoon, tsunami,
• Political- support of LCEs
for tourism development
• Accessibility issue on potential tourism sites and

• The need to secure expanded road rights-of-

way (RROW) for roads leading to potential
tourism sites
• The need to upgrade roads into standard two-
lane concrete or asphalt roads
• Requirements for tourism operations

• Tourist facilities and other support

• Institutional infrastructure
• Human resource development
• Governance issue: Tourism policy to govern the
development and operation of tourism

• Absence of guidelines and regulatory mechanism can

create conflict and confusion, and can potentially
hamper tourism development efforts.

• Guidelines will address issues of claimants to

foreshore areas, regulate the use and development of
protected areas, tourism investors, and tourists and
local community
• Research-related activities essential for tourism
site development and develop tourism

• Research-related activities
• Activities to support the development of
tourism consciousness