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Learning English through Watching Movies

Conference Paper · September 2015


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2 authors:

Md. Ashraf Uzzaman Sujit Roy

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Digital University, Bangladesh Prime University Bangladesh


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Team member:
Md. Ashrafuzzaman
Sujit Roy
Learning English through
Watching Movies
 “Technology never comes to an end; it is
changing every time, and we will have to move
ahead coping with it”
The Honorable Prime Minister,
Sheikh Hasina,
People’s Republic of Bangladesh
(The New Age, August 6, 2015 )
Background of the Study
 Learners have to learn real English…not
textbook English.

 Learners need to learn English words in


 Learners have to hear how things are

Research Objectives

The following objectives are investigated in

the study. They are as follows:

• To explore the relationship between learning

English and watching movies
• To identify the effects of English movies in
learning English
• To determine possible guidelines for learning
English through movies

 As the study is a qualitative study, scope of the study is

limited in terms of its participants. The proposed study will
be conducted in University of Dhaka.
 However, though the study sample is not much large in
comparison of the population, but the study findings will
cover a huge area.
Conceptual Framework


Learning Watching
English movies

 Nature: Qualitative
 Area: University of Dhaka.
 Population: The population of the study is:
 All the learners who learn English
 All the learner who watch English movies
 Sample and sampling

Sample Sample Size Sampling

Category Technique
M. Phil students 10 Purposive sampling

ELT experts 02 Purposive sampling

Data analysis procedure

transcription Data


Thematic analysis
Research Objectives Respondent Tools/ Techniques

1. To explore the relationship M. Phil students Interview schedule

between learning English and and ELT experts
watching movies

2. To identify the effects of M. Phil students Interview schedule

English movies in learning and ELT experts

3. To determine possible M. Phil students Interview schedule

guidelines for learning English and ELT experts
through movies
Data Analysis and Findings
 Listening skills:
 According to the respondents, listeners can learn English
according to natural context.
 It is also helpful for learning informal English such as slag
words and phrases that often couldn’t be found in
books or dictionaries.
 One of the respondent said,
“I can learn and easily memorize more words from
what I hear and watch in English movies….”

(Slang is a type of language consisting of words and phrases that

are: considered to be very informal; more common in speech
than in writing…)”
Speaking skills:
 Hearing natives accent also helps our speaking
skills, especially our fluency in speaking.
 Respondents can get idea about how to link words
together and where to put intonation on certain
words and sentences.
 All the respondents agreed beyond any doubt
that, those you have fear in speaking should
watch English movies regularly. Respondent
opined that,
“I recovered my fear and shyness of speaking English
after watching English movies”
 Hearing native English speakers’ conversation
with each other can help to hear how words
are pronounced.
 All the respondent students stated that, movies
helps to pronounce correctly. ELT Experts also
agreed with the statement. According to the
“One of the most important feature of English
movies is that, listeners can get the correct
pronunciation according to the context”
 All the respondents strongly agreed that English
movies helps to enrich their vocabulary.
 By watching movies regularly amount of
learning new words mounts day by day.
One of the respondents stated that,
“Each and every movie more or less introduce
some new words.”
Major/Key Findings of the Study

 Major findings of the study showed that watching English

movies has positive impact on improving listening skill as well
as on speaking skill.
 Correct pronunciation is also enhanced by watching English
movies. English movies also help to increase vocabulary.
 All these impact could have long term effect on the viewers
according to the experts.
 Those who watch regularly, could have further benefits like
speaking according to context, practice listening skill and
release fear of learning English.
 All English language students have to watch
films in English in their spare time for additional
practice that might be inside or outside
 At least one movie in a week should be
watched by the students.
 Choosing an interesting movie
 Selection of a movie that matches learners’
current English level
 Bringing of dictionary.
 Repetitions of short phrases.
 Movie can be with English subtitles/ Without
Ethical considerations
 Confidentiality is assured to all participants.
 All transcripts, notes and audiotapes are stored in
a lockable cabinet at the researcher’s home.
 Names of trainees and trainers are disguised as
 Consent had been obtained from all participants
in writing. Each participant had receive a letter
outlining the research and a consent form for
their records.
 Learning English is very necessary in every
sphere of life.

 Without knowing English, there is no way to

get higher education or any good job.

 English is used to communicate in most places

around the world.
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